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It was spring, though in the mountain town of South Park, Colorado, you would hardly know it if you didn't live there. There was still three feet of snow coating the ground (though in some places, some patches of green pushed bravely through the powder, ice and slush) and the year 'round winter clothing was still to be seen adorning nearly every body should they happen to set foot outside their homes.

On this particular, normal, non-interesting day, school had just let out. The Boys, all five of them, rushed outside of the relatively new High school with all of the other South Park children, just as eager as everyone else to get as far as possible form the floor-wax scented halls and dull, droning teachers with their four inch thick text books (which were obviously only good for writing lude comments and drawing non-school or work safe pictures in).

Leopold Stotch, "Butters" to everyone, hurriedly declined an invitation to Raisins with his ever polite "Naw fellas, sorry, but if my folks catch me there again, They'll tan my hide!"

And so that is where we begin to tell his story, as he whistled his marry, oblivious way home, completely unaware of the blast from the past that was about to hit him like a mini hurricane Katrina.

You see, it had been a little over seven years since the whole "Camp "Pray the Gay Away" New Grace" adventure had passed, and it was now a faded, rarely thought about, all but forgotten memory. (though he had gotten Kenny to explain what "Bi-curious" meant, anyway, and had proceeded to confusedly protest that he "didn't particularly prefer walnuts to cherries" and "how in the world had any one ever gotten a silly idea like that in the first place, anyhow?"

But all of that was in the past, and very much on the verge of being forgotten.

So why mention it now? Well, you see, at the same moment Butters turned down his driveway, heading up to his house and humming softly to himself, a car with a U-haul attached to the back passed by. Now, aside from the U-haul, which, of course, indicated a new family was moving in (something that, for the small, backwater town of South Park, tended to be a rarity) there seemed to be nothing particularly special about the 2004 periwinkle blue Ford Eclipse. However, that is being said without taking the passengers of the car into account, one (the youngest, in fact) in particular.

Neither of them, the passenger, who was to busy sitting in dejected silence in the backseat, squished uncomfortably by two huge suitcases and a hissing cat to look out the window at what was to be his new home, nor the cheerfully humming blond, who didn't even turn around to see the car go by, could foresee the impact this simple move, which, it later turned out, wasn't nearly as simple as first presented, would have on the rest of their lives.

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