A college kid drives a Sloth at break neck speeds.

I finger the square cap in the seat next to me. It's nearly time to say goodbye to all the sweat and sleepless nights and frustrations a Ph. D represents. Tomorrow's graduation, and I'll be done. But there's something more important than pressing a suit clean.

I should be at the party Chen is throwing. I'm thinking about the PacMan and Pong tourney's projected in the dorm common's walls. About the caffiene driven Star Wars Star Trek debates that the electrical engineers are sure to hold. And about the girl who should be theree to share it with me.

And that's why my cap shares its seat with Ronny Reagan's wet dream, a microwave emitter that can over heat an ICBM. Because she didn't show up to the party. Because he took her. And I'm not waiting for the cops to tell me what happenned to victim number four.

The college kid skids to a stop at the entrance to the docks. Someone is already waiting for him.

"You're already in enough trouble.", Ramesh tells him. "Borrowing top secret technology, that's to be expected. But showing it off in public to save a med student that hasn't even begun residency? They'll dissappear you, let alone your doctorate."

The college kids scoffs. "So what do you want me to do, Ramesh? Just sit back and let that drop out has his deranged thrills with victim number 4? Victim number 4! You've seen them after he's through with them. How could you even want to stop me?"

The college kid takes a few steps forward, with his 'friend' facing his back. The friend continues. "Think about your future. You have to be in good with the government to be an astronaut. Carrying that emitter in public is one sure fire way to make them mad. You have to show up alive tomorrow at the ceremony to get your degree. Taking Drew on by yourself is a good way to end that. I'm your lab partner. They can get me too."

The college kid nods. "Gee, maybe your right Ramesh."

Just as the friend is about to agree, the college kid slugs him with the back end of the emitter.

As the friend falls, the college kid reminds him. "Anything's possible for a Possible."

Ah, who am I kidding. Sure, mom trained with Shoa-lin monks and Navy Seals. But I'm just a nerd, more brains than brawn. More brains than anything, really. Sneaking around this wharf is like asking for summer camp at Lake Wannaweep.

The college kid nearly drops the emitter as he falls to the ground.

Then it hits me. Why I'm doing this is questionable. Sure, I could be doing this for all the right reasons. Because I can help. Because she doesn't deserve this. Because I care. On the flip side, I could be doing this for all the wrong reasons too. Like on the count of she's hot. On the count of I just don't like that drop out.

But then the voices of his two henchmen carry over to me. Doesn't matter why. Just matters that.

"I do not think that Doctor Drakken would mind so terribly if we were to peruse this hover car, should our perusal thereof be only momentary.", the first henchman in tinted goggles stated.

"Oh, no?", the second countered. "Of what evidence do you so provide that points to our employer's patient understanding of transgressions? Perhaps it is his constant utterances of demands of vengance upon forces, both realized and imaginary, so constantly uttered? Or is it his nubile brain's complete stability on which you base this so-called assumption of lack of prudence?"

Gotta play this quiet. Can't give him warning I'm coming.

The college kid hits one henchman with the back of the emitter, then the other.

I'm stumbling on. I've reached the door and there aren't any screams. Either I'm just in time, or I'm way too late.

The door burst in. Two feminine robots fall to the ground in a shower of sparks.

"James!", the girl with red hair on Drew's shoulder cries out as he races out another exit.

The college kid catches up with Drew, the girl and a remaining Bebe.

"It's over Lipsky.", the college kid calls out.

Drew turns around. "What's over, Possible? My Bebe's are improving every time I get another one. And Anne's a fine one, don't you think? Besides, your little over-colleged nerdly body can't even lift that cannon you're carrying."

"Sure I can." The college kid fires the emitter and a scar appears on Drew's cheek.

I nullify the threat.

Drew collapses as a pants leg burns a gash open.

Both of them.

The Bebe slides to a stop in a shower of sparks in response to the microwave emitter's beam.

Only then does the college kid feel a force that slaps him to the ground.

"That's enough, James." Ramesh tells him. "Stay down, and maybe this is salvegable."

"Feelin' fine, Ramesh.", the college kid says.

Anne is on her hands and knees. She casts her eyes about, trying to figure out which direction to crawl.

"You shouldn't have this guy as a boyfriend, Anne.", Ramesh tells her. "He's a crazy man."

I have to take his mind off the girl.

"I'm in my right mind for once.", the college kid calls out.

"I still have this with me.", he pats the device.

Then the sirens sound. Ramesh leaves me, the girl, and the collapsed Drew in favor of taking off with the emitter. I'm lying against one of the wooden pillars of the dock.

And she nuzzles against me. The smell and feel of her hair entrances me. I suppose that's the way the world works. A nerd gets beat up. A hot chick is helped.

Fair trade.