(Disclaimer--I do not own the Mark, I do not own Rohan, nor any of their horses. They all belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. Sigh.)

Introduction-- This is a song about the horses of the Riddermark-- the horses of Rohan. And a bit about their riders, too. For any who want to sing it, this is written to the tune of "The Rising of the Moon" without the chorus. Enjoy!

The Horses of the Riddermark
--by Elwen Aiwelinde

Far above the rolling grasslands the wild wind swiftly blows,
Down from the hills and mountains now across the land it goes.
Lift your head and heart and listen what could that music be?
The calling of the wild wind and the proud horns sounding free!

Mane and tail are flowing banners that fly upon the breeze,
With spirit bold and heart so brave from foes they never flee.
Coats of dun and roan and silver that gleam beneath the sun,
The proud wind born as horses free across the plains they run!

In the darkness horse and rider unbowed beneath the gloom
Meet foe and fate so proudly and with courage face their doom.
Spear and shield shall be uplifted against the foe so strong,
And none shall be forgotten as they live again in song!

For the music of the singing shall rise into the sky,
And ride upon the blowing wind where clouds and eagles fly,
And that same wind will come walking proud spirit come to earth,
Upon the green land of the Mark where horses have their birth!