-1It was another day in the sewers as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were taking a break from their martial arts training to play some video games.

"WOOHOO!" shouted Michelangelo in glee "I WIN AGAIN!"

"Big deal" muttered Raphael "only a loser would use the rocket launcher constantly."

"Do I smell a rematch? Or is it just the stench coming from your ass?"

"Why you little…"

The two turtles were soon at each other's throats. Leonardo and Donatello tried to separate their brothers, but after a fist punched the wrong turtle the fight became four-way. A swift, hard whack on their noggins stop the teenagers to rub their heads and look at their sensei.

Master Splinter stared at his adopted sons and said "honestly. Can't a rat meditate without all of you fighting each other like infants? This is more irritating than the time my girlfriend kept sucking on my enormous…"


"…toe. What the hell?"

The rat and turtles noticed they weren't in their underground home, but instead inside a futuristic laboratory! But they were not alone.

"Alright!" a red-haired boy exclaimed, "my time traveling invention worked!"

"Hoorah hoorah" a bulky robot commented sarcastically. "I just hope they're potty trained."

Mikey spoke "well… Splinter wears a diaper if you must know-"

Don interrupted and asked the two strangers "hey, who are you guys?"

The kid answered "I'm Cody Banks. And this is my robot servant Serling."

"The bastard doesn't pay me because I'm a machine" the robot muttered for no reason at all.

"Here's another question" said Raphael "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING US HERE?"

Cody answered again "I brought you here because I'm your biggest fan! I've always wanted to meet you in person, so I used my high intelligence to make a time machine to warp you in the future. Maybe we could have some butt kicking adventures or something."

Donatello pondered on what Cody said. "biggest fan…high intelligence…adventures…OH MY GOD! WE ARE IN A MARY SUE FANFIC!"

Everyone screamed.

"Wait… what's a Mary Sue fanfic?" wondered Leonardo.

"A Mary Sue fanfic is fiction written by fans starring a made up character that has perfect qualities and often times steals the spotlight from the real main characters."

"So your saying we're in a story where we have to go on adventures with Cody, in which his perfect qualities will likely overshadow us?"


"Oh, okay…"

Everyone screamed again.