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Chapter 3

After scurrying away from Daniel, Morgan retreated back to her claimed territory, the big tree in front of the camp, and climbed high into its branches, settling into a crook close to the trunk. Her eyes closed as she thought about all that'd happened to her in the last few weeks and if she was ever going to get home. If all else failed, she could just wait around for two years and then go home, but that idea just didn't have very high appeal to her.

The next thing Morgan knew, something searing hot shot past her head.

"Oh, shit!" she shouted as she felt her body lose its balance and then the sense of falling.

She fell through the branches, bringing a few with her, for what seemed like a slow eternity before finally, she felt the sharp pain in her back as she hit the ground. Groaning, she stood and dusted herself off before looking back up at the tree.

"Oh…kay. That was fun. WHOA!" She ducked out of the way as something orange shot past her head, hitting the tree. She traced the line of shot back towards the camp and spotted the battle. She cocked her head to one side. "So. Metal togas, glowy-eyed leader, seemingly superior attitudes. Gotta be Go Stupids. Wait a minute…" Her eyes began to glow red as the memory of what happened at the 'gate three weeks ago returned. Her attention was drawn by a familiar voice shouting from by the tents and she saw Sam go down.

"Crap!" Immediately she took off flying into the battle, plowing head-first through the lines upon lines of attacking Go-Stupid troops. Hadn't Daniel mentioned that they were called Jaffa? Well, whatever. They were all going to die! She quickly dispatched the two aliens closing in on Sam before they could do anymore damage. The woman was on the ground, clutching her shoulder and grimacing.

Morgan looked around quickly, and saw Jack ducked behind a good stack of metal crates that looked like good cover. She scooped Sam up and flew her there, laying her down on the ground behind the colonel. Jack turned around in surprise.

"Since when can you fly?"

"Haven't had a reason to," she shrugged.

That was when Jack realized what she had brought with her. "Carter. Shoot; are you okay?"

Sam grimaced and nodded. "I've been better."

Morgan looked at her, removed Sam's hand from over the wound, and put her own over it. Sam sucked in a breath. Jack was already back to holding off the Jaffa.

"Hold on; this'll only take a minute," Morgan told her quickly. A moment later indeed, she stopped, and the wound was closed. "Would finish, but I've gotta run. You'll be fine now."

Sam sat up slowly. "Thanks…" She was still holding her shoulder, but at least she wasn't bleeding anymore. To be honest with herself, Morgan had to admit inwardly that she hadn't healed it all the way because she didn't want her to get back into the fight. Her new friend was too important to her.

Morgan flew off quickly, leaving Jack and Sam where they were. Next she spotted Daniel and Teal'c fighting off a small horde of Jaffa in a corner of the camp, and she joined in.

Or, rather, took over. Within minutes, all of them were down, either from energy beams or blasts of magic. When she stopped fighting long enough to look at the two members of SG-1 she was helping, they were both staring at her. Teal'c had that eyebrow raised, as always.


Daniel shook his head. "Never mind. Should've known."


Morgan shrugged and grinned. "Yes. You should've." She started to turn. "Be right back." With that, she snatched Teal'c's P-90 and flew off. She ignored the protests behind her, and headed into the central knot of oncoming Go-Stupids, or Jaffa, or whatever.

Humming absently to herself, she began indiscriminately blasting the Go-Stupids, making her way toward the big, gold-metal-togad, glowy-eyed guy near the stargate that seemed to be in charge—the real Go-Stupid, she assumed, the one with the snake in his head.

"Morgan, wait--!" She heard Daniel's shout behind her, but not in time to stop the shots she'd already fired from leaving the barrel of the P-90 and heading straight for the head Go-Stupid…They bounced off some kind of energy field that popped up around him, though.

She screeched to a halt in the air, flipped upright and stomped a foot in the air. "Aww, maan!" She then glowered at the gun, threw it down, and blasted the glowy-eyed freak before she remembered that Daniel had just told her to wait. "Oops."

Morgan dropped to the ground as the few remaining jaffa turned tail and ran. Daniel and Teal'c ran up beside her, and Jack wasn't far behind with Sam, making sure she made it all right.

Daniel huffed. "It would have helped us more to capture him alive."

"Where's the fun in that? Who is he, anyway?"

He shrugged. "I'm not sure; he isn't familiar. It's probably some minor Goa'uld, under a system lord."


"System lords. They're the top dogs, per se. They're the most powerful Goa'ulds in the galaxy. There are only a few left, but they're still dangerous."

"I like Systa-what better."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

That was when Jack and Sam joined them, and the colonel's eyebrows went up when he saw the dead Goa'uld. "Sweet."

Sam blinked at the blasted and smoking body, then seemed to realized that none of them were holding a staff weapon. She looked to Morgan. "You did that?"

Morgan grinned, flicked a hand to the side, and with an energy blast blew the top off of a tree a few hundred yards away. "Yep!"

"Whoa," Jack commented in appreciation.


Daniel's eyebrows were up around his hairline by now too. "Oh…I see."

Several minutes later the group drifted back to camp, where clean-up was already under way. Jack stayed at the 'gate to dial Earth and report the attack. It still wasn't clear whether it had been a scheduled take-over of the abandoned planet that had turned into an attack when they were found there, or if the Goa'uld had been after the device. Thanks to Morgan, they wouldn't know.

Morgan wondered back to her tree and sat down at the base against the trunk. Humming again, she conjured a ball of blue energy in her hands and began tossing it back and forth and up in the air and catching it. The ball fizzled out when she heard something behind her. She frowned and started to stand, but didn't get there before something slammed into the back of her head and brought blackness down around her.

Colonel O'Neill had breezed back into camp, spreading the news that General Hammond had given emergency clearance for the device to be brought back to the SGC in light of the attack.

That should make Morgan happy.

Sam went to find her, but she wasn't anywhere around the device tent, and she wasn't in her tree. A closer look made her realize that there were scuff marks in the dirt around the base of the tree.


O'Neill was supervising the moving of the device, but Daniel and Teal'c were waiting for her when she ran back into the camp. "We have a problem!" she called ahead of her.

"What is it, Major Carter?" Teal'c asked.

"Where's Morgan?" Daniel questioned.

"That's the problem. I can't find her."

The world slowly reasserted itself, and as soon as her vision was clear enough to avoid dizziness Morgan shot up into the air.

But instead of flying up, she rammed into a hard metal ceiling. She crashed to the floor and immediately popped up again, hovering between the two cold metal surfaces.

"I don't like ceilings," she growled, rubbing her head. "What's going on…" Already angry, her vision faded to shades of red as she realized that she was in some type of cell. "What the—Go-Stupids…had to be."

She examined the door from where she hovered. It was merely metal, easily taken out. That was when she noticed the two jaffa on either side of the heavy door outside the cell. They were throwing glances her way already, and once they got past the shock of seeing her in midair, it didn't take long before she realized that the looks were rather appreciative in nature.

Morgan glowered at them. "Oh, I know you're not." Both of them quickly looked straight ahead, but she had already caught them. She smirked. "Party time."

In a flash of black, angry energy, she blasted the door from its frame. The twisted metal flung both guards from the their posts and pinned them under the heavy wreckage. "Serves you right," she sniffed. Relying on her powers to tell her where to go, Morgan flew down the corridor in search of the power center of the ship she assumed she was on.

A couple of the scientists reported seeing a few jaffa left over after the attack, but they had quickly disappeared. Now the device was safely at the SGC, most of the camp had been dismantled and shipped back to Earth, and only SG-1 and a team of marines were left on the planet, still in search of Morgan.

"They must have taken her," Sam said again. She looked up through the clouds, to where the Goa'uld ship that had launched the attack might or might not still be in orbit.

"The Prometheus is on its way," Jack told her. "If we haven't found her by the time it gets here, they'll beam us up and we'll look for that ship if it's not up there. If it is, we'll get her out of there. "

"I hope she's all right," Daniel muttered. "I just don't understand. Why would they want her? She's a teenage girl."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. "But she is also in possession of considerable power. As we have never encountered a species with such natural abilities, they most likely have assumed that she has access to something that gives her the abilities artificially. They will want that information."

Sam paled a little. "Oh no…"

As she'd suspected, Morgan was lead straight to the huge engineering deck of the ship. She went past a couple of viewports on the way, and realized that the ship was headed away from the planet. She had to hurry.

Jaffa scattered when she hovered in, and some pulled staff weapons.

"Bring it," she laughed. A few well-aimed beams sent the rest of them running, and she drew closer to the pulsing purple and orange core. "Hmm…child's play," Morgan smirked.

A bright flash above the atmosphere had SG-1 and the others gaping at the sky.

Jack blinked. "Was that…?"

"The Prometheus won't be here for hours. That Goa'uld ship was the only thing up there," Sam confirmed.

Daniel's eyes were wide in shock. "But Morgan was on that ship!"

"Perhaps she caused the explosion," Teal'c observed.

"That doesn't mean she didn't go up with it!"

Panic gripped him hard, and Daniel had to admit that it had nothing to do with not having really learned anything from the girl yet. He was worried about her.

"Well, did you miss me?"

They all spun at the bright voice behind them.

"Morgan!" Sam exclaimed in relief.

The girl shrugged. "Stupid jaffa. I hate being underestimated," she sighed.

Jack looked up again, open-mouth. "You blew up the ship?"

"Hell yeah!!" she shouted, pumping a fist in the air.

"Are you sure you have to go home?"

Sam grinned and went over to her, and Morgan hugged her eagerly. "I'm so glad you're all right!" the major was saying.

Before Daniel knew what he was doing, he was hugging Morgan as soon as Sam let go. "Don't scare us like that!" Then he realized what he was doing and jumped back, embarrassed.

Morgan stood where she was, unmoving, an eyebrow raised in his direction. "Uhm…" There was silence for a long moment, and then she smirked sardonically. "Well, I'm glad Sam isn't the only one who missed me."


Sam laughed and clapped him on the back. "See? I told you she was growing on you."

"Well, I—"

Morgan's hands clasped under her chin and she leaned toward him innocently. "Awww, come on; you know you missed me, Danny."

Jack nudged him. "Yeah, Danny-boy. Admit it," he smirked.

Daniel rolled his eyes, and at hearing the nickname Morgan suddenly burst into song, singing the title of the same name.

"Oh, come on," Daniel groaned.

Which of course meant that Jack joined in. His excuse was his Irish blood.

"Hey, I've got some too!" Morgan said loudly, floating up and flipping once or twice in the air.

"Really? Sweet," Jack said. The two headed for the stargate, still singing loudly, and the marines followed uncomfortably. Sam and Teal'c stayed back with Daniel, but by now Sam was laughing uncontrollably.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah, just…give me a minute," she gasped, giggling again. "I'm sorry."

Daniel only shrugged, until he noticed Teal'c's silent smile. "What?"

"It is nothing, Daniel Jackson."

"Uh huh."

The stargate opened up the hill, and that was when Morgan flew back to them for a moment. She swooped down behind Daniel and popped him in the back of the head with a swat of her hand. "Hurry up, slowpokes!"


Morgan flipped away, giggling, and flew back toward the 'gate.