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For anyone wondering, yes, I've played both games. Yes, I play FF. And HECK YES for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix!

So yah. This is taking place at the fight between Axel and Roxas before Roxas goes to see Sora. And this is my, ah... alternate, "What if" sort of story. As in, "what if" Roxas decided to go after Axel when they fought?

Why, hello thar, warnings and disclaimers!: This is YAOI. As in guy on guy shexy smex sort of things. To be honest, I don't know why you're here if you don't like it. So there. And no, I don't know Kingdom Hearts, Squeenix, etc, etc.

Anyways, onto the story!

"Do you remember
A kiss under the moonlight?
When it was summer
It was love at first sight.
Can you remember?
'Cause I feel the same, now.
Until the winter
Will see blooming this love."
---- DJ Satomi "Waves"

Web of Night

Chapter One

It was always a fight between them. A test to see who was stronger. It had started out with training. The two of them sparred so furiously that oftentimes, they could barely walk out of the simulator room. They had verbal battles and yelling matches for hours on end that only finished when the other lost his voice. Always a battle of dominance.

It was only later that the two of them took their sparring to a new level that things started to get interesting. Hands and chests shoved against each other as clothes fell away, one by one.

"We probably shouldn't be doing this." Axel muttered between intense kisses, pushing towards the bed after shutting and locking the door behind him, just in case. They didn't want Demyx stumbling in at the most inopportune time, like before... awkward.

"Probably... ah, not." replied Roxas, who had lost this round. He couldn't help but shiver as his body was stripped bare.

The red-head allowed himself a triumphant grin, leaning back to look at his panting, very naked prize. "Heh, I win."

Much later, the battle over, the two warriors settled back to rest. Lean arms curled around the smaller one's body. Burying his face in the blonde hair, Axel sighed. "Roxas... promise me something."

Somewhat confused at the serious tone, Roxas began softly tracing designs on the others back with his fingers. "Anything, Axel."

"Just... promise me you'll never forget. Don't forget that even though we're nobodies... that we do have something. It may not be a heart... but it's something worth noting. That between you and me... there's something worth remembering."

Whatever Roxas hadn't been expecting, it definitely hadn't been that. The two pulled away slightly. The blonde tilted his head up to meet Axel's intense gaze. "I promise, Axel."

A sudden smile graced Axel's face as he happily pulled Roxas back into a tight embrace. Peaceful minutes passed by before the Key of Destiny broke the silence, speaking softly into Axel's chest. "Besides... if anything happens, we'll meet again in the next life, right?"

"Yeah, definitely."

There was a dull chuckle from Roxas, who shook his head. "Silly... it's not like you and I have next lives..."


I had never expected him to remember. His memories weren't supposed to have come back. The Roxas I knew was gone, right? Supposed to be gone, anyway. But then he summoned up his damn dual keyblades and I started to have my doubts.

"Axel..." He said softly, almost desperately. He was hesitating. That wasn't enough to calm my anger.

"You really do remember me this time?" I fought to keep my temper under control. Really, I did. But the sparks tore through the air regardless, creating a wild inferno. "I'm so FLATTERED! But you're too late!"

My chakrams and fire against his keyblades and light. Angry and infuriated, I never stood a chance against his cool demeanor, the Key of Destiny. He was still coming to terms with who he had been, just scratching the surface of who I was to him as he reacquainted himself with the old memories of Organization XIII. Throughout the battle, the sort of lost look in his eyes kept distracting me. How many emotions had I seen pass through those blue depths before?

Those swirling blue eyes were always my weakness. The little quirk about Roxas that turned my legs into jelly and my speech into a stream of useless gibberish. I could tell his mood easily, simply by looking into his eyes. And those cute, pink lips. Those helped, too.

For example, if his eyes were slightly narrowed and the lips tucked into a pout, little Roxy was annoyed, or if he was continually blinking and just couldn't shut up, that meant that he was anxious about something. But my favorite look was the one he had on when he told me that he loved me. His eyelids came down half way, the blue orbs slightly glazed over, and his mouth tucked into a small, secret smile. Gods, if looks could kill...

I liked to think that I knew the kid, front to back, inside and out. But he always managed to throw me for a loop when he figured that I was getting too comfortable. Especially that time when he demanded that I be uke for a change. Please. Nevertheless, it was memories like that that had stuck with me all this time while I had been chasing the brat down. They drove me on and I kept going, hoping to get the one thing that meant the most to me back.

I barely noticed the time passing, but soon enough, the battle was over. Slumped against the wall of the metallic, cruel room, I ached all over from my useless energy wastes. I had fought recklessly, and I had failed. Roxas wasn't dead and in a few minutes, Sora would be back to wreak havoc on the worlds, playing the hero and killing heartless. Xemnas wouldn't be happy about that, but it was too late to regret what I had done. Too late for anything, now that I thought about it.

"Look at what it's come to. I've been given these orders to destroy you- if you don't come back with me."

"We're... best friends, right?" No, Roxas. We were much more than that. Can't you remember?

But he didn't remember. Before, he had lied, to save his own skin. In any other situation, I would have understood. But not here. Not now. The innocent lie only distanced the real Roxas from me. He wouldn't have lied to me.

The chakrams fell from my hands, fading away. As I took in deep breaths, choking back the fury and anguish that were threatening to spill out, I gazed up lazily at Blondie. Despite the bold face he was putting on, I managed a cocky smirk, watching his eyes intently. What was that? Pity? Sadness? You don't even know... barely even know who I am. But at least he was starting to look like The Key of Destiny again. The cold gaze and steady stance were proof of that.

It would've been fine to leave then. I could have probably sustained it. But the idiot just had to speak again in that desperate voice. The Twilight Town Roxas was putting on a show again, eyes wide and flashing concern. "Axel..."

"Let's meet again in the next life." I murmured softly, allowing myself a small smile. I couldn't take it anymore! Did he realize that this would be the last time we saw each other?

"Yeah. I'll be waiting." You can wait all you want, kid. It's never gonna happen. The words caused another gash in my non-existent heart. Oh, but how I wanted to imagine that it was real. I couldn't look at him anymore. Turning my gaze away, I put in a little of my remaining energy into creating a dark portal

"Silly... just because you have a next life..." I said, repeating the words he had said so long ago, in other time. Resigned to my fate, I stepped back into the enveloping shadows, glancing one last time at him. Still, he looked at me with those damn pity-filled eyes. Good-bye, Roxas. Aishiteru.


To be honest, Roxas was torn. While he was still taking in memories, piecing bits and scraps together to make a solid picture, there seemed to be two halves inside of him. The playful, naïve Roxas of Twilight Town, and the tainted, cold, nobody called the Key of Destiny. The brawl against Axel had been fought with the Organization XII member, who had easily summoned up Oblivion and Oathkeeper, but now Roxas was struggling to make his presence known. He had to go see Sora! "SORA SORA SORA!"

Something, however, was holding him back. The man slumped over before him, looking pained, was Axel. Who cared about a useless kid when there was the red-head, alive in the flesh? The boy from Twilight Town didn't know him... but the Key of Destiny was fighting tooth and nail to reach out to the pyro, screaming silently, "Axel. Axel! AXEL! AXEL! AXELAXELAXEL! I FOUND YOU AGAIN! I REMEMBER!"

Hardly any emotion was registering on the outside, but a war was being waged internally. But it seemed that an innocent Struggle bat user could hardly ever stand up to an experienced, duel-wielding killer.

"Besides," The Key of Destiny growled, "I know now why I have the keyblades. I have what I came for, so now I'm coming back. Sora was fine without me before. Just accept what it is and let it go. You... we... are Number XIII."

Fuming, Roxas backed off. He didn't stand a chance in the argument, anyway. Another snatch of a memory clicked into place. Just in time, too. Axel had already summoned a dark portal, preparing to leave. It was now or never.

Azure eyes narrowed slightly. "Oh no you don't!" Pushing forcefully from the floor, Roxas shot after the disappearing red-head. The small distance between them now seemed like miles as the blonde leaped forward, diving right into a startled chakram-user before the pair of them were whisked away into darkness.


Twin sets of golden eyes widened in the alternate Twilight Town mansion basement. One pair in mild surprise, the other in anger.

DiZ chuckled softly under his breath from his seat. The cloaked Riku spun around to face the bandaged man angrily. "What's so funny? That wasn't supposed to happen! Why did Roxas leave with Axel?"

Shrugging, DiZ looked up at the monitor that showed a now completely bare, and somewhat charred room. The door leading to Sora's sleeping chamber remained untouched and unopened. "His recovered memories were more influential than I anticipated."

"'Than you anticipated?'" Repeated Riku, golden eyes flashing in fury as they looked up at the screen as well. "He can't do that! We have to bring him back!"

"By all means, go ahead. Shall we keep Sora asleep?" DiZ chuckled, looking rather amused by the entire incident.

The glower from Riku was hidden by the shadow of his cowl as he summoned a portal, stepping through it. "Of course. I captured Roxas once, I can do it again. This won't take long."

As if on cue, a robotic voice chirped up from the computer system. "Restoration decreasing. Now at... 82 percent."


The swirling darkness appeared in a dismal alley of the World that Never Was, spitting out Axel. He skidded along the dark pavement. The momentum alone carried him swiftly across the alley, crashing him into the wall of a building. He let out a dull groan of pain at the sudden stop. What the hell had that been? All he could remember was a rush of blonde hair whacking into him before the black portal whisked him back home. He didn't have long to think about it as the said blonde thing came rushing up out of nowhere, colliding into him and smacking him right back into the very solid, unforgiving wall.

"Ow..." The red-head groaned again. He tried to lift his head and look around, but a roaring headache kept him down. In fact, every single part of his body seemed to be on fire. Ah. On fire. That was a good one. Crunched up against the wall, Axel could only manage to open his eyes. A head of unruly yellow hair filled his vision.

Gasping, the chakram-user sharply lifted his head. Bad idea. As pain forced him to relax again, Axel managed to splutter out his indignant surprise. "Ow ow ow... R-Roxas?"

The younger teen rolled off of him, rubbing his head. He looked around briefly before realizing what exactly had happened. "Axel! Are you ok?"

Wincing at Roxas's raised voice, Axel managed a weak smirk. "Couldn't be better. Why the hell are you here? Shouldn't you be reunited with your precious Sora now?"

Roxas watched as Axel attempted to sit up, using the wall as leverage, before finding the right answer. "I... I wanted to follow you. I didn't want to lose you."

"Didn't I tell you it was too late for that?" Axel grunted, gritting his teeth as he finally managed horizontal balance. Leaning his head back against the building, his keen eyes observed the suddenly uncomfortable looking keyblade wielder. Despite that, he couldn't pretend that he wasn't pissed. "What's done is done."

"It's not." Roxas said stubbornly, shaking his head. "I made a promise to you. I haven't forgotten."

So it was back to that, then, huh? The red-head sighed, anger fading. He never could say angry at Blondie for long. "... why did you follow me, Rox?"

A small moment of hesitation passed before Roxas spoke again. "I found out why I had the keyblades. That's all I ever wanted to know. I had never planned on leaving the Organization for good... I don't have anywhere else to go, anyway. But you knew, didn't you?"

The somber mood changed in an instant when Roxas turned his blue eyes into accusing pools of anger. Axel blanched. So he found that out, too... "Knew what?"

"Don't play stupid! You knew that my other was Sora! Everyone knew! But not one of you... not one had the guts to tell me!" His voice rose in anger, causing Axel to wince again.

So much for playing dumb. "Xemnas instructed us not to tell you. And I never knew it was that important to you... until you told me you were leaving. That was completely stupid, by the way!" The Flurry of Dancing Flames found his words rising in volume level to match Roxas's, the headache forgotten. "How could you let yourself get kidnapped by DiZ and that lackey of his? You're stronger than that!"

The words stung and Roxas bristled. "That wasn't my fault!" he said, his lips curling into a snarl.

They were back on old grounds again. The arguing, the fighting. The familiarity made their hearts ache, but neither was willing to admit defeat just yet.

"Then whose was it? Mine? The Organization's? It was your own choice!" returned Axel, eyes narrowed.

"Are you saying I can't take credit for my own actions?"

"Well, maybe if you-"


The argument stuttered to an abrupt halt. The two friends turned to face the exit of the alley to see who had the nerve and audacity to interrupt their verbal sparring match. A hooded figure stood there, bathed in moonlight, and armed with a vicious-looking keyblade.

Axel's eyes turned cold and, steeling himself, he pulled himself to his feet. The pain was almost unbearable. "You know this guy?" His voice carried over the anger and annoyance from before.

A nod. "He's the one who beat me and threw me into that fake Twilight Town."

"You're coming with me." said the stranger, waiting for Roxas to draw his weapons. The tension went up a notch.

"I'd like to see you try." said Roxas in an even voice, standing and beginning a slow walk down the alley towards Riku. The keyblades came easily now. Oathkeeper and Oblivion flashed into view, spinning briefly in his hands. He realized that this fight had higher stakes than before. Riku had come to take him back to Sora. Roxas wasn't about to let that happen.

"You don't have a choice in the matter, nobody." barked the cloaked man harshly, taking a step back and going into an offense position, keyblade poised over his head.

"Don't call me that!" In a flurry of weapons, the Key of Destiny flew at his enemy. Instinct took over. Block, parry, thrust, it all came naturally. But it didn't help the fact that Riku was stronger, bigger, fueled with the darkness.

The two clashed together, blades rattling against each other as the wielders pushed against each other, a test of strength. Roxas's will to live versus Riku's desire to bring Sora back.

The blonde found himself tumbling backwards, but with a twist of his body and a push from the nearby building, he came flying back again, the dual keys at the ready. The minutes pressed on, neither fighter willing to relent in their own onslaughts. Roxas was growing increasingly irritated. Now matter what approach he took, Riku always managed to step around the attack and land a painful blow. The wounds from Axel's fight- where did they come from- reopened as the battle grew more dangerous.

Roxas now fought out of desperation, refusing to back down. He wouldn't let Riku take him back! Not now, not ever! Still, the situation was hopeless. His strength was ebbing and his attacks becoming reckless.

Finally, the blonde suffered a fatal mistake. He stumbled. The older teen thrust home with a powerful blow, taking advantage of the situation. Oathkeeper and Oblivion clattered away into the street, out of reach, and Way to Dawn was pressed against Roxas's neck.

He panted, glaring up into a pair of gold eyes from his kneeling position, where he had been about to attempt to retrieve one of his weapons.

"Give it up, you're mine." Riku growled, flicking his keyblade around, hilt first, so that he could easily knock out the nobody. A mistake, he would find out. No sooner had he twitched his fingers than a wall of flames roared into life around him.

Axel panted, leaning heavily against the building as he looked out at the fight from the alley, manipulating the wild blaze. How he had even found energy to hobble here and conjure up a fire wall was beyond him. Hopefully, though, it would be enough of a distraction for Roxas to gain the upper hand. A moment of hesitation, a millisecond of startlement, nothing else, if anything.

But it was enough. Roxas summoned Oblivion back into his hand and dove at the taller man. Thank Kingdom Hearts for Axel and his never-ending source of fire.

As the keyblade came swinging at Riku, he attempted to jerk away from the blade. When he did so, the hood of his black jacket fell back, exposing the features of Ansem.

His brows creased in confusion, but Roxas didn't back down. The attacker wasn't the same one from before, true enough. The silver hair was there, but the complexion was older, tan. And the blindfold was missing. This was a different man, but with the same aura.

A slow smirk formed on the nobody's lips. Now the places were reversed. "You're dead."

Ansem's eyes became slits of anger. How could he have possible lost? Way to Dawn faded from his hands as he looked from Axel, back to the eyes that looked painful identical to Sora's. He had been defeated this time, yes. But next time... Next time will be different. He thought firmly.

"We'll meet again, Roxas." Stepping back into an awaiting portal, Riku cast one last glare at the Sora clone. The plan had been perfect, flawless. Foolproof, even. So why had it gone so wrong?


The Ansem/Riku attacker was finally gone. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Roxas hurried over to Axel, who looked like he was about to pass out. "Thanks, Axel. You saved me back there."

"Don't mention it." The red-head said weakly, barely holding himself up. He didn't even protest when Roxas came up next to him and instructed the other to put his arm around his shoulder. In a painstakingly slow fashion, the two friends began the journey to the Castle towering above all of the lonely, dark skyscrapers of The World that Never Was.

There was an uncomfortable sort of awkwardness between the two. What were they going to do now? Roxas could avoid it all he wanted, but it would come down to it sometime or later. "We're lovers and you're not sure if what we had was real or not. Is that it, Rox? Do you still not remember anything?"

"You do realize that you might be killed after coming back like that, right?" Axel whispered, dragging his feet along.

"I'm willing to take that chance."

"Still... I guess I'm willing to wait until you do remember."

Restoration decreasing... now at 75 percent.

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