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Bonne Nuit

House blinked at Wilson, then shifted his weight on his cane and limped back to the couch, only just noticing Wilson's shoulders slump and a deep sigh emit from the younger doctor's mouth. House asked if Wilson wanted to continue watching the movie. When House didn't hear a reply, he turned his head from the paused image on the screen and look at Wilson, who was sat with his eyes closed still on the piano stool. House snapped his fingers. 'Jimmy!' Wilson tilted his head back, then opened his eyes. House frowned and got to his feet and repeated his question.

Wilson stood up and walked over, shoving his hands in his pockets. He had a look on his face that House was a little unsure of; but something deep in him reacted positively to it- positive in the way that House's cheeks burned and he looked at an interesting spot on the floor.

Wilson shifted uncomfortably, clicked his tongue lightly, and muttered something. House's brow crinkled; and he was forced to look up. 'What?' Wilson's eyes now had a light twinkle to them. House's own eyes narrowed suspiciously. Wilson cleared his throat. 'Your name. Greg. I said your name.'

House took a step forward unconsciously, then lifted his left hand a little, then dropped it back to his side. Wilson was now bearing a semi-amused expression as House's cheeks flushed again- and then House reached out, yanked at Wilson's loosened tie, and pulled the oncologist against him, stopped- and pressed his lips hard to Wilson's.

Wilson made a little noise of surprise, stumbling backwards slightly, but House kept a strong grip on Wilson's tie, holding him close in the typical, non-endearing way House did things. After the initial shock wore off, Wilson's hands came back out of his pockets and slipped, somewhat stealthily, to the waist of the older man; and then one hand moved to House's back and downwards- it was at that moment, the kiss became less of a kiss when House began to suckle at Wilson's lower lip; then his teeth bit Wilson's lip softly, and dragged away; letting Wilson's lip fall free. Wilson made a noise that sounded similar to a puppy's whine and House grinned, let go of Wilson's tie and returned to the couch, sitting down at a slight angle to the television.

Wilson stared at House, looking confused. House rolled his eyes and said, 'Come on, pup.' House patted the couch beside him. Wilson beamed, sat down, and rested against House; almost, but not quite, snuggling into the usually grumpy genius.

House pressed play and the movie came back to life. At some point during the rest of the film, Wilson's hand managed to reach up gently to House's hand and entwine their fingers. Neither commented, but House allowed himself a little smile.

House's attention was drawn away from the film when Wilson's breathing changed and his head leant back slightly. House rose an eyebrow and realised Wilson was asleep. House shifted so they were both completely on the couch, and switched off the film. He thought for a moment, kissed the top of Wilson's head after a quick decision, and rested his head back. Blearily, Wilson stirred, looked at House, yawned, and laid his head on House's chest before returning to sleep, where House joined him not long after.