Chapter 1

Three years ago Lily and James had gotten divorced. Lily had found out that he had cheated on her, with another Auror trainee during a training weekend. 2 years after the divorce, they had met again when they both joined the Order of the Phoenix. Now they were best friends and living at the Order's headquarters with Sirius and Remus. Lily had been dating a healer called Colin for 18 months. James was dating, but never stuck to a girl for more than a month.


"How could you? I thought me and baby Tilly meant more to you than this," shouted Lily.

"Sweetheart…" protested James.

"NO. How could you?" she shouted and then she promptly gave a hard slap that echoed through the entire bar, then she stormed off.

"Bloody hell Lily, there was no need for violence," said James rubbing his face as he slumped into a booth with Lily and Sirius. The latest girl has jus left the bar.

"What? It had to look authentic. She was planning your bloody engagement party," laughed Lily.

"Still…." Moaned James. He had been seeing a girl for a few weeks, and she had started to get clingy and serious. So he had enlisted Lily's help to get rid of her.

"Awwwwww, did I hurt your poor face," she cooed stroking his cheek.

"Yeah," pouted James.

"Too bad, go and get the drinks," she laughed, "You owe me. I've pretended to be your wife 6 times since Christmas."

"You were my wife, it's hardly a stretch…"

"James, it's March."

"Yeah well I am not asking him for help again," said James pointing to Sirius.

"Why not? It's hilarious," laughed Lily remembering the last time James had asked Sirius to help him get rid of a girl.

"He started screeching about a Viennese orphan….then kissed me," hissed James.

"I know it was sooooo funny," laughed Lily.

"It was one of my better performances," said Sirius smugly.

"You used tongue," hissed James causing Lily and Sirius to laugh harder.



You know I sometimes think that it is odd that my ex husband is my best friend, never mind the fact that I live with him. You see we married in haste, we were 18 and had only been out of Hogwarts 4 days before the wedding.

We started having problems a year after we married. We muddled through, pretending everything was alright. Then we had a huge fight the day before he left for a training weekend in Dover. I never ever thought he would cheat on me. But as soon as he got back he told me, that he had slept with a fellow trainee.

I still remember how I felt that night, when he told me. I felt so betrayed, not only was he my husband he was my best friend. I thought he was my soul mate, he had always promised that he would never hurt me, and he had in the worst possible way.

I walked out on him that, despite his apologies and him begging me to stay with him. I realise now that he hadn't intentionally set out to break my heart. We were only 21 when we divorced, we were young and stupid.

It took me a long time, to be able to forgive him for what he did to me. But a year ago when I saw him, I couldn't hate him anymore. He hated himself for hurting the only girl that had really known and cared about him. And so here we are….James Potter is my best friend, the only person I can tell anything to and know that he would never judge me.



I know most people find it weird that I live with my ex wife. I suppose it is weird, but me and Lily have never been average or normal. Even back at school, she hated me right up until the end of 6th year. I chased her for 7 years before she finally went out with me. I knew from third year that I would end up with her, she was so different from all the other girls. She was the only one that could keep my attention for more than a few weeks.

When we did go out at school, it was amazing. It was so worth the 7 years of waiting. I proposed to her after the Easter holidays in 7th year, I just realized how much I had missed her and I knew I never wanted to go weeks without seeing her ever again. She said yes and 4 days after graduation we got married.

Everything was great in the first year, everything I had dreamed it would be. But then we started working more, there was more and more attacks, and I think we just grew apart.

We had a huge fight one night, the next day I went on a training weekend. While I was there I got talking to a fellow trainee Gina, I got drunk and I did the worst thing imaginable I slept with her. I slept with her, while my wife was at home waiting for me to come home.

I didn't plan on telling her, I went home thinking she never had to know. I would try harder, we would get a marriage counselor and everything would go back to how it was when we first got married. But when I walked into our house and I saw her sitting there by the fire, I knew I couldn't lie to her. She apologised for the fight, and I had to tell her. I'll always remember the look on her face when I told her what happened with Gina, she was shattered I saw it in her eyes. I had destroyed everything we ever had, she had trusted me and I betrayed her.

Then she did the only thing I could have expected, she packed and bag and left me. I knew it was unlikely, but I still begged her to stay with me. I pleaded, got down on my knees, I cried but nothing she still walked out. She filed for divorce and I did the only decent thing I could do for her, I signed the papers and gave her everything she wanted. I had always swore to myself that I would never hurt her, I know I've hurt other girls before and after her, but I was never going to hurt her, not her. But I did and I lost my wife, my best friend and the only woman that would ever understand me, and love me despite my obvious faults.

But then a year ago, I was at a meeting for the Order and then she walked back into my life. And then by some miracle, she not only didn't hate me but was actually willing to talk to me and be friends.

Now we are just like we used to, except no sex or romantic things. Just friends, and it's more than I deserve. I've even met her boyfriend Colin, I bought him a drink and politely warned him not to hurt her. When I say politely, I mean I had him up against a wall by his throat and told him if he ever caused her any unhappiness I would castrate him, and feed him to the wolves.

I made coffee, the first morning I woke up to find Colin in our kitchen at breakfast time in his boxers. I told her I was happy for her, if he made her happy I even sounded as if I meant it. But it's hard to watch the woman you vowed to spend the rest of your life with, going upstairs with another man and knowing you have no' one but yourself to blame for the sharp pain through your heart.

So I date, mindless, brainless bimbos hoping that I can forget what I threw away. I sleep around, but I don't feel a thing. Because everything I ever wanted and needed to feel alive is gone, she's moved on and is happy with someone else. All I can do is smile and wish her luck, because I know if I tell her how I feel she'll walk out again and I'll never see her again. All the pain in the world is worth it just to see the smile on her face, even if it's not you that makes her smile.


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