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'Booth it's a coffin!!'

Chapter 8

'What?? Come on Bones that's crazy!' He looked at her slightly frantic in his white t-shirt and boxers.

'It's a coffin Booth. A big one but still a coffin,' she grabbed his hand to settle him.

He couldn't believe how absurd the situation was that he began laughing causing her to glare at him.

'This isn't funny Booth.'

'I know but here we are in our pjs…' He trailed off when suddenly the reality of the situation hit him. 'I know,' he said gravely. They sat for a moment then tried to force the top of the coffin off with their hands but to no avail.

'Well at least they don't want us dead at the moment since there's air-holes,' Bones said.

'True. We're also on the back of a vehicle, most likely a ute so they're definitely taking us somewhere.'

Bones shifted uncomfortably. Her entire side was now hurting. Booth noticed and shifted as far back as he could against the soft padding.

'Bones, try lying down for a second. At least you could look through the peep hole.'

'Thanks Booth.' With that she shuffled forward as close as she could get to him. She suppressed a grin when she heard his breath hitch. 'Enjoying yourself Booth?' She could help asking smugly.

'Yeah,' came his sarcastic reply, 'I love get kinky in a coffin with a woman in a singlet and pants.'

This caused Brennan to blush and quickly roll onto her back, fighting the urge to cover herself. She could hear Booth chuckling but the soft padding on her back was too much to ignore. She groaned softly as her muscles relaxed. Booth just smiled at her.

Minutes passed and both of them were becoming more aware of how close they actually were. Booth had to keep stopping himself from automatically glancing at her chest as it was wedged against his body and her hand was resting upon her stomach. Booth's arm was crushed from lying on it and his other arm needed to stretch badly.

'Bone's my neck's killing me. I gotta move my arm too. Lie up for a sec would ya?'

She came face to face with him again and hastily shuffled backwards only to be elbowed in the breast by Booth's elbow.

'Ow! That hurt!' She cried out as he quickly moved past.

'Sorry… you can come back now,' Booth said guiltily.

Bones settled back to her former position as Booth tucked his arm under his elbow. He then rested his other arm over her stomach and tucked his hand in at her waist. She automatically rested her hand on top of his arm. She was completely nestled into his body. 'So what now?' She asked, ignoring the warm, comforting feeling that his body was giving her.

'Now we wait…' Booth said, he too ignoring their closeness.

Some time passed by. Brennan stared out of the opening in the coffin that was covered by a grill. All she could see were stars and partials of the moon. The breeze was cool but smelt sweet like grass. It would have been actually relaxing if not for the fact that they were in a coffin.

Suddenly Booth chuckled.

'What?' Brennan asked in annoyance.

'What did Ange mean that day at the lab about proving friendship?'

Bones blushed bright red as she remembered kissing Booth on the cheek and then the others later on. 'Nothing Booth.'

'Nothing my arse!'

'What has your arse got to do with anything?'

'It's a saying. So…'

'Booth we are stuck in a coffin, going to some unknown location and yet you insist on bringing up antique history!' She shuffled around to her side again, blush still intact but now a glare was upon her face.

'Firstly Bones, it's ancient history not antique. Secondly, you said you'd tell me when we got out of hospital.' Booth glared back.

'Well I certainly didn't realise that we would be kidnapped. If I'd have known then I most certainly wouldn't have promised to tell you!'

'Well if you'd known in advance then you would have still told me since we wouldn't be kidnapped!'

Bones just glared at him, unable to think of a comeback to such a logical answer. Unfortunately there wasn't any escaped so she just sighed.

'Fine Booth fine,' she said resigned. 'When I accidentally kissed you Angela saw. She wanted evidence that it was purely platonic so I ran an experiment and…and kissed Hodgins, Zack and Ange on the cheek. Needless to say that the experiment proved my hypothesis that it was a purely platonic gesture.'

With this she stared defiantly at Booth. He cracked up laughing, 'You did that to prove a theory! Classic!'

'I don't know what that means.'

Booth sobered up, 'you missed one part of the experiment Bones.'

'What?' Bones was confused.

'What about feelings? Was there a difference between you kissing me and you kissing Zack?'

'Of course. You're an older ma-' His finger was suddenly on her lips.

'No Bones. I mean emotions not medical mumbo-jumbo.' He removed his finger.

'I hate psychology Booth,' she said stubbornly.

'Well maybe you hate it because you know it's a part of us all, including you. So…'

'I d-' Her words were cut off as the vehicle suddenly turned, throwing Bones against Booth. His arm had come up instinctively so it was now wrapped around her waist. Their faces were almost touching when he spoke, 'Well…'

'Shh…' She tried to move away but his arm was holding her firm. Instead she just pulled her face away so that she could see out of the grate.

'We're on a dirt road. I think were almost here.'