"..." Talking

'….' Thinking


Life is cruel. It just is. To be able to get through this cruel life we have been given a few things. Our senses and abilities. We are able to speak and tell people what's important to us. We are able to listen to others and get to know them better. We are able to see people and acknowledge their appearance. We are able to smell things and decide for ourselves which we like and don't. We have been given the ability to taste and decide our favorites. Also, we have been given the ability to feel and acknowledge warmth, pain and other objects. All these senses and abilities have been given to us to get through this cruel life. But what is life when we lack one of these senses or abilities? That is the life of Yamato Ishida. Because that boy, he lacks the ability too see. Yes, Yamato Ishida is blind. That is his cruel life…


Chapter 1


Thoughts are in Yamato's POV

2 o'clock in the afternoon. The sun shines weakly through the clouds, onto the roof of the large mall. Small raindrops create a soothing rhythm on the glass. Inside of the very big mall, in the music shop, a blond boy sits in a chair. Other costumers barely notice his calm appearance. The boy, 16 years old, was dressed in simple blue pants, a dark green sweatshirt over a simple, light green T-shirt. On his feet he wore a pair of worn out trainers. He did not wear any accessories besides his pair of sunglasses. It covered his eyes completely, shutting him off from the world. The boy sighed.

'Damn you, Takeru. Where are you? You said it'd only take 5 minutes to buy that damn CD.' The boy shifted in his chair, uncomfortably. 'Oh man, I really need to stretch my legs.' With that thought, he slowly gripped the sides of the chair and very slowly, steadily he lifted himself from the old piece of furniture. His hands hesitantly left the sides of the chair, now slowly trying to find something else to grip. He finally found what seemed like a stall with CDs. He sighed, finally steadying himself and he allowed himself to shake his legs slightly, trying to shake of some of the weariness. He slowly started to move himself, constantly keeping one hand against the CD-stall. He kept this up for a few steps but then he no longer felt CDs against his fingertips. But the stall hadn't stopped. He then felt his fingertips meet with a strange object. It felt small and cold. He tried to pick it up and found that it was a bit heavy. It neatly fitted into his palm. He started to examine the small object with his fingertips, intrigued from the feeling of it. It felt like a small statue, probably made from some kind of stone. He almost finished picturing the object in his mind when he was suddenly knocked over by someone.

"Woa!" Yamato yelped as he fell on the ground. 'What the hell was that? Did someone knock me over? Hmm, it must've been someone from my length and…' He didn't get to finish that thought as he heard the person moan slightly and then heard that person shifting on the ground.

"Oh, sorry. You okay?" 'Wow, that voice… It's almost…relaxing.' He found himself blush at that thought of another male's voice. He then muttered: "Yeah, I'm fine…" Yamato slowly raised himself from the ground and then steadied himself, fixing his sunglasses back in their rightful place.

"Ummm, aren't you gonna pick up that ummm…. statue thing you dropped?" Yamato then noticed that he was no longer holding the small object but he couldn't really care. Yamato almost had to smile at the sound of that voice. He felt comfortable but at the same time he was getting nervous.

"Oh, that thing… Yeah, I'll…" He said this but he didn't move from his spot.

"What? You expect me to pick it up? Oh fine… But don't get used to it." He heard the boy kneel down and he held out his hand. He felt the cold object pushed back in his hand and felt himself blush again as their hands met for a split second. He felt himself go red at the feeling of the soft, yet at the same time rough skin of the other boy. Yamato was stunned, he really didn't know what to do. He then heard the boy kneel down and pick up something, and he could almost feel the stare of the other boy. He felt another blush coming up and turned around as quick as possible.

"Oh, you're a bit cocky? Or shy, are you? Fine, I gotta go now. Bye!" The boy didn't even wait for Yamato's reply and he heard the boy run towards the exit. 'Wow, what was that? I've never felt anything like that just from a voice and a simple touch. What's wrong with me?' He shook off the thought and slowly walked back towards the chair. He didn't get far because after taking a few steps he heard the alarm go off. He jumped from the sound and yelped slightly.

"Oh man, not again!" It was that voice again. "No ma'am, it really wasn't my intention to steal the CD, I forgot putting it back in the stall before running out, I was just looking at it…. No ma'am, I'm really telling the truth" 'He is telling the truth, his voice sounds so sincere, and a bit dumb… As if this happened him before…' "Please ma'am, I'm not lying. I have an idea, here's the money for the CD. Please don't call the cops. It really won't happen again… No ma'am! Please don't call the cops!" Yamato suddenly felt himself turn around faster then he'd ever done before and said: "Ma'am, he really didn't intend to steal that. I'm sure of it." The boy looked with a questioning look at Yamato, who of course didn't notice.

"Really ma'am? You won't call the cops? Oh thank you ma'am! I'm so sorry!" And with that the voice left the shop, running. Yamato let out a sigh, he suddenly felt like he had lost something. Not his money or anything, but just now, it felt like he found something. Something he's been looking for all along, and now he's lost it again. He was interrupted in his thoughts by a gentle hand on his shoulder. He recognized the presence and turned around.

"Hey bro, you're up? Oh well, ready to go?" Yamato calmed down again but then felt himself slightly irritated, smiling nonetheless.

"Damn you, Takeru. That wasn't 5 minutes." He heard the younger boy laugh slightly and with that, the boy took his older brother's hand and gently led him out of the shop.

To be continued


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