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It had been several hours since she first arrived. Well, not exactly arrived, more like returned to her home. Either way, the hours had drifted by slowly. Painfully slow. Her eyes watching the red LED of the alarm clock drain the time away.

She couldn't remember the last time she had checked it, but she knew that she had been floating there for quite some time, and she was losing patience quickly. Actually, she had lost it a while ago, taking to yelling and pulling at the chain that connected her to her brother.

Of course, no one heard it, and her brother didn't feel the chain at all. Finally, the disgruntled angel had taken to floating around, waiting for him to wake up. She hoped it would be soon.

A few moments passed by, and her brother continued to sleep. She growled, one way or another, Gaz was going to wake him up. "DIB," she hissed loudly, hovering closer to him, "DIB! Wake up or you're going to – AHHHG!"

While she had been making her unheard threats, Dib's alarm clock had gone off, right next to her. Dib had been considerably less shocked by his alarm clock, and had instead, stretched tiredly, causing Gaz to be pulled upwards, nearly crashing into a wall.

"DIB!" Gaz said again, despite the fact that she knew perfectly well he couldn't hear her.

With a yawn, Dib pulled himself to the side of his bed, rubbing his eyes. This caused Gaz to fly the other way, snarling in frustration.

Dib had never not listened to her before when she was in this sort of mood. His blatant ignorance of her presence did nothing to pacify her.

Still twirling backwards, she struggled against whatever force was pulling her that way. She found it incredibly hard to right herself, and her eye was twitching visibly by the time she managed to do it.

Unfortunately for her, in the time it took her to regain her bearings, Dib had gotten out of bed, and had already passed her. It took her a second to process this, before she started being pulled through the air by her unknowing brother.

"Stupid DIB!" she screamed, as he began to head down the stairs. "Stop moving!"

Again, Dib said nothing in response to his dead sister's threats. The boy just continued to shuffle his way through the hallway, and down the stairs. He had paused briefly at the top of the stairs, as though he was waiting for something. Looking to either side of him, he seemed to realize something and continued downward.

He seemed considerably more subdued that morning, Gaz noticed. There was nothing else TO pay attention to besides her stupid brother, and she begrudgingly found herself realizing how quiet he was. Normally he would be ranting on about some crazy paranormal thing or complaining about how no one believed him, or some such nonsense. She knew because she had to listen to it everyday.

Today, though, he was almost silent. 'Almost' in that he would occasionally mumble something to himself. It was hard to hear from where Gaz was hovering, and she didn't want to get any closer to Dib, even though that probably would have prevented her from being flung about as much.

"Stupid Dib," she muttered, watching him eat her cereal. He wouldn't have done that if she was alive.

She hovered closer to the table, with a sour expression on her face. That was why. She was dead. He didn't even seem that sad about it!

He was even going to skool today, Gaz reflected bitterly. Shouldn't he be mourning or something?

Gaz continued to glare at her brother for a moment, before hovering even closer to the table, settling herself on it. Lightly, she growled. Why should she be protecting Dib, anyway? He didn't need her protection! He was eating cereal perfectly fine, by himself!

"Hey, dad," he suddenly said, making Gaz spin around to face the kitchen entrance. She continued spinning past the point that she had wanted to go, and the chain started tangling itself around her.

"STUPID…STUPID!" Gaz screamed, pulling on the chain. She was too frustrated to even think of something coherent to say.

"Hello, son!" Professor Membrane said with surprising enthusiasm. He suddenly paused, staring at the table as though something were missing. A thought seemed to occur to him, "Son, where is your sister, today?!"

For once, it was Dib's turn to look at his father as though he was insane. Even Gaz had stopped her tussle with the glowing chain to stare at her father. "Uh…dad…" he said slowly, carefully.

"MMMM?!" Membrane urged.

"Gaz is…" Dib said, not looking up at his father, and instead staring at his own reflection in the milk that still remained in his cereal bowl, "…dead."

Time seemed to stop as the words were spoken. Membrane stood stock still, staring at his son, disbelievingly. It was impossible to gauge his reaction through the heavy goggles over his eyes.

"I…see…" he said, tonelessly.

"I-I thought that you already kn-" Dib started shakily, but was cut off by a wave of his father's hand. The two stared at each other for a moment, before Membrane suddenly moved over to his son, pulling him into a hug.

The boy's eyes widened as his father hugged him. Hugs weren't exactly something that happened very much in his family, and it took him a good moment to wrap his own arms around his father.

The two stayed like this for quite a while, or maybe it had just seemed like a while, since it was something so rare. Either way, both of them seemed to be reluctant to let go, and Membrane was the first to pull away, coughing awkwardly into his hand. After that, nothing else needed to be said.

But it was one of those awkward moments best filled with words. "Son," Membrane said, nodding towards his offspring and heading out of the kitchen entrance. Whatever he had came in there for, he had completely forgotten.

Dib didn't move for the few moments after his father had left. He was still staring at his cereal bowl. Dully, he looked over to the microwave clock, and picked up his cereal bowl. It was about time to go to skool.

He was surprised at how much time he had to get ready, without having to fight with his sister.

Gaz, meanwhile, had watched the entire scene in shock. She was in even more shock than even Dib was. Her dad had never hugged her like that!

"Y-you," Gaz growled, as she was pulled towards the sink by Dib, "You stupid brother!" She grit her teeth and attempted to hit Dib. Her fist merely passed right through him. He made no indication of having felt it.

This only irritated her more, and she swung out a few more times. All of them went right through Dib, who was heading to the living room, dragging Gaz along with him.

Who did he think he was, anyway?!

Sluggishly, Dib picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. In another second he was out the door.


The trip from home to skool was a boring one. Sure, normally it wasn't interesting, Gaz would admit, but today, today it was horrible. Today she had no game to play, today she was angry and bitter about being dead, today Dib was being quiet.

The least he could have done for her would be to say something. The unpierced silence was irritating. True, the birds were chirping, and the nature sounds were all around her but…they were so…very…dull.

What she had really wanted to listen to today was the sound of vampire piggies being killed, but she would have settled for the annoying chatter of her brother. She didn't even have that, though.

Didn't it just figure that on the day she might have actually cared about what he had to say, he was silent.

And he was silent all the way to the classroom. To everyone in the class's surprise, he had actually been on time, today.

He wasn't even the last one in the classroom. Several students poured in after him, none of whom were late. Ms. Bitters had taken to sending tardy children to the underground classroom for the day; everyone knew how horrible they were.

"Today, hideous appendages to society," Ms. Bitters said darkly, slithering over to the front of the chalkboard, "You'll find out how we'll all explode if a nuclear war were to break out."

Everyone groaned.

"QUIET!" Ms. Bitters barked, "You children and your speaking."

Gaz growled, and glared at Ms. Bitters as dully as she could. This was so stupid. There was nothing to do and-

Her complaining ceased, as she was suddenly hit with a piece of paper. What surprised her even more was that it didn't go through her. It hit her and bounced off.

"- Britain, China, the US all have nuclear weapons. Do you know what would happen if one hit right here?" Ms. Bitters hissed her lesson.

The students shook their heads.

Gaz wasn't paying attention to Ms. Bitters, however. Why should she? It wasn't like she was her teacher. Instead, she was staring at the piece of paper that had hit her, now on the ground. It had hit her!

Angrily, she moved down to it, and poked it. It wobbled. Great…she could move paper. Joy of joys.

"And there! Where your 'mom' works: NOTHING!" Ms. Bitters continued.

Gaz poked it again. Again, it wobbled. She scowled at it. That was all she could do? Move paper? And where had this stupid thing come from? She hovered upwards, looking back and forth around the room for anyone that looked suspicious.

Of course, one student always looked suspicious. The one with the skin condition and the loud voice: ZIM. The stupid alien was also giggling.

Her eye twitched in irritation. Throw paper at her would he? With a ridiculous amount of force, she picked up the piece of paper. The only problem was that she dropped it almost immediately. It was surprisingly heavy for a piece of paper.

Snarling, she grabbed it again and slammed it on Dib's desk. It bounced slightly, and made Dib blink. He clearly hadn't been paying attention to Ms. Bitters, and, instead, had been musing to himself.

It took Dib a moment to realize that it was just a crumpled piece of paper. He stared at it, dully, before flicking it off of his desk. Whatever it said, he didn't want to read it.

Gaz watched the paper fly off of the desk in irritation. She had worked hard to move that piece of paper up to the desk! What was even worse, though, was that she couldn't do anything about it.

All she could do was seethe. And that's what she did for the rest of the day: Seethe and be hit with balls of paper. It was one right after the other, all of which Dib ignored.

The day went by tediously slow. Ms. Bitters was still going on about nuclear war when the bell to end school rang. She had probably continued going on about it, even when the students had went to lunch.

Which, Gaz noted bitterly, was even more horrible now that she couldn't actually eat anything.

All in all, the day was horribly, terribly boring. Dib didn't even do any of his normal stupid paranormal junk! Was he doing this on purpose? She had to wonder, as she was pulled through the air on the way back home.

"I hate this," she muttered to no one in particular.

"Good to hear," a voice suddenly said from behind her, surprising her, slightly.

It was Nyx.

"Why is that good to hear?!" Gaz snarled.

"Because I don't like you," Nyx said lightly.

Looking as though she would have ripped Nyx limbs off, if she could, Gaz said, words slightly shaky out of fury, "What's up with the paper?"

"Oh, you know what they say. 'The pen is mightier than the sword,'" Nyx sneered, waving her hand around in a bored fashion.

"I didn't use a pen!" Gaz hissed.

Nyx sighed, and rolled her eyes, "You have no sense of humor," she muttered, "You can touch paper because it has about as much substance as you do."

Gaz looked at her dully.

"What? I'd use it to your advantage, if I were you," Nyx said, giving Gaz an equally dull look, "Though thank god, I'm not."

"How am I supposed to use a piece of paper?" Gaz said darkly, as she was dragged back into her home.

"Hmm?" Nyx said, playing with her nails. She was clearly not paying attention. "Oh, hell if I know."

She paused, looking at what appeared to be a watch on her forearm, "But I must go. Stuff to do, souls to tend to, you know."

Gaz just glared.

"Yeah-huh…Well, have fun with the paper!" Nyx said with a little wave, as she disappeared from view.

Oh yeah, Gaz was sure that she would.


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