Crossover: HL/Supernatural/BtVS (ish) (S4 HL!verse, post season 7 BtVS!verse, only just started watching Supernatural so can't pin it down.)

Claim: Highlander (general series)

For prompt: 013 Yellow

Characters: RR, DM, M, Joe Dawson, Dean, Sam, misc btvs-style vampires.

Summary: Two demon hunters get chased into a bar…

Joe was halfway done closing up the bar for the night when the front doors crashed open. He was about to come out from behind the bar where he had been going through the inventory to see what all the ruckus was about, but Mac signalled for him to stay put. Mac, Methos and the kid had been taking advantage of the quiet bar to swap battle stories and drain his stores, but now all except Methos were on their feet, ready to deal with the two shady characters that had just barrelled through the front door.

"Sorry gents but we just need to borrow your bar for a while," the older of the two said, pointing what looked like a crossbow at the door. "Sammy…"

"Got it," the younger one said, dumping a duffel bag on the bar and rummaging through it frantically.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing! We're closed!"

"Sorry old man," the man with the crossbow said, smiling lopsidedly at Joe, "but it really would be better if you guys got the hell out of here about now."

Richie smirked. "Right, 'cause we're just gonna walk out of here?"

The man didn't take his eyes off the door as it opened slowly, admitting seven young men and women. They looked like a cross between a best of the century fashion show and a pack of wild animals.

"It's your funeral." He said as he sighted along the crossbow.

"I sincerely doubt that," Methos said, finishing his beer.

"What's going on here?" Mac asked, moving between Dean and the group.

"Get out of the way!"

"Dean I found it!"

The younger of the two men suddenly pulled a rather colourful super-soaker out of the bag and started firing. Every one of the new group that got hit screamed as their skin smoked, their faces suddenly turning ridged and feral looking.

"What the hell?" Mac said, reaching unconsciously for his sword.

"Vampires!" Richie exclaimed.

Mac looked at them in amazement. "Their eyes are yellow…"

Dean snorted, "I'd really be more worried about the big ass fangs dude."

"They're vampires Mac. I met a whole bunch when I was down in Sunnydale a couple of years ago." He paused, a grin spreading over his face. "Wait, you don't know about vampires? There's something in the world that I know about and you don't?"

"Celebrate later," Methos suggested, pulling out his own sword.

Dean was trying to keep an eye on what was going on behind him, while waiting for the vamps to attack. He only had one shot with the crossbow, before he would have to discard it and go for a weapon that didn't take an age to reload, but these guys weren't making concentrating any easier.

That was probably the only reason that the first vamp to recover from the holy water spray got passed him, knocking Sam to the floor and going for his neck.


Dean didn't think, but pulled the trigger as soon as he had the vamp's back in his sights. As it fired he suddenly realised how close the thing was and hoped the bolt wouldn't just go right through the bastard and into his brother. He threw the thing aside as soon as the vamp exploded into a cloud of dust, pulling a stake from his inside pocket and turning to face the others that were now advancing.

"Sam are you ok? Speak to me little bro." He called over his shoulder, unwilling to take his eyes of the vampires to check on him.

The blond kid was suddenly beside him a hand on his shoulder while the other held a sword.

"You look after your brother, we'll take care of this."

He realised that all three of the other guys had swords drawn and were moving in on the vampires calmly. Looking back he saw the old man limping out from behind the bar a first aid kit in hand.

"So how do you kill a vampire?" the guy with the ponytail asked.


"I think I can manage that."