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Tenchi Muyo: End of the Beginning

In Tenchi's mind all he could think about was protecting Ryoko. He did not know what had happened, he at first was disappointed thinking she had broken her promise. Several times he felt his body and spirit separating only to have himself return to unconsciousness. But then there was a change; he could feel a strange power surge through his body. He still could not make any part of his body sense what was happening, but the power was incredible.

He saw images and things appear in his mind, things he had never experienced before. He opened his eyes and saw Kagato. Tenchi wanted to fight, but the body he was in could not. He looked around and noticed he was looking through Ryoko's eyes. It occurred to him that he had just experienced her birth. As he watched he saw how she was trained and constantly berated. He saw and felt the torture. Experiencing everything including how her mind screamed against the things her body did. Tenchi witnessed the horrors of the attack on Jurai. He desperately wanted to close his eyes to this, but since it was in his mind he could not escape it.

As the images continued he felt the pain as she and Yosho fought. He felt the horrible pain of being held up by his sword. There was a great darkness for a long time that Tenchi determined was when she was imprisoned. Tenchi wanted so much to comfort her through it all. Knowing her past and his showed him the truth; she was not a demon. She was abused and hurt by everyone that she cared for. The next series of images happened since he gave her back one of the gems. He could still feel her emotions, hear her thoughts and see her actions.

In mortified silence he watched as he ignored her how much pain he caused her by no choosing, for not standing up for her. A small glimpse of himself as an infant then as a young man by the cave then came to mind as she spoke to Ayeka in the Onsen. How long had she had been there for me? How long has she loved me in silence? Her pain returned as Kagato took over her again. Everything she experienced he also experienced, this time from her side. He felt tremendous remorse when the scene played before him where he yelled saying he hated her. He had not meant to say it, it just happened. He felt how crushed she was and how hard she tried to repair the robe. When he saw himself again he yelled, "say you love her! Tenchi you idiot take a stand!" But his actions remained the same. All he told her was that he was no longer mad. He did not even say he was sorry. He never knew how his actions or rather his lack of actions could cause so much hurt.

As time flew by he experienced her every joy and sorrow. The strangest was when suddenly Ryoko was replaced with Zero. He was then able to experience her emotions even more, but the Tenchi in her memories still refused to take a stand. It mortified him how close Zero came to killing him, but could not for her feelings. Great sorrow overcame him when he experienced how Washu had left her in the darkness of the lab for several hours. During that time he desperately wanted to hold her to tell her it would be all right. But he never knew till now what she went through.

Then as the scenes changed he watched as his memory self arrived that first day with Mayuka. Tenchi could see the anger and feel the need to protect. He got to see how she saved him twice and how in anger she took Mayuka into the sky then released her. Tenchi screamed at the sight, then he saw her change and then of all things Ryoko saved Mayuka. She in her anger still could not kill the girl that she knew was out to kill him. For once he understood that she felt Mayuka was trouble and out for him, but his memory self acted rashly. That was when he felt the pain as the memory Tenchi slapped Ryoko that fateful night. He screamed in agony over what happened, but it changed nothing.

The memories began to get happier as he watched Mayuka be born again, and how she grew. Tenchi could feel her happiness as she cared for her. He knew that the day she flew with him was coming and he waited expectantly for it to be played out. When it arrived though he could feel her joy and turmoil. How much she wanted to say she loved him, but she couldn't. He pondered his feelings for her as he felt her overwhelming joy as he kissed her.

The next thing that played out was how Ayeka had began saying things about her and he felt the sting of the words. As he looked through Ryoko's memory he saw Ayeka, but heard Kagato again. He saw how she so much wanted to destroy him, but because of her promise she did not fight. He then got to see how everyone reacted, how he had nearly died a few times. Then her decision, to get his sword, no matter the pain, and then she passed out.

Everything was dark then, he thought about her life, the pain the agony, the hurts she suffered. Some of the greatest hurts she suffered were as a direct result of him. Outside of his body he could not tell what was going on. But through each and every memory all he wanted to do was hold her and comfort her. Even though he knew how much it would hurt Ayeka to make a choice he could not help his feelings for Ryoko, not just because of her past or experiencing her life. But it did confirm to him that she loved him, and he did love her.

Washu and Ryoko sat by his side as his body healed itself. The process even hyper-accelerated because of her abilities seamed to drag on forever. Ryoko worried that if indeed he saw her past would he still want to be around her? Could he still care for a monster? Washu picked up on her sadness and tried to comfort her. As they watched in silence his body completely regenerated he appeared to be 100% healed, but he still had not woke up. The hours ticked by as they sat waiting for him to wake up any minute.

Ryoko exhausted from the ordeal and from her worry could not keep awake for much longer and she finally lay back down and went to sleep on the bed Washu had for her. The Greatest Scientist in the Universe; however, could not help but try to pry into his mind to see what was going on. But no matter how hard she tried she could not see anything. Out of sheer exhaustion, frustration and hunger she decided to leave her lab to see the rest of the family again.

With Ryoko sleeping she put set the monitor to sound an alarm on her holo-laptop only so they would not wake up Ryoko. Outside the lab everyone had fallen asleep on the couches and floor with the exception of Ayeka, as she was nowhere to be seen. She was going to go investigate, but the pain in her stomach caused her to go to the kitchen. In there she met Katsuhito who offered her some tea. "Thank you, I have good news, and bad news." She told him in a soft voice. "Tenchi is completely healed and according to all my scans he should be fine, but he remains unconscious."

Katsuhito smiled, "that boy was always one to go against everything. It is no wonder he has not woke up yet. He possibly will when he is good and ready." He saw her look up when he said possibly. They talked for about an hour before an alarm sounded. She brought up her laptop and saw the alarm but then all of his scanners flat-lined one by one, showing him completely dead. Both of them rushed to the lab to see what had just happened.

In the lab however, he had woke up. Tenchi opened his eyes to see the familiar surrounding of Washu's lab. He sat up, and looked around, but his eyes stopped on the sleeping form of Ryoko just a short distance away. Seeing that she was just asleep he tried to get up, but with the many wires attached to him he could not. He then pulled them off one by one. With the last one removed he moved over to Ryoko, then lay down in the bed beside her as he drifted off to sleep again with his arms around her.

After he had gone to sleep Washu and Katsuhito burst in. When they looked at his bed and saw him missing it confused them till they both saw him in bed beside Ryoko, both asleep. Washu turned off the monitors while his grandpa covered them up with a sheet. Both then exited the lab to get some rest as well knowing that all will be ok.

The next morning Sasami woke up and began making breakfast. The last thing she knew Both Tenchi and Ryoko were hurt and unconscious, while Ayeka had her own problems. One by one the others woke up as she cooked. Mihoshi came in and sat down staring at the table. Kiyone joined her then started setting the table up for breakfast. After she finished she realized that she had set a place for Ryoko and Tenchi, knowing full well that they were both not going to join them.

At this point Tenchi's dad entered and sat down. It was easy to see that he was hurting deeply, unsure if he would have his son back or not. Ayeka then joined them, and saw the places for Ryoko and Tenchi. She sighed and sat down in her spot. It was then that they heard someone laughing, it was different, and it was a male but not Tenchi. Ayeka noticed it as her brother.

Washu and Katsuhito entered at the same time, and he actually was smiling. When the others saw his smile he looked around as if to say 'what?' Washu then informed them, "Tenchi woke up last night and he is going to be fine." A cheer of happiness arose, but then died down as they looked at Ryoko's spot. "Ah don't worry about her, she was awake much of last night, she is just really tired." Her words soothed everyone and they even were all able to smile again. "Sasami, would you fix some food for them, I'll take it to them, since they may not wake up in time for breakfast." Chipper than ever Sasami prepared them some food and gave it to her.

As they ate Ayeka leaned over and asked, "Washu have you played my message for them?"

"Sorry Ayeka, but they have not seen it yet, but I have left a message for them about it." She told the princess.

Inside the lab Tenchi had awoke first, he looked at the angel he held in his arms, thinking back he could see her past, the horrible things she did, but instead of running away it made him want to be with her even more. Placing a hand on her cheek he caressed her face then used his hand to brush some of her hair out of her face. The smile on her face told him that she was having a good dream, which he hoped was about him and not about her past.

As he held her, her eyes opened slowly. First thing she saw was his eyes on her, overjoyed she clung to him. "I'm so happy you're awake!" When she moved she realized he was holding her too, then she felt his hand against her head. Looking up into his eyes she was not sure what to expect.

"Ryoko, I am sorry that I have waited for so long. I know what you did to help me." Fear struck her as she realized that he knew, and he must know about her past too. Feeling a great sense of terror she tried to pull away but he held on. "I know you are scared that I know your past." She looked at him in fear of what he would say next. "I have been able to see your past from when you were born to when Yosho imprisoned you. And again from when I gave you back a gem to when you gave it to me."

She closed her eyes and tried to hide from him. He placed a hand on her chin and raised her head up to meet his. Tenchi then let his emotions take over rather than his fears. He placed a kiss on her lips, tenderly and affectionately. "I have wanted to do that for too long..."

Hearing his words, then feeling the kiss, she knew that he saw her past and would not cast her away. When he started talking again she just kissed him again. They gave up on talking as they lay there kissing, and holding each other. Things may have progressed further but Washu walked in with their food.

"Hello sleepy heads, wakie wakie!" She had expected to find them still asleep, so when she caught them kissing she turned red. "I, um, thought you were still asleep. Well, um, here is some food from Sasami. I guess I will go tell everyone that you are ok." With that she tried to leave.

Ryoko groaned at the unexpected interruption while Tenchi just laughed, still holding her. "Thank you Little Washu, you can leave the food, but tell everyone that we are not awake yet." She was about to turn and go when he added, "would you also turn off your cameras?"

Ryoko looked up at him surprised, while Washu stood motionless. "Uh, sure." She was so stunned by his request. She had not expected this, especially from him. She did it though; she turned them off then left.

"Ryoko," he said looking at her surprise. "I have loved you in silence, and I realize that you have too. But I must know something," he paused long enough for his words to sink into her consciousness. "Will you stay here? Will you be able to give up being a space pirate and all of those misadventures?"

"Give them up for what?" She was worried about what would come next, but he seamed to have trouble forming his thoughts into words. "If you want to know if I'll give it all up for you then, yes!" She looked into his eyes as a large smile spread across his face. It was easy to tell that is what he wanted to know.

He leaned in again and began to kiss her more passionately this time. Outside the lab Washu could feel nervousness from Ryoko, then extreme joy. So mush so that she felt it hard not to crack a smile too. Ryo-Ohki came running down stairs to Washu. She was meowing happily as Washu told her to go to the kitchen and not to go into the lab for a while. She understood and rushed into the kitchen hoping for a carrot, when it came she was extremely happy. What Washu did not know was that Ryo-Ohki was sensing emotions from Tenchi, and she was happy to know he was ok.

As she munched happily on the carrot, Tenchi asked Ryoko, "how do you block Ryo-Ohki's thoughts cause I'm seeing carrots before my eyes." They both started laughing as she tried to tell him. Back outside Ryo-Ohki through her mental link now with Tenchi told him sorry, and she tried to close off her part of the link.

(Authors Note: Although this is a great spot for a lemon I am keeping this clean, but everyone can easily guess what happens. Also, I will write the lemon part and submit it later so keep watching for it.)

About lunchtime Tenchi and Ryoko finally had gotten out of bed and dressed again. Breakfast was cold, but still good. Ryoko had teleported to his room to get him a change of clothes too since his was destroyed from the fight. That is when they saw the message from Ayeka. Tenchi swallowed hard and hit the play button. Neither knew what to expect, for so long Ayeka had hated and cared for Ryoko, but in all their fights it never got that bad. The scene that played out before them was beyond what either of them expected. Ryoko heard her apologize and ask for forgiveness, and then they both heard her tell the sleeping Ryoko to take care of Tenchi. When she moved to him they were surprised to find that she has seen them kiss the other day, and even more so that she was asking for forgiveness for her actions.

When it finished they were awe struck, and Ryoko broke the silence, "I think we should forgive her, she seams to have grown up fast in a short time."

Tenchi looked at her and nodded in agreement. Then feeling of his neck Ryoko could see the scar in the shape of her fangs that she had left him with from the moment of pleasure. Before they left he had seen it in a mirror and said to her, "Ryoko, you have marked me as yours and I will forever be just that." He kissed her once more before they exited the lab with her smiling contentedly.

In the world outside Washu sat with Mayuka in her arms and everyone else waiting around in different spots. Finally about noontime when they had gathered to eat again the door to the lab creaked open. Everyone jumped up and ran to greet them. Everyone hugged them saying how glad they were that they were all right. Ayeka finally spoke up. "Will you people please leave them alone for a minute!"

All eyes turned to her as she asked everyone to sit down. She looked at Tenchi and then Ryoko, and she could see how in love they were. When she looked at Ryoko she no longer saw the demon woman, but a friend and maybe family? But the flustered look from Ryoko and the grin on Tenchi's face not to mention the strange scar on his neck she knew they had not been sleeping in there.

"I trust you have had a chance to see my message?" Both nodded and she continued, "then Lord Tenchi, it is time for a choice and a declaration." Everyone gasped and tried to say that she was not being fair. Tenchi and Ryoko could see her face while everyone else saw just the back of her head. She was smiling and mouthed the word congratulations to Ryoko.

Tenchi silenced everyone when he spoke. "Princess Ayeka you are correct it is time for a choice and a declaration." Tenchi put his hands on Ayeka's shoulders and spoke. "Ayeka, I do care for you and even love you, but I cannot become your husband." She looked down but she had already known the answer. He then turned to Ryoko. "Ryoko, thanks to your gift of the gem I have been saved, and also thanks to them I can see your past, but I cannot just choose you," he paused as everyone almost fainted. "I cannot be anything else to you than your husband." He moved to one knee, "Ryoko will you marry me?"

The shock had worn off and even Ryoko was left wondering then when he asked her to marry him she began to cry and repeated over and over again that she would. The scene was so touching that Mihoshi, Sasami, and Ryo-Ohki began to cry. Even Ayeka and Kiyone shed a tear over this. Tenchi stood and kissed Ryoko before everyone as they all got up to hug them and congratulate them. Ayeka turned to her brother, and whispered to him something, but no one else noticed.

Katsuhito then approached Noboyuki and whispered into his ear something. Noboyuki's eyes' lit up and he ran upstairs. When he came back he cleared his throat loudly. When the chatter stopped he spoke, "I cannot allow this to continue." Tenchi tried to protest as Ryoko's eyes fell to the floor. "In order for this to continue," he paused again getting a kick out of it as all eyes were on him. "Tenchi, you cannot marry her, you still have to finish school and you still have to get her a ring."

"Dad!" Tenchi was not sure what was up. "I have one more week of school then I graduate and as for the ring it's gonna take me months to save up for that!"

His dad smiled, then added, "well then I guess you will need this." He tossed a small box to Tenchi and even before he caught it he knew what it was. Opening the box he removed the ring, the same one his mom had worn.

"Ryoko, will you accept this as a token of my love and my proposal?" He asked but he knew the answer already. He slipped it on her finger as she through tears weakly said yes, again. Everyone forgot about lunch as they all talked about what happened, but Sasami was not hurt about it, this was much more fun.

Authors Note: About the Lemon idea, if I get enough requests for one I will upload it. As for a continuation of the story I am thinking about it and planning what should come next.