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"The Irony of Xanadu"

Far above the cotton white clouds even higher then diamond stars sewn into the velvet heavenly midnight-blue skies was the beautiful immense flouting sovereignty of Xandu. Home to all of the Divan Beast and Beings. Creatures of great magnificence along with fierce power dwelled within this seemingly utopia of the heavens. But like the wise old saying all is not what it appears to be. Even the most beautiful of flowers can hold a deadly surprise all foolish enough to venture too close.

The name of this city was Xanadu, with the exception of its name, unlike the poem from which the namesake of this world originated from, this was far from a prefect world as much as it's "King" would lead the people too believe. True this world was without a doubt beyond beautiful, for all the buildings and boulevards in this city, had been made from only the finest sun gold and moon silver. Furthermore they were adorned with the gems of the universe's most precious treasures. Even the plant life was far more extraordinary as well as out of the ordinary then anything found on Earth. Nevertheless what were even more exotic then the godly metropolis where its inhabitants and they were very undeniably unique!

You never have seen such breathtaking and magnificent creatures in the world. For even in the depths of your imagination along with your wildest of dreams, would you even expect to unearth such phenomenal creatures. They're the Divine Beasts or as known on Earth, Duel Monsters lived free from persecution. They came in every shape, size and color known to man and some of them were even beyond the dreams of man they were so astonishing. Furthermore being in their presences would blow your mind at the sight of these immortal divan beasts! All the creatures had unique powers and looks.

Living alongside these magnificent creatures lived the Divine Beings. The Divine Beings looked like humans who dressed in beautiful clothes of times long past. Except for their large wings and the ever presence aura that surrounded their bodies they could've easily been normal humans. Both the Beasts as well as Beings of this false paradise shared two common fears within their hearts.

These breathtaking creatures and beings could only be their miraculous and immortal selves as long as the item that contained their immortally as well as their magic remained intact. If this Immortal Object, whatever it was, was shattered, then almost immediately, the creature or even the Divan beings that ruled over Xandu would be made mortal and condemned to breathe their last breath. They'd have no power and be simple defenseless. The second fear outweighed the fear of being made mortal because of what it was or rather who it was.

The Realm of Xanadu was created long ago near the beginning of time by the great almost omnipotent King Aknamkanon with the help of his Seven Sacred Guardians. Before Xandu was erected all the Divan Beasts where devoid of order as well as significance. They used to exist in a life full of constant pandemonium as well as savagery. Their senseless conflicts on their brethren threaten to tear the seams of the universe apart, and annihilate all existence both mortal and immortal. At that moment when it seemed the universe would end their 'savior' came out of nowhere. Aknamkanon and the Divan Beings had come and rescued them and brought order to the chaos. The Beasts had been so grateful they made him their king a decision they had come to regret greatly.

However that was a very long time ago even too an immortal. Aknamkanon had saved them from one kind of hell only too ensnare them all in another. In next to no time after the city was completed the handsome along with benevolently sovereign showed his true colors. He was far from the compassionate and honorable man who had saved them from destroying the universes in addition to themselves.

He was an extraordinarily vain as well as shallow man. Whose outrages laws and systems of how he governed his precious city made the beautiful city little more then a ghost town. His rage was far worse then War of Shadows as the time of before he came was acknowledged as. He was a complete control-freak and very much lacked any kind of a heart. He was even exceptionally abusive to his own flesh and blood, his own son, Prince Atem.

Everyone lived in his society and did as they where told out of fear and imitation, not out of respect. Things had gotten much worse in the more recent years especially from the time when the tyrant beloved and kindhearted wife Queen Samira had disappeared. There had been countless rumors about what occurred 14 years ago. All that was know for certain was, whatever had happen, had made the biggest law in all the land, happen at the same time. Earth was strictly off-limits and anyone found on Earth and fraternizing with humans would be immediately converted into a mortal, followed by being exiled eternally from home!

Whilst the Queen had been in Xanadu at least things at been livable and there was hope for a better future. Alas now that she had vanished the city had gone from being sovereignty with a dazzling star of hope, to a ghost town permanently eclipsed by the darkness of a dead moon of unyielding anguish. Regardless of how bad things got everyone continue to make an effort to live in this cursed "Perfect Society" with this single tiny flame of hope burning in them all. That one day they could really locate the true Xanadu and not this phony one they had been so cunningly ensnared in for all eternity.

Right now inside the beautiful Millennium Palace as King Aknamkanon called his home was the King who was supposed to be listening to the needs of his people. There before him were the beautiful governesses of the different groups of the Beasts. He had created and named each of these lovely ladies. He thought he had made them without 'flaws" or without the cursed "Free Will" He had made each girl who looked about 18 from the element that each sub society she was supposed too look over for him. But unfortunately for him none of these ladies were dumb obedient puppets. They unmistakably symphonized with the people they'd been with for all this time and want their King to change.

Every one of the ladies looked exactly alike. Save for her complexion, garments and jewelry differed from what zone she governed. The maidens each where 5'7 and wore barefoot strapped sandals along with petite dresses, that showed a respectful amount of cleavage with anklets, bracelets, a chocker with a teardrop jewel for their miraculous powers with a matching earrings in addition to a teardrop gem on their foreheads. Their hair that was like water and light mixed together, was in an exotic style with a headdress of flowers weaved all the way through it.

"Give me the pleasure and be kind enough to pay heed to what we've have to say? Will you pay attention, my King? I mean in actuality pay attention? The way this city is running we could be looking at another war and I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting one. You can't just keep forcing people too live like this there must be change and soon or we'll have hell to pay. The sea is very restless sir," spoke Aqua who had been given the task to keep in line all water-type Divan Beast.

"Yes My Lord having these senseless set of laws only shows on your behalf a lack of unity, but it does however implanted the poisonous seeds of doom within all the wonderful creatures. Nothing good will grow within this garden if you let it grow to be swarming with weeds sir," Ivy replied as another flower on her dress wilted and died.

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you ladies have been ranting and raving on about for the good part of the last hour. Now stop hiding behind this thin cloak that you're attempting to hid your words beneath and tell me what you're trying to say or I shall unmake all of you ladies! I extreme dislike to obliterate such beauty in such an unattractive manner but I don't like flaws in my unblemished city," he said as he fingered his magic staff in a very nerve racking manner.

For Divan Beings they were given powerful magic enhancing objects at birth. For all of them their Immortally Object was one far more personally in addition to being a great deal harder to obliterate. Their immortality was their wings. These wings were so beautiful even the great of writers and poetics would be lost for words at their beauty. For if you laid eyes on these wings even for the second of heartbeat your breath would be swiftly stolen from your lips from its magnificent exquisiteness.

The King's wings were large whitish gold and could make three cyclones with just one feather rustling if he liked. He always arrogantly showed them off in a manner that made the others a bit jealous. He got a great deal of pleasure from the look on their faces when he did take an occasionally flight over his domain. Surrounding his body was a bright golden light which reflected how strong his magic was.

The Governess knew Aknamkanon threat was real, but for once they wouldn't be put off. They made up their minds. If they must die by the very hand that granted this half-life, they at the least make the needs of their people know before they give up the ghost. Standing on the Aknamkanon left side was his Head Magician and his Apprentice, Mahad and Mana both of their faces still as the cold stone which they stood upon. Also with them were their master's brother and his son. The rest of the court was off doing an assortment of tasks for him. Mahad kept unvoiced his tongue as his leader cold amethyst eyes burned through the courageous Governess.

Mahad was very loyal to his master and vaguely could commit to his infinite memory he had once been the good man who had saved this world. But he didn't comprehend what had changed him so radically. He felt secretly he may never know what had changed this man into a demon who chose to hide in the skin of a Divan Being. He glance quickly at Mana who he could tell was shaking like a leaf. He couldn't even do anything to calm her fear much less his own. Still he as he watched as his master was about to slaughter his own kind for the simple fact of doing what they were told to do, however weren't going to lie about it too him.

After a few tense moments one of the girls stepped heroically forward and respectfully bowed. She seemed terrified but refused to submit to her fears. "My name is Enchantra and I preside over the Spellcasters Zone where only individuals of the supernatural are allowed to live and thrive. My sisters and I would like to try and explain something," pausing for a moment to see if he was going to smite her. He didn't but gripped his staff tighter and was now in his other hand fingered a weird and wonderful talisman that hung around his neck. The Talisman was the Heart of Xandu, the magical source of energy that ran the entire city and was the King's own personal source of power.

"This is a magical model of our city. It would seem to go for infinity. Your design for this city was for it to be built in the shape of a winged star with a heart cradle within that star. The wings are the boarders of our domain and are what keep Man from finding us with their magic of technology. The star part is dived in to mathematical equal zones for all of the Divan Beasts. With the Divan Beings dwelling in the heart of it all," she refreshed him calmly.

"Yes I know this already. Get too the point!" he snapped his wings fluttering a bit with sparks of magic. A small number of inconsequential explosions happened as the sparks of magic went off like 4th of July firecrackers.

"You decree that to have order that everyone would be placed in one of these zones. Each zone environment is designed to fit their group's needs perfectly. But then there is how you make us run these zones. Your system forces everyone to stay in their zones and only interact with their own kind and only if their power is the same. That means my people the Spellcasters can't go and be with any other kind of Beast and they can't interact with anyone who not in their social class meaning a low level of power individual can't interact with a high power one,"

"Not only is this unfairly and unreasonably, but then you force upon each Zone to have its own rules as wells as rules that all must follow. Your laws are insane and ludicrous at best. No one can be free or creative and try to fly. No one is alive in this city you've christen "Xanadu" This isn't a democratic organization you guarantee these inhabitants at what time you first took your throne. No this is totalitarianism plain and simple. All the monsters yearn for the fortifications that, keep them imprisoned and apart from the others, to collapse and be permitted their voice to be heard in their own government. We can avoid an additional war if you allow what needs to happen come to pass. Please I beg you my King. Do what is right for your sovereignty. Demonstrate to them you're not a tyrant and you're the man who led them out of harm's way so long ago,"

For all was quite enough to hear a pin drop. Aknamkanon just remained still as the coldstone of his heart at the same time as his vivid pools of liquid amethyst sealed tighter then his grip on his staff of power. His eyes slowly opened and took a very steely glint to them. Mahad held his breath knowing what was coming next wishing Mana didn't have to witness the psychosis that was impending.

A brilliant flash of light in the midst of a merciless bellow come about for a fraction of a second. As soon as it was over the young girl was lying on the floor lifeless. Her beautiful body was now completely mangled in a way that didn't even seem to be possible.

Mana almost fainted at this cold blood site. She was still very new in the palace and what really went on its stunning walls. This was the first time she experienced the King's punishment for anyone who gave him even the slightest bit of discontentment.

"Now my brother, perhaps you do me a great act of kindness?"

"Yes my brother what is thy wish? What wonderful duty to you wish upon me to fulfill?" inquired Aknadin with his one real eye sharing the same demonic glint as he brother at the same time as a mischievousness sneer was etching it's way across his face.

"I would greatly be indebted if you and Seto could take these fine young ladies and deal with their inconsequential affairs. Do what you're capable of to satisfy these unthankful Neanderthals. Stupid Beasts these fools are? Don't they comprehend how good they have it? Put together the needed modifications but within the officially permitted limitations allowed, understood?"

"Yes Uncle we'll do as you command. Please Governesses would you follows us this way?" asked Seto kindheartedly to the ladies, who had been still as stone since their brave sister been needlessly struck down. He walked over to the ladies and rested his strong warm hand on one of their shoulders.

"My ladies, please come with me. There no need to linger here any longer. Come we'll attempt to correct this problem," he told them loud enough for his father and uncle to take notice of. At that time he dropped his voice low and whispered into her exquisite elf ear, "Don't be concerned about your fallen sister. I give you my word of honor; Mahad will find a way to help her. I shall aid him later in that task. But at this time we can't do anything. So follow ok?"

With a fleeting glance at their fallen sister as the false king was circling like a wolf around her they followed the kind dark blue eyes of they young boy. Seto for only a second looked at Mahad who made a very slight nod knowing what his next task was going to be.

The second the Governess where out of the throne room, Aknamkanon, began to kick the lifeless girl dead body around like her corpse was a hackysack. He laughed like this was child's game. However he soon grew bored to death with playing with her corpse and tossed the rag doll like body into Mahad arms.

Despite the fact that she was dead in addition to her corpse had been physically abused so much there wasn't a scratch on her charming form. She merely looked sound asleep in a sweet innocent dream. This was worse then having no signs of the cruelty she suffered.

"Mahad, my dear old friend I believe you know exactly what to do with that weed in my garden of perfection? You and your new apprentice get the job completed. All of these petty interactions have really stressed out my body. I'm going to retire to the health spa for a few hours then take a nap. I trust by the time the driver of golden sun chariot as exchanged it for the silver moon one all will amends will be done?" he asked very calmly to the young man before him.

"Yes, Master all will be done,"

"Good see you both in a few hours. That is all," with that he spread his massive wings and with a sound louder then roar of hell left. Mana finally passed out from the sickening ordeal she had just witnessed. Mahad couldn't blame her for her reaction. His Ring came alive as the glittering gold magic sprang from it and danced around the young girl on the floor. It then danced around her charming form and lifted her unconscious body into the air, with her bright pink and blue wings hanging down, an blowing soothingly in a non-extent zephyr. He then spread is own dark amethyst wings and flew off too his private chambers to do the task he was supposed too do.

He flew rapidly through the silent palace corridors to his tower, the Dark Magician Lair. It was like the rest of this entire world incredibly beautiful. It was a mix of light lavender along with rich amethyst with a spectacular amethyst jeweled stain glass skylight. It was rather spacious and full of volumes of the universe magical tomes and artifacts. However at that moment his wonderful home felt very depressing. He used his Ring too set Mana unconscious petite body on his large bed and tucked her. Then he looked at the other girl who lay lifeless in his strong arms.

"No matter how many times I do this cursed act, I'll never get over that look on each of their faces. How each of the delicate faces looks as innocent as a sleeping babe yet their eyes," he said gazing his own into the dead governess half closed ones, "Look like something I can't find a word that would describe this look," he said silently to himself as laid the girl on his worktable.

He then began to get the appropriated tools and ingredients necessary for the reconstruction as well as regeneration of the young girl. He had done this over a thousand times before. Lately he seemed to have recreate his master 'toys' as he now thought of them, more often then ever. He would have to make a new body and he was supposed to purge the 'flaw' from the previous model.

"When his 'toys' break or seemed to break he calls me to use my magic to fix them! I've become lately nothing more then a glorified toymaker in addition to a lowly handyman! Every now and then I can use my powers for a dignified as well as meaningful work, but as of late all I do is make him new dolls," he sighed as he poured an odd colored fluid from a vile into a vat. It's appalling odor aroused Mana from herself induced dreamless slumber.

"Master Mahad! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have been such a child! I should've been more like you and stood tall. I'm your Apprentice and I showed such dishonor to you and the king! Oh I deserve whatever chastisement you will inflict upon me for tarnishing the nobleness of a Magician Apprentice!" Mana told him as she fell to the ground in a whimpering heap. Her pink and blue wings cloaked her as she continued to cry about her dishonor.

"Please, Mana, stand up. You'd not experience humiliation. You're not the first to be…overwhelmed with the extreme nature of King Aknamkanon and his manner of handling this city. Please be of assistance to me with making a fresh Spellcasters Governess. It's been a while like maybe a decade or two since I made one of them. Could you get that big jade and gold manuscript on the top of the third shelf, please?" Mahad told her as she bowed and flutter over too get it.

She grabbed the book that was the size of her head and flew back over too her master. He waved his hand over it and the book flew opened and the pages flew by wildly and quickly till the reached the correct page. The spell was written in their native dialect, known as Millennium Language. The words and pictures were in unique as well as beautiful display of glittering multitude of vibrated colors and designs.

"Now make yourself useful and aid me in any way you can. If you wish to be an elite spellcaster yourself one day then you must practice, practice, and practice. Now tell me what is the first ingredient required in the formula for manufacturing a synthetic life form?" he asked her gently.

"Ah let me think. Um its moon beams crystals?" she asked hopefully to him. He shook his head and looked at the vat that was beginning to boil with purple bubbles. She needed to think quicker if he didn't want it to spill over. He watched as her pretty little face scrunched up in frustration as she racked her brain for the correct answer. She gave the impression of being like, human child who'd cram hard for a big examination, only to have her mind put up a wall between her and the answers to that test she sought after so desperately for.

"Um it's ah, don't tell me! I know it I really do! It's on the tip of my tongue! Just give me a little more time. I know I can think of it! I'm as bright as stars in the sky…wait that it! Stardust! Stardust mixed with thyme! That is what's needed!" she exclaimed proudly to him.

Mahad cracked a small smile and nodded. "Clever wordplay I will say. Now I want you to make this one all on your own. So go ahead too some magic. I won't help at all,"

If Mana had appeared panicky before she was really panicky at this moment. She was more jitter then a June bug. She started to stir the vat, but was such a nervous wreck she tripped over her own dainty feet and fell flat on her face. It was a really painful sight to watch as for the next two and a half hours she struggle too do what she was told. Mahad gave her an encouraging smile but remained silent. Mana continued to struggle in vain at the same time as she tried so desperately to perform her first attempt at fundamental alchemy appropriately. Her teacher was looking out the windowpane to the city that seemed to go on without end. He also for a few short-lived moments could see Earth.

More often than not the King's power over their city made it impossible to see the rare jewel of the universe. Nevertheless at what time he was extremely stress-free his power over the Heart of Xanadu lessened a sufficient amount to see the stunning as well as intriguing planet Earth. It looked breathtaking sight; a very pleasant change to the perfect periwinkle skies Aknamkanon until the end of time had painted above them. Their master's power was so great he had power over everything right down to the weather conditions.

"Master Mahad! I think we've got problems!" cried Mana voice in full out panic as the vat was now a very nasty shade of puce and with each popped effervesce releasing an very dreadful odor. He snapped out of his thoughts snapped his head around in time to see the vat fly into a rage spewing the contents all over the place. His Ring shield him from the thick putrid substance, on the other hand Mana was now covered from head too toe in it.

She fell too her knees in disgrace, "I so stupid! I'm a fool too think I could be a great spellcasters! Just a big fool that all that I'm! I cannot even do simple alchemy what makes me think I could ever hope do the astonishing craft of magic?"

"Mana, what did you do?" Mahad asked his Apprentice as he waved his hand and the Lair was once again neat as a new pin. Mana on the other hand ignored him and went on rambling and verbally mutilating herself for her lack of talent and embarrassing foul-ups!

After this childish tantrum lasted longer then it ought to, he used his Ring's magic too turn her upside down an immobilized her except for her head.

"Ahh! Put me down! I hate being upside down! I don't even like flying in loopy loops! Master I'm so sorry for ruining your beautiful Lair and I'll understand if you do some kind of chastisement! Please put me down!" she begged him. He released his hold on her set her right side up.

Mana then began to kiss his feet in an attempted to make her inevitable punishment less horrific. Mahad just yanked her too her feet. "Please Mana show yourself a bit of dignity! I'm not going to punish you for making a mistake,"

"But Master Mahad we're Divan Beings! We're not capable of making mistakes! That is something only the vile along with despicable humans can do. My mother and teachers said so. They told us everyday twice a day the same thing. We're above them in every way!"

"If I did make a mistake, only shows that you should've chosen one of the males for an Apprentice not a female. My teachers were right. I'm not cut out to be a spellcaster it was just a foolish whim to be different. I should've done as they told me and train to become something more suited to my talents if I had any. Maybe I should have become a Scroll Keeper. Males are just so much better suited too magic as everything thing else in this eternal life," hanging her head in shame.

"Mana just because you're a female doesn't mean you're dumb. You also shouldn't give up just because something doesn't turn out right the first time. Anyone can make a mistake,"

"You're talking like a human my friend. Be careful my screwy uncle doesn't hear you utter such treason's words or your wings will be clipped. I'm sorry for not being on time. I had to attempt to give support to the other ladies after my father used his Eye on them. Just a bit of 'fun," he said. I swear this isn't how I remember things' being before this cursed city was erected," Seto told the magicians as he glided silently on his light blue wings.

"I know what you mean Seto. I can vaguely remember the world where our race originated from. I remember a real Xanadu. I remember how it was sweet and happy. We all had a good life," Mahad told the young priest in a half-hearted tone. He sighed heavily as he tried hard too recall his former home but alas he couldn't even see it.

"Excuse me but what do you mean "Our World or the Real Xandu?" I mean haven't we for ever and a day lived here? Is this not Xanadu?" asked a baffled Mana to the two older men. They looked each other in the eye and sighed.

"What do they teach at the Academy now a day? Don't you know your own history Mana?" Seto asked the young girl who shook her head.

"I'm afraid history wasn't my strong point. To be truthful I wasn't very good at school at all. I was late a great deal and feel asleep a lot. I was even held back one time. That is why I'm surprise to be standing in your two presences right now. When it came time for the Selection, six months ago for the Palace Head Magician to choose an Apprentice, I believed I never even be considered let alone get this job. I was so shocked Mahad selected me,"

Mahad looked at Mana with a bit of surprise. Her headmistress at the Xanadu Academy for Young Girls had said she was a bit of a klutz, but had a good heart. When he had visited the Xanadu Academy for Young Boys he had quickly dismissed the sixteen year old presented to him. He could sense their overconfidence and arrogance from a mile off. At the girls school he had found the lack of interest to be staggering. He had almost left when he sensed a strong magical aura. That's when he saw Mana and knew she had the potential to one day surpass him. He took her with him despite the protest and had begun her training confident that the girl would blossom sooner or later.

"You may want to put your feet up for this, child. This is going to take a while to put in plain words the true origins of the Divan Beings and the true history of Xanadu. So you best have a seat," recommended Seto to her as she did as she was told. He took a deep breath and then using his Rod created a colossal living illustration that played out their own history before their very eyes.

"Long ago long before this universe was even conceived into its beautiful existence, there was another universe, our universe, the first Xanadu," narrated Seto to them, as if he were telling a bedtime fairy-tale to a small child. That was what the truth of their origins had become too many, a simple bedtime story.

"Our universe was beyond words of beauty and was truly a real Xandu. There was nothing but peace and tranquilly. There was no war, or hunger, or pain. No concept of anything evil or sinful at all. We're all most gods the fabric of that wonderful universe was mere child play to on a whim command. We seemed to have evolved to a point of true perfection. Furthermore it was beyond doubt a happy and prospers time. It seemed like an endless beautiful dream world that you'd never wake up from.

Unlike here where everyone is forced to live with up sine in addition to absurd rules and there isn't an ounce of freedom of any kind back their everyone was free to be whoever and whatever they dreamed off and lived a life free of fear.

Now everything in life has magic within their souls. Some beings are just more talented in taping it then others. While we know for a fact that humans have no 'magic' like we do it is rumored they have a magic power, a magic power so great it rivals that which is the source of all our power as well what gives us all in this city immortally. The Heart of Xanadu,"

"The Heart of Xanadu? What's that?" Mana piped up curiously as she seemed memorized by the images of her people former home. It was truly a breath stealing as it was more attractive along with that it felt more genuine in addition to alive then this one she was in. She giggled at the sight of newborns trying to take to the air on their short stubby wings and what appeared to be a to a certain extent unusual star hovering over a most beautiful palace.

"You see that 'star' above the old palace?" asked Mahad too her as she nodded. "You notice how it's seems to beat? As if it where alive?" Mana nodded again she wasn't very fast on the uptake. "That was the Heart of Xanadu,"

"Wow! You mean to say our former home had a giant star as its heart?"

"Well Mana the truth in that manner is this. Each and every one worlds that hold life on them, in fact have some type of a 'heart'. These "Hearts" are the holder of each world's life-force as well as its magic. Ours however was far more powerful. It was so powerful this Heart had its own mind," Mahad started to put in plain words however Mana interrupted him before he could finish.

"You mean to say that the Heart was alive? Like you and me? Not just some super powerful chunk of crystallized magic?"

"How about I finish the tale and then you'll understand, Mana?" Seto told her who obeyed him. He started once again to tell them their people story.

"It did seem to be a perfect world that would last till kingdom come. Nevertheless it would seem nothing good can last forever. Little by little our people started to change for the worse. They become contaminated with evil's poisonous seeds. Bit by bit we went from being noble as well as peaceful angelic race to winged demons of hell.

"It was like a light that was supposed to protect us was now and forever extinguished from our hearts. As the pandemonium and insanity grew more of our people crossed a line that couldn't be crossed back and after finally after five millenniums of this madness and our Heart unable to help us Xanadu went from the perfect gem of the universe to dust and fell."

"The few remaining survivors of this self inflected genocide used the last fragment of the dying Heart of our home and departed the ruined universe and came here hoping for a second chance to be granted too them. The Heart then led us for a long time till we at last found 'kindred spirits'. The Devine Beasts who were like long lost kin to us. Seeing how they seemed to be infected with the same psychosis that destroyed us. The last King of our world took commanded and led us to help out these creatures to save them from what had happen to our world.

We then built this new city but it would seem, despite the fact we left the old Xanadu behind the evil that destroyed remained within the lost soul of my uncle and my father. Countless people and I include, over and over again wonder the same unanswered question. Why the Heart seemed to fail to stop the annihilation of the original Xanadu or why it hasn't done anything to stop this evil here. We may never know," Seto concluded with the tale.

"I don't get it. You said the Heart alive and it very powerful, like almost omnipotent? Then why didn't it save its people like you said? What stopped it from keeping the evil at bay? Why did a Living Heart that has a mind of its own allow such a great race to kill itself to almost extinction and allow this city to continue living?" Mana asked in puzzlement.

"We may never know the answers. No one complete understands the power of a World's Heart. But the ancient scrolls say there are few souls who are chosen by fate to control these powers. Only those of royal blood like our King and his son can control the Heart power. Still like you and Seto I wonder myself how is it someone who has no heart of his own can control something that requires a heart to make it beat." Mahad inquired out loud to the others.

The trio then completed their task of manufacturing a new governess. They allowed the new life to go though the 'rebirth' process. After starting the 'regeneration process' the trio went down to the dinning hall where they meet up with the rest of the Court. All of the Guardians looked extremely depleted as well as miserable. Each of their wings seemed to give off just how much fatigue they felt as they dragged upon the diamond floor.

"Hello Isis. How did your day go? Did you and Karim make any good matches in the Fire Zone today?" inquired Mana inquisitively, to the only other female in the whole palace.

The lovely lady smiled upon the innocent girl however her dark navy eyes couldn't conceal the pain she felt for this sweet innocent girl. Isis knew all too well, that Aknamkanon and his brother love to break people and that wasn't always meant figuratively. Mana was such a vibrant and wonderful girl and didn't deserve the painful immortal life she was born into.

"Mana, choosing a life partner for someone else isn't very unproblematic. You know very well the custom of our people. Divine Beings all have their parents settle on who your partner is before we're even born. But twice a month during the full moon and new moon Karim and I are required to go to the many different Zones and select partners for all the Divine Beasts. It's not easy child at all," she told her in an indifferent tone.

"It's also not very satisfying or right in any manner! We've have no right to force upon someone, someone else for all time! I don't care that King Aknamkanon says it's for breeding purpose to insure a strong and good population. So all the future off-spring only have the finest bloodlines. But is wrong to mess with matters of the heart," Kareem said bitterly as they took their seats at the gold and crystal table.

"You think you've had it bad? You won't like what Shadi and I have had to deal with from dawn till dusk for about a fortnight. Pure souls of innocent creatures all just desiring a little freedom and a chance to have some fun. Today I was force the ultimate punishment upon three Harpy Ladies sisters," Shada shaking his head sadly.

"What did they do that was so wrong? I know winged vixens like them can be a little restless especially during certain of the year. Like the solstices and equinox. What did the lovely ladies do that made them become…mortal?" Shimon asked to the tattoo bald man who was looking at his Key with disgust in his piecing blue eyes.

"They're just flying. In a race for fun and went too high. Just three inches too high, three blasted inches! As the Spirit of Judgment and Loyal Protector, I went in those vixens minds. No I raped their minds! They're just being themselves and I tore all the way through from beginning to end of their minds. I could hear them screaming in pain but I kept going till I was finished. Then because they flew a little too high we were forced to make all three of them mortal. Mortal! For the reason that they flew three lousy inches! I don't know how much longer I can do this," Shadi said from beneath his golden mask. He only wore it if he was in a real fowl mood.

"Try to cheer up Shadi. Prince Atem is nearly of age and he will soon be the Holder of the Heart. Then we'll be out of harm's way," Shimon said brightly. A warm smile within his bread and his light lavender wings flutter hopeful.

"No offences old friend. But my Uncle has done a very good job of making my cousin anything but the savior we need," Seto said in dampen the spirits tone to the short old vizier.

"What do you mean? I may've been stuck in an infinite archive for the last 14 years but how bad can the King be too his own son?"

"Very bad," was all Seto said as the thunderous boom of his own father and uncle came flying in. By the mad look in their eyes they been up too something in their private tower. King Aknamkanon surveyed all over the grand as well luxury dining room and then said tranquilly and gently.

"Well I'm pleased that all of you've done your task without delay and without questioning my authority or judgment. Very good I'll be sure to reward you'll later for a good job. That I'm most delighted with all of you performances, Xanadu is beyond doubt a paradise because of your hard work and devotion to a beautiful dream! Now can any of you answer one simple question?" he paused for a moment of dramatic. Each and every one but Aknadin looked extremely uncomfortable about their King's gaze upon them. He finally spoke to them and it sound like the Big Bang only about a billion times worse.


No one said anything for they truthful had no idea where the prince was at all.