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Chapter 2

"OK then." Felix said, and cleared his throat. "Instead of telling us which kiss was done by Kim, Ron actually identified who he thought each kiss was done by. Here are the results. The order of the girls was as follows: Tara, Bonnie, Kim, and then Monique."

All four girls gasped in surprise, because Ron was correct! Bonnie, of course, was the first to voice her opinion.

"Alright, Loser… How did you know this? You had to of cheated somehow, because there is NO WAY that you could have known us just by our kisses."

Ron looked at Bonnie with a raised eyebrow. "Oh contraire, my sweet Bonnie."

She blushed slightly, and Ron continued. "Each of you girls have a very… unique way of kissing. I'll admit, I was sure that I could pick Kim out of the group, but I was surprised when I had a feeling that I could identify each of you. I didn't realize this until after the last kiss."

Bonnie crossed her arms, her eyes dangerously narrowed as she glared at Ron. "Are you sure you couldn't see out of the blindfold?"

Felix decided to put in his two cents. "Every time I wiped his mouth after each kiss, I double-checked the blindfold. There was no way he could see anything."

"OK then…" Bonnie continued. "Where's his little Rat thing?"

Ron, Kim and Felix all spoke heatedly at the same time, rocking Bonnie back on her heels. "Mole Rat."

"Don't forget he's naked." Ron said pointedly. "Besides… He's been in the house all this time in my room. In fact, if you look up at that window right there…" Ron pointed at his bedroom window, and just inside, everyone could see the subject they were talking about waving his little pink paw at the group.

Bonnie breathed out, defeated again. "Fine. You win. You didn't cheat. Now what I want to know, is how you figured out who was who?"

"Yeah Ron…" Kim said, her arms crossed across her chest and looking a bit put out. "I'd like to know that too."

"Well… umm… OK." All four girls were now standing pretty much in a row off to his right. He stood from the chair, and walked in front of Tara.

"Tara… I knew you were the first one, because I could tell you hesitated. I felt your breath on my face before the kiss, and I could hear it shudder. Then when you started to kiss me, you didn't feel relaxed. I knew that your boyfriend Kevin…" He indicated said boyfriend who was now at her side holding her hand, "was here, and you knew that he wouldn't like seeing you kiss me. I'm sure when you kiss him your lips are much more relaxed. Am I right Kev?"

Kevin blushed a bit, and nodded his head with a small smile.

Ron then stepped in front of Bonnie, and looked at her. "I knew Bonnie here almost immediately. Only she would attack my mouth the way she did."

The dark haired girl reacted. "Hey…"

"Plus, I've heard Brick say a few things about you in the locker room." He then gave her a knowing wink, and Bonnie blushed again.

"I'll kill him…" She muttered under her breath, but Ron heard.

"Umm… Have you forgotten so quickly Bonnie? He graduated. So you can't kill him since he's not here anymore." Ron stepped up next to Bonnie and then whispered into her ear. "Oh and Bonnie… I'd tone down on the tongue sucking. It's actually a bit of a turn-off."

Bonnie had enough. "That's it Stoppable! I am so out of here. I'll see you Losers on Monday."

"Don't forget about the bet, Bonnie!" Kim called out as the obviously irate girl left through the side gate.

Ron then stepped in front of Kim. "Kim, Kim, Kim. I could identify your kisses in the middle of a hurricane."

The redhead blushed as she smiled. "Thanks Ron…" She said softly.

"Although I was surprised at the small nips you gave me at the end of your kiss." He smirked a bit and again raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't like it…?" She started to say, and Ron quickly interrupted.

"Oh I liked it… a lot." Ron stepped closer and one of his arms snaked around her small shapely waist. He moved his face closer to Kim's and just as they were about to start another lip lock…

"Can't you two get a room?" Monique said, one hand on her out thrust hip. "I want to know what he has to say about my kiss."

Ron released his girlfriend's waist, and stepped in front of the Nubian beauty. "Ahh… Monique. Brown sugar."

"Say what?" The dark skinned girl said shocked. Kim was also a bit shocked at Ron's words. Tara and Kevin, who were still there, looked on in shocked silence.

Quickly he back-pedaled waving his hands in front of himself. "No… No… No disrespect intended Monique. I was just quoting a song by the famous Mick Jagger."

Both Monique and Kim responded at the same time. "Who?"

"Not 'The Who'… 'The Rolling Stones'." Ron said trying to make them understand, not noticing that Tara and Kevin giving small nods as they knew what he was talking about. "Never mind… You two need to listen to more radio.

"Anyways…" Ron then continued. " Monique, your kiss was one of relaxed confidence. Only you would do those small kisses at the end. In fact… If I wasn't already in love with Kimila here…"

Kim playfully swatted him on the shoulder. Ron looked at her in mock surprise, and then all three laughed long and hard with youthful abandon, and Felix just sat there shaking his head side to side as he laughed to himself.

Ron spoke again. "So… who's up for some ice cream?"

Five voices chimed all at the same time. "Me!"

…x x x x…

The Middleton High School Cafeteria at lunchtime on Monday was awash in laughter at the scene that was presented to the entire school… Kim and Ron were sitting at a small table by themselves, but beside their table was a very sour looking Bonnie Rockwaller.

Bonnie was wearing a pink waitress outfit with a white apron, and she had a stained towel draped over an arm as it lay across the front of her stomach. Her hair was wrapped in a hairnet, but some strands were falling out, looking as if she had had a very rough day. Her other hand was extended up as she held a small tray on which were two large glasses filled to the rim. One had a strawberry shake, and the other was chocolate.

Carefully she placed the chocolate one in front of Kim, and the other in front of Ron. Both took a taste of their respective drinks, and then Kim spoke. "These are… perfect Bonnie. And it only took you three tries."

Bonnie grumbled as she wished the week would go by at a faster pace, and Kim and Ron could do nothing but smile at each other as they relished in the service they would be getting fore the rest of the week.

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