The Real World New York

As a fresh breeze splattered around New York. A home to seven strangers was already set. The 7 strangers that were choosen to be on an M.T.V live reality show were Oliver Oken, Josh Hendrickson, Miley Stewart , Ashley Dewitt, Jake Ryan, Lilly Truscott and Irvin Avalos.

Each person got a phone call that they were going to New York for 2 months,they screamed and yelled for surprise. As soon as they got the phone call,they started to pack and get ready for a journey that makes them meet destiny. Lillian Truscott is coming from Florida." I cant belive I was the one of the seventh choosen to go on this trip!" sigh "I hope it would be a great risk to take since I got to leave my home and all..."

The next persone chosen was Josh Hendrickson. "I am new to this city and hope it will be a adventure to me." he says while going on a train to get there."My home town was Malibu but I had to move to Mississippi but now,my home for a few months will be New York."

Another person in our cast would be Ashley Dewitt. "I am a model and have an aparment at Texas, I rent it with my friend Ashley." She said instanly while putting her make up on and on her way to the airport.

Our next person is Miley Stewart."Hello ya'll,i'm coming here from tennesse , I have never left Tenesse execpt for special things" she had said using air quotes. She put on her cowboy hat and went off into the airplane.

Another guy that was choosen was Irvin Avalos. "Hey guys, i'm from Hempstead but mainly from Long Island New York,i've been there once but now,I just want to explore the city. I cant wait to meet my roommates for sure!" he said while going of to the train station too.

The one that everyone know's is,Jake Ryan,a star,but to this,it wont be so pretty. "I'm mainly coming from Malibu ,well,mostly from all over,never really had a home,but nothing will interfear with this trip i'm taking." He said while combing his hair getting ready to go in a jet."I never been to New York,so this is something new." he said while closing the door.

The last,but not least is Oliver Oken." I haven't ever met anyone out of Malibu,but I never know what might happen if 7 strangers end up in a house together." he says with a sigh." I just hope there's not alot of drama with girls,because I cant handle it." He put his cap on that said 'Smokin Oken and went into the plane.

-New York,Beach-

Josh sits in a near by coffe shop waiting for two of his roommates.He took a sip of his cappochino and then a lady with brown hair appered."Hey,i'm Miley,are you my roommate?" she asked with a tiny southern accent.

"Yea,i'm Josh,nice to meet you."he said while shacking her hand."Nice to meet you too."she said in reply.They chatted for a while and another person came,he had blond hair and had a disgues on.

"Hey i'm Jake,are you two my knew roommates?" he asked. They both answered in a yea and all three chatted on and on. They finally open the letter and found a key. A car came and they were on their way to their new home.

-New York Train Staion-

Lilly Truscott was diving in her fave chicken nuggets at McDonalds. A guy sat by her with a burger,try to read a letter that described his roommate."Um excuse me,i'm Irvin,are you Lilly,my roommate?" he asked her.

She noded since she still had a burger in her mouth.He sat and they both and chatted.After they were done eating the opened their myrsterious envelop and found a key."Hey,how are we going to go to our place?" Lilly asked as they got out of Mc.Donalds.

After she said that,a limo pulled up "I guess that answers your question."Irvin said and got the bags while Lilly just shook her head yes and giggled since she never been in a Limo before.

They started chatting and chatting ,but they didn't know that we would be the first ones over there.

-At the airport-

Ashley was waiting unpationtly by the doors of the air port.She waited,and waited and waited. She turned to her right and the same guy had been standing there too for about the same time."Um,i'm Oliver,are you my roommate?" he asked Ashley that had a very angry face.

"What do you think?" she said she handed him one suit case "here,follow me,i'm so tired to be walkin,in my new shoes." He carried her bags and they both made tiny convo's.They just waited out side for a taxi and they went of to there new home.

-At the apartment -

Lilly tooked the key and unlocked the door."OH MY F'IN GAWD! This place is ... BEAUTIFUL!!!", she said as she looked around with Irvin right behind her. It was an apartment but it was the whole floor,and the next one on top, the staircase to it was made out of glass which was perfect.

Lilly ran around the house looking how it was.As Irvin and Lilly finished exploring,they both ended up in the kitchen. As soon as both layed there eyes on the food that was on the table, they immediatly rushed to it.Ivin opened the bag of KFC, while Lilly took out the soda.

Lilly gots cups and layed it in the table as she was almost about to open it "Irvin, do you think we should wait for the others?,since were sharing the house and all?" she asked before actually opening the soda. Irvin was so close to opening the box of chicken then he stopped."I guess so,but why dont we just put out everything for them, that wouldn't be rude... would it?" he asked her smiling.

Lilly smiled "Not at all." They both began to put out plates and cups and all thoses things you use to eat with.

-Outside The Apartment-

Ashley waited at the door unpatiently while Oliver had the key and also carried his bag, and Ashley's three suite cases. She stomped her foot in a rythm of Hannah Montana's song One In A Million and looked at her nails.

Oliver 'ACCIDENTLY' I repeat, 'accidently' dropped her things on her foot. He just got to the door quickly ,unlocked it, and ran in fast looking behind him. What had didn't surprise him though was that the 5 seconds he got in to his new home, he bumbed into someone which made her fall down and maded him trip onto her.

He slowly rubbed his head and began to push himself up in a hurry. As he brushed him self up, he realized the girl in the floor and a half eaten chocolate bar near her. "I'm really sorry,i'm Oliver by the way." Oliver said while he reached down and leaned a hand for her.

"I'm Lilly,nice meeting you Oliver" She said as she took the hand and helped her self up. As she wondered her face upward towards Olivers, a tiny sparkle was in Lilly's eye that made Oliver smile.

"Oh, and um,i'm sorry about your hershey bar. I just ran away from another roomate who drove me nuts." Oliver apologized. A tiny giggle came from Lilly "Oh,another crazy roommate?? tehe, um,need help with any belongs that me and Irvin can help you with?" she asked.

By that very momment a angry Ashley came through the door with a brunette two guys. Irvin came in the room with a hershey bar too and greated everyone. "Hey guys i'm Irvin,nice meeting all of you." He greeted everyone of them except Lilly.

All of them greeted each other, but the first two people to become best friends were Lilly and Miley. "Well,since we've all met and we all are here, why dont we unpack and eat?!?" Lilly exclaimed. The whole cast unpacked and all met in the dinner table.

"Well, time to eat!" Josh exclaimed and they all ate, and talk,getting to know each other. Miley took only two small glimps at Jack, and adore his eatting habbit, right from there,everyone knew they would be the first couple to end up together.

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