A Good Father One Day

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Summary: Nala is expecting Kiara soon…Simba wonders if he'll be a good father. One-shot

A Good Father One Day

"Simba, our cub is going to be born soon." Nala said to Simba, as they lay under the stars at the waterhole. Simba and Nala have been waiting for their cub for many months and Rafiki has told them that Nala will be giving birth to a girl. Simba snuggled up to Nala and smiled softly.

"She will be a good cub…what was the name that you wanted for her?" Nala smiled and licked his cheek.

"Kiara…it will be the perfect name for her." Nala smiled and she looked at her reflection in the waterhole. Simba looked up at the stars. His father was up there now. He was watching him now. Simba always looked up to his father growing up. He thought that he was the perfect dad.

Simba has had a silent fear for months now that he hasn't talked to Nala about. He was afraid to tell her. He thought that she would leave him. He had secretly feared if he would be a good father when the day comes. What if he isn't a good dad? What if he and his future cub don't get along as good as he and his dad did?

"Simba what's wrong?" Nala asked him, with a great amount of concern in her sapphire eyes. Simba hadn't realized it, but he was crying. He must have been crying and didn't realize it. He looked down at the waterhole, refusing to meet her eyes.

"Nothing I'm fine." Inside, he knew he wasn't okay.

"Simba, please tell me what's wrong. I love you, you can tell me anything." Simba looked into her loving eyes and saw she really did love him. He looked at her and let another tear fall from his eye.

"I know you do….but how do I know that she will?"


"Kiara….what if I don't turn out to be a good father? What if I and she end up hating each other? What will I do?" Simba looked down at his reflection once more and cried silently. He wished his father were here; he would know what to do. But sadly, this wasn't going to be the case. Nala stroked his cheek with her cheek.

"Oh Simba, please don't be like this. You are going to be an excellent father one day. If you are able to be the king of the pride lands, then I think that you are strong enough to be a father as well. Our daughter will love you just as much as I do." Nala licked his cheek and rested her head on his shoulder. Simba looked down at his beautiful queen and smiled. She was his everything. She had faith in him…like his father always did. He rested his head on top of hers.

"You're right…I love you Nala. You're always there for me. I know now that I'll be a good father now. And I know for a fact that you will be an amazing mother." Nala lifted her head off of his shoulder and he licked her face delicately. Nala smiled and looked up at the stars.

"You're father would be really proud of you Simba." Simba looked up at the stars as well and smiled. He put his paw over her paw.

"Yeah he would…come on let's get you back to Pride rock; you're going to need the rest." Nala smiled as they both began to walk back home. Simba knew now that with Nala by his side, he was going to be a good father one day.