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The Kissing Contest

Friday afternoon after another hard cheer practice, Kim and Tara are having a conversation about their respective boyfriend's. As they are talking, both are wrapped in just a towel, sitting on the bench between two rows of lockers. The redhead and the blonde are quite… how shall I say? Animated. (No pun intended)

"I just love it when Ron touches my face as he kisses me. Sometimes he lightly touches along my jaw line like so," Kim demonstrates with her own hand on Tara's cheek. "And then he brings his hand down my neck, and behind my head. It's just so…"

"Sensual?" Tara asks as she suppresses a slight shudder from her friend's touch. "Kevin will do something like that to me also, but just a bit different."

"Show me." Kim says as she straddles the bench they are sitting on, and Tara does the same, facing Kim.

"First he lightly touches my nose, and then runs his finger along my cheek like this." She demonstrates on Kim just as Kim had done on her. "But he drags his nails along my jaw like so… and then moves down my neck. All while kissing with such determination."

"What's his actual kiss like?" Kim asked.

"It's so soft, and gentle." Tara said as her fingers touched her full lips.

"hmmm…" Kim smiles thinking about Ron's kisses. "That sounds nice… But I think Ron's kisses are just… Badical."

"Now you're starting to talk like him." Tara said.

"How can I not?" Kim said, looking like she was going to blush, but doesn't. "I mean… Ron is THE best, THE most badical kisser of all time!"

Suddenly a new voice enters the conversation. "Ron better put up, or you better shut up."

"What are you talking about, Bonnie?" Kim asks as she stood. Tara moved a bit towards Bonnie.

Bonnie was also wrapped in a towel, but she also had one around her head, drying her hair. "I bet you haven't even given him a real kiss."

"What are you talking about, Bonnie? Ron and I kiss all the time. You've even busted us a few times." She paused, and then finished with a growl. "And got us sent to detention."

Bonnie continued her line of thought. "I bet he wouldn't even know a real kiss when he gets one… Ha! I bet if the loser was blindfolded, he couldn't even tell if he was kissed by someone else!"

"I'll take that bet, Bonnie." Kim said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Huh? What are you talking about…" Bonnie was starting to get a little nervous.

"I bet that if Ron was blind folded, he could tell my kiss from anyone else on the squad. Heck… even the entire school!" Kim's voice was rising as she spoke.

"You're on K. But we don't need to go to those extremes. Let's limit this to you and me, and a girl of my choice, and another girl of your choice. I pick you, Tara." The blonde's eyes went wide. "Now… What are the stakes?"

Kim spoke quickly. "The loser has to be a lackey to the winner for one week, and do whatever they say, within decency, but only during school hours."

"I… uhh…" Bonnie was for once at a loss for words.

"C'mon, Bonnie…" Kim needled. "If you win, you'll have BOTH Ron and I to boss around for one week. But, of course, if you lose, both Ron and I will boss you around."

Bonnie looked at Kim for a few seconds, then agreed with a grunt, and nod of her head.

"We'll need some rules." Kim said. "I'll draw some up, and get them to you this evening by e-mail after Ron and I finish with our date. If you agree to the rules, just reply to the message. Deal?"

Kim held out her hand and after only a few seconds, Bonnie reached out and the two shook on their deal.

…x x x x…

That evening, Kim and Ron's date went without a hitch, and after Ron gave her a kiss goodnight, she immediately went to her room to get the rules typed up on her computer. The following is what Kim typed:

So the subject (Ron) cannot take cues from any of the girls who they may be, the following rules must be followed…

Each girl must shower tonight with the same soap and shampoo. It will be Head and Neck shampoo, and a moisturizing soap with no fragrance.

Each girl must have her hair tied back so that it may not touch the subject (Ron) while the kiss is in process.

Each girl can only have moisturizer on her lips, no lipstick of any kind.

Each girl cannot touch the subject (Ron) with anything BUT her lips. No hands, fingers, legs, nothing. The subject (Ron) will also not be able to touch any of the girls kissing him.

Each girl gets a timed 10-second kiss, no longer, though less time may be taken.

After each kiss, the subjects (Ron's) mouth will be cleansed with a wet towel.

None of the girls may watch any of the kisses being done by any of the other girls.

There will be a mediator to ensure all rules are followed. If any of the rules are broken, the entire bet is off.

It only took a couple minutes for Bonnie to respond and tell Kim that she agreed

to the rules.

It was agreed that this little "Contest" was to be performed the very next day, at 1pm at Ron's house. His parent's weren't home, and it would also serve as neutral ground for the girls.

…x x x x…

Now all Kim had to do was get another girl for her team. She knew exactly who to call.

…x x x x…

"You want me to WHAT?" Kim had to pull the phone away from her ear as Monique screamed into the phone.

"I'll let you make suggestions as to what Ron and I will have Bonnie do…"

That was all it took. "OK girl… I'm in."

…x x x x…

Since Kim had not run any of this by her boyfriend, it was quite a shock when three girls arrived at his house at One O'clock on Saturday. Of course, if Kim had said something, she was sure he wouldn't have done it.

"You… you… ALL want t… to… k kiss me?" He said with a dumbfounded look on his face, and after Kim told him everything, and handed him a copy of the rules, he agreed. After all, what red blooded human male wouldn't want to be kissed by four of the most beautiful girls in Middleton? Even if he was blindfolded.

Everything was set up in the back yard with Ron sitting on a chair, and the girls would wait in the enclosed back porch while each one went out and gave Ron their kiss.

…x x x x…

Sitting there blindfolded, Ron was starting to feel a bit nervous. His friend Felix, who was the mediator, placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"It's OK Ron… If you're too nervous, you'll never be able to tell which one is Kim." He paused. "I still can't believe she is actually going through with this. Kim must have a lot… And I mean a LOT of faith in you, Dude. And you've also GOT to be THE luckiest guy in school!"

"Thanks Felix. Although I'm surprised you agreed to be the mediator." Ron said as he breathed out, relaxing himself somewhat.

"Hey… what are Buds for?"

…x x x x…

Felix looked up and saw Kim motion that all the girls were ready. It had taken some pretty fancy talking on Tara's part to get Kevin to agree to this, and he ended up being an extra observer just to make sure the whole ordeal was on the up and up.

Kevin had ended up being a part of it, but a relatively small part. He held out a bowl that had the numbers 1- 4 written on them, and the girls had to draw and see what order they would be kissing.

…x x x x…

Ron could hear the first girl approach, and his heart started to beat faster. Who's it going to be? He thought. All I have to do is identify who Kim is, and we'll win this stupid little bet.

Suddenly he could feel the breath of someone on his mouth, and the kiss started. At first it was a little tentative, but it quickly became slightly aggressive. Her mouth was open, but there was no tongue action involved. He also noticed the girl's lips were a bit stiff.

"Time!" He heard Felix say, and the kiss stopped. A wet towel was wiped across his mouth, and then he heard Felix speak again. "Next."

Again, Ron felt a presence in front of him and a pair of lips started to kiss him. This one was almost completely opposite of the first. It was almost as if his mouth was being attacked. The lips were aggressive, and there was plenty of tongue. She even sucked on his tongue for a bit.

"Time!" He heard Felix say, and the kiss stopped. A wet towel was again wiped across his mouth, and then he heard Felix speak again. "Next."

The third kiss was also a bit aggressive, but not too much. There was a little bit of tongue, but not near as much as the previous one. Actual lip contact was a bit longer, and she finished her kiss with small nips on his lips with her teeth.

"Time… Just one more to go Ron." Felix said, and his mouth was again wiped off.

The fourth and last girl approached and the last kiss started. This girl's tongue was very… acrobatic. It darted in and out of his mouth, and it also moved around his lips. Her kiss was wet, and she was quick with small kisses near the end.

Felix's voice rang out one last time, and then he spoke to Ron. "Time… OK Ron, after the girls go back into the house, I'll remove your blindfold. Then I want you to write down on a pad of paper which girl you think was Kim. Then they will come out in a different order in which you were kissed, and I will read your results to them."

…x x x x…

The blindfold was removed and Ron blinked a couple times to let his eyes acclimate to the afternoon sun. Felix handed him the pad of paper, and he wrote down his results.

Then out came the girls, led by Kim. Felix looked at the paper, and then at Ron. "You sure about this Ron?" He asked.

"I've never been more sure."

"OK then." Felix said, and cleared his throat. "Instead of telling us which kiss was done by Kim, Ron actually identified who he thought each kiss was done by. Here are the results…"

Results to be posted in a few days…

Sorry everyone. I originally wanted to do this as a one-shot and give the results at the end, but then I thought: Let's have a little fun here, and have the readers guess the kisses. Mightbe easy, might be hard. I tried not to make them too obvious.

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