"Kevin always believed he was lucky but the truth is, he wasn't. Not when it came to gambling or crime. Everyone knew it... except for him. Only one lucky thing ever happened to Kevin Donnelly... and her name was Brigit Murphy.

"You see, Kenny Murphy was Jimmy's best friend outside the family and with Kenny came his little sister, Brigit. She was always different, even then. Our group consisted of the four Donnellys, me, Jenny, and the two Murphys, when Brigit decided to join us. Sure, Jenny's a girl but she was always one of the guys. Plus, no one would think of touching her because of Tommy. Brigit, though... Brigit's the girly girl of the gang. She's the one any of us went to when we had girl troubles. In the beginning, that was all we went to her for – she just didn't fit in enough to be consulted with on anything else.

"It all changed when Kenny died – he was seventeen and Brigit was thirteen. From then on the girl we thought tagged along and was good only to look at became one of the gang, practically a little sister to us... or most of us at least. Brigit's dad always blamed Jimmy for Kenny's death – still does to this day actually – but he never held anything against the rest of us, especially Tommy and Kevin because after Kenny's death, the two of them would watch out for her. The whole gang stepped up and took the place of her brother by walking her to and from school and checking out potential boyfriends to make sure they were okay.

"At first, Jenny and her didn't get along much since they were so different. That, and I think Brigit had a little crush on Tommy during her freshmen year that made Jenny jealous but Brigit obviously got over that. But then they warmed up to each other after they realized they balanced each other out and they could talk to each other about things the Donnellys and I refused to even think about – you know, girl things.

"After Brigit got over her crush on Tommy, she moved on but onto another Donnelly brother – Kevin. You see, because I'm the trustworthy one in the group, she told me these kinds of things. She liked him on and off since she was fifteen. Kevin had no clue, not even when he realized he liked her as 'more than a friend' in his senior year and from then on, none of Brigit's boyfriends seemed to be good enough according to the Donnellys. But being her, she always found a way around them that would still piss them off.

"It was the spring of 2000, and don't try to stop me because I know I was out of juvi by then. For juniors and seniors, it was prom season and Brigit needed a date but whoever that may be, she knew, needed the acceptance of the all powerful Donnellys..."

Tommy, Kevin, and Sean Donnelly sat along the curb with Jenny Reilly, Joey Ice Cream, and Brigit Murphy. Brigit leaned forward, looking past Kevin and Tommy, "So Jenny, has anyone asked you to prom yet?"
"Brigit, prom is so far away, why are we even talking about it?"
Brigit put on her famous 'shocked' face, "Well, I was asked to prom."
"Who asked you?" Kevin asked sharply.
"Billy O'Malley," she said proudly, thinking of the tall red-head, "But I haven't given him an answer yet."

Kevin and Tommy looked at each other and everyone knew they were having a conversation between them without ever actually saying anything. Within a minute, they had their answer.

They both looked at her but Kevin spoke first, "Didn't he go out with that Sarah Donahue girl?"
Brigit knitted her eyebrows together, "Yeah, so?"
"Then you better tell him you can't go with him," Tommy stated.
"What?! Come on! Is there anyone you'd actually approve of?"

They both shook their heads.

Brigit was about to pout until she figured a way to get a decent – if not outstanding – prom date that Tommy and Kevin could never disapprove of.

She grinned and turned to her right, "Sean, would you take me to prom?"
Sean grinned at the blonde next to him, "Sure."
Brigit turned smiling proudly at the two older Donnellys present, "Any objections?"

Tommy couldn't hide his smile from Brigit that, thankfully, Kevin couldn't see because he was too busy staring at Brigit incredulously.

Kevin and his two older brothers knew never to leave their girlfriends with their baby brother but the only problem was Brigit wasn't Kevin's girlfriend and he hated himself for never asking her to be his. What he didn't know was Brigit was one of the few girls in all of New York City – maybe even the tristate area – that was immune to Sean's charms, but not to Kevin's.

"Brigit's junior prom went off without a hitch. Funny thing about it was she could still never get out from the watchful eyes of Kevin and Tommy. You see, Kevin, at the time was dating this girl Meghan who was a junior, so, of course, he had to take her to her prom and it just so happened, he could look out for Brigit in case Sean got distracted... which was pretty easy to do. That, and Tommy decided to give Sean a lecture for an hour before he picked his Brigit up.

"The next year though wasn't so easy. Brigit knew there was probably no man outside the Donnellys and me (and sometimes I think Kevin wouldn't even trust me when it came to Brigit) that would be 'approved' for her senior prom. But being honest to herself, she knew she didn't want anyone outside of them – her ideal date was, in fact, a Donnelly. The only problem she found was figuring out how to get Kevin to take her to prom..."

As Kevin sat in her room, somewhere in the middle of February, Brigit figured she'd see what she could come up with.

"Kevin, what color do you think looks best on me?" she said as she pretended to look through a magazine though she was really watching him as he sat on the floor next to her bed.
"Aw Bri, I don't know. Why do you ask me these things? You always look good in everything."

She tried to control her smile. Only Kevin ever called her Bri – she didn't let anyone else dare think of calling her that, though most tried after they heard Kevin call her it. Not only that, but she couldn't let his comment slip by unnoticed but she kept it to herself like a cherished memory.

She let out a dramatic sigh, "Well, that's awfully sweet of you but I can't wear every color to prom."
"You've got to me kidding me! You're already thinking about prom?"

Brigit rolled her eyes and put down her magazine, "Do I have to go over this every year? It's a big deal! That, and I need at least a few months to somehow convince you and your brothers that my date isn't going to do me any har-"
Kevin stopped her right there, "Wait a minute, you already have someone in mind?"
"You could say that," she grinned, "I don't see why you and Tommy need to check up on me so much. Sean will be there."
"Yeah, but is Sean going to the same after party as you?"

Brigit shrugged. If things went right, he'd fall right into her trap. Hopefully he wouldn't see it as that though...

"I don't know about this Bri, I'm going to have to talk to Tommy about this."
She rolled her eyes again, "You know you and Tommy aren't always going to be around to take care of me. What are you going to do? Take me to prom?"
Kevin raised his eyebrows at her, smiling, "You know what, that's not a half bad idea. I think I will."

Brigit put on the act like she had just gotten the one thing she didn't want but inside she was squealing for joy. Inside, Kevin wasn't doing exactly the same but whatever the manly equivalent is for it, that's what he was doing.