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Light in Darkness

Over this pass years, Mikan had work really, really hard to improve in her academic and her alice's level. All her efforts pay off 'cause now she's 15 years-old and also a special star student, just like Natsume, Hotaru, Ruka and her other friends.

"Hey, Mikan," Yuu greeted Mikan who was sitting on the bench near the garden, eating her lunch.

The 14 year-old girl with long brunette-hair looked at Yuu, who was taking a seat beside her, and gave him a smile though not a lively one. Mikan had grown her hair till waist length and she no longer ties her hair in pigtails; she just let her hair down.

'Hmm, I wonder what's up with Mikan,' Yuu thought. "So, why aren't you eating with Hotaru today?"

"She said not to disturb her today," Mikan answered.

"But that never stop you before," Yuu told her.

"Maybe I don't feel like it today," Mikan said. Then, Mikan stood up and said, "I better go now, Yuu. Tsubasa-senpai is waiting for me."

"H-Hai," Yuu said and after Mikan left, Yuu thought, 'That's definitely not the Mikan I know. I better ask Hotaru about this.'

Mikan was supposed to meet Tsubasa under the sakura tree and together, they're going to the Special Ability class.

"Sorry I'm late," Mikan told Tsubasa when she arrived at the meeting place.

"Don't worry, Mikan," Tsubasa said. "You arrived just in time."

Mikan's face was red because she had run all the way there.

Tusbasa thought, 'Weird, why isn't she smiling? Even if she's out of breath, she'll always manage a smile.' So, Tsubasa decided to…

"Tsubasa-senpai, put me down," Mikan cried out as Tsubasa scooped Mikan up and put her on his shoulder.

"Nope, I won't," Tsubasa said. "Not until you smile." Tsubasa started to tickle Mikan. Then, Tsubasa put her in his arms again and started to tickle her.

"T-Tsubasa-senpai, stop," Mikan said between laughter. "It tickles."

"Not yet," Tsubasa said.

Unaware by those two, a certain black cat was resting on the very same sakura tree. Annoyed that his sleep was disturbed, he decided to…

"Ah, Tsubasa-senpai, your hat is on fire," Mikan said.

Right now, Tsubasa had already stopped tickling Mikan and both of them are standing on their feet.

"Oh damn," Tsubasa said, throwing his hat on the ground and putting out the fire by stepping on it.

"That's what you get for being to loud," Natsume said, jumping down from the sakura tree.

Actually, the real reason for Natsume burning Tsubasa's hat was because he's jealous that the shadow manipulator and Mikan is TOO CLOSE to each other.

"Well, you don't have to burn my favorite hat," Tsubasa said, keeping the ruined hat in his pocket.

"Hn," Natsume said. He turned his gaze at Mikan Sakura. 'Mikan.'

Mikan immediately looked at the ground, evading Natsume's gaze.

'Something's wrong,' Natsume and Tsubasa thought.

"Little-," Natsume was about to say but…

"Let's go, Tsubasa-senpai, we're late," Mikan cut off.

'There's definitely something wrong with her,' Natsume thought. 'She didn't look at me, not even once.'

Then, Mikan took Tsubasa's hand and dragged him towards the Special Ability classroom.

Natsume just looked at Mikan's and Tsubasa's disappearing sight, thinking, 'What's wrong with you, my little girl?'

"Mikan, slow down," Tsubasa said as they went on their way to the Special Ability's classroom with Mikan way ahead of him.

Mikan stopped in her tracks so that Tsubasa could catch up with her.

"Hey, Mikan, you don't need to walk so fast, you know; we're not in the 'walking' marathon," Tsubasa said, panting.

"I'm sorry," Mikan apologized.

"You don't need to apologize," Tsubasa told his kohai. "But you could start telling me what's bothering you the whole day."

"What? Nothing's wrong," Mikan lied. Actually, she really didn't want anyone to know.

Tsubasa sighed. 'I guess I shouldn't push her if she doesn't want to tell me,' Tusbasa thought.

"Ano, Tsubasa-senpai, if you keep on spacing out like that, we're surely going to be late and Misaki will surely hit you again," Mikan told the dark-haired senpai.

Snapping out of his thought, Tsubasa said, "Hai, hai, let's go," he said and the two of them continued their journey to the classroom.


Yuu went to Hotaru's lab. Unfortunately for him though, he saw something that could make all the blood in him boil.

Hotaru and the infamous Ruka Nogi are kissing very passionately, their tongue in the other's mouth. And as if that's not enough, both of them are also in an awkward position; Hotaru's lying down on the floor and Ruka's on top of her.

Yuu accidentally dropped the books he carried that made Hotaru and Ruka stopped what they're doing and looked at the intruder at the door; Hotaru with her usual emotionless face and Ruka is as red as a ripe tomato.

"S-Sorry f-f-for i-inter-ter-terrupting," Yuu stuttered. He was a bout to walk away but Hotaru stopped him.

"Yuu, wait," Hotaru said.

Yuu went towards Hotaru and Ruka with his face still red, just like Ruka.

"W-What i-is i-it?" Yuu asked.

"You saw it," Hotaru said as if it's not a big deal.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean too," Yuu said, really scared of what Hotaru might do. "You should have locked the door."

Ignoring what Yuu said, Hotaru put out a hand in front of Iinchou and in a demanding gesture, she said, "That'll be 1 000 rabbits since you saw it."

Yuu sweat dropped as Ruka said to Hotaru, "You could still make business out of this?!"

"Hey, money is money," Hotaru said in business-like way.

Ruka and Yuu fell anime-style on the marble-tiled lab floor.

After Special Ability class finished, Mikan took her things and said to Tsubasa and Misaki, who are arguing about what? Mikan didn't know for she had lost count.

"Tsubasa-senpai, Misaki-chan," Mikan said, "I'll be going now."

"Huh? Class ended already?" Tsubasa asked, looking at Mikan.

"Yes," Mikan answered.

"Oh, alright than, see you later, Mikan-chan," Misaki said.

Mikan gave them a small smile and went back to her dormitory room.

"There's something wrong with Mikan," Misaki said.

"You're right," Tsubasa said. "She's been like that since this morning."

"Do you have any idea what's wrong with her?" Misaki asked.

"Unfortunately not," Tsubasa answered, shaking his head.

"But maybe it's just because she's now turning into a teenager," Misaki said.

"Maybe so," Tsubasa replied. 'But I will find out.'

Back to Hotaru's lab, Hotaru, Ruka and Yuu sat at the small coffee table with 3 cup of tea and a plate of sugar cookies in front of them.

"So, what are you doing here?" Hotaru asked.

"Did you notice something's wrong with Mikan?" Yuu asked.

"Come to think of it," Ruka said. "This morning, Mikan wasn't late, she's didn't smile a lot nor did she laugh and she's been spacing out a lot."

"Yup, that sums it all," Hotaru agreed.

"So than, do you know what's wrong with her?" Yuu asked.

"No," Ruka said, shaking his head.

"Hotaru?" Yuu asked, turning his gaze at Hotaru.

"I don't know either," Hotaru said, "but I will find out."

"You really can do that?" Yuu and Ruka asked.

"Knowing Mikan, she will never keep any secrets from her best friend," Hotaru said. "I'm sure she'll tell me tonight because she's spending the night in my room."

"Great," Ruka and Yuu said.

That night, Natsume went to the dinner hall for dinner. Everyone was surprised to see the black cat there because Natsume never ate dinner at the dinner hall. Tonight was different; tonight the kuro neko is searching for someone, someone special.

When Natsume spotted Ruka, he immediately went towards Ruka. The blond was shocked to see his best friend there.

"Hey Natsume," Ruka greeted his best friend when Natsume took a seat next to him.

"Hn," Natsume answered. He looked around the hall. 'Damn, where's the little girl?'

The reason Natsume came for dinner is because he's bothered by the way Mikan greeted him that afternoon and so, tonight he wanted to confront her. But, she's nowhere to be seen.

"Natsume," Ruka called out, waving his hand in front of the fire caster.

"What is it?" Natsume asked.

"You were spacing out," Ruka said.

"Thinking of Mikan perhaps," Hotaru suddenly said as she took a seat beside her boyfriend.

"What are you talking about, Imai?" Natsume said but he knew perfectly well what Hotaru is talking about.

"I think you know perfectly well what I'm talking about," Hotaru said and before Natsume could retort back, she had gone in a flash of light.

"Seriously Ruka, your girlfriend is weird," Natsume said.

"I know," Ruka said. Then, Ruka asked, "So, are you going to look for her?"

"Who?" Natsume asked but he knows perfectly well whom.

"Mikan," Ruka said.

"Hn," Natsume answered.

Ruka didn't say anything after that. He knowshis best friend really well. So, Ruka decided to accompany Natsume in silence. After awhile, Natsume said to Ruka.

"I'm going to bed," the kuro neko said but Ruka knew perfectly well where his best friend wanted to go.

Even though Natsume hadn't asked Mikan to be his girlfriend yet but everyone knew that something had happened between those two. Even Sumire could see the changes.

'Hmph, where's that little girl,' Natsume thought. 'It's not like her to miss dinner.'

When Natsume arrived in front of Mikan's room door, he started to knock. When there was no answer, he started to pound on the door. But when there was still no answer, the fire caster was sure that Mikan wasn't in her room.

'Where's Mikan?' Natsume thought.

During midnight, Mikan went back inside the dormitory building. She was evading Natsume and if possible, everyone else, that's why she sat on the roof since dinnertime to have some time alone and think.

Then, when Mikan arrived in front of her bedroom door, a voice asked her, "Where have you been?"

Mikan was startled by the voice. She knew it belonged to Natsume so she turned around facing the kuro neko.

"Natsume," Mikan said.

Natsume walked closer towards the brunette-haired girl. "Why are you evading me?"

"I didn't," Mikan answered while looking at the floor.

"Then why don't you look into my eyes and tell me," Natsume challenged Mikan. "Than I'll know that you're not lying."

Mikan looked in Natsume's eyes and was about to repeat what she just said but she couldn't. So instead, she fell down to the floor and tears started to flow down her cheek.

Natsume began to feel worried. He dropped down on his knees as well and wiped the tears from Mikan's cheeks. "What's wrong little girl?"

"Nothing," Mikan said, still crying. "It's none of your business."

"How can it not be my business if it made you cry?" Natsume asked. Then, he pulled Mikan in his embrace. "Come on, Mikan, tell me."

Mikan pushed Natsume away and stood up. "I told you, it's none of your business," she said, going towards the window. The moon shone brightly outside.

Natsume went behind Mikan; both of them looked at the moon. Then, Mikan felt Natsume wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Natsume," Mikan said softly, stunned of Natsume's action.

"I don't know what's going on with you, Mikan, but please tell me," Natsume said. "I can see that something's bothering you and making you sad and I don't want to see you suffer alone."

The tear-stained Mikan started crying again and Natsume made a soothing sound.

"Natsume, I…I'm pregnant," Mikan said. She's no longer crying but there's still some tears flowing down her cheeks. "I'm pregnant with your baby."

'Mikan's pregnant?' Natsume thought. 'With-with my baby? That means…I'm going to be a dad. But how?' Then, Natsume remembered what had happened a few months ago. 'It's because of that 'one night' we spend together,' he concluded.

"Natsume…" he heard Mikan said.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Natsume asked.

"Because I'm scared," Mikan confessed. "I'm scared that you won't accept it. I'm scared of what you might think. I'm scared of what the others might think. We're not officially a couple yet, not in others eyes so I'm just scared, okay? I myself hadn't got use to idea of me being pregnant."

Natsume hugged Mikan more protectively but not too tight. Although he can't see Mikan's face, but he knew that Mikan's blushing right now. Then, Natsume sat down, leaning on the wall and he took Mikan in her embrace, letting Mikan to sit on his lap.

"How far away are you?" Natsume asked the now calmed Mikan.

"Two months," Mikan answered.

Natsume put his hand on Mikan's stomach and that made Mikan blushed again. The fire caster whispered in Mikan's ear, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh yes, Natsume, yes," Mikan answered happily, wrapping her hands around Natsume's neck and resting her head on Natsume's chest while Natsume's hand is still on her stomach.

"But what'll about the others?" Mikan asked after a while.

"Why don't we hide it from them first, okay?" Natsume suggested.

"Okay," Mikan said. "I don't think I can explain it to them yet but when we could, Hotaru and Ruka have to be the first to know, okay?"

"Why them?" Natsume asked.

"Because I know they'll be hurt if we didn't tell them first," Mikan answered.

"Sure," Natsume said and he then gave Mikan a passionate kiss on the lips.


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