Bonnie and Ron now race and unloaded cart in the direction they recently found out.

Stay smart. Stay cool. Never be normal. It's time to prove to your best friend that you're worth a damn. Sometimes that means taking a beating. Sometimes it means beating a whole lotta of people.

"According to the radioactive decay signature of the Mad Dog foam, they should be just around the corner.", Wade says over the Kimmunicator. "What do we do?"

"We stop them, Wade.", Ron tells him with his serious face.

At the intersection of the halls, the cart and everyone involved collides.

Brick is so close I could kiss him, right then and there.

Ron goes sailing past. The Kimmunicator, is crushed and kicked to many times to count on its way to the floor and shatters on impact. One of the drama club starts yelling, "Get the jock. Get the jock!"

One of the guys tries to cover another as he cushions Brick. Bonnie leaps with the skills of a cheerleader and slams into his chest, knocking him breathless, then blaming him for his gaze pointed up the same skirt she does high kicks in front of crowd wearing.

"Suck on this, you stupid slag!", the guy holding Brick yells. He then swings Brick into her, batting the cheer leader away.

He then tries to jump down the stairs carrying a football star.

I don't know whether Bonnie's alive or dead. But I'm on my feet and both me and Rufus want to get some beatings in.

Ron runs to the stairs. "Want the jock now, sweetheart? So come down and get him!"

Ron vaults the rail and lets gravity bring him to the floor below.

"Brave lad.", the guy tells Ron. "I could've swung this heap of meat at you just now. But that's not gonna exactly help him wake up now is it? You got the drop on me, love. I'm as helpless as a baby."

He then kicks Ron away from the stairs.

"I'm gonna come clean with ya, sweat heart. It was a straight lie about not slapping this guy around.

"But I'm not too found of punchin'. It's my preference to just kick things in. Once you see a guy go down before he's even confused about it, no little finger formation's gonna compare to steel toe to the jaw. And here's me, with these brand new jumpers...and a good stretch already in.

"But it's me crowbar that I'll be doin' you in with.

"You beat up me mates. Someone shoulda told ya, 'Never give the drama club an excuse for more drama'."

Bonnie grabs him by the neck from behind.

Deadly little Bonnie. You won't remember a thing unless she wants you to. She digs her nails in. He'll remember.

Ron and Bonnie bring the unconscious Brick back to the cart with the rest of the jocks.

I tell Bonnie what we're gonna do and how we're gonna do it. I use what I can piece together of the Kimmunicator to make the most important call of my life. First, we gotta rescue KP. Then comes the beating. The Big Fat Beating.