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"..." Talking
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/…\ Thinking (Taichi)
Thinking (Takeru)

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The mind and emotions are a few of the hardest things to control. Only the heart is more uncontrollable.

Chapter 10


"Ah!! It's been too long!" Yamato yelled excitedly as he finally felt fresh air and sunshine on his face again. He threw his arms in the air, reaching for Taichi's shoulders. Of course, being in a wheelchair made the height difference a little unfair, so the brunette bowed down a bit, now resting his head on Yamato's right shoulder. The blond smiled and wrapped his arms around Taichi's neck. Taichi nuzzled his face in the crook of Yamato's neck and then whispered in Yamato's ear: "Damn, I missed you."

"Hm, same here." Taichi smiled and gently kissed Yamato's ear. He then straightened his back and continued to push the wheelchair. They remained silent for a while as they ventured through the green plains beside the hospital. It was strange to find such a beautiful and peaceful place so close to a building where many awful nights had been spend and countless horrible moments are experienced on a daily basis. However, those cold memories are pushed back by the gentle sun, bathing all the people in a comforting warmth. And so they continued, the two in silence, simply enjoying the beautiful weather and each other.

After about 30 minutes, Taichi became a little tired and decided to sit down somewhere. Soon enough he found the perfect place: A small bench with an equally small table to accompany it. And thus Taichi gently directed the wheelchair towards that sweet spot.

"Ready for a little break?"

"With you, anytime." And so Taichi sat down on the bench, making sure he could still admire Yamato. After five minutes of sitting, Taichi felt his eyes become slightly heavy, being very tempted to rest them for a little while. However, before he could completely close his eyes, the voice of his love gently stirred him.

"Taichi? Taaaaiiichi?" Yamato said with a slightly childish tone. Taichi moaned grumpily, making sure to over exaggerate his grumpiness.

"Awwww, does Taichi want to take a nap? Lazy bum!" Taichi kept his eyes closed.

"Well, live with it, 'cause you and I both love this hot bum endlessly, so we both grant it some well deserved rest."

Yamato smirked. "How true…" And so they remained, both in silence, both resting and cherishing the moment they shared together.


And like that time flew by. It was already 45 minutes later and Taichi was really dozing of by now. Yamato was still very awake though, but he could endlessly enjoy the warmth of the sun and the soothing breeze. However, he soon decided to break the peaceful silence, a certain question burning inside of him.


No reply

"Taaaaaiiiiiiiccccchhhhhiiiii?" Yamato whined childishly.

A deep moan.

"Can I ask you something?" Taichi groaned extra loud, emphasizing his drawn out grumpiness.

"Mwhat?" Taichi finally said, rubbing his eyes. Yamato lifted his head towards the sky, trying to catch as much of the sunlight as possible.

"What if… What if you could make one wish? If you were sure that it'd be granted. What would you wish?"

"……What're you getting at?"

"C'mon! Just answer! Please? Pretty please?" Taichi sighed deeply.

"Ah fine. I guess I'd wish… that we could be together forever." He quickly muttered that last part, making it almost impossible to figure out what he said. Yamato raised an eyebrow, surprised by the romantic and mushy answer. And the blond couldn't help but smile, being overjoyed with the answer. However, though Taichi's answer was great it was not what he was trying to get at.

"And… If that wish would be granted… And you could make another wish, what would it be then?"

"Yama, why the sudden philosophic outburst? Is there something you want to hear?"

"Awww c'mon! Just play along. Please?" Yamato pouted slightly, hoping Taichi'd see it. Because Yamato knew Taichi wouldn't be able to resist his undeniable cuteness. And it worked…

"Well… I'd wish… that you were able to see again." Taichi smiled nervously. However, the blond's face suddenly turned deadly serious.

"What if… that wish could be granted… for real?" Now it was Taichi's turn to raise an eyebrow. He fully opened his eyes, looking at Yamato's face. Seeing the expression on his face, Taichi suddenly felt very concerned, though quite curious.

"Yamato, what are you talking about?"

It remained very quiet for a minute. Taichi was almost sure that Yamato hadn't heard him. He was about to repeat himself, but he was interrupted.

"This morning… Just before you came in, Mr. Michealson told me something… They said that when I was brought in a couple of days ago, they'd done a full check-up on my body. Of course, because of the tag I always carry with me, they immediately knew I was blind…" Yamato remained silent for a while, as if trying to organize his thoughts and regain his focus. He then continued: "Because of my injuries to my head, they looked extra carefully. And they noticed something on the back of my head… The place where my… mother… hit me… with a bottle. At the time, the bottle was smashed in pieces. She hit me again with the handle…" Yamato stopped again, breathing heavily.

/This is just like… That time when we were in his room and he told me this for the first time. But, if I remember correctly, she only hit him once with the bottle. But now he's saying… Twice?\

Taichi was very concerned, Yamato was just cheering up… And now this… In his mind he send several curses to Mrs. Takaishi, though he doubted they'd reach the isolated cell she'd probably be in by now. He then looked back at Yamato, who was now clenching his fists and a single tear was running down his left cheek. Taichi gently reached out and wiped away the tear, figuring it was the least he could right now.

"The bottle… It was broken and glass was everywhere. But she… With the remains, she hit me again, Because I turned away from her, trying to shield myself, she hit the back of my head. Blood…" Yamato had to stop again, a few more tears rolling down. "Blood was everywhere. Mr. Michealson told me that it had even cracked the back of my skull… During the ten days after the she hit me, while Takeru and I were living on the street, it got infected. And it was bad. However, I guess I was lucky." Yamato had to laugh at the irony of it. "The infection didn't spread too far yet so all that was damaged was my sight… That was… all…" Yamato gripped the ends of his sleeves and wiped away his tears.


"Mr. Michealson told me that there was a way, a surgery and treatment, that had a success rate of about 30. There's a 30 chance that I'll be able to see, at least some things. I still don't understand most of what he said. Something about cutting away the most damaged brain cells, the ones that are completely dead. Then, through intensive cleaning and much rest, the other parts of my brain might take over some of the lost brain part's function. They're not sure if it will work for a sense, but they know it can work control over your limbs."

/Is it just me or am I not getting half of what he says? Man, I feel stupid…\

"…As a last minute resort, if parts have taken over at least some of my sight, they could take some of my skin, take cells out of it and turn them back to… I… I can't remember the term he used. But he said that the modified cells would be injected in the back of my head. With some luck, they'll specialize in brain cells that function for sight. All in all, it's quite experimental, but he promised it wouldn't be too dangerous… Well, that's what he said." Yamato let out an ironic chuckle at the end. He then took a deep breath, trying to progress it all. Even he himself didn't understand it all. It then remained silent for a while… Taichi had a strange look on his face. It was a mix of surprise, happiness but overall he looked somewhat scared.

/Yamato… Being able to see? That's… great… But what if…Yamato sees me and…\

Taichi quickly shook off that thought, using all willpower to hide his discomfort.

"Okay, I have to admit: I understood the words 'braincells', 'cutting out cells', 'replacing them with skin' and 'dangerous'. All in all, it's hocus pocus for me." Taichi said, scratching the back of his head with an innocent smile. "Biology isn't my best subject."

Yamato couldn't help but laugh, despite the tears.

"Neither do I." He admitted, again wiping away tears with his sleeve.

'Taichi… Thanks. Thank you for being there.'

"Yamato," Taichi said, suddenly very serious again. "If you want to do this, then I won't stop you… I… I just hope that you will still…" Taichi shook his head roughly before continuing. "I hope you're sure of your decision, whatever you choose."

"Well, Mr. Michealson said I have to be discharged from the hospital first. He promised it'd be in three da—" Yamato was cut off by Taichi, who seemed to forcefully keep talking.

"But, I definitely think you should talk this over with you dad and Takeru. They're your family after all."

Yamato raised an eyebrow.

'Did I just hear discomfort in his voice. Of course, he's scared I'll get hurt but… Is that all? Taichi… Is there something…'

"Speaking of your family," Taichi interrupted, looking at his watch, "aren't they coming over this afternoon? Besides, isn't dinner served at five o'clock? Seeing as how it's already way past four, how about we head back?" Yamato was surprised by the sudden change in Taichi's mood. However, he decided to just go along with it.

"Y-Yeah. They're coming…" Yamato heard Taichi stand up and walk around him. He soon felt the wheelchair moving again. He decided to not dwell on Taichi's strange behaviour and just ignore it for the time being. If something really bothered Taichi then he'd tell him, right?

"Ohh, dinner? That'd be nice. I just hope they don't serve that meatloaf again. I swear, that…'thing'… is the reason I had to stay so long in that stupid bed! The jelly's nice though…"

Taichi smiled as Yamato regained his smile and began talking in his cute, childish way. He gently turned the wheelchair around and they slowly made their way back to the hospital.


An awkward silence was present in room #7A28. The youngest and oldest of the Ishida family exchanged glances as they tried to comprehend what Yamato had just told them. Even Taichi, who'd been hearing it for the second time felt ill at ease. Takeru had a slightly pale colour on his face, though that might've been caused by the awful memories that had resurfaced. Even Mr. Ishida, who always used to have a calm expression, had a somewhat grave and gloomy look. However, he was the first one to speak:

"So… There's a 30 chance that you'll be able to see things, even slightly?"

"Yes, at the current stage of the developments there's a 30 chance of success." Yamato answered.

"So, if we wait a while then that rate will go up, right? I mean, they should have as much time as possible to work on such a treatment before it's tested on people. Besides, what happens if it fails? There's a 70 chance for that too." Mr Ishida said, mixed feelings and inner conflict obvious, even in his voice.

"Dad… It's okay. It isn't all that dangerous…" Yamato wanted to continue but he was cut off by his father.

"I don't care if it's not all that dangerous. I want to know what happens when this goes wrong." Even though Mr. Ishida was confused he still managed to clearly state his thoughts. He demanded to know what could happen, every possible scenario, before they start cutting in his son's brains.

"Mr. Mischealson said that in the worst possible case… I'd lose some of my other functions. But there's a high chance that those lost functions will be taken over by other parts of my brains so it'll work out anyway. And in the gravest of situations… I could lose some of my primary senses…" Mr. Ishida's eyes shot wide open.

"You're calling that not dangerous? Yamato, for all we know you could end up deaf or mute!" Mr. Ishida's voice creaked a little, louder than intended. Yamato visibly tensed up. Seeing this, Mr. Ishida understood that he was certainly not helping his son's situation. "… I'm sorry, Yamato."

Another awkward silence washed over the room. Nobody dared to speak anymore for at least another minute. However, after a while a soft, small and slightly muffled voice came from the corner.

"Yama? Will you… Will you really be alright? Maybe daddy's right… Wouldn't waiting a bit longer make the success rate go up?" All faces turned towards the source of the voice, Takeru standing with his arms crossed and eyes watery. Yamato couldn't help but smile, touched at the obvious concern in his little brother's voice.

"I'm sorry Takeru. But that's not an option. As you know, Takeru, I'm… in puberty…" Yamato had to blush slightly at this awkward yet obvious statement. "The doctors know that right now, my brains are producing a huge amount of hormones to make sure everything is developing right." An even deeper blush crept on his face, even Taichi couldn't help but turn red. "If we do this surgery as soon as possible then the chance that my brains and body will adapt to the change is the highest. After puberty, when my brains are basically done with the biggest changes, the chance that everything adapts correctly is significantly lower. That's why we have to do this surgery fast." For the third time in the past hour a silence washed over the room, this one even more uncomfortable than the previous ones.

"Yamato… What do you want?" Mr. Ishida asked, still not sure about it all and even more shaken up by the previous explanation. Sometimes he'd just forget that Yamato was growing so fast and he'd remember the once small boy that used to cling tightly to his leg when he was scared and who used to tell him every little secret he had. Sometimes, he'd just forget that Yamato was growing up to be a young man. One who's capable of making his own decisions, in life and in partner.

"Dad, I really want this. If there's even the slightest chance that this will work, then I'm willing to take it. There are some things in this world that I really want to see. And even though I'm completely fine the way things are, if being able to see is in any way an option, then I'm taking it." Yamato turned his head towards where supposed Taichi was standing. The boy had been unusually quiet since they returned to the hospital.

"Well then," Mr. Ishida sighed, "I guess there's nothing I can do except for giving my full support. Yamato, my only condition is that you have to be completely sure of yourself and don't take any unnecessary risks, okay?" Yamato lightened up at this.

"Thanks, dad. But don't worry, we still have to wait 3 days untill I get dischar—" Yamato was interrupted by a sudden weight jumping at him. Two thin arms wrapped around his neck and hugged him close. Yamato smiled gently and embraced the lithe figure resting on him.

"Be safe, okay?" Yamato smiled as he hugged the body tight.

"Of course, Takeru-chan."

Mr. Ishida couldn't help but feel warmth and pride boil within him. His son's were finally bonding like they used to. The peaceful sight was sort of disturbed as Taichi suddenly spoke for the first time. He turned around and headed for the door.

"I'm going to get some fresh air." Without waiting for a response he closed the door behind him.


Taichi sighed as he stepped into the soft, outdoor breeze. He inhaled deeply, trying to clear his head with the surprisingly cold air. He frowned, closing his eyes as he tried to think. However, his emotions kept swaying, creating a merciless chaos inside of him. He rubbed his forehead and then tried to massage that tender spot right above his eyes and the bridge of his nose, trying to rub away the tension that seemed to cause a never-ending headache.

/Yamato… Would you… If you became strong enough, would you not need me anymore? Are you going to search for someone else? For someone that you truly deserve? Would you leave me…\

Taichi sighed again, even deeper than before. His life just seemed like one big mess at the moment. Sure, he was incredibly happy for Yamato, who was finally recovering. But… So many things had happened. Slowly but surely he felt frustration boil up within him. He began to feel itchy and uncomfortable.

/Yamato, why did you ever choose me? You should be with someone else. With someone who really understands you and who can support you better than me. I'm just…\

"Damn it!!" He suddenly screamed. He clenched his fist and leaped at the nearest object, which happened to be a tree. He punched it, hard. His knuckles were burning with pain but all he could do was clench his fist as he tried to calm himself.

"Don't worry. Yama-chan will be alright. That is, if you are at his side." Taichi looked around him, surprised by the familiar voice. His gaze then settled on the younger, smaller boy standing next to him.


Said blond simply kept staring forward. His eyes seemed to follow something moving on the horizon and his facial expression looked awfully serious. In the warm orange sunlight the boy looked at least 2 years older.

"Taichi, Yama-chan needs you. Please don't forget that. If it wasn't for you, then he'd never be this strong."

/Takeru… What are you talking about?\

"Yama-chan practically lives for you, Taichi. As long as you are with him, he'll pull through. Even through an unlikely surgery and treatment. Even if it's just for you…"

Taichi looked at the blond, surprise filling his eyes. What was he trying to say? However, the smaller boy turned suddenly, back to his usual energetic self.

"Anyway, cheer up, Taichi! Also, keep Friday evening open, okay?" Taichi raised an eyebrow. However, before he could ask anything else the boy had already entered the building again. And so Taichi stood alone again. He sighed deep, something he did quite often lately, and decided to return as well.

3 days later

Again, gentle sunrays bathed the horrific, white building in a gentle light. It almost seemed inviting. Maybe it has something to do with the joyful event going on inside. In the usually cold, frightening waiting hall stood quite the crowd. At the centre was none other than Yamato Ishida. For a change, he had a delighted smile on his face. Yamato was accompanied by his ever-on-sugar-high younger brother, his father whom had a relaxed and calm expression on his face and last but not least there was Taichi. However, he seemed uncomfortable because of the crowd surrounding him. Because, they were certainly not alone. 3 nurses, 2 doctors and the familiar Mr. Michealson stood by them, congratulating Yamato. Yamato greeted all of them, thanking them for their hard work and care. These were the people he owed his life to. He shook their hands, smiled at them, talked a little and smiled some more. Mr. Ishida also shook their hands, explicitly thanking each and every person for all the work they'd done for his precious son these past days. After about fifteen minutes they were finally done. They made their way towards the exit, and Taichi took one last look at that big hall that he'd become awfully familiar with. He sighed, giving a final nod to Mr. Michealson and then exiting the building. He jogged a little to catch up with Yamato and Takeru, who were happily chatting away. He looked at their faces. Two blondes, closer to each other than anyone; brothers with a deep bond. Taichi couldn't help but smile a little.

"Haven't seen enough of that these past few days."

Taichi looked to his right, where Mr. Ishida was walking next to him.

"…Yeah… They look happy." Taichi looked at them again. They were, for once, not walking hand in hand with each other. Yamato had gotten a new walking stick from the hospital. This way, he wouldn't need any help walking.

"You don't." Mr. Ishida looked at Taichi with a somewhat concerned feeling. After he had discovered that Taichi was Yamato's boyfriend, he'd started looking at him in a whole different way. However, he knew Taichi was a great person and he'd always support Yamato. Mr. Ishida doubted he'd have any problem accepting him as his son. Of course, that was still far away…

"Taichi, ever since Yamato told us about his surgery, you've been looking so depressed. And, though Yamato can't see it, he definitely feels something's wrong." Taichi looked at the ground, his head down, hands in his pockets.

"It's nothing, sir. Don't worry. I'll be fine." Mr. Ishida sighed. He should've known this was hopeless.

"Well, just so you know, you can always talk to me. And if you don't want to talk then that's fine too." He grinned and ruffled Taichi's hair with his big hands. He then quickened his pace and unlocked the car. He made sure everyone was safely seated and finally drove away from the place they hoped they'd never see again.

That Friday night…

It was quiet at the Ishida residence. Takeru was seated on the couch, watching his favourite cartoon. Mr. Ishida was working in his room and didn't want to be disturbed if possible. Yamato was in his own room, lying on his bed while listening to music. Taichi was in the same room, making his home work at Yamato's desk. Vacation was ending pretty soon and he hadn't made any home work this past week so he had quite some catching up to do. Everyone continued doing their own thing for a while. They heard Takeru get up and run to his own room. A lot of noise was made but everyone dismissed it as Takeru's sugary bouncing. It continued for about half an hour, but then suddenly Takeru came charging into Yamato's room, startling both Yamato and Taichi.

"YAHOOOOOO!! Get up, you two lazy bums! It's Friday night! We have to party!!" Taichi and Yamato stared at Takeru for a couple of seconds before returning to their own activities. "Hey! No fair! You meanies! Tonight's supposed to be our special night! We have to go out and have some fun!" Yamato pulled one of his earplugs out of his ears.

"Takeru, what the hell are you talking about? You know I don't go out for parties."

"Besides," Taichi added with somewhat of a smile, "what are you wearing, Takeru?" Takeru's face lit up.

"This? It's my party outfit! We all have to look our best tonight!" Takeru jumped up and down. The young blond was wearing a very bright yellow shirt, with a thin, blue sweater over it. He wore a simple pair of trousers and on his head he had a cap with a few bright coloured buttons on it. "Besides, we're not going alone! I invited some others!" Yamato winced at that. He didn't like strangers. Especially not when he's supposed to go out with them. Of course, Takeru knew this so he reassured his big brother.

"Don't worry, Yama-chan! I invited—" The doorbell rang.

"Ah! They're already here!" He bounced up and down again before sprinting to the door, leaving a startled Yamato behind. He heard Takeru open the front door and faintly recognized the voice.

"Hey Taichi. Isn't that…" Before Yamato could finish his sentence Takeru entered the room, accompanied by none other than Izumi Koushiro and his girlfriend, Mimi Tachikawa. Koushiro scratched the back of his head, obviously a bit shy.

"Um… Hiya, guys…" Taichi's face lit up a little.

"Hey, Koushiro! Long time no see! How've you been? Also, it's great to see you again, Mimi! How are you?" Mimi jumped up and suddenly clung to Taichi's neck like there was no tomorrow.

"Taaaaaiiiiiicccchhhiiii!! Wow, it has been a long time! It's so good to see you again!" Taichi felt a little uncomfortable as the pink haired girl just kept on hugging him, pressing him to her chest in a very unsubtle manner.

/What the hell's with this girl?\

Koushiro blushed like mad, trying to peel Mimi off of Taichi.

"Umm, Mimi? You can let go of him now." Reluctantly, Mimi let go of the brunette.

"Awww, Koushi, you're no fun!" She whined. However, she was interrupted by a certain young blond boy who jumped up and down again.

"Well, now that the greetings are over, could you two please leave the room? I'm afraid Yama-chan really can't go out like this so we'll have to dress him properly. Ah, don't worry, I've been charging myself with sugar for the past 2 hours so I'm boiling with inspiration! This'll only take a minute!"

'Oh crap…'

And with that, Takeru shoved Koushiro and Mimi out of the room and closed the door, leaving only him, Taichi and Yamato in the room.

"Well then…" Takeru suddenly got this evil shimmer in his eyes. "… Let us begin!" And with that, he literally jumped on Yamato, who was sitting on his bed.

"H-H-Hey!! Takeru, stop it! What the hell! Takeru!! Stop undressing me!" However, it was all in vain. Takeru had already gotten Yamato's pants of and was now working on his shirt. All Taichi could do was stare at the sight in front of him. Of course, it wasn't everyday that he saw his boyfriend in nothing but his boxers…

/This is going to be one hell of a night…\

1 hour later

Yamato sighed as he shook his head in defeat. Takeru had, quite literally, dragged them to this bar. They had a table for themselves and Takeru was happily chatting away with Mimi. Koushiro and Taichi occasionally exchanged glances as they looked at their watches, hoping the evening would just pass. However, somehow, time seemed to go awfully slow. Yamato wiggled a little in his seat, not completely comfortable, though enjoying it more than he'd expected. The music was nice and it wasn't very busy in the bar, so there wasn't much background noise. Of course, the bar was not all that special. Takeru was only fourteen so this bar was the only one they could go to. But it was nice and they could enjoy themselves and perhaps relax a bit. Yamato took a sip of his drink, trying to follow Takeru and Mimi's conversation. But they were talking so fast, he couldn't keep up. Smiling, he instead tried to focus on Taichi, who hadn't said anything for the past ten minutes. He was about to move closer to Taichi, who was sitting next to him, but Takeru suddenly jumped up.

"Guys! This song is great! How about the four of you go dancing?" Takeru noticed the surprise on Koushiro and Taichi's faces so he continued: "Oh c'mon! You gotta dance with your partners! Come on! Get on with it!" And without waiting for an answer, he grabbed Taichi and Yamato's arms and dragged them to the dancing floor. Mimi was currently doing the exact same thing with Koushiro.

"M-Mimi… I-I…"

"Oh, shut it, Koushiro! We're going to dance! Now!" Koushiro tried to protest but Mimi wouldn't hear any of it. And so Taichi and Koushiro stood on the dancing floor, unsure of what to do. Yamato was blushing a little as he moved closer to Taichi and wrapped his arms around Taichi's waist. Taichi seemed surprised at first, before gently smiling again, starting to move slightly with the music, taking Yamato with him. Next to them, Mimi was trying to dance with Koushiro, who was moving rather clumsily. This continued for about two songs, but eventually Koushiro got into it and started to move somewhat smoothly. Koushiro looked at Mimi, who seemed absent-minded, even though she was the one who wanted to dance so badly. Koushiro tried not to think about it and continued to dance. After a while, an older guy moved in a bit closer, however Koushiro paid no heed to it. But, during the next song, the guy was practically moving against Mimi's backside.

"Hey, could you move already? We're dancing here." Mimi said in an irritated voice. The guy backed off and Mimi and Koushiro continued dancing. Taichi had looked at them, but was now whispering in Yamato's ear again. However, one minute later the guy moved against Mimi again. Koushiro wanted to say something but he couldn't find any appropriate words. However, Mimi was already yelling at the guy.

"Hey! Move it! I'm dancing here. And stop touching me!" The guy smirked and gripped Mimi's shoulder and turned her around, freeing her from Koushiro's embrace.

"H-Hey! Let go of me! Let go! Stop it!" Mimi said, now yelling pretty loud. Koushiro was about to yell at the guy as well, but Taichi suddenly moved. He let go of Yamato and moved towards the guy. Grabbing the guy by the shoulders, he turned him around to face him. The guy seemed surprised.

"H-Hey, who the heck are you?" However, Taichi didn't answer. He clenched his fists, and suddenly punched the guy in his face. The guy stumbled backwards, gripping his nose. He let out a deep growl as he lunched at Taichi, but Taichi grabbed the guy's arm, and punched him in the stomach. The guy fell on his knees.

"Didn't you hear her? She told you to let go! Listen up, if you make one more move on her, you'll really regret it, you hear me?" Taichi yelled, his face suddenly very dangerous. He was about to kick the guy, but he was stopped by Yamato's hesitant hand on his shoulder.

"Taichi…That's…enough." Taichi breathed heavily as he looked at his boyfriend. Yamato looked troubled. Taichi calmed down and he felt his anger slowly fade. Giving one last foul look at the guy, still on his knees. He turned around and walked to the door, stepping into the cold evening. He breathed in the chilly air as he felt himself cool down.

/Damn it… Again…\

"Taichi?" Yamato's voice came from behind, the concern obvious in his voice. Taichi didn't answer but Yamato could hear his breathing. Hesitantly, Yamato walked up to Taichi, wrapping his arms around Taichi's waist from behind.

"What's wrong, Taichi? Lately… You've been acting so strange. Did something happen?"

"I'm fine." Taichi said. Yamato gripped him tighter, pressing his head against Taichi's back.

"Are you really? Taichi… That wasn't like you. That angry behaviour. That's not Taichi." Taichi closed his eyes, wincing.

"You're wrong. It is like me. It's just… A part of me you don't know about… You… Don't really know me, do you?" Yamato felt very concerned as Taichi spoke. Gripping him even tighter, he tried to keep talking.

"Then, let me. I want to know you. Allow me to learn more about you, Taichi. Please… Tell me…" Taichi sighed.

"Remember that day in the hospital? When Mrs. Takaishi suddenly showed up. When she tried to touch you, I freaked out and grabbed her hand, twisting it. It was one of those moments where I…lose control… I don't know what happens. But I can't think clearly anymore… I… I've had it since I was a kid…I…"

Yamato nodded. Breathing in Taichi's scent, he kept embracing Taichi.

"What happened? When you were a kid?"

Taichi clenched his fists again as the memories flooded back into his mind. Without realizing it, he began to talk:

"I got in a fight with this kid from my school. He broke on of my games… I broke his arm. The kid's father was a lawyer and started a case. Being only 8 years old, I didn't really understand what was going on. But when I was in court… The kid's father had hired a prosecutor… That prosecutor was Kamiya Susumu… My father… My father prosecuted me…" Yamato raised his eyebrows.

"But, that means he had personal ties with you. Isn't it illegal to have those ties? They should've taken a different prosecutor. Besides, you have the same last name, right? They must've noticed it!" Taichi shook his head.

"My parents divorced when I was four. My father was a real bastard, so my little sister and I took my mother's last name: Yamika. Then, three years later, when I was seven, my mother remarried an other man, Yagami Kai. They're still married and Kai's a great guy. Because my sister and I liked him so much, we then took his last name, Yagami. Because of that, the judge didn't find out that I was related to my father." Yamato listened and nodded.

"So, didn't you father say anything then? Didn't he have trouble prosecuting his own child?" Taichi chuckled.

"The bastard was on the verge of promotion. If he won my case, he'd become some kind of high and mighty something. So, he kept everything quiet. Anyway, he did win and got promoted. I… I was sentenced to one year of juvenile prison." Yamato became even more surprised as he listened.

"That's insane. A whole year of juvenile prison, just 'cause you broke the kid's arm?" Taichi nodded.

"My dad was one hell of a prosecutor. The lawyer who defended me stood no chance… However… After the case was closed and my dad got promoted, he got interviewed by a newspaper. The paper had done some research and discovered my ties to him. They made it public and my case was reopened, this time with a different prosecutor, of course. The judge said I had to go play some kind of sport to relieve my anger." Taichi smiled. "I started soccer. Perhaps that's the one good thing that happened because of that mess." Yamato was astounded. He had no idea that something like this had happened to Taichi. The brunette had always seemed so gentle and caring. However, just because of this, Yamato didn't love Taichi any less.

"Taichi… Thank you for telling me. I'm glad…you allowed me to get to know you a little bit better." Yamato somewhat smiled, feeling some of the tension leave Taichi's body. However… That still left one question… What… Had happened these past few days? What made Taichi so on edge?

"Taichi? Can I…ask you one more thing." Yamato felt Taichi nod.

"What made you so irritated these past few days? I mean, this whole depression didn't come out of nowhere, after all those good times we spent together, right?" Taichi flinched. Yamato had noticed… Taichi closed his eyes.

/I..I can't tell him. He'll…hate me… But… he deserves to know. I have got to tell him.\

Taichi took a deep breath.

"It started with your mother. It awakened my anger issues. But then…" He had to say it… "Your surgery." Yamato raised an eyebrow again. "I…You… will probably… be disappointed. I'm afraid. Afraid you'll be disappointed… By my looks… By me…" Yamato's thoughts were racing. What was Taichi saying? He wouldn't… Would he? Would he really be disappointed? Of course not! He loved Taichi, no matter how he looked!

"Taichi…" Yamato couldn't help but let a single tear escape. "You idiot. You big, foolish idiot! Of course not! Taichi. I love you. No matter how you look. Please, trust me some more, will ya? I want to be with you. I want to help you, laugh with you, cry with you, do things with you…" Yamato couldn't help but blush as he realized the meaning of what he'd said. However, Taichi turned around, looking at Yamato's beautiful face.

"Yamato… T-Thank you…" Taichi said, suddenly feeling so much for the blond. He wanted to hold the him, kiss him. And that's exactly what he did. He wrapped his arms around Yamato's neck and slowly, gently kissed him on the lips. The two deepened the kiss, paying no heed to whatever was going on around them.

Only a little bit further away stood Takeru in the opening of the bar. He sighed as he looked at the two, embracing each other. Shaking his head, a satisfied smile on his face, he entered the bar again, hoping he could talk some sense into a very confused Koushiro…

The following morning

It was silent at the Ishida residence. The three Ishida's, accompanied by Taichi, sat at the table, eating breakfast. Mr. Ishida looked at the three boys, wondering what had happened the other night. However, he didn't dare ask anything so he just kept quiet and ate his food. They continued for a while, until everyone had finished. All four of them were still in their pyjamas', Taichi had borrowed one of Yamato's pyjama's. He'd spend the night on the Ishida's couch, again. Taichi stood up, taking his plate to the kitchen, washing it quickly. He was about to put his plate away, but something vibrated in his pocket. He took out his cell phone. It read 'Koushiro'. Curious, Taichi picked up, breaking the silence.


It remained silent.

"Hello? Koushiro?"

A sob could be heard.

"Koushiro? Is that you? Are you alright?"

"M-Mimi… She…"

It remained quiet for a while.

"She broke up with me."

Taichi's eyes widened in surprise.

"Koushiro, are you alright?"

"C-Can I… Come over?"

Taichi glanced at Yamato who was sitting at the table. It was Saturday, and they didn't have any plans.

"Of course you can."


And Koushiro hung up.

To be continued

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