Title: Strange Comforts

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Neji/Tenten/Lee

Rating: PG

Word Count: 297

Summary/Description: They are revolving in their own world. Lee is the aggressor, Neji is the protector, and Tenten is the defender.

Warning/Spoilers: None. Maybe some spoilers for one of those filler episodes (don't remember which one) but does anybody really care?

A/N: This fic was inspired by two things; partially by Goldberry's lovely fic, Titling at Windmills, in which she introduced the idea of Neji being able to house others within his Kaiten, and partially by one of the episodes of the Naruto Filler that proved that it could indeed be done.

Dedication: A birthday gift for Lellian-san.

Disclaimer: If I said I owned Naruto, would you believe me?

It is a furious sort of choreography; instinctive and instilled. When the Rain-nin calls down a hail of hidden needles, falling thick and fast from the sky, she and Lee find themselves crouched at Neji's side. The Hyuuga begins to spin, and in seconds, they are being covered by a blanket of colour and light.

She has been inside the tornado of pure energy many times before, but on each occasion it feels giddily new, and she can't help but hold her breath. Lee is on Neji's right, large black eyes darting around like they always do, dubious and marvelling at once. Who can blame him? In the spinning fusion of chakra, it feels like the crackling walls can close in on them at any time, wrapping them up in blue death. And yet, it is the strangest of comforts, to have the silver-blue cordon whirling around them.

Lee is tensing up, Tenten can see. His muscles are coiled and ready to bound into action the moment that their team-mate halts. She smiles, and loves him for that. Above them, Neji is a tireless whorl, the chakra easing out of his pores effortlessly as he rotates. Tenten rises on her haunches slightly, also readying for the oncoming battle. As soon as the Kaiten fades, she shall dissolve into the backdrop of the forest, and cover her team-mates' backs from the trees. Meanwhile, she glances up at Neji again, and feels dizzy. She's not sure if it is because of his movement, or something else.

They are revolving in their own world, a beautifully crafted one of his making, from which they shall burst free when the time is right. Lee is the aggressor, Neji is the protector, and Tenten is the defender.

And the world keeps spinning.