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His left arm throbbed as it twitched erratically under him. Gleaming mako green eyes creaked open, snapping shut instantly at the sun invading their tenderness.

A low muffled groan crept from parched lips as the blond male tried to roll over. Finally edging onto his back, a shaking right arm raised itself to cover sensitive eyes.

Cloud felt like he couldn't move his body. His eyes and ears were so painful. His head throbbed inside his skull. Pins and needles crept up his quivering left arm.

After what felt like an eternity, Cloud summoned the strength to pull himself to a sitting position. Lowering his arm from his eyes, he slowly glanced around him.

His whereabouts were unknown. Crystal clear ocean spread as far as the eye could see. Glimmering white sands sunk under his bare feet.

"Wait a minute….what?" Cloud uttered as he glanced down over his body. His Cadet uniform was a tattered mess. His boots were missing. His hands were bare, covered with dried in blood. The only thing still in once piece was a Buster Sword lying beside his feet on the sand.

Closing his eyes, Cloud cast his mind back to the last thing he remembered.


Sephiroth never took his stare from the blond. Drawing Masamune back, he seethed to the blond as he came closer, "Don't push your luck boy!" as he plunged Masamune into Cloud's chest, raising him off the ground and throwing him off to one side.

Pain flooded through Cloud's body as he slammed his hands to the wound caused by Masamune.

"You. I told you not to push your luck!"

Cloud barely had time to register that Sephiroth was speaking as Masamune was forced past his breast bone and through his back, narrowly missing his spinal column.

The blond felt himself being picked up by the sword, it tore at the flesh protesting against it. The pain was excruciating. He watched Sephiroth swing him round and over the side of the platform, leaving him teetering above a smouldering mako pit. No, he couldn't let it end like this. Anger suddenly filled Cloud's body. Sephiroth had betrayed him. Betrayed what they had.

"No! I will not let you do this!" Cloud screamed as he raised his arms and took hold of the blade impaling his chest. Drawing the blade further through his chest, Cloud pulled his form down the blade, never taking his focus from the man standing almost shell shocked in front of him.

As soon as his feet touched the platform below him, Cloud spun his body round, bringing Sephiroth with it before his grip on Masamune faltered and he flew into a large piece of machinery built into the wall.

Sephiroth picked himself up just in time to see Cloud stagger towards him, his eyes swirling green and white.

Sephiroth grabbed onto his sword once again, wanting to tear it from the youths body. As soon as his hand touched the hilt, his vision hazed and glazed over. Snapping his eyes shut, he shook his head vigorously. As he opened his eyes, his vision cleared. Cloud stood in front of him, Masamune pierced through his chest. Blood pouring from the wound.


"Sephiroth…." Cloud seethed as he once again took in his surroundings.

Vibrant palm trees were spread sporadically around the large beach he was standing in. birds flew overhead. Children's laughter was coming closer…."Shit!" Cloud cursed as he looked for somewhere to escape too.

Spotting a small patch of bushes, Cloud grabbed the now all too heavy sword and half crawled half staggered into the undergrowth.

Peering out onto the vast golden sands, Cloud spotted the source of the two children's voices. A blur or silver and yellow ran by his hiding place only to skid to a halt at the waters edge. Another shock of brown and red followed soon after.

"Riku you meanie! Wait up!"

The young boy who must have been around ten or eleven with gleaming silver hair turned to face his shorter counterpart, a cocky grin etched across his pretty face.

Cloud stared in utter confusion at the scene in front of him. That silver haired boy was all to familiar. He was sure he had seen the platinum bracer round the boys wrist on someone else before.

"Now that I think of it….Sephiroth had one of them on at all times."

Cloud continued to watch the familiar strangers goading each other at the waters edge. The one named Riku was obviously the leader. His green cat like eyes gleamed almost dangerously under the scorching rays of the sun.

"His eyes….the same…."

Creeping through the undergrowth, Cloud moved to a position where he could see the features of the brown haired boy. A face identical to his own greeted him as he found a better spying ground. Not only the face but the hair, despite the difference in colour. The same green tinted cerulean blue eyes….everything.

Cloud's insides turned inside him. The last thing he could remember was a silver haired male dressed in black….Sephiroth….impaling him through the chest and leaving him to die.

A hard frown set across his features as he continued to watch the boys with the uncanny likeness to Sephiroth and himself play fight on the beach, kicking up sand in their wake.

Leaning his tired body up against a near palm, Cloud turned from the two children. He had no idea where he was, why he was literally in rags, why his body felt like it had been ploughed flat. Fair enough, he had been run through with Masamune and had the scar to show for it but, why was his whole body rattling in pain?

Silence suddenly filled the atmosphere around him as the children's laughter halted. Peering back round to the waters edge, Cloud inwardly smiled at the two young boys. The older, taller boy was holding the younger's hand tightly while pointing up at a few clouds in the sky.

Cloud fought the urge to crawl out from his hiding place. The two young boys were so familiar to him. He wanted to talk to them.

On listening to the older Riku boy talk about the rain that was undoubtedly on it's way given the clouds rolling in, Cloud couldn't help but notice he even talked like the male named Sephiroth. Beyond his years, to wise for words. His foggy mind remembered a few times when he listened entranced to Sephiroth speaking.

"….Sephiroth…." The blond almost spat out again.

"I wont stop until your dead."

A pulling feeling at his feet alerted Cloud to his surroundings once more. Whisps of green light curled round his feet and began snaking their way up around his legs. Warmth crept through his body as he felt it go light, go numb, go dark.


Tired eyes slowly fluttered open to a darkened room.

Cloud slowly rolled over onto his side to take in his surroundings. He seemed to be in a small bedroom, bare stone walls, flaming torch light over by the door. Pulling his groggy body up, Cloud slid his legs over the side of the small bed he was in.

Glancing down at his hands, he noticed that he had been cleaned up and any wounds he had were treated and bandaged.

"What? What's this?" Cloud whispered to himself at the small black, dirt like mark on his left wrist.

Rubbing vigorously at the mark, Cloud continued to look around the room. A small water filled urn sat on a bedside table with a damp cloth beside it. Someone had obviously nursed him back to health.

Glancing back down at his wrist, Cloud growled to notice that the mark still remained. All that he had accomplished was to make his wrist red and tender.

"Ok. Fuck this. I'm out of here."

Drawing himself from the bed, Cloud stood on wobbling feet and made for the door. Someone had changed his clothes too. He wore a dark blue sleeveless top with matching trousers. Boots had also been left beside the door.

Stepping into the harsh leather, a few sizes too big, Cloud creaked the door open. A vast corridor spread out for what seemed like forever. Slowly making his way through the building, past rooms identical to the one he was just in, Cloud kept his still groggy senses sharp for anyone approaching.

Finally, a shaft of light wove its way towards him. Pushing an old wrought iron gate open, Cloud gasped at the sight before him. A Colloseum like structure surrounded him, seats built high up towards the sky for crowds of thousands. A large stone stage protruding from the sandy ground stood in the centre of the structure. Cracked and rugged from probably years of battles. Standing in the middle of it….

"No….it can't be…."

Mako tinted blue took in the sight standing before him in the middle of the large platform.

A mass of flowing silver and leather stood staring up at the sun filled sky. A large feathered black wing shifting slightly in the light warm breeze. The man seemed to be unarmed.

Before Cloud could take a step forwards, the man was gone.

"S-Seph…." "Hey kid. You ok?"

Cloud whirled round to face the intruder. His searching eyes found no-one.

"Down here Blondie."

Glancing down towards his feet, Cloud back-pedalled at the small goat like creature pacing angrily in front of him.

"You have any idea how long you were out? How many tournaments we had to hold back cause The Champ was babysitting you?"

Cloud opened his mouth to speak but was abruptly cut off.

"Not only that but now you go scare away the eye candy that draws even more pretty women here! The champ just isn't enough to draw them in anymore. He was and now you've scared him away!"

"Wait wait wait….who are you and what are you talking about?"

"Names Phil. The Champ Herc was babysitting you instead of actually doing any work around here. And him…." Phil continued while pointing to the empty space the leather clad male had stood, "He was the newest attraction here! Everyone thought he was great! Until you scared him away!"

"Who was he?"

"Didn't give us a name. Just said he was lost. Separated from his son and the person he loved the most. He never spoke. Not even to the champ. All he did was train. Then, he just took off, there just now. You scared him away!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Maybe….I could take his place. I'm lost too. I don't even know who I am any more. It feels like my light has been taken away from me."

"Whatever. Get your ass in gear and get dressed properly. Might wanna cover up that weird black mark on your arm. We didn't know what it was. Might be better to cover it….just incase it gets worse."


Cloud had no idea how long he stayed idle there. He had no concept of time. Days seemed quicker, weeks flew by in the blink of an eye. Before he knew it, he was fast approaching twenty-one. He, like the leather clad make he saw for a split second never spoke. He kept himself to himself and dressed to hide himself. The strange back marks on his arm were growing. Bracers and gloves hid them from prying eyes.

He could feel the darkness slowly begin to take over his body. His soul felt dirty. Lost and lonely. That was when darkness himself poisoned Cloud against the ones who had taken him in when he lay almost dead, baking in the scorching heat of the sun.

"You work for me and I will set you free. That what you wish for will be given to you. You wont be lost anymore."

Cloud went along with the flame haired God. He went along with him as he was the only one who said he could help him. Help him get his revenge. Help him destroy Sephiroth.

As Cloud glanced over the expanse of the stadium, to the boy in red training and honing his skills against opponent after opponent, a pang of pain flashed through his chest. That boy. He was so familiar. Was he the boy he had watched play on the beach all those years ago?

"Ok Blondie. Get rid of that Keyblade toting kid then take out the champ. That's all you have to do and poof! You're set free. Free to do what you want. Kill who you want."

Cloud eyes glazed over mako green, pupils narrowing into a cat like glare. Saying nothing to darkness himself, Cloud walked out into the stadium.

"Phew, stiffer than the stiffs back home."


The job was simple. Get rid of the kid in red. Simple….

"Why can't I do it?" Cloud thought to himself as he watched the youth get into his battle stance with his two companions.

So, to banish his thoughts, Cloud fought. Every swing at the boy he missed. Every dodge he executed was intercepted by the teenager.

He just couldn't hit the boy. The boy whom he had never spoken to but felt he knew so much about. He over heard him talking to Phil about his lost friend Riku. Silver hair, green cat like eyes and if anyone had seen him.

The desperation in the brown haired teens eyes was stronger than Cloud by ten fold.

He halted in his tracks towards the Keyblade wielder, held his hands out and dropped his sword. The heavy metal fell to the stone below him with a loud clunk as he gave up. His heart just wasn't in fighting anymore. He couldn't fight until he found and destroyed who had done this to him.

Cloud stared down at the shorter boy. A small smile touched his face.


Cloud had indeed been dealt a crushing blow by the God of the Underworld himself. Betrayal meant certain doom. The giant paws of Cerberus almost flattened him, however, for some reason, his wounds healed rapidly after he was rescued. Now, all he could do was sulk.

Perched atop a small flight of stone steps, the Blond watched silently as the youth in red walked ever closer, talking constantly with his two friends.

"Was I ever like that? Did I ever seem and act so carefree? Was I ever happy?"

"Hey….are you alright?"

Cloud glanced up at the cinnamon haired boy. A slight nod of the head was the only answer he wanted to give.

"Don't give up, alright?"

"I'll find him."

"I'm searching too…."

"For your light?"

The boy smiled sadly, nodding his head. A painful subject.

Cloud smiled a bit, slowly got to his feet and began walking away from the familiar youth.

"Oh….about your light? Don't lose sight of it."

Flicking blond hair from his eyes, Cloud looked once again at the carbon copy of himself and turned away. He had to leave. Get away from this place.


That night, sword strapped to his back, a small bag of provisions tied to his belt loop, Cloud was ready to leave. Silently he traversed the corridors to the main training grounds. With luck, his only wing could carry him out of here.

"What do you mean you want him dead? I….cannot kill him…."

Cloud sidestepped into the shadows so he could hear who was speaking.

Two silver haired males stood in the middle of the platform. One must have been a teenager, no older than fifteen. The other?


"Why can you not accomplish this task?"

"I could ask you the same. Why have you not ended the miserable life of that little blonde?"

Cloud shrunk back slightly. So, this Sephiroth was wanting to kill him. of course he did. From what Cloud remembered, that same male impaled him through the chest with his massive sword.

"How dare you back talk to me boy. You have your orders. That Keyblade wielder must be dealt with. You let foolish emotions cloud….your judgement."

The smaller silver haired male stepped away from the looming older male. Pitch black energy surrounded him.

"Don't you lecture me on emotions." Was his final words as he vanished into the darkness.

"Riku…." The leather clad male whispered into the midnight sky.

Cloud waited and waited, heart pounding in his chest until the coast was clear. His pride was screaming at him not to leave, to track down this Sephiroth and lop off his head. His heart however, it called out to him, told him to leave. Leave for good. Never look back.


Cloud felt his body being dragged across rough and unforgiving ground. His whole body felt numb from the waist down. His brain pounded inside his skull. His ears were ringing. His eyes unfocussed stared at nothing.

"Come on Spiky. Almost there! Aerith will look after us till you are back on your feet.

That voice? So familiar. Wait….was he not just trying to escape from that Colloseum place?


"Cloud? You waking up yet? Come on man, lets see some action!"

Forcing movement into his fingers, Cloud tugged on the males rough shirt.

"Thank Gaia, you are coming too. Thought I would be carrying your dead weight around forever."


"Yes, that's me. Took forever to escape from that maniac Hojo. Lets keep moving Spike till I find a safe place to let you rest."

Slowly, Cloud's eyes began to focus. His head still swam but, the feeling in his body began to feel normal. Making his legs move, Cloud tried the best he could to aide this youth named Zack.

After what seemed like forever, Cloud felt his body being lowered to the ground.

"There we go. Look over there Cloud? Midgar. Aerith will look after us. We should be safe in the slums. Lie low for a while."


Zack smiled sadly at the youth. The torture and torment caused by years of captivity had taken its toll on the blond. He had lost his mind within about eight months. He never spoke, barely ate and all he said for practically five years were the names of their deceased General/friend/lover Sephiroth and the name Sora.

Wrapping his arms around Cloud's slight frame, Zack rested his cheek against soft blond spikes.

"I have to go….they have come for us. Such a huge battalion for just me?"

Hazy mako green eyes blinked a few times before casting their gaze towards Zack.

"Wait for me ok. This will be over before you know it."

Cloud felt warm lips lightly brushing his forehead before all contact with Zack was ended.

Summoning enough energy, Cloud raised his left hand as if to make a grab at the retreating raven haired male to stop him from leaving. His weak fingers grabbed nothing but air.

And so, Cloud waited.

And waited.


The cool rain beating down atop Cloud's head slowly roused him from a dreamless slumber.


His nose picked up the scent of blood in the air.


Rolling onto his front, Cloud began the arduous process of pulling himself out from the crop of rocks he was concealed behind. His boots slid in the mud, fingers clung desperately to the sodding wet ground below him. His breath came in small pants at the exertion his body was put under. His left arm throbbed and pulsed with every move he made.

Finally, after minutes of struggling, his hands came onto contact with a blood soaked stomach. Drawing himself up, Cloud edged right up so his knees touched Zack's side.


"Hey." Was the muffled reply he got.

Resting his hand against Zack's bloody chest, Cloud stared into dull royal blue eyes.

Cloud felt Zack's arm loop weakly round his back, pulling him onto his bullet ridden chest.

"Live for me. All my dreams, my hopes, my soul. I give to you my love."

Cloud almost never heard the faint whisper of love at the end of Zack's sentence but, his overly sensitive hearing just picked it up. His eyes widened as he pulled himself from Zack's chest.


Zack raised his right arm, still clutching his Buster Blade.

"It's yours."

Taking the sword with shaking hands, Cloud never averted his gaze from Zack.

"Never lose yourself Cloud."

With a genuine smile, Zack's head lulled back, eyes glazing before slowly closing over.


Cloud's eyes frantically searched the raven haired males body for any sign of movement.


Tears welled up in Cloud's eyes. His vision blurred as they spilled over his cheeks. Pulling Zack's sword closer to his chest, Cloud threw his head back screaming into the silence all around him.


He had no idea how long he screamed for. His lungs burned as he finally silenced himself.

Looking down at Zack's dead body, Cloud finally stopped crying. The smile on Zack's face was almost comforting….almost.

"I….I will live for you. Keep your dreams in mine. Zack."


For weeks they had been tracking Sephiroth.

Cloud was tiring of the constant chase. His beloved friend Aerith was slaughtered right infront of him by the silver haired male clad in black leather however, something seemed wrong about this Sephiroth. His scent wasn't quite right. His voice too sounded wrong. Cloud couldn't quite place it but, this Sephiroth was not real.

Along with his old friend Tifa, his 'boss' Barrett. Cloud, Vincent, Cid, Yuffie, Cait Sith and the flame demon Red XIII, whom Cloud felt a strong familiarity with, they finally tracked this Sephiroth to the Northern Crater at the very end of the world.

The untainted mako in the atmosphere almost flattened Cloud as he took silent steps up to the tomb a half formed Sephiroth slept in. This one too, smelt and seemed all wrong. Clutching a Black Materia tightly, Cloud let himself become entranced by the melodious voice in his head. A voice that spoke of revenge, carnage and bloodshed. The calamity from the skies. Dropping the Materia into Sephiroth's tomb, Cloud let darkness flood his senses. Feeling his body fall, green swirling tendrils of Lifestream carried him off.


Once again, Cloud awoke to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings. His body ached all over and the dirt like ailment on his left arm complained loudly.

His eyes eventually focussed on emerald green one peering down at him.

"A-Aerith? Is it really you?"

His previously dead friend nodded rapidly, a huge smile spread across her beautiful face.

"I knew you would come back Cloud however, it is not your time yet. You will leave us soon. Leave to fight your destiny."


As experienced previously, days seemed to move at a different pace than he was used too. Only three days in, Cloud felt a familiar presence walk up to him.


Taking one look at the cinnamon haired youth, Cloud quickly shut his eyes over again.

"I'll find him."


"I must find him. I feel him. Tell me is you see him. He had silver hair, carries a long sword."

Cloud looked at the boy again. He was taller, older, wiser and stronger. He looked ever more like himself now than he had last time Cloud had seen him.


It didn't take long, only a couple of days later, Cloud stood before the male named Sephiroth. So many emotions whirled around in his head as he raised his sword and charged.

"Just let go Sephiroth. Just fall."

Quickly complying, Sephiroth let his body drape almost dramatically against Cloud's.

"Just stay here….like this."

"I'm still inside you though."

"Doesn't matter. Just….stay."

"I shall not wake you up in the morning." Sephiroth sniggered out.


Shaking his head, Cloud mentally reprimanded himself for letting past, crushed and blurred memories come to the forefront. He had to kill this monster and exact his sweet revenge.

Ignoring all else around him, Cloud drew his sword back, drawing the energy from the atmosphere into his body. Blue tendrils of energy floated around his body as he propelled his form high into the sky, drawing Sephiroth with him. Screaming at the top of his lungs, about to thrust his Buster Blade through Sephiroth's chest, Cloud's eyes snapped open.


Worried crimson orbs stared deep into his.

"Are you awake? Gods, I was so worried about you Cloud. That tumble into the Lifestream almost killed up both.

Pulling himself up, Cloud took in his surroundings, he was back on the airship, all his friends sat around his bedside bar Aerith….Aerith, yes, she was dead.

"Was I dreaming?"

"You were calling out form him in your sleep. Has Sephiroth rooted himself in your mind so terribly? We will end this soon Cloud. Soon, Sephiroth will be nothing more than a memory."


Just as Cloud thought, the Sephiroth they were tracking was just an illusion, an elaborate puppet created by the Calamity from the Skies Jenova.

Cloud felt nothing as he tore the bare chested form of Sephiroth asunder. No voices in his head, no aching heart and pounding head as he drove his blade deep into Sephiroth's unguarded chest.


He felt empty. His goal, his purpose to end Sephiroth had led him to complete failure. All he had done was chase shadows and endanger the lives of his friends. The illness claiming him was spreading daily. His whole left arm was almost totally covered.

Two years he idled his life away working with Tifa, raising orphans with the same illness as himself.

Then, they came.

Three youths with too many similarities to Sephiroth….the real Sephiroth.

Kadaj stood before him atop the ruined city of Midgar.

"Come, watch with me my brother. Watch my reunion!"

Cloud flew at the silver haired youth, he had to stop him. He couldn't let the same thing happen to the planet that happened two years previous.

Knocking the box containing the remnants of 'Mother' in it out of Kadaj's hands, Cloud gasped out loud as the youth let himself fall after it.

Black tendrils of energy swirled round the youth as he pushed inky back materia inside his chest.

Falling after the youth, Cloud aimed to sever his head before he hit the ground. End it now, end it fast.

Bringing his Buster Blade down, Cloud's body jarred in mid air.

Opening his mako blue eyes, Cloud could have died at the sight staring back up at him, green cat like orbs dancing menacingly at him.

"Good to see you Cloud."


They were poised in the air.

Swords ground together sending small sparks dancing off into the blackened atmosphere.

Aquamarine and cerulean locked together trying to figure out the others next movement.

Both males dropped to the ground and circled each other agonisingly slowly. Silver hair swept around the taller male as the cutting wind swept through the barren ruins of the ShinRa building.

The shorter, blond male stopped in his tracks and raised his sword indicating he was ready to strike. The blade, comfortably his height and twice his width glinted dangerously in the setting sun.

"You're mine Sephiroth!"

Sephiroth bent his knees slightly before both males charged at each other. One mission on their minds.



Keyblades clashed with swords as the two youths leapt into the fray.


Sora fought against Cloud's iron grip as he turned his head to the side. His eyes blazed bright green as he saw Riku being mutilated less than 5 feet away from him.

"Riku! No! Let go of him Sephiroth you bastard! He is your son!"