Worn Me Down

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Chapter 1 -

"Have a good day at school, Sam. Bye." Summer Roberts said as her nine-year-old daughter, Samantha slammed the car door shut, walking towards her school. Summer put the car in drive and sighed, not really looking forward to another day at boring work.

Summer Roberts drastically changed since the year of 2004. No longer was she the Summer who only cared about good looks and fashion, but she was now the Summer that cared about being a good mother to her daughter. If somebody in her highschool class were to ask her where she could see herself being in the year of 2013, Summer's prediction would definitely be different from the real answer. Because there was no way she would of said, 'Hmmm...2013...I see myself living in Florida raising my nine-year-old daughter by myself.' Nope, definitely not an answer the old Summer Roberts would say. So what happened? What made Summer Roberts- fashion expert, turn into Summer Roberts- super mom? Two words, or actually two nouns in this case...

...Seth Cohen...

Sixteen- year -old Summer walked up the stairs leading to the Cohen's doorstep. She knew Seth was down due to Ryan's departure so she figured he would need a little cheering up. Using her left hand, her right -hand being occupied by Princess Sparkle, she rang the doorbell. After a few seconds of standing there, Kirsten finally opened the door. Summer was taken aback by Kirsten's facial expression, never had she ever seen Kirsten Cohen this upset. If Kirsten was this upset about Ryan, Summer could only wonder how Seth would be like.

"Hey Mrs. Cohen," Summer said sympathetically, "I'm sorry about the whole thing with Ryan. It must be hard. Um...I was wondering if I can see Seth."

"Summer," Kirsten was able to mumble, "Please. Come in."

"Is everything okay?"

"I was going to call you...it's about Seth." Kirsten said quietly, motioning for the young girl to take a seat.

"Did something happen? Is he okay?"

"He left this for you." Kirsten said, extending her hand which held a letter.

"Where is he?" Summer asked, not accepting the letter just yet.

"I don't know." Kirsten said as she began to sob.

"What do you mean?"

"Here." Kirsten once again held out the letter, this time, Summer accepted.

"Oh my god," Summer said after she finished reading, tears forming in her eyes. She had to read the letter a few times to make sure she wasn't dreaming. He left? He left!, "No..." She mumbled under her breath.

"Summer..." Kirsten started.

"I um..I gotta go." Summer said quickly, snatching the envelope off the coffee table, slamming the door shut as she left.

Once she was outside, she leaned up against the door, taking a deep breath, letting everything sink in. Seth Cohen, her boyfriend, the guy she had started falling in love with left. He left her. Just leaving a stupid letter! She now let her tears that were bottled up inside her fall down.

After a few minutes, she got herself together, furiously wiping away the tears with her sleeve. No, she was not going to cry over Seth Cohen. She's Summer Roberts, somebody way better than a stupid geek. She would be just fine without Cohen, just fine. Right?

"Sorry I'm late. Sam got up late." Summer said to her coworker, Lisa, as she sat down at her desk.

Summer works as a secretary for a small company in Florida. The only reason she took the job at first was to make money to support her and her daughter. But over the years she gained much more than money, she gained a family from there.

"Oh that's ok. Hey, are you okay? You look a bit stressed."

"Yeah, I'm fine. I've just had a lot on my mind lately."

"All right, well, you know you can tell me anything."

"Yeah, I know," Summer sighed, "Thanks. It's Samantha...lately she's been asking about her father. And that's sorta a touchy subject, ya know?"

"Oh, wow. Yeah. Well, maybe it's time you told her about him."

"Maybe," Summer said as she rummaged through her drawer, she then came across a letter, the letter, "Maybe."


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