It was past midnight. 1 O'clock to be exactly. Outside the night was freezing in during the early spring. The X-Mason was covert in Darkness as everybody slept peacefully. Well almost everybody. Rogue lay in her bed motionless her eyes wide open starring into the darkness. It was just impossible to sleep for her. Not because she wasn't tired but because she didn't dear closing here eyes out of fear that she would fall a sleep and that nightmares would pursuit her once more. Causing her to wake up even more tired then when she had went to bed. Then she decided to take the risk and closed her eyes for a moment. Not to catch any sleep but just to be able to give her eyes a rest while she taught some things over. Since the fight with Kurt no body had seen him anymore. He had ported to his room and locked himself up refusing to react to anyone. Rogue had practically done the same: she had gone to the hospital wing to check and apologize to Amara. Which had proven itself quite easy but as apologize to Kurt wasn't she hadn't had any other choice then just go up to her room as well. She had lay there the entire day acting as if she was a sleep. She opened her eyes again and peeked at the bed at the other side of the room. Kitty looked sound a sleep. Slowly and careful not to make any noise Rogue stood up and tiptoed to the door. Then she headed to the bad room to take a cold shower. Once washed, dressed and ready with her make-up she silently headed to Kurt room. She softly knocked. Once again this was madness, apologize in the middle of the night. 'Well timing doesn't matter' she told herself and gave the door another soft knock but there was still no answer. Rogue carefully started to open the door peeking into the dark room. She slowly walked in closing the door behind her again. Then she carefully started to make her way to his bed and sat at the end. "Um Kurt we need to talk. I…I'm sorry and…"she had started with out daring to look at the bed but there came not the slightest respond. This couldn't be normal, even if he ignored her or wasn't awake she should at least hear him breath. "Kurt?" she asked again. Still no respond. She stood up and took away the blanket revealing an empty bed (expect for the pillows to make the effect that is). She quickly looked around the room once and turned back to the bed feeling with her hands till she reached a small lamp beside the bed. She turned it on, finally being able to see what she was doing. She looked at the bed and putted her hand on it. "It's cold…" she muttered to herself. This could only mean that he hadn't went to bed at all that night. She looked at the pillows again and this time her eye fell upon a small note. She quickly grabbed it and started reading.

Dearest family and friends,

When you find this note I'll already be far away. Please don't look for me. I know you might not agree with my dissections and I'm sorry if I cause any of you any kind of pain but this is my dissection and frankly I don't care whether you agree with it or not. This is something I need to do alone. I needed to get away from here. I do not know if I will ever come back, to be honest for the moment I don't really know anything for sure. Anyway I do care a lot for all of you, lots of love


p.s. Please hand the sealed envelop to Rogue.

Rogue looked at the letter in disbelieve and read it over and over again. She couldn't believe he had actually left. Her first idea was to run to the professor and go search for Kurt all together but something stopped her. This was all her fault. She had to fix it. She took out the sealed envelop and looked at it. It looked so official at the out side yet when she opened it there was just a small little piece of paper with just a few words on.

Don't blame yourself. I'm sorry and I love you sis.

By now Rogues eyes were wet with tears. She sat down on the bed numbly sitting there for motionlessly for a while. When she had finally got a grip again she hurried to Kurt's desk and started writing something on a piece of paper quickly.

I guess the letter of Kurt says enough and there is no need for me to explain. Don't worry.

p.s. don't bother to look for the sealed letter I have it.

Rogue walked back to the bed putting both letter on the pillow again and putting the other letter in her pocket. Then she just walked out of the room, out of the mason, out of that live…


"OUT OF THE WAY YO!" a panicked voice squalled. Todd was hopping for his life with Rogue on his heals as they dashed into the Brotherhood house.

"What the…?" Pietro started as he came out of the kitchen to look what was happening. "Rogue?" he exclaimed in surprised as he saw her, unable to finish his sentence. Rogue pushed her ungloved hand into his face as she passed. Draining his power before the situation caught up with him. As Rogue speeded after Toad now Pietro fell unconscious, being caught by a very confused Fred just before he hit the ground. Wanda walked in as well by now "Pietro?" she asked very confused and helped him up again as he was slowly regaining conscious again.

Meanwhile upstairs Todd found himself in a very unfortunate and uncomfortable situation. Being pinned against the wall with Rogue right in front of him as she was waving an ungloved hand. "Listen up, you know what this means right!" she started waving her hand in front of his face with out waiting for an answer. "If you don't tell me what I want to know I will do it the hard way and just take it got it?!"

"Yeah sure, pretty clear yo!" Todd responded nervously, unable to wriggle away.

"Were is he?"

"Huh? Who do you mean yo?" Todd asked rather confused. 'What the hell was going on?'

"Don't play games with me!" Rogue said pushing her hand in front of his face "Neither of us wants me to do this but if you don't tell I'll just take your memories and put you in a coma, if not even more!" she said threatening starting at him as a predator to his prey.

"Like really Rogue I'll be happy to tell you, but would it hurt to be more specific about what you want?" Todd said glaring at her hand nervously. He hated it when Rogue drained his power, afterwards you felt as if you had been drunk: not able to walk a straight line, head ache, no energy.

"Nightcrawler, Kurt!" Rogue snapped.

"What? How am I supposed to know?"

"You talked to him." Yes he did, she was sure he had. She had heard Kitty say it when she thought Rogue had been a sleep.

"Yo so doesn't mean I'm his bloody babysitter." The Todd protested.

"Alright I warned you!" Rogue said moving closer with her hand with a set cold-blood expression on her face.

"Wait no!" Todd mumbled trying to move out of he reach "I'm not lying yo. I don't know where the hell that guy is."

Rogue how ever didn't listen and pushed her hand forwards but something caught her arm before she could reach Todd.

"Let go of me immediately or this time I'll give you more then a little bit dizziness." She said snappy staring daggers at Pietro who had zapped beside her, stopping her.

"Now wait!" he said motioning her to calm down.

She looked at his impatient while Todd at the other hand looked at him confused but yet terribly great full. Meanwhile all the other Brotherhood members had gathered in the room as well looking confused, having no clue what was going on.

"I can help you." Pietro said still keeping a firm hold of Rogue but ready to run as well.

Rogue looked confused now as well. 'How would he be able to help her? Of all people?'

"Just leave him alone he doesn't know a thing, he never does! But I can help you find the fuzz bal if you want." Pietro repeated.

"Why would you…" she started and then looked as if something had hit her "I swear if you did anything to him." She said letting go of Todd, who quickly hopped off great fully as Rogue was concentrated her wrath on Pietro now instead.

"I swear I didn't do a thing. Just ask the others: none of us have left the house since yesterday evening."

"He's right!" Lance said speaking for the first time as he looked at Rogue confused.

"Why would you be able to help me then?" Rogue asked suspicious. 'What if Magneto had something to do with it? And Pietro knew? Ow she'd kill him.'

"I'm can't promise anything but I'm pretty sure I know how to find him." Pietro said simply.

"So basically you're wasting my time" Rogue said rolling her eyes.

"Listen do you want to find the fuzz bal or not?" Pietro simply offered with a high air full of annoyance.

"Yeah, alright then." Rogue said rather hastily this time.

"Good girl!" Pietro started "Com'on then lets go." He continued and went for the stairs.

"Wait, can't you just tell me?" Rogue asked not looking forwards at spending too much time with the speed demon (who did his name honour).

"No." Pietro said with his same air, dripping of a huge ego.

"I hope for you Pietro that you're not playing a game." Rogue said stern.

"Trust me I have better things to do, so just be great full and follow!" he snapped while going down he stairs leaving the others members of the hood stunned.

Once Reality had caught up to them a bit again, Wanda quickly ran after him and Rogue and quickly grabbed her brother's upper arm, stopping him.

"What?" he asked annoyed.

"What are you up to this time Pietro?" she whispered to him glaring at Rogue once.

"What ever I'm doing is non of you business." He snapped back trying to pull away his arm from Wanda's steel grip.

"Excuse use for a moment!" Wanda said dragging Pietro to the kitchen as they passed by.

But before Wanda was even able to say a word Pietro started talking at super speed. "Listen-Wanda-I-don't-know-what-got-into-you-and-frankly-I don't-really-care-either-for-the-moment-so-if-you'll-excuse-me! Seeyou!" he said pushing her out of the way and went back to the hall. Wanda was furious. No one, NO ONE acted that way to her and most certainly not that little brat of a brother of hers. She followed him ready to hex him but Pietro wasn't about to give her any opportunities. He picked up Rogue and zipped off.


"The Acolytes base?" Rogue said as Pietro let her down on her feet in the snow. She quickly took of her gloves ready to fight "I knew I shouldn't trust you!" she hissed.

"Listen I'm trying to help you!" Pietro said quickly zipping behind her to avoid her hands touching him.

"By delivering me to your father?" Rogue said still trying to take him out as she kept glaring at him with narrowed eyes.

"He's not even there, he's somewhere taking care of his own business." Pietro said hiding behind a tree.

Rogue looked confused "So why are we here then." She asked.

"Listen I think I know were fuzzy has run of to or better even: ported off to. But I don't know the exact location. I know my dad knows it though and I'm sure it'll be on his database." He explained coming out of his hiding place.

"What about Magneto's lackey's?" Rogue asked raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

"Listen do you prefer searching him for years or just quickly pick up some information and I'll zip you were you have to be and things can be over in a few hours." he offered rather annoyed.

"Alright." She said motioning him to calm down "No reason to get all worked up. So you do know how to get to the information?"

"No, but his lackey's do." He said careless.

"What but?" 'What game is that idiot playing?'

"John owns me one." he started "Pyro" he added at her slight confused look. "And from what I heard Gambit won't be bothering you, not on a enemy kinda way anyway!" he continued giving her a look she whished she would never have to see again. "and Piotr won't be a problem either."

"That leaves two." Rogue said sceptical.

"Magneto took Mastermind along and Sabertooth has been wondering of again from what I heard. So ready to give it a shot!" Pietro asked looking VERY annoyed by now.

"Yeah!" Rogue said "Let's get this over with."


St.John Allerdyce, a.k.a. Pyro was finishing his patrol in the metal hallways of the Acolyte base. Well patrol?! That was a pretty big word, actually it just meant: well, wandering in the base till you died of boredom. It was either that or die at the hand of Magneto who got furious because Pyro had decide he rather started creating some havoc again then just die of boredom. A certain doom was linked at being an Acolyte anyway so why even care, you got used to it. After being threatened with an extreme painful death daily (or after having to suffer the attempt to) it started to loose its charm. So Pyro was just 'patrolling' around while flickering with a lighter and occasionally mumbling something or making rude gestures or funny faces to a surveillance camera as he passed.

"Hey firefly!" a voice sounded behind him suddenly. Pyro spun around his lighter already open as he shot flames at the two figures. If it hadn't been for Pietro's incredible speed, both he and Rogue would have been toasts. Pietro had gripped Rogue immediately after he noticed what Pyro was going to do and had ran them out of reach of the flames.

"Idiot!" Pietro grumbled at the Pyromaniac who got tiered out of his maniacal laughing as he only now recognized the voice. He stopped shooting flames and looked a bit surprised at Pietro and the sheila. "Idiot?" he repeated in a mumbled "Better watch it!" he just said grinning evilly again. "You wouldn't want to have red hair in place of silver would you? Although oi think it'll be a great improve." he asked laughing at his own comments "So what do you want Pietro?" he continued then more seriously.

"I need you to do something for us. Who's all here by the way?" Pietro added just to be sure.

"Why would oi do anything for you?" St.John asked as he putted away his lighter and kept his eyes locked on Rogue.

"You own me one John!" Pietro said coldly.

John looked away from Rogue and to Pietro with a thinking expression. "Sorry mate can't remember anything." He said grinning.

"I'll tell Wanda!" Pietro said with an equal evil grin.

John's expression changed immediately. "Ow that!" he mumbled to himself and Rogue was convinced she saw him blush slightly. "What do you want?" the Acolyte asked sounding rather annoyed.

"Who's all here?" Rogue spoke for the first time. She knew that Pietro had already sworn that the three were the only one but she wanted to play safe.

John looked at Rogue again and kept starring at her for a while with an odd expression. "Just the Cajun, Pete and oi." He said after a while. "Mags and Mastermind left for some business and Sabertooth is out doing cat things or pervy stuff either way believe moi you don't want to know!"

Pietro just ignored the last comment, as it was clear to everybody that you would indeed not want to know Sabertooth's occupations in his free time. "You're gonna do us a service John. We need some information." Pietro said.

"Wow mate oi rather not go there." John said rather quickly. "That are dangerous things you're about to ask." He said looking slightly worried but his curiously seem to win the better half of him. "But what kinda information were you thinking of?"

"An old location of an old hide out of my dad." Pietro said casually.

"Hum, oi dunno mate." John said doubtfully. "Why?"

"None of you're business." Pietro snapped.

"Listen oi'm not just gonna give you any info just like that. And leave along at a X-sheila!" he said pointing to Rogue. "Magneto'll kill moi!"

"It's no information we're gonna use." Rogue reassured him.

"Then why do you wanna know?" 'Damn that guy was smarter then he looked like.'

"It's personal stuff." Rogue said rather snappy. As if she was going to tell her privat live to and Acolyte, leave along the craziest one.

John however didn't look like he was just going to give them what they wanted with out making them suffering at least a bit, as he staid in a stubborn silent.

"I'm searching for someone that ran of. Someone who is very important for me, please." It was out before she knew. 'I'm more desperate then I though' she thought to herself. 'Begging at an Acolyte. Just as they would show any pity. Well at least it isn't the Cajun.' She though with relief 'At least I get to keep a bit dignity.'

John looked at her intensely for a moment with a very odd expression. Not one of his usual crazy ones but one that gave Rogue the feeling he looked rather sad. "Com'on oi'll ask the others." He said after a while as he led the way to the living room. After a few minutes they arrived and John entered at first.

"And Johnny what was it?" a familiar voice asked. Rogue looked over John's shoulder seeing the Cajun sitting at a table not bothering to look up, as he was concentrated on a card game.

"You're never gonna guess." John said as he walked in motioning the two younger teens to follow.

Remy and Piotr both looked up curiously now looking surprised at Pietro and Rogue. "Cherie?" Remy said rather doubtful looking surprised towards the weird duo as John joined his friends. "What are you doing here?" he continued, once he was over the surprise effect, with his usual smooth voice again.

"They want us to give them some information." John explained sitting down beside Remy in the sofa.

"Information?" the other two said looking very interesting by now. Remy stood up walking up to Rogue. Pietro had take place on a chair by now looking at them bemused

"What kinda information cherie?" he asked getting closer while circling her for observation. He couldn't leave such a great flirting chance a side, could he.

"None of your business swamp rat!" Rogue responded, getting in their usual flirt attitude.

Remy grinned "Ahah, Remy and his friends are risking a lot by even letting you enter so we won't just help you if we don't know why." he said while receiving agreeing nods and 'oi's' and 'da's' from the other two.

Rogue sighed she didn't wanted to talk about it to her friends, leave along to her enemies. But they all just stood there doing nothing waiting for Rogue to speak. Glaring at them angry, particular at Pietro and Remy, she started. "Someone I care for ran off because of me and I need to make it up again but I don't know were that person is!" All eyes were focused on her. "The thing is speedy there claims that he knows were but he doesn't has the specific coordinates so that's why we're here!" she finished moody.

"So blue boy and you are having a crises." Remy concludes, sitting down again.

"Let moi guess: about Mystique right?!" John filled in while playing with a lighter.

Rogue looked stunned at them.

"He's your brother and he is the only one who could get that far away in such a short time and be that hart to trace." Remy explained at her expression.

"And you don't agree about your mom!" John added "so it's pretty obvious."

Rogue was perplexed: her enemies knew her better then her friends. That was odd, very odd.

"But we'll help you cherie." Remy said smiling while looking in her in the eyes. And it took Rogue a lot of focus to keep concentrating on her brother and not to start starring at the Cajun.

"Com'on we'll go and check the database of Magneto for the location that you seek." Piotr said, speaking for the first time while he was standing up and led them to the control room.

"Hum, I hate to interrupt but isn't the control room that way?" Pietro said as he noticed they weren't really taking anything like a short cut.

"Yes, but we take the longer way." Piotr said ignoring him as much as possible.

"Why?" Pietro asked as he suddenly stood at his side with a small gust of wind.

"Because that way we'll have to change less surveillance camera's." Remy said noticing his Russian comrade uncomfortablility to talk when there were strangers.

"What?" Rogue asked curiously.

"We're not suppose to help you and if Magneto finds out what we're about to do we'll be punished, badly." John said shivering at the thought.

"If he wouldn't just kill us at the spot that is." Remy added exchanging glares with his three friends. "So we have to cover it up and take care of what the surveillance cameras have on it." He finished.

"How are you supposed to do that?" Rogue asked as she rather start to think those three Acolytes weren't all that bad. Actually she liked them, especially Remy but she wasn't likely to ever admit that. She didn't even dare admitting it to herself.

"Simple trick of Remy's and sometimes Pyro'll just burns them down." Piotr said.

"Burn down, subtle!" Pietro commented rolling his eyes.

"We just say John and Remy got in a battle again. Happens all the time." Piotr added as the two other Acolytes shot each other mischievous grins.

By now they had arrived at the corner were behind the control room was. "John do Remy a pleasure and do you magic." He said grinning.

"Sure mate!" John said as he ran in front followed by a lot of swearing of Gambit and then he stared sending flames in the air making on of the reaching and blowing up the surveillance camera nearby. "Taken care of mate!" John said as he was laughing like a maniac and looking very pleased at the flames that were still roaring for a while before making them die again. Remy walked to the door and started picking the lock and in less then a minute he stood up again holding the door open to let them in.

"Happy I don't live in the same house as you do swamp rat!" Rogue commented with a grin as he demonstrated his talent.

"You know you love Remy, cherie!" Remy shot back grinning broadly as they entered as last while Piotr was already searching the files.

"I can't find it!" he said after a while still analysing the documents on the screen.

"What? Let Remy try!" Remy said taking his place.

"I look under all his hide outs but not one in Germany." Piotr said looking along over Remy's shoulder.

"What about secret bases?" Remy suggested as he started to look. "Merde!" he mumbled after a few minutes.

"What?" Rogue said rather taken of off guard because of the French.

"Means he can't find it Sheila!" John said from beside her, as he had learnt a few words French during the time he had been living with the Cajun.

"Anybody else has a idea?" Remy asked looking up.

"What about an old house were he used to live?" Pietro said.

"Old house? Mags used to live in Germany?"

"Yeah. I very vague remember a picture of Wanda our Father and me in Germany when we were kids. "

"I'll try" Gambit said opening a lot of files "J'y crains. I don't seem to find anything in Germany."

"What about the background of Mystique? Raven Darkholm" Rogue said leaning beside him to see the screen.

Remy resumed the search.

"You're only 20?" Rogue asked suddenly.

"Quoi?" Remy asked slightly confused.

Rogue pointed at the other files he was quickly passing, containing all the possible information about the Acolyte members.

"Yes." He said shortly continuing the search. "It only says she use to live in Germany but not were, sorry." Just when they were all about to give up John came up with an idea "Hey mate try evil genius laboratories in other countries." He said leaning over at Remy's other side.

"All right but Remy doubt that it's gonna be any better" the Cajun said checking the labo's. "Merde, Remy can't get in. We need a pass word."

"Try bucket head!" John said while he giggled.

"Any other less amusing but better suggestions?" Remy asked with out even trying.

"You don't know the pass word?" Rogue asked slightly perplexed.

"No, Magneto doesn't want us to know those things." Remy said rather grimly now.

"Those things?" Rogue questioned, knowing that her sympathy was leaving her.

"His experiments."

"Just when I was about to think I might like you guys I am starting to doubt again." Rogue said sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"Listen we rather not know about them either."

Rogue gave him a 'what-ever, I'm-not-buying-it!' glares.

"We think Magneto does experiments on mutants or at least did."

"But you're not sure." Pietro buzzed in slightly defending his father.

"But as good as." John joined in again.

"Remy is sure he did. He does some on us as well but less dangerous ones as he need us." Remy said with a disgusted expression.

"He experiments on you?"

"No, on our mutation."

"Taking our DNA: blood samples, hair samples even saliva." John explained.

"Mental test." Piotr said with a hard expression.

"Unpleasant mental test." John said.

"Things like that. But we're sure he did far more worse things to other but he doesn't want us to know." Remy said clearly deciding that he and his team-mates didn't want to talk about it.

"Why? Is he afraid you would fight back otherwise." Rogue asked ignoring Pietro's disapproval glares.

Remy and John fell into a odd kinda silents so Piotr spoke up this time "He's rather afraid that he would have to kill us because we don't agree and then do everything himself, then that he's afraid of us."

"So anybody any idea?" John said suddenly, clearly eagerly to change the subject.

They were all silent.

"Hey wait you said Germany lab right?" Rogue asked suddenly as an idea struck her.


"Like in a old castle? Kinda Frankenstein, Dracula?"


"I remember Wolverine went to that place ones. I saw it in a dream, kinda freak. A place Dracula woud love."

"With the X-jet?" Remy said, as he seemed to be filled with hope again.

"Yeah, but what would that help?"

Remy suddenly started closing all other files and open something titles X information and then he opened a file titled 'Xjet'. "When was that flight?" he asked.

"You have information about us?" Rogue asked suddenly feeling pissed.

"So do you about us." Remy said slightly amused.

"But not all your trips everywhere with you shinny metal orbs" she said eyeing them suspicious.

"I think Mystique brought that information." Remy said just looking at the flights to Germany. "Remy thinks he found it. There have been 5 flights to Germany with the X-jet. 3 to the same location. Do you recognize any of the addresses cherie?"

"Yes that's Kurt's home town." Rogue said pointing to the three times reappearing name.

"Then it has to be the third location." John suddenly. They turned around to see John and Piotr leaning over a book "According to this atlas the fifth destination is somewhere in a big town with no fortes around so there won't be any place to put a castle of Frankstein unnoticeable. The third and the one that comes back 3 times are relatively close to each other. The third destination is one in the middle of the woods so it is the most likely place for the castle."

"You mean the Dracula lab isn't on the map? Aren't such a big things supposed to be on the maps?" Pietro asked, not that he really cared.

"It's a secret lab for a reason." Piotr pointed out.

Remy printed the coordinates handing them to Rogue. "Follow these coordinates and you should be pretty close. We can't do more."

"So we'll have to look for the place our self."

"Oui, I am afraid of it."

"Not necessarily. Gimme the coordinates." John said still hanging over the atlas with Piotr.

"I think I found it!" Piotr said as John noted it at the back of the paper.

Remy and Rogue bowed over the book curiously as well now.

"It is the most likely place for if we think about your description: forest, river, hill, ect..." He said motioning to the map and handing the paper back.

Rogue looked at the paper and showed it at Pietro "You think you can find it Speedy?"

"Sure!" he said slightly insulted preparing to leave.

"Hey would you guys like a bite before you leave?" Piotr asked out of the blue.

"No, but I could use a bathroom." Rogue admitted, as this was going to be a long day she could just as well go prepared.

"Follow me!" Piotr said as he leaded her away.

"We're gonna delete the history of the search we just did!" the others said. Once Piotr and Rogue had disappeared Remy took Pietro by his collar pushing him against the wall as John closed the door and joined Remy by his side with out a word.

"If she ends up hurt Magneto won't be able to protect you!" Remy hissed "Why are you helping her?"

Pietro looked a bit shocked as the two Acolytes just attacked him.

"Why does everybody keeps thinking I'm trapping her?" he complained, "Beside I could ask you the same question." Pietro grumbled after it.

"We have ours. But we didn't do anything now, did we? And Remy doubts you won't so: why are you helping?" he asked again as John had a quite meaningful grin on his face at the 'we'.

"I just want to help her." Pietro started "She reminds me of Wanda." He added in a whisper as if that explained it all. Remy still looked kinda suspicious but John laid a hand on his shoulder giving him a look that Pietro didn't quite understand. But Remy never less let go of him "Just make sure she'll be alright!" Remy said as they left and joined Rogue and Piotr at the door of the base.

"Well good luck!" John said grinning.

"We did all we could cherie but feel free to drop by when ever you like, Remy wouldn't mind!" Remy said grinning charmingly while kissing her gloved hand at which Rogue just rolled here eyes but not attempting to chase him away either.

"I hope you find your brother" Piotr said truthfully as he knew the pain of missing your family the best of the entire Acolyte.

"Ready?" Pietro asked impatient.

"Yes!" Rogue said, as he was about to pick her up.

"Ow and guys, I never though I would say this but you're okay. I own you one so if you ever get a change of heart you're welcome at the X-Men I'll make sure of it. Thanks" she said and the next moment she and the speed demon had disappeared.


Author's note:Sorry I just couldn't resist, I just had to put in a bit Acolyte in it. Sorry if the accents are lousy: I don't really know how to make Johns or Piotr and well for Remy's I just putted in some French. (It just a cured to me as well that I never putted in an accent for Rogue, well I'm just too lazy to start with it now. And I don't really think I would be good at it either.) I'm sorry for Nightcrawler fans but you'll have to wait a little longer. I can tell you that the next chapter will be a small PietroxWanda tribute (you'll get why when the time comes) but don't worry after that we'll get back at the RoguexKurt thing. Anyway sorry it took so long to upload but I was busy and I had a writer's block. And sorry if this chap is a bit long (longest I ever written I think). XD Anyway I hope you forgive me and please REVIEW.