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This is my first MMHG fic, and it didn't turn out as I wanted it to… but I hope you like it.

Minerva McGonagall wasn't the kind of woman whose eyes were such an intense shade of green that it seemed as you drowned as soon as you looked into them. But lately that was just what Hermione Granger did.

These days Hermione found it hard to concentrate in transfiguration even when the professor didn't look in her direction. The mere presence of the green-eyed woman made Hermione's mind go blank and all she could do was ogle open-mouthed at the older female. However, this was not lost on the woman who received the stares and she decided that it was time to confront the younger female.

"Miss Granger, might I have a word with you after class?"

Hermione visibly jolted at the sound of her transfiguration professor's voice. Her gaze turned towards her own hands as she nodded, trying to hide the blush that had started to grow on her cheeks as she discovered that she had been staring again.

Satisfied with the response Minerva nodded and returned to her desk. She didn't know what she would say to the eighteen year old once class was over, but she would make something up.

When the rest of the class had been dismissed Hermione walked up to Minerva's desk.

"You wanted to talk to me, professor McGonagall?", she asked with a trembling voice. She didn't dare look into the woman's so she stared at her hands, formed into tight fists as an attempt to stop her hands from shaking, once again.

"Yes, miss Granger. Why don't you sit down?" Minerva waited until Hermione sat down in the chair across from her until she spoke again. "I understand you have been having some… should we say difficulties in class lately. I might be mistaken, but is it true that you have taken a certain liking to me?"

Startled, Hermione turned her gaze from her hands to the professor's face. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, finally, not knowing what to say she simply nodded her head.

"I'm sure it is just a passing infatuation but I feel that I should remind you that since you are my student such feelings aren't appropriate."

"Oh… okay…", Hermione said nodding- Her gaze shifted and focused once again at her hands. She felt a familiar sting behind her eyes and stood up, knowing that she would start crying if she stayed any longer. The bushy-haired young woman started to back away from the desk, wanting to get out. "Well, I should get going then."

Minerva's eyes were still on her as her back hit the wall and even when she turned around to open the closed door could she feel them on her skin. The tears finally surfaced and started to run down her cheeks and she cursed her own weakness.

But as she reached for the door handle, the voice behind her spoke up again.

"However, Miss Granger, if it is not just an infatuation… in just a few months you are no longer my student and there is none who can say that what we are feeling is wrong."

And all the suddenly, Hermione's mood shifted and her day turned out to be a bit better than she thought it would be.