Alright, I hope someone is still reading this. I know I absolutely suck at updating!! Sorry guys! If you still want me to even continue this story please let me know! Here is an update for you guys! I know it's short...again I apologize!

A Few Months Later…

John walked into the living room to see Kiera sitting on the couch, watching CJ intently as he played with his blocks on the floor. With a closer look, John could see a few tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong Ki?" He asked sitting down next to her. "Why you crying?"

"He's getting so big." She said quietly.


"He's getting so big! John, he's going to be nine months next month. He's already toddling around a bit and he says a few words. Next he's going to be starting school, and going to prom, then graduating and getting married! John! My little boy is almost grown up! Where has all the time gone?"

John looked at Kiera for a moment like she had grown two heads. "Kiera. He's only eight months old. Sure he is growing up fast but that's what kids do. I don't think we have to worry about him graduating anytime soon, let alone getting married."

"Do you think I work too much? That I'm neglecting him by sending him to a sitter during the shows? Shouldn't I be spending more time with him? Maybe I'm just a horrible mother."

"Kiera, we spend more time with him than a lot of other parents to. He travels with us and he is only with the sitter for a few hours a night on show nights and I know you are down there several times throughout the checking on him because I am too." John said with a small smirk. "You are a great mother to CJ. He knows it, I know it and so does everyone else that sees you with him. You know, I seem to remember you having this same conversation with me a few months ago."

"I know, I just don't know what got into me. It just hit me all of a sudden that our son is starting to walk already and talk. It seems like yesterday that I was yelling at the doctor to let me push him out. I can't believe how much has happened since then, he's gotten so big. He's going to be 9 months old next month and it's his first Christmas!"

"Babe, it wasn't that long ago. Not even a year yet and he is going to be spoiled rotten for Christmas next month. We both know that."

"We should get his pictures taken for the holiday. He hasn't had his pictures professionally taken since he was 6 months."

"That's only 2 months ago Ki."

"I know but look how much he has changed in those 2 months! John, we need to have his picture taken. I bet Dad would agree."

"That's because Dad agrees with you on anything. I think he likes you better than me."

"You make that sound like that's a bad thing."

"I really don't think he needs his pictures taken every 3 months Ki, that gets expensive." He said following her into the kitchen. "Who are you calling?"

"Hey dad, how are you?" Kiera said into the phone.

"Oh my God, you called dad."

"I'm doing pretty good. So I was just discussing with John about getting CJ's 9 month pictures done. Do you think maybe that's too soon? Should we maybe wait till a year?"

John rolled his eyes as he peeked in on CJ to see that he was attempting to crawl up on the couch.

"Okay, thanks Dad. Just let me know when you find out. Yep. Oh, you will have to talk to John about that; I don't think I have any say in that one. Yep, Love you too. Bye." She said closing her cell phone.

"So do I even need to ask what dad said?"

"He's going to call the photographer in The New and book an appointment for the week before we go to Iraq to get the pictures done. He thinks it's a great idea, since CJ has grown so much since his last pictures."

John rolled his eyes. "Okay, that's not too bad then. What was with that comment about him having to talk to me about?"

"You are just going to have to talk to him about that. I'm not the middle man." She said walking back into the living room and picking up CJ.