Author's Note: I'm adding these new little half chapters that kind of give a peak at Gaara's side of the story. Like? Yes? No? Tell me!

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Part 1.5

"So, what is she like?"

"You've met her before, Kankuro."

"That doesn't count. I was half dead."

Gaara sighed. Maybe if he glared at him, the older man would get the hint. Narrowing his eyes and directing it towards his brother, Gaara tried to mentally relay the message.

Kankuro quickly slapped a hand over his eyes. "Ha! Scary eyes won't work on me when I can't see!"

Gaara frowned and dropped his pen. He wasn't going to get anything done at this rate. Not that it mattered; he was hardly in the right state of mind anyways. He just got married to a stranger; a stranger he almost killed once.

"Just tell me. Is she nice? Does she talk a lot? Did you…" A grin spread across his face. "…kiss her?"

His temples were throbbing. "Get out." He chucked his pen at Kankuro, who dropped his hand and picked it up.

"Stop being a spoiled brat."

"I am not—"

"I'm just trying to get to know my new sister."

"Then talk to her and leave my office."

They glared at each other before Kankuro sighed wistfully. "You're so mean."

Gaara said nothing. Instead, he stood and walked to the windows. His reflection peered at him coldly. "She's nice," he said. Kankuro perked up. "She's a little…" He paused, looking for the right word somewhere within his head. "She's a little different."

"Different?" Kankuro thought for a moment. "How?"

"She's just different."

"Your powers of description are outstanding," he deadpanned.

Gaara ignored him and continued. "She likes the plant you picked out." He couldn't see his brother, but Gaara knew he was smirking. "It seems you have rather feminine tastes," he said, turning over his shoulder. Kankuro was scowling.

"I hope you don't scare her away with that bad attitude of yours," he replied, smiling sweetly, but then became somber. "Gaara, this is serious… do you like her?"

Gaara turned away to look upon his village, his home. The sunset was sinking below the sand and in a few moments it would be dark and cool and the stars would shine again.

"I could learn to," he said.

Kankuro walked up to him, taking his place by his side. "That's the spirit." He patted him on the back, grinning foolishly. Gaara almost wanted to punch him. However, before any violent action could take place, Kankuro began to walk towards the door. Gaara never saw a more beautiful sight.

"Are you leaving then?" Gaara seated himself back at his desk, happy at the though of the soon arriving peace and quiet. Kankuro paused in the doorway to reply.

"I'm going to have a chat with your blushing bride. Maybe I'll give her a few tips about the fun part of marriage." He winked and shut the door before Gaara had time to react.