Nightmares that make a chill run down your spike

A cold chill ran true the abandoned castle. Who ever you would ask to describe it, they would all say the same: it looked like the Frankenstein castle. Nothing was less true; it was just like the Frankenstein castle. Till the last detail, till the detail of creating monsters. Till the part were an innocent's soul became demons who were feared and hated by everybody.
"Monster! What have you done to him!" a voice sneered. A capped woman ran out with something in her arms. Something she desperately tried to protect, something she cared for, something she wanted save. She was running for 'his' life. Wolfs were chasing them, she kept running, he was gaining up on her. She couldn't let him take her away from her again. She stood on a bridge. The wolfs who ha been persuading her all the way getting closer every second. She try to protect him. They got a hold her cloths ripping she lost her balance and the package slipped out of her hands. She fell down desperately crying for what happened, the baby she had in her arms slipped away from her down to the water. "NO!" she yelled as if she feared a part of her would die. Cries of a helpless child, whose live, changed for ever that night. Drak…deep…. cold….. fear and then nothing.

A young mutant boy was turning around restless in his bed. He was feverly, sweating all over his body. Turning around and around hoping it would stop.

He was walking at the new mark destruction, alone just as the letter had said. Not a living creature, just trash "Okay szo I'm here." he yelled doubtfully. Nothing…then a voice"Hallow Kurt." He turned around seeing the same caped women as in the dream he had just a second ago "You're the one in Rogue's dreams. Vho are you? Vhy don't you shov yourself." he screamed getting angry. "You already know me son!" the caped woman took of her cape showing her face. Mystique "No, no it'sz impossible…Vhat happened to me? Vhy didn't you…" he started to scream.
Out of nothing Blob jumped in front of him Quicksilver and Toad appeared out of nothing as well surrounding him.
"Get out!" Mystique yelled angry.
"Wow party go fur boy, this conversation is over." Quicksilver said.
"Get out of here, all of you!" Mystique yelled furiously.
"No can do boss lady. We've got higher orders." Quicksilver respond and snapped his fingers. Toad shot his tongue at Kurt who teleported just in time.
"I've got him!" Toad said hopping after him on one of the hooks of the machines. Kurt ported away of him once more and then concentrating on Mystique.
"Vhat kind of game is this Mystique?" He yelled confused, he didn't like what was happening: Mystique clammed to be his mother, she had said to come alone and now he was facing the whole brotherhood on his one. When he looked at Mystique he saw a other feeling then hate in her eyes for the first time since he met her. For the first time she looked concerned, frightened. He then got her motioning, but one second too late though. When he looked in front of him he saw Toad swinging his way on the hook he was sitting on. Before he could do a thing he was knocked of off the building and fell down. And then dark

"It just made me feel better that's all…" 'even if it was just so short.'


"Rogue it's the right thing. You knov it is!" Kurt said motioning with his arms.
"No I won't do it!" Rogue said turning around to leave. Nightcrawler caught up with her trying to reason with her.
"If you don't help her this will hunt your for the rest of your live. Proof that you're not like her." He asked with a begging expression, he finally seemed to get true. Rogue went to Mystique looking at her with a thoughtful expression. But then Rogues expression changed suddenly and she start screaming and pushed the statue of Mystique down. Kurt couldn't believe it he teleported down. A second, just this one single second too late, too slow. It was his fold. He hadn't aim well. "NO!" Kurt yelled as Mystique scattered into million pieces. He ported down at the beach falling to his knees crying. He felt himself falling, again and again. He had been too late to save her and now there would be no one to save him…. Darkness…

"AAAAAHHHHHH" Kurt yelled as he fell out of his bed, sweating and screaming.

"What the hell is happening here?" a low voice gowned as the lights went on a few figures entered his room. They were shocked by what the saw. Kurt, the young blue elf everybody in the institute loved, totally freaked out. He sad on the ground his eyes widened, breathing heavily, looking terrified and his fur of his face wet of tears.

"You okay elf?" Logan asked. He turned for grumbling highly annoyed mutant (because he was waked from his precious sleep) to a concerned father figured friend in seconds. They all ran to the blue mutant who was looking terrible and clearly still didn't got what was happening. A strong hand helped him to sit straight.

"Ow my god, are you okay Kurt?" a voice beside him asked. He blinked a few times to see what was happening. He was sitting on the ground trapped in his blanked. Logan was offering him support and helped him sit up. Kitty was sitting on her knees beside him looking worried as well. Scott, Jean and Evan were standing around them.

"Go get the professor!" Logan said to Scott.

"Right." he said running out of the room.

"Someone should get some water." Jean said.

"I'm on it." Evan responded leaving for the kitchen.

"You alright elf? Kurt?" Logan asked looking at him worried.

Kurt was still breathing heavily not able to speak yet so he just weakly nodded and he closed his eyes again to get control of himself. The next thing he knew was he felt being lift up and putted back in his bed. Logan had carefully picked him up and laid the kid in his bed. Evan came in with a can of water and a glass. Kitty sat on the end of the bed carefully but tender brushing a bit of hair out of Kurt's face. "Here drink a bit!" Jean said offering him the glass Evan had passed her. Kurt took it shaking but it slipt out of his hand and fell on the ground spilling the water over the carpet.

"I'm terribvly sorry!" Kurt mumbled shaking.

"It's just water don't worry elf!" Logan said and picked it up and refilled it.

"Let me do it." Kitty said taking the glass form Logan and helping Kurt to drink a bit. He had calmed down a bit by now.

"So care to tell us what happened kid?" Logan asked.

"It'sz nothing. Just a bad dvream." He mumbled shaking.

Scott came running in with professor Xavier. "Scott said there was something wrong with Kurt?!" he said mildly in panic but keeping his calm.

"Itsz fine professor. I'm okay, I've just had a bad dream." Kurt said shaming to dead.

"You don't look fine to me elf!" Logan said.

"I'm fine veally it was just a bad dream."

"It must have been a very bad one then." Logan said not buying it.

"It doesn't matter. We're here for you now Kurt!" Kitty said giving him a hug.

"Thanks but veally I'm fine." He repeated taking a look at all the people who were standing around his bed. They were his family. Since he had left Germany to come to the institute they were his new family. They were all there expect she.

The professor looked at the blue demon like mutant youngster for a while, then it struck him. "Alright, this is quite enough. It seems Kurt is alright now so no reason to stay all up. You all have school tomorrow and it' s very late. Come everybody to bed now." He said

"You sure you're fine Kurt?" Kitty asked tenderly once more.

"Yeah veally Kitty. It's nice to ask but I'm alvight it vas just a bad dream."

"Alright see you in the morning then." she said following the rest out "Good night Kurt." she said and putted off the light as she left as last and quietly closed the door.


"Do you really think he's alright Xavier?" Logan asked worried he never saw the little elf so freaked out before.

"I don't know." the professor answered.

"You got…" he hesitated "…you know a look in his mind?" Logan asked doubtfully.

"Very briefly." The professor answered "But his memories and the shock were still to high to be able to read his mind totally."

"So what did you see? What was it about? I mean I never saw our little blue boy so freaked out before."

"It was about his past and about Mystique."

Logan let out a groan "We should have made sure she had never told him. It' only brought pain to him. Even after her death she keeps torturing him."

"No it's not that Logan; the first part of the boy's dream was about his urged to know about his past but the second was about the lost chances."

Logan looked questionly at the professor.

"He wanted get to know his past Logan, just as you. But to know his past he had to know his mother."

"Mystique" Logan growled.

"Yes indeed. But with Mystique gone forever now all those chances are taken away from him. Beside I'm sure he felt guilty that he couldn't save her."

"But he never said a word about it!" Logan complained.

"Kurt is much more sensitive and vulnerable then he wants to show Logan. He really cares."

"Well it's clear to everybody in the house that he was sad and that he is angry with Rogue but that he's having such a horrible nightmares about it…it's almost like…"

"Yours? Yes it is. I can assure you that. You and Kurt have been in a lot of similar situations Logan, you do have a lot in common."
"Yes but he was only a kid back then!"

"Indeed and it comes back to hunt him now in his dreams."

Logan gave an other low grown of anger and frustration because he felt helpless. He knew how hard it was to fight inner demons. Kitty had helped him fight a few of his own and Kurt had helped. Logan felt terrible now that he didn't know how to help the kid in his turn.

"You know Logan maybe you should try to talk to him once, as you said you two have been in similar situations maybe you can give him the comfort that he needs right now, a father figure could maybe do him some good now." Xavier suggested.

"It's not a father he needs right now but a sister!" Logan answered with a snore


Rogue couldn't breath, as she felt smacked in the face. She had been hiding and ears dropping all the time and Logan knew, he had to, he wouldn't have said it otherwise. When the scream had been heard she was the first one to wake up because she had had exactly the same dream. It was logic though, she had touched Kurt a few times and not only absorbed his powers but his memories as well. The worst off all was that the powers disappeared after a while but the memories lingered on and the bad ones kept grieved in her mind not letting go. When she heard they were gone she broke down falling on her knees snobbing. Her face buried in her hands grieving. When she had pushed Mystique of off the cliff she had thought it would be her saviour but she was wrong. She had never been so wrong, she had not only killed her mother but she had killed her self even more. She had thought it would be a way out but it had lead her to a dead end. And worst of all she was taking Kurt along in her way down. He had never done anything to her, worst even; he had been the one who had always been there for her and she was destroying him, slowly turning him into the thing she hated he most….. herself. She was his worst nightmare, she was the worst nightmare of the only person who ever cared for her.


Authors note: If you see spelling mistakes in the Kurt texts, that's on purpose. I'm not sure but as far as I picked up in my German classes: the 'w' becomes a 'v', there are a lot of 'z' sounds between it which you pronouns as 'tZ' (I kinda like the sound of the Z's in German), sometimes a 'v' in place of a 'r' as well and well yeah some other things I have no idea how to put the in the texts. Anyway, this is my first X-Men fic so please don't be too hard. I do hope you like it more is coming. Please review.