Author Note

I like to take this time to thank all who read and reviewed "If My Heart Had Wings" It meant a lot too me seeing with each chapter my stats go up and up. All of you that faithful reviewed I love to give a picture too. I really liked to thank YGO Cupid, Protector of the Nameless and S2Teennovelist you in particular for leaving the long detail reviews I wanted.

I love all who reviewed and sent me pm when I sent them a reply for a more detail answer, I've save some of them. However I do but sometimes some people like me would like a little more then just "Great Story! Update Soon!" it feels sorta like a let down especially when you consider how much I wrote that you could've comment on. Again thanks for the reviews and now too answers a lot of questions.

Where did the idea for the story come from: This maybe a surprise but it came from reading a lot of fanfictions with one of the boys being a merman. I was reading like 20 of them and I got tired of it and wanted wings. Wings are hell of lot easier to draw then fins.

The Plotline: I had the basic plotline worked out the same time I was doing my last Yu-gi-oh fic my first try at a Yaoi, "Aibou," it was a sequel to my first Yu-gi-oh fic "Atem's Key" If you loved this as much as I think you did I recommend you read those two as well. You learn a lot more about my OCS Aziza, Samira, and Aziza's parents Samir and Efra.

The basic plotline never changed much. It was always the same idea. That Atem was a winged immortal prince who was abused by his father and fled to Earth to escape marriage and learned humanity and feel in love. That never changed nor did the concept of the Hearts or him losing his feathers. This story was about the journey everyone makes in becoming human.

Morals and Lessons: I wanted to write in a creative way my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about humanity. I really do believe that humanity and immortally is the ability to care about others more then yourself. Love is humanity and immortally. So I was attempting to show my POV on what I consider important in life without being ridicule like I'm in my real life. Mostly my family and a lot of nameless jerks on the Internet have ripped me apart and belittle me for my thoughts. Especially my older brother Kyle!

It wasn't easy to pick who and what lessons everyone was going to teach Atem/Yami on humanity. It had to be something they knew about and could teach. But for a few like Joey, Tristan, and Tea it wasn't easy even though they're in almost every episode of the show! I liked to thank YGO Cupid for helping me in that department. After it was decide who was going to teach him it became a matter of how they do it and find the feathers. This story took place over three months remember so it was time limited.

Inspirations: I drew inspirations for this story from a lot of different places. From Disney, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, Covent, MASH, W.I.T.C.H. and most importantly my own life! You'll learn over the rest of this what came in where.

Xanadu: Xanadu is really a poem believe it or not. I heard about in one of the last W.I.T.C.H. episodes. Me and my twin sister Kali were both wondering what they could possible use for titles in last few episodes and that word popped up. It was perfect! As you can see Xanadu was really an irony to its name. It was anything but a paradise. You saw all of the cruel as well dishonorable lifestyle and stupid ways of life that the world over has done all in one package. How no one could live at all. I don't know a hell of lot about laws or traditions and such but I think we all should be free to live any kinda of life we want as long as it doesn't endanger the lives of others.

Music: I did find this was very creative way for Yami to deal with his Ascending. It also gave me the chance to show you what I like to listen too. Though YGO Cupid was the one who suggested the songs that were mention when we first find out about the I-pod. Music is universal and it was very cool to share all that I chose.

Ascending: The concept of Ascending came from the movie "The Covent" Kali and I rented, well she rented it. I rent Yu-gi-oh the movie so Dad would burn it for me. In the movie the warlocks go through Ascending like Yami did. Their powers reach their peak at the exact time they become 18 but for them it's a double edge sword. The power gets addictive and if they use too much they become old. The main character dad was only 43 and he'd looked 100! So that why I said the Divine Beings had to be careful or they winded up in a coma, like Mana did. Also the act of willing their power came from this, in the movie not only when you will your power away to someone they get it, but you die the minute it's done. I want to have this happen to show that one even Immortal go through puberty and two it did cause him problems and help the plot.

Arranged Marriages & Gender Laws: Well it obvious with this kinda of society and story it wouldn't work unless it was being force to marry someone betrothed to you. Finding out it's someone stupider then Paris Hilton only makes it worse! The Gender Laws of why boys and girls were raised apart unless they're of elite class? That came from an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine if you can believe it or not. In the episode Luxwanna Troi came to Odo seeking help. Like always she was looking for a husband mostly because she is alone. Her latest one got her knocked up and it was a boy. But his culture states firmly that boys and girls are to be raised in the same sex environment till they are 16! This horrified Luxwanna who refused to loose another person in her life. She had lost a lot of people include the husband she loved most Ian Andrew, father to Deanna Troi, of TNG and her daughter Kestra who died when she was six in a drowning accident. So she wasn't about to lose her unborn son as well. Odo in end up marrying her long enough so he gets possession of the child and then she left to go home to Betazeid. I love it a lot. Wherever Mrs. Troi goes one thing is crystal clear you're going to be in for a laughing fit! Unless you're a guy then you better watch out! LOL! "Ensign set a course to Betazeid, Warp 9!" Captain Picard after he'd pretend to be a jealous lover to save her from a Ferengi. LOL!

Tears and Blood: In my book "Which Witch?" it states that witches and warlocks cannot shed tears. So that where that came from the idea for the blood is along the same line. Also because none of they couldn't cry or bleed they couldn't expel any of the pain trapped within them.

Hearts: The concept of the Hearts was a combination of Disney's Atlantics, W.I.T.C.H. and Sailor Moon. The Atlantics part comes from the fact the Heart is sentient and has its own mind and a symbiotic relationship. The W.I.T.C.H. part comes in the form of the necklace that the Crystal Heart was kept in. The actual look of the Crystal Heart of Xanadu comes from Sailor Moon Super or as me and Kali calls it "The Heart Snatchers Saga"

I like to take this time to say something. I find a lot of things between Serena, Yugi and Atem that are the same. I see a lot of the same things in both Yu-gi-oh and Sailor Moon and I did a picture with 12 things listed that I found alike. If you don't agree with me, it fine. It's just my opinion. But to me Sailor Moon and Yu-gi-oh aren't that different.

Items and Harness: As you can see all the Items from the show were here as well. But like S2Teennovelist asked "What about the others stuff, the crown, earrings, cap," I try to clarify. If you missed it I said that every Divine Beings was at birth given an Item to enhance their magic. That Item is part of them forever which is why everyone still has theirs at the end. I just chose randomly what to bestow to Shimon, Solmina, and Samira. The harness that Yami wears throughout the story? Is based off what Angel in X3 was wearing before he was about to be given the "cure." The Darklight Item was based off the Pyramid of Light as you figured out I'm sure. The Acornia Stone that was used to help save Yami? It was based on the Golden Crystal from Sailor Moon Super S, aka Dream Searchers.

Atem or Yami: The idea of using these two names came from the masterpieces of Spirited Away. When Chihiro becomes Sen after Yubbaa steals her name, she over the movie as Sen grows and matures and when she becomes Chihiro again at the end she is able to take what she learned as Sen with her. I want that to be the same for Atem/Yami. In many cultures world over your name is very important and it's magic. It does define who you are gives you both limits and identity. Furthermore it showed both his parents view points on life and fit the prophesy.

Major themes: If you got this, some of the major themes were the following. 1. We all make mistakes. No one I mean no is perfect. I don't believe God is perfect either. 2. Beauty is found within. 3. Love will save us always. 4. Friendship is very important. 5. Ultimately what matters in life are the lives around you and not the replaceable possessions!! 6. Bad things do happen but you don't have to let them rule you. 7. Love has no limits or boundaries at all. 8. Everything in life is from a POV and we must learn to really listen and respect others. 9. Fighting is pointless. 10. Learn from the past to save the future.

Feathers: I got the idea of the feathers in rather weird but normal for me way. A lot of the time I'm doing something and then bam! I suddenly remember something from ages ago! No joke! One time I was cleaning the middle stall in the women bathroom at work and suddenly I'm remembering the episode on Rugrats when Chuckie pill bug Milton died and the babies had a funeral in Tommy's backyard for him!

LOL I'm surprised at times what I can pull out of my mind! I remembered a clip from the movie "Michael" about an angel who lost his feathers when he did miracles so that's where that came from. Originally the feathers played no other part then signifying that Yami had learned a lesson in humanity. On the other hand then an idea came from your reviews. I felt I use them to help get the gang to Xanadu. They're going anyway might as well make it more fun!

Sub-plots for the Court: In any good story there is also something else going on. I wanted to show how the Xanadu lifestyle had hurt different people. So I began by developing plotline around my observation in the Memory Saga. In my mind when watch it I saw that it did seem that Mahad and Isis shared some romantic feelings. So their plot line told both the story of the old Xanadu in addition to how they been denied love by such absurd customs. Mana was showing the after picture. How many times a lot people are the unlucky recipient of some type of negative treatment for unknown reason. I liked how she slowly began to grow and learn and by the end was very much a better person. Seto? He was very much dealing with a lot of the same issues as his cousin so they could related. Shimon? I cannot I mean I really can't believe none of you picked it up at all. After all the hints I dropped that Shimon was in fact Samira father! I mean I only kept saying over and over how bad the guy had it!

As to why Shada, Karim and Shadi aren't heavily focused on? It's simple not enough detail on them. I mean all we know about Shada is that he's Odion past-self, he had the Key and his monster was Two Headed Jackal. Other then that? Nothing! Karim even less. All I knew about him was that he was in possession of the scales and was supposedly Marik's past self. It was Kali who helped add in their parts feeling they needed to be remembered. Shadi was always an enigma, but Kali figured out a way the Spirit could help out. Since he was a spirit he didn't need an Item although I did mention his mask to keep up the connection to Memory World. Without Kali adding in their small parts I couldn't have created such a balanced act between the Court on Earth and those stuck in Xanadu.

Out of the Ordinary Events: I will say again I love it that you enjoy the story. But I found it very frustrating when each of your reviews came in and not one of you seemed to mention a number of events that I did. I'm not going to yell at you but it still made me feel dishearten when you didn't say a word about events like 1. Yami's wetting the bed. 2. The Sex Incident. 3. Getting Drunk. 4. Mana's Period. Just too name a few events. I did those one too have a few laughs and two to show you that our favorite Pharaoh is just a normal kid under it all. He isn't a god he's a human being. Each event had is own significant meaning as you'll later learn but it still hurt my feelings greatly after I asked you all kindly many times to be a bit more detail in your reviews. It hard enough to draw these events but you could've said something about them. It did hurt me, I'm flattery by all the attention yet I can't change the fact I feel hurt that most of you didn't say a word about these things. My neighbor Andi and co-workers who got no clue who the hell Yugi is found a lot to more to say. This isn't yelling at you. Just maybe in the future you could think more things to say then just "UPDATE SOON"

Dedications: I did those dedications to those people for a few reasons. 1. I do love them and they do awesome work. You all should really look at the things that they've done. 2. I want to show who I like and help them get some more people looking at their stuff. I'm a very kind soul.

Title: The title comes from a Faith Hill song I like. It also stated what the story was about. Since it's made clear that those wings are what make them immortal, yet his heart didn't have wings so he wanted them. Arainaina made an amvs to that song on my request so I suggest you watch it. You'll see why I pick it for them among many others. Also each story tile was made to fit the contents of its chapter.

Food and Drinks: I mention a lot of food and for the most part it's what I eat. I don't eat any kind of veggies and I wasn't joking with the broccoli thing. In addition to that I loath coffee. I can't stand it and the one time I was force to drink I spit it right back out. I don't drink tea either but its nicer then coffee.

Cars: The Chevy mentioned when Yugi's was having his flashback about the hospital incident? That my car, well my dad owns it I just drive it. As of June 14th 2007 I've had my licenses for one year. The Sunfire Pontiac that Samira owns? That's my dad car! My grandpa's the one in the family with the motorcycle. However Yami's one is based on Brooklyn from Gargoyles, bike that gets blown up!

The Prophecy & Oracle: Well too be honest I wasn't planning in the beginning of either. But it was something needed. I knew I need a reason why Aknamkanon wanted Atem back. He clearly didn't love him at all and I need something to give those trapped in Xanadu hope. Thus both the Prophecy and Oracle were created. The Prophecy was simply saying that the love between the Two Hearts would be what saved one an all.

The Oracle? That was soul in addition to guardian of the Hearts and daughter of Halakti? That was Kara, my online friend from Deviant. Here why. Few months back she had asked me about matter of the heart and I gave her the best answer I could. Short time later I defended her and her friend when some boneheads were stupidly putting the dryer at work in front of where I dump my mop water. Then I the next time we spoke she told me she took a bullet to the hand to protect her best friend and roommate Maya who was being harassed by a boy who didn't get the idea she didn't like boys that way.

I was so impressed by her actions I decide to show her how much she was a hero to me. So I drew her picture, then I made her the Oracle, because we both LOVE YUGI! Then I merged her with my girl Aziza so in a sense Aziza/Oracle is the best of both me and her. I love her as a friend and this is way she is immortalized forever by the world!

You don't need magic powers to help save the world. You just got to care enough to do something to help the world and its people. As Christopher Reeves said, "A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength and determination to perceiver overwhelming obstacles" Is it just me or any guy who played Clark Kent or Superman smoking?

The Villains and corruption: My friend Mark aka Mdizzile on this site says I've got a gift when it comes to villains. I guess I do and I've got a great evil laugh. To me the greatest evil is someone who breaks someone heart on purpose or lacks a heart all together. So basically I think of what I consider evil and what some real evils are. It's not hard for me to make a villain but it's hard for me to write battles.

The Corruption? That was repeat being spoken of when describing the Xanadu Universe? The one that Zork's wraiths help kill by infected everyone? I was merely speaking of what mankind fate is only escalated way, way, way out of control. The same problems we face everyday. Hatred, Greed, Pride, Lust, Jealousy, Predjustice, Racism, Closed Mindedness basically what I was talking about was the same problems we have in our world were escalated by the Divine Beings.

I do believe if we don't stop acting like fools with our head cut off and realize what is important we will end up killing ourselves. Think about people. Do you really think I like it that my country been in Iraq this long? We're not white, black, Asian, or any race at all! The paper that blew Yami away was mine. I tried to post it with the chapter but it won't take it. If you want to read it goes to my scarps at deviant. I hope you understand what I was talking about.

Pop References: You may've notice I made a great deal of references about various other TV shows along with book ect. Well I was actually stating my thoughts and feelings and on one occasion after the food fight before Kisara almost turn Yami into road kill I was asking about Danny Phantom and Avatar. People um that was really asking if any of you had any ideas where I could get the third season of Danny or when the hell Avatar new season was coming. I'm glad you loved the story but I thought I was making it very blunt at times I was asking for certain kinda of feedback! The books and DVDs Aziza gives Yami I either own or seen. I felt they best displayed the kinda of lessons he needed. That and a chandler said few were a good example of things. I hope you got the idea of what I watch on TV.

Original Character Bios: Here is the background and secrets about my OCs. My thoughts and feeling into what went into making them and also why two feel more real then anything ever.

Aziza: She is beautiful, blind and kick ass. She is also the first OC I've created that everyone actually liked. Almost all my others, Akiko for Avatar, Lu for Xiaolin, Nakida and Sonia Teen Titans to name a few haven't been exactly well liked. Akiko is liked somewhat on Deviant. Lu has been called a bitch because she is very blunt. I don't do tact and I hate people just saying things to be nice. I would prefer a world with absolute down to the Earth honesty. Chakra was my other Xiaolin Character and I never really learned what people thought about her. The only other OC of mine that was very well liked Kali wrote with my permission from me was Terra McGinnis aka Batgirl Beyond.

All my OC I ever created especially the girls are very much a part of me. Who I want to be. What I know inside me and what I'm capable of doing. I pour so much time and effort to design their looks and I've struggled to make good backgrounds for them and give them flaws. It has pushed and challenged me in many ways. That why I was so elated to learn all of you loved Aziza. It made me feel like I finally at long last did something right. She wasn't even supposed to be in this story but I took a gamble and put her in.

Aziza is a real Egyptian name that I got out of a name book given to me by Dr. Ginger Brainerd after I told her it was hard to come up with names. With over 3000 to choose from it became a lot easier. I think Aziza name is very pretty and its spell the same both ways. I sadly can't find out what it means and I wish I could.

When I was first creating Aziza I knew what I want her too look like, her personality was easy too and her powers were great as well. In my other two stories Aziza is The Pharaoh's Secret Keeper. As then title suggest she is supposed to keep secrets, she end up keeping the biggest secret safe in her soul for 5000 years. Atem's name and life! Because she is blind she can't be affected by magic but can still do magic.

She's still very much the same girl you've read about here but in the other two she was part of Atem's Court and had lot of hardships to deal with and was very grateful to be alive taking into consideration she should've died on her birthday April 18, she a year older then Atem, for the reason that she is blind and that was the law. She is just basically like here Atem's best friend and loves him a great deal. They both admit they'd childish crushes on each other when they're kids. On the other hand both know Atem's heart is Yugi. I won't spoil everything but she is very important to him.

To be honest it was because of Yugi and Atem I really started to really understand and want to do Yaoi. I've seen Kerry Weaver on ER with Sandy for awhile so I wasn't a stranger to this but I never drew or wrote it till I really saw what Yugi and Atem had together. There is no gay, lesbian, or straight. Love is love. What matters is if you find someone who makes you happy. Nothing else matters but that.

In the other stories she can turn into a cheetah whenever she wants and is very powerful. In this story I tried to write her the same but with one added thing. She still has that incredibly sense of hearing and short temper, but in this story she is bi-polar.

The reason behind this? I'm bi-polar, I felt if Yami could watch Aziza live with both blindness in addition to a mental illness, it would teach him a great deal and it told you a little about me. One I do walk on my toes and two if I had friends in my real life and someone pulled a stunt like what Duke did don't think I won't try to chock him! Aziza is very much me but she still her own person. It isn't easy being bi-polar I'll tell you.

Again I wish I could voice her. In my mind when I'm watching Yugi she comes and goes like the wind. She's protecting and being there for her Pharaoh and Prince not out of loyalty or duty but because Atem saved her life and he's her best friend and like she said you can't help but fall in love with them. That why she is always with them in my mind. She punishes those who wrong them and just keeps an eye on them and just wants them to be happy.

I tend to make the girls I created very beautiful. I wish I could be as beautiful as her. I'm pretty just not as much as I like. I've got long blond hair, one blue eye and one green eye, wear glasses, average height and I've lost some weight. I've gone from 210 to 184. I guess taking out 80lbs garbage bags and mopping floors does help! Still I just want more then anything one day to be able to show off a midriff. If you want to know more about Aziza read my other two fics. I think you'll enjoy chapter nine and eleven in Aibou very much when you see what's happened.

Samira: The idea for her was stimulated by two things. One, we saw Atem's father and him as the cutest baby in the universe HIGH SQUEEL!!!!!!!! But no mother and I felt after all the hell the poor guy been through he deserved to have some memories of his mom. Also I need to explain that hair!

I love that anime gets these great hair color and hairstyles yet I do need some genetics for myself. I still can't figure out Rini from Sailor Moon coloring. How does a girl wind up with pink hair and red eyes when both her parents have blue eyes, one is blond and the other black? In all honesty Rini should've blue eyes and black hair, seeing how blond a recessive gene is. I mean at least in Code Lyoko Aelita hair was explained. Her mom also had pink hair; I'm guessing her parent's one had white hair the other red thus the pink.

So I took a great deal of time and effort getting her looks right. I think I did a very good job with her. Her name in Arabic means "Entertaining" and seeing how her son is the King of Games it fits. She is just the same in here as she was in the other story really. She is simple a good mother and a good wife. Aknamkanon was nice in the show so they had a good relationship in the other stories. In the other stories she was the one who taught Atem how to play games and taught him to be humble, honorable, and respectful. Her best friend was Efra who's Aziza mom. In my story Aibou she died when Atem was nine due to a fever. She made him swear to protect what he loved and when he played a game whether it is life or fun to be the honorable man she saw. I think you get why it hurt a lot more when he lost Yugi's soul now.

Again I chose Jen Kohl to voice her because basically it the same role. Ursa and Samira are both being mothers in royalty doing whatever it takes to keep their children safe from their evil fathers.

Samir: His name means "Entertaining companion." In my other two stories Samir was Aknamkanon best friend and his wife was Efra. His job was being the King personal adviser. Samir was very book smart and very creative thinker. He also was gifted when it came to horseback riding. He one the Nile Challenge 7 years in a row with Aknadin also in second. Aknadin despised Samir and his family as you'll read. Samir helped translate the spell for the Items. He and his wife were very good people and even saved Atem's father life once which is why he'd allowed Aziza to live. Samir and his wife died in a landslide on their way home from a mercy mission. This event leaves Aziza with a big debt to someone she will attempted to pay forward in Aibou.

He wasn't going to be in this story originally. Samira was going to be marred to a severely burned firefighter named Mike but I changed it when I decide to use Aziza. The tough part was his hair which in the other stories we don't see it because of his headdress. In my mind he voiced by Keith David, best know for Goliath on Gargoyles. The man has an incredibly voice and he does a great job acting as well!

Efra: Despite you don't meet her in this story I want you to know who she is. Efra name means "Honored, distinguished," I've wished to have her voiced by Susan Eisenbreg who did Wonder Woman on JLU. In my other Yugi fics Efra was the High Priestess before Isis. She was best friends with Samira. She was famous for many things her magical talents, medium abilities but most her most famous quality is the fact she was the best midwife around. She never lost mother or child when she deliver a baby and when you consider how high the death rate was back in ancient Egypt you be lucky to have her around! She was the one who caught Atem coming out of the birth cannel after 16 hours of hell. 7lbs, 12 ounces and 18 and half inches long. When she did his reading she informed his parents his destiny was so great even the Gods couldn't tell her it! That why she was a nurse in this before she died. Imagine Aziza in her 30s with slightly shorter hair and sunset eyes and you got Efra.

Camille: Bitch Diva wasn't she? Also something of a narcissist the way she had keep make herself look so beautiful and make it all about her. Her voice let me think. I'd chose Shirley Millner who did everyone favorite insane virus Hexadecimal on Reboot. God I love and miss that show. I think she do well with this bitch that couldn't be more insane if she tried. Not too mention she has 16 forms and Hexadecimal is 16 devisable or something like that. When I created Camille I was basically making the ultimate bitch some who could even be more evil then Aknamkanon. I had her look like the Winx Club, W.I.T.C.H. and C.H.K.Y.N. for two reasons. One it showed you what else I watch and two their outfits are very stylish! But her face remains evil showing she can't hide what inside.

The Vixens: Shakti, Pomona, and Oba: The Vixens are very special for several reasons. One is the name they go by Vixens. A vixen for those of you that don't know is a female fox, and foxes just happened to be my favorite animal.

Now each of their names is of a goddess. Shakti is Hindi, it means "Divine Woman" In their religion it the Hindu Goddess of Time and Destruction. Pomona is Latin it means "Apple" In myth it's the goddess of fruit and fruit trees. Oba its Yoruba, myth a goddess who rules the rivers.

When it came too how the Vixens looked I was determined to make them very sexy and deadly at the same time. My only complaint with Yugi and Atem is their lack of a wardrobe hence getting him clothes. So I was determining to make these girls look great. When I drew I like to look at bright colors better then dull ones. So I chose three colors that worked well. The elf ears and Bajoran earrings? I love to draw pointy ears and I love the Bajorans earrings. They're the ones in Star Trek with the ridges on their nose and the odd names family name first and first name last. I love their earrings so that why I added that. Cat pupils make them look evil but that tiny diamond? That was actually inspired by an X-file episode with a genie who was trapped in a rug and that was her bracelet of slavery that diamond.

The Vixens are based largely on The Charmed Ones and the Weird Sisters. I wasn't really into Charmed that was Kali's thing. But the Weird Sisters from Gargoyles are very much like the Vixens. They are immortal; they look alike except for hair. The sisters have one blond, one black and one white. Both groups sever a higher power and both are more often refereed to as a group then their individual names. This why they be voiced by Kath Soucie.

She is one of the most famous voice actors. Other are Jeff Bennett, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Grey DeLisle, Ron Perlman, Rob Paulsen, too name a few. After awhile you learned to pick up them. It because of them I wish to be a voice actor so badly!

Faith: She was based off a character of the same name from an episode of the Pretender I loved. That was the show about Jared, the biggest heart in the world yet he didn't have a clue who he was. Also running and still helping the world best he could. My favorite episodes of that show were the Plastic Surgeon, Racism and Pool, and A Wild Child. Not the real titles but I think if you seen it and seen the smoking hot Michael T. Weiss who did Tarzan voice in the short lived but great animated series, you'll get it. In this episode where the character of Faith comes from both Jared and Miss. Parker face life threaten crisis at the exact same time. The both are visit by the spirit of Faith a young girl they befriend with Angelo for a short time who died. She was there to help them both get through it and live. So that is why Faith is here in this story. I have Tara Strong doing her.

Aida: Is the same woman from Aknadin flashback I just gave her a name. It comes form the book "The Egypt Game" one of the players chose it as her Egypt name. I thought it was pretty.

Solmina: Originally I was going to have the only other Darklight victim be nameless that Yami's Grandma died as an innocent victim in the genocide. I quickly realized that it won't work because we need more emotion and a more personal response. So I created Solmina who name is a feminism version of Solomon. I wanted her voice by Sandra Bullock. Kali was the one who came up with idea of Zork wanting her as his queen in the final chapter to make her out to be a far more important character then originally thought up.

Chapters Analysis: I'm going to break down each chapter and explain a few things of interested about each one. When I wrote this I was thinking of it like TV episodes that I was later going to look up at You know like recap, trivia & quotes, reviews and such. I go to that website faithfully.

Chapter One Analysis: This chapter was all about just getting the main idea of what the back story was and how it went for the present. As you could see we're able to see what kind of people each and every person was and get an idea of how they lived. We learned a lot about everyone including how their Items helped with magic and about the importance of their wings. We also saw clearly what kind of King we were dealing with. I was thinking very much of Zuko's father Ozai so that helped with making Aknamkanon evil. The shape of Xanadu came when I was thinking hard trying to thing of something unusual but simple and for a second I thought of "Rudolph and Frosty's Christmases in July," and remembered a birthmark on Rudolph hoof. It was a star inside a snowflake so I worked with that till I came up with the city and I got help also with the hologram that they showed of Crystal Tokyo when Rubious was in charge of things in the first part of Sailor Moon R with Rini.

Chapter 2 Analysis: This chapter has a quite a few things I like to point out. One is the bridge that Atem is at when we first meet him. The Harmony Bridge is actually from an old story of mine I did years ago. It wasn't a fanfic or anything. It was merely about Crysta the Princess of the Sun and Todd the Prince of the Moon and how they just felt trapped in their lives and just couldn't be themselves at all. The Harmony Bridge is where they meet and let down their hair and just be free. So that was why I used it here.

The second point of interest is Atem himself. He's been abused since the age four. This is like in real life how people who've been abused wither its physical or verbal. They are very much incomplete and not well equipment to deal with the real world. He is very much a far cry from what we're used too.

I'm sick of sugarcoating I've had so much of it I should have diabetes! Ok it's so time the world stop acting like it a god damn fairytale! People swear, violent deaths, all that shit happens and a hell of lot more! We don't need child blocks on the TV! Ok in this day and age a three year old knows about blood and gory! Kali and I both agree on this when it comes to getting episode in the original language off Youtube. I know a lot of you are thinking I'm being harsh, but that's just me. In reality I'm trying to show you the real world so you can help people who are suffering from this type of abuse. No one should have to be beaten, raped, or torture by people who are suppose to be caring for them. If you know someone who is suffering like this then help them and support the groups that deal with this stuff!

When I watch other animes I really think that if people followed my philosophy things would be better. Take Sailor Moon for example. If it had the English names, voices, and music and half the dialog mixed with everything else of the Japanese it be perfect! Life is about comprised but I won't ever sugarcoat things. That is why this story had such excessive use of 'bad' language and other things. I hope I didn't offend anyone by my language, but if I did I'm sorry.

The Hope Tree is inspired by a tree I saw at camp that is as old as the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. If you thought about just about every culture on Earth as a plant or animal that is meant to inspire hope and that what many people need. The Orb that Atem spots is a shout out to this one shot I did for Raven and Beast Boy last year. Also none of you seemed to laugh at that fact that Mahad has a Dark Magician doll or he has hair gel. Hmm, I thought it was worth a chuckle. Serafina name was really a pun if you didn't get it. She named after the highest ranking angels! But you saw her and her mom. You may not catch it but when Mahad was scooping this dope out Atem felt like he had an ulcer. That line came from the fact Trapper had an ulcer and was hoping to go home; of course Wayne Rogers had to wait till the end of the third season for that.

Chapter 3 Analysis: Yugi has got to be the most pure heart out there. If Serena got the purest for girl Yugi's heart would be the one for the boys hands down. What I enjoy about this is the unique look at things. This is totally what I call Eyes of a Child. Like Data, Kyle XY, Starfire, Ax. All of them are expressing things we've grown up with for the first time. I mean we talk in slang but we never really stop to think about why we said things like that or any mundane thing like the dishes may look to someone who doesn't know anything about our world. So I'm greatly fascinated by those people and I was using them to help with Yami now that he was part of our world. Yami was totally naive and out of his element but at least he'd someone who cared about him. Someone he felt he could trust. That is why the first feathers fell. He learned to trust. So this was more about seeing the world for the first time.

Chapter 4 Analysis: The reason I had the King of Games wet the bed? It made him very human and it very funny. Everyone does wet the bed and it is also a sign of abuse. But the reason it was done to make him more human. Atem is just shown to be almost not human so I did this to make him more human to remind us he isn't a god but a mortal. We also see that Yami has been so long abuse he feels he must punish himself. The first breakfast Yami had, I never have had but I won't mind having it. As I said he is now like a newborn soaking up everything that is new and I love that childlike quality. Him getting almost run over by Bandit Keith is homage to Luna in the Sailor Moon Super movie Hearts in Ice. You probably guess it but they're showing Yugioh from the start on 4kidsTV on Saturdays at 10:00 to 1100. Now its just 10:30 this is why I chose that time for his birthday. The Duels in this chapter where based off the ones in season one simply because they're showing and it was easy to remember the cards. He learned self-confident that why he lost more feathers. This was just to get your attention that this was important.

Chapter 5 Analysis: As the title suggest like all of them do in fact there is major trouble going on. The skylight that Aknamkanon destroys from his temper tantrum is the same one from Eragon. I love that book and maybe now I'll finally be able read my own copy of Eldest and then read Inkheart. It's clearly that the Court doesn't wish to see anyone suffer at all. It also apparent they know what love is given what happens next. If you don't know what a lynching is here the answer. Mana if she had said she was the one who locked Atem in his room with the window open she been hung without a trail. That is a lynching. The reason Mahad was able to fool Aknadin Eye is because of the love he felt for Mana. The reason I had Mahad whipped was because in my last Yugi story Yugi was also whipped merely by a flaming whip. I called it Calicfer's fire whip because Calicfer was the name of the fire demon in Howl's Moving castle. Also the adding an "O" or "A" was brought on because I got on Youtube a little clip in Japanese of that snake incident and I liked the sound of Mahado so I just made it a term of affection. This chapter also foreshadows several key events yet to come. Like Atem's Ascending, Mahad and Isis romance, Mana own fate and even a small hint that there something bugging Seto. The Starlight Tower is model after the tower of the same name from the episode when Serena becomes the Moon Princess. Man is she a goddess! We also meet Camille and learn of a few trademarks of the King and Cyclops. We learn what their unholy agenda is.

Chapter 6: I wasn't lying people. All those 'chores' Yami did is what I do 5 days a week from 2:30 to 5:30 for a paycheck. It is very hard work and at times it can be extremely aggravating. The laundry room is exactly like the one where I get some of my supplies only we have a big store room where a lot of other things are kept. Every word Yugi said when he was telling Yami how to fill up the buckets is what Wendi my co-worker told me. All of the shit that happened to Yami it happened to me. I've had this job since last November and its ok but the worst is when you've to clean the men room. God you don't want to even know how shitty it gets in there! I drew a picture of it from memory with Yugi in it. It was to try getting an answer to this question. How does Yugi use the bathroom with Atem always around? Also I had those same express at school. High School was nothing but an insane asylum with bells. I hated it! All of the Teachers and staff I mention I know and talked too. I talk with like three teachers about ER alone! Dr. Brainard was nice and she'd take you out to lunch sometimes. I HATE ENGLISH CLASS. That was no lie that how it went everyday we never got anything done. Even detention wasn't really detention because everyone was breaking the rules and they let them get away. This was the worst 4 years of my life. Thank God it's over! I was voted Most Unique though. That was nice. So this was largely based around my life. I chose TV Shows and Movies I knew well for him to learn about in the pop culture.

Chapter 7: I want to give Mana a bit of her own back-story and lead up to the next chapter when she is adopted. I want to show she was growing. This was also fuel by something else. Remember Samira tells Yami that she was attempting to comfort Mana mother as child? But wasn't able to help her talk about it? Well I wrote a comment on Youtube concerning a Reboot episode and like so many others I get ripped apart. People it is true, when something traumatic happen it doesn't matter who you are. Either you talk about or the consequences could be unpleasant to say the least. So we learned Mana's history in this story and it shows how even Immortal can suffer. It also shows some very sick behavior on the Trio part. But I couldn't think of anything more sickening then prostration. It also again hints that Aknamkanon has a personal grudge against Shimon which none you seemed to notice was important. The Star Candies that Aknadin eats comes from the Sailor Moon Hearts in Ice Movie. They also seemed to be popular in other anime as Rin is seen in Spirited Away feeding the Soot Spirits them. The courts outfits were basically how I envision them in my mind, nothing special really. Thus the hunt began with Yami as a rabbit.

Chapter 8: The dreams both Yugi and Yami were having were foretelling their destiny. I love dreams and I love it when I remember them. One I remember quite well was I was in my church bathroom and then Leo my favorite Ninja Turtle shows up and we kiss. Hey I've only kissed one guy in real life so any kissing is good! I've extremely detail and very extraordinary dreams. You've read my work I think you can mange my dreams.

I like the make over I did on Yami's room. "The Thief Lord" is a great book and takes place in my dream vacation spot, Venice Italy. I own the book and the DVD. Everything from using the computer to the having a CD player in the bathroom while showing is what I do.

I recalled an episode of Kyle XY when the Taggerts went to enroll him so I used that and what I knew of a physical. I want Yugi to think there's got to be a reason he don't want to be seen without his jacket on. I thought music with super Tylenol would be a clever way to mange his puberty without arousing suspicions Also I wasn't lying; I never in my LIFE have had homework ever! The reason I want to go into detail like where the court was staying and how they're paying is this. I've seen more then enough movies, shows that you have some person show up out of the blue and everything really cool. Not this time they had to figure out things for themselves and make ends meet on their own. I wanted a real human approached and not that magic one. My grandma gave me the hotel name when I was stumped.

We now got to see exactly what kind of evil deeds the Vixens were capable of. We also saw that Yami is learning and using that knowledge against his enemies quite well. It's clear that Yami knows that he can trust the Court and they all should be on the lookout for the Vixens. I thought the koi pond would be soothing so that why I chose it. The Court approach in this matter is from an episode of Medium. I felt if they could interact on neutral ground I could expand some and get more locations.

Chapter Nine: Wendi loved the titles to this one. At work I'm allowed to before we lock up and go home talk all I want about my stories and show my artwork off to Wendi or Cindy. It's nice and it's better then having no outlet at all. I chose Bakura to teach nature because he seemed to be a tender soul and after being possessed by Zork for so long I felt nature fit him.

Wakana his girlfriend is from Aibou. She was a secondary character who was great at doing costumes, and sets so she and Bakura where helping with that for Tea's Duel Monsters Musical she wrote. They end up getting married in the end; she's a botanist, he's a family counselor and they've a little girl named Ryo whom writes poetry and songs lyrics.

The animal shelter is based off of IVAR. I did some volunteer work there for a long time till my hours went from morning to afternoon so they're wasn't time or energy. Misty was my favorite dog I always snuck her extra treats. The Green House was Wakana works is the same one from the opening of Sailor Moon R Movie Promise of the Rose. I love going to zoos. When I was in kindergarten and we went to one on a felid trip I petted a joey, that a baby kangaroo. How many of you done that? The breakfast in bed was done to really show they're falling in love. It was also cute to draw. That phone number Mahad gave him, it was the show name along with start and end air dates. Oh and the reason they watched Tristan and Isolde? I own it and was dying to watch it a second time but never had the time!

Chapter 10: I made Mana good at Rummy because I'm good at it. Mrs. Plym the teacher who taught Pride taught it to us and I pretty much won every game I've ever played afterwards. When I said what show and what channel I was being serious. The reason I chose "Full House" for Mana to watch? It's like the only sitcom worth watching over and over. The others are far too embarrassing or painful. Setting Mana up with Duke was done for two reasons. One they're playing the episodes he first started and two I want to be original. I had Tea teach him to dance because I know that what she good at. Again I don't hate her and I don't get why so many do.

The fact he going to a rave was because I've never been to a party ever. I only had Yami with certain people in certain chapters so they teach him their lesson. It won't have worked any other way. Still I felt Marik was worth mentioning which is why he was guarding the door to the party. That thrift shop Lilypads? The one where Yugi and Yami went to get clothes? It's real. It not far from my house me and my neighbor Karma go there for bargain shopping. I also picked up two Yugioh Tapes there as well.

Now Aziza and Yami meet and it was perfect. I thought it went well. There is a reason I got Yami drunk as skunk which is how Klinger describe one of Hot Lips Nurse who had a drinking problem. Too many people are dumb enough to drink. People one drink is one too many. Plan and simple don't ever take one drink because once you give into temptation it a lot harder to resisted it a second time. I don't approve at all of being drunk. You think I liked it when my dad got so smashed one night he was pass out on the bathroom floor and I missed therapy? Or that he got a DUI? You think I liked having to take him everywhere? I don't like it when I've to do it for Kali either or waste my money on smokes for Mom. I hate it that my parents smoke as well. That is why I did that park they end up going to do. It never seemed to really sink in until it right in your face and you can't escape it.

I thought the scrap books were good too, and if you wish to read that essay he was blown away by go to my deviant page and look at my scraps. It titles Life is Beautiful. The Kool-aid thing is something between me and Kali and dad is the one who taught me to bowl. We go every Sunday. I've beaten him twice when he bowled left handed, I've gotten like 144 one game, three strikes in the tenth once and I got 7 strikes in a row once. So I made Aziza good at bowling too. I even last week used her name and not mine.

Chapter 11: I was working hard to finish this chapter before May 10th. Why? Because then all of us, my mom my dad, my twin sister Kali and my little sister Keelia were going from Illinois to North Carolina to see my 22 year old brother Kyle graduated from collage. I had to give up two paid work days to go. So I went into overdrive to get this chapter done before hand. I mostly liked to thank Karma and as I mention early the show Pretender for this.

This chapter was to teach on of the most important lesson there is being human. We all need to believe in something. Doesn't matter what you believe in. What matter is that you've got something that will help you get through life, no matter what comes your way! That is the point of Pandora's Box. She unleashed all the evils upon man but stopped the greatest one from escaping thus ensuring we've hope. Because if we don't have hope then we've no point to live at all.

This chapter was hinting that also Aziza had another problem, something that she felt only able to confine with Yugi about. As I said being bi-polar is no picnic. I've had it all my life and even wrote a report on it but I don't understand it at all. I know it makes me walk on my toes as Yami notice Aziza did that. You know she does have two problems. People can see her blindness but they can't see what going on in her brain. So while one handicap is visible the other isn't and that why having a mental illness sucks because for the most part you can't tell. I do like the motto that Aziza has inspired. I shared with a fellow artist on Deviant and she made this really cool picture to go with it. The things in Aziza's home like the gurney rails and text warp and auditory functions are all real methods used to help blind people. I watch in a group a Shrek 2 with a woman saying what was going on. So I was being truthful with how Aziza manages around her own home. I had too laughed when she joked that Yami was Kyle XY which he was. Second Season is going to be so awesome! The first episode was beyond cool and it going to get even cooler! I chose books and movies I've

Seen, read, or owned that I thought would help him. I like it that Yami shows a deep connection with his unknown sister at the time when he asked to safeguard his most precious treasure. Suncoast was my favorite store at the mall till it closed for some unknown reason!

I liked the lunch scene at the school. Where I went we had so many kids that we had three different lunch periods. You really wanted A it was the earliest because B meant you had to be pulled out of class and then go back, you didn't want C because that meant you had to wait till 12:40 lunch and considering the fact food only stays in the stomach for six hours tops and you ate breakfast at 6:00 how hungry to you think we're? I had that dread C lunch for the longest times and finally got A.

Actually since the West Gym was next to the cafeteria and like Yami I was changing in a bathroom stall, I didn't have to wait long. My locker was down the hall with a bathroom nearby. I just did a quick changed grabbed by lunch from locker ate it in two minutes flat. My lunch was the exact same one Aziza ate. So I was again drawing form my life.

I've always admired Joey for taking such a big chance to help his sister. When I was taping these episodes in the morning long ago Kyle when he was living with us ridicule me and mocked it saying no one would ever do that. I've never done anything at a hospital like candy stripper duties. But it fit Serenity so perfectly.

When I did the part with Faith I want to express my option on religion. I believe that there is a God and Heaven and Devil and Hell. I believe if you live a good life you'll go to heaven. I don't think you need to neither swallow the Bible nor go to church all the time. To me if you just be a good person and don't let evil rule you then you go to heaven. Also a lot of people agree with me that the Bible is really outdate and doesn't really fit this day and age and you really must make up your own mind on something's.

The CD was from my brother's pastor. The prayer book was a gift from Karma. She is a very good and dear friend of mine. She is only 10 years older. Married two kids and one on the way. But she is fun to hang out with and she'll listen to me and we just enjoy each other company. Not to mention the wonder she does to my hair. So this was also a shout out too her. We don't agree on the religion thing but she is happy she had her own impacted on me. I always wanted Yami to show his wings to her. But I was struck with inspiration it be more like God wanted him there if her parents had died. Shakti one of the Vixens killed them with the gas explosion she set off.

The garden that Serenity finds Yami in after Faith has died is the same one on top of the RWHC from the Lifetime series "Strong Medicine," Male Nurse Peter Riggs tenders to it. I glad that Serenity was able to help him come to terms with death.

By this time it's very obvious that Yami has grown a great deal and he learned a few tricks. As I said the one good thing about church is that no evil can touch it or see into it. And when you're talking about a church that accepts all faiths there no way anyone can stop Yami's goal. The pastor that baptizes him, who actually came out well when I drew it, was the pastor I grew up with. He was a nice man and very good person. I love wedding. I almost caught the bouquet at my aunt wedding reception. Kali beat me to it. The rings Mahad and Isis got? I saw them in Fluke. Man is reborn as a dog, go figure?

As for the reason Samira chose to become an artist is because one the Rainbow Crystal Carriers in Sailor Moon was a painter. She was able to paint the most amazing paintings of the Moon Kingdom and it was just very cool. So that why Samira is a painter that and I love to draw.

Chapter 12: Well Yami is reunited with his mom. When went on that 12 hour car ride I had to do something to keep busy. So I attempted to draw in a new sketch book. Have you ever tried drawing while going over 70 miles an hour? Not easy! I did manage to do a great shot of first scene with them hugging. This was giving me some problems the whole trip which itself left a lot to be desired. It was the worst trip of my life! It had only one good thing about it which was mention later on in the chapter.

I was racking my brain the whole time trying to come up with a way. A way to explain exactly how Samira could be here on Earth alive and why she didn't go back and the rest of the whole story. Finally after getting home and reading like 40 emails and 95 message and Deviants I came up with it. I just relaxed and just let it flow out. It became quite easy after I stop stressing and just let it write itself.

I love Cheetohs and my cat name is Tess and those were my meds in Aziza name you read. I think it so nice when people do sit on their roof or someplace and look at the stars. It's so pleasant. I wrote it all from my heart to show what kinda of woman Samira was and I think it was very bold that I wrote in this story that she was raped. The only other OC I've had that done to was Terra. I think I did a very good job showing who Samira was and what Yami thought. We also learn now of the Prophecy which is really the only hope the people of Xanadu have to be free. The reason she good at skating is because I love watching skating and gymnastics on TV. I love it!

We also learn that an Immortal can chose to become mortal which is foreshadowing what will happen in the end. I liked the part where she sings "My Wish" I nuts about that song. It just seem so special in my mind every day when I drove too and from work listening to that song and in my mind we've a 5'7 woman holding her 5'4 92lbs son and she singing it too him I found that special.

Now the next day? We'd breakfast at Bob's Evans everyday of that horrid trip but I got to go to Hooters for the first time in my life! That's what happened to me with the Teapot thing. So I had Yami get that and have him and Yugi get their ears piece because I liked those earrings he wore in the Memory Saga. I got my ears periced when I was 12 at Claries in the mall.

Now for when Aziza and Yami are in her room? It's my room all of it except for the carpet, she gets better carpet and her room would most likely is not cooking her alive like mine does because it got no circulations. Oh and I can spin a ball on any of my fingers. I've liked the joke she use to break the ice. I've often tried to be funny to no avail I'm afraid.

I liked it when Yami used that spell he created out of magic and trap cards. I found it too be very ingenious and clever. Also seeing him stick his tongue out at the Vixens was worth the laughter. He now knows this is more of a waiting game and he positive he can win it. However the Vixens have other plans, dark Plans.

Chapter 13: Tale of Seto was fun too do for several different reasons. I had three main plots going one at once and it gave Seto his chance in the spotlight. The plots were, 1. Get what was need for the Darklight Ritual. 2. Seto's ailment and 3. Lessons of Humanity

The Darklight Ritual is based off something in the first season of W.I.T.C.H. Phobos needs the same three items to make a crown which he tends to use on his sister Elyon to steal her powers and in a manner of speaking kill her. I made the ritual far more satanic in addition to darker with a much worse fate then ending up a black rose for all time.

As for Seto's problem with his repressed memory? The memory of his mother death? This was inspired by an episode of MASH when Hawkeye couldn't stop sneezing for no apparent reason. When the 4077 couldn't find anything wrong with his body it was time to find out what was going on in his head. In comes my favorite therapist Sydney Freedman. I like how this guy does his job and he not bad looking either. In my story "Kimiko's Secret Heart" I pretended it was his granddaughter Sydney Freedman III running a mental health clinic.

Anyway it was revealed when Hawkeye was a kid his cousin pushed into a lake and he almost died. His cousin saved him and blamed Hawkeye for falling in as if he hadn't pushed him in. So Hawkeye who couldn't bring himself to hate his cousin mind changed the events and tucked what really happened deep inside his head. What brought it out? The smell of a wounded boy who fell in a ditch. Odor is the strongest memory trigger there is. When Seto went to that bakery and was overwhelmed by the smell of baked goods his mind was slowly coming undone. So for Seto he went the long and painful process of his mind trying to let out what he'd had chosen to hide.

The bakery was inspired by another Sailor Moon episode. It's when Emerald takes over and she looks hot in her human disguise. She and Serena eat a lot of cake! The food fight was my idea. I've always wanted to be in one.

Now the motorcycle. I love motorcycle even if I accidentally got burned on one. I figured it be easier to get hair from a helmet then a car. And motorcycles seem more fun anyway. So I had Kisara teach him driving and patience at the collage parking lot. That's where all the kids around here go to practice. Samira worries on driving come from my own. I had four bad dreams include one where I drove the Batmobile off the interstate, I nearly total a golf cart with my dad in it, and I had a panic attack in the simulates at school.

Here is something I don't get people. I got Yami walking in on Kaibutt and Kisara having SEX! SEX! How come no said anything at all? I don't get how you people can't comment at all on those things!

Mokuba I figure knows a lot about forgiveness and that comic book he'd was mine. Kali bought if for me. Now why did I make the world biggest jackass charitable? In a MASH Christmas episode, Winchester does his family traditions of charity by anomalously leaving expensive chocolates for people. He does this for the Korean orphans only he learned none of them received the candy. He is first angry when he learns it was sold on the black market but when he finds out it was enough to feed the children for a month he smiles. It's wrong to give children dessert if they've had no supper first. So that is why I did this with Kaiba.

Chapter 14: I like this because I want to go the extra mile as in they actually obtain legal papers and everything. It bugs me how people in a lot movies and thing can suddenly appeared and have lives. Well without the paperwork to back it up you doesn't exist I'm sorry. So I went the extra mile.

Mahad's father Markl and Isis's mother Meryt-Isis come from two different sources. Mahad's father name is from Howl's Moving Castle. Markl was the little boy apprentice always disguising himself as an old man. Meryt-Isis was an Egyptian Gargoyle that Brooklyn ran into during his Timedancing in the Gargoyle Saga.

Isis dowry is based off some computer games me and my sisters played years ago. It was by company called Purple Moon. They had Secret Paths to the Forrest, Sea, and Dreams along with Rockett Movado world collection. It was a lot of fun and I miss it, but like everything else in life it's gone.

Mana getting her period? Again why didn't anyone talk about that?! It was based off me really. I got mine first and it was like only a week after they showed us that video. I was just about to leave the 5 grade. Anyway Mom made Dad go to the store at 9:00 pm and get me some pads.

The whole library setting was written by my twin sister Kali. She helped every now and then with the story. I told her what I wanted and we worked together to write it. I wanted Rebecca parents to be climatologists because I loved the movie "Day After Tomorrow" The special effect are just so cool! The puzzle books seemed to make the most sense to obtain something that represented his mind. There was this one saying that I see at work all the time when I get the trash from one woman office and I want Rebecca to say it. I just couldn't remember it. "Imagination is more important then knowledge, Albert Einstein."

The lake where Samir goes to bond with Yami is real. I've done a lot of fishing there and it a nice place really. Mai seemed to be ideal to talk to him about fear and the Igloo where she was going to meet Joey for their date is a restaurant near the edge of town.

I wanted Yami so bad to dance in the rain. I love watching it so much in my head I couldn't wait to write it and the cold was perfect. All in all it was a great well thought out chapter.

Chapter 15: I was worried you're going to kill me. Glad you didn't. I do own a Princess Bride Calendar. This was very informative because it showed us what Samira can and can't do. It showed the Taste which is a real event here in Illinois. I went to it last weekend and got ripped off and sick to my stomach. I combined the Taste with the Enchanted Forest its an indoor amusement park at the place where Karma works. The safe was my idea and Kali really wanted that Crown out but she had to wait a bit.

Again I want to show what kind of a life Samira had. I was also hinting that her mother was the victim of the Darklight Ritual and that Shimon is her father. Again how could you not pick it up? I like Heroes a lot as you could tell with the many references. Well I do like it. Also starting this chapter we had the clock winding down. So you got an idea of how much time has passed.

The time Aziza and Yami spend doing errands? North Central is a real building that I go to for counseling. I hate it greatly I rather have a friend who treats me like a person not a paycheck. Yeah getting your blood tested isn't fun either.

I was speaking of my brother when Aziza spoke of an online friend. I've wanted to kill him. When he was staying here after he got out of collage he was extremely inconsiderate and just an asshole. But as much as I want to kill him and send him to Hell because he condemns me to it so much, I won't because he still is my brother and we'll work it out. I used that problem because Yami and Aziza get along so well yet they're bound to fight sooner or later.

My feelings on the subject of boys, love, Smallville, Hillary Duff are all clearly stated in this chapter and I hope someone else gets them. I like how I could use my own thoughts on other shows as conversation. The Taste was better for them and we couldn't beat The Lion King Sega Game either.

The concert is based off my two Disney Mania DVDS and other Disney artists I like. I planned for months that "Kiss the Girl" dance. You don't know how long and hard I begged all over Youtube for someone to do the new version to them. When Arainaina finally did I was so happy I watched 10 times in a row! The walk home was mimicking Scamp and Angel. Mana kissing Duke is because I end up making the first move on Evan. We were on the school fire escape and I told him flat out "Evan if you like me just kiss me!" So we kissed. Why it is that none of you guys got the balls to make the first move ever?!

The Vixens getting his breath from a cup and not a balloon was done because I didn't want to copycat. Plus it was far more entertaining this way!

Chapter 16: The gift Yami gives Yugi to show he loves him, seeing his parents was a very early idea. I knew if he did that without using his magic then it show how much he learned. I didn't lie about Yugi's mom. Her name is Ashita and you can see her when Grandpa gets his soul back and when Yugi goes to get him, other then that nothing else. I figure Yugi's got his looks from his father. I picked Sho because I liked it. Atem's dad name starts with an A and he has his eyes, and his mother name starts with an "S" and he has her hair. Yugi it's vice verse neat! I knew from various websites that Yugi's parents were gone, so I image like anyone he miss them. So I felt it was the perfect gift. Again why did no one comment on that?!

The ride to the apartment complex is the exact route I take when I go over to get Kali or go to North Central. The apartments are where my mom and sisters live. It isn't the greatest but its better then living under a bridge isn't? Deborah and Hudson are special in their own way. Deborah was the name of Hudson mate and Broadway mother. Her last name Jackson was the name of the black lawyer on the Lifetime Series "Any Day Now" Hudson was the old gargoyle but still an able warrior, his last name was his voice actor last name. Mr. Carles was my math teacher and his picture on billboards all over town.

I like it that I had Yami question himself and ask those hard to answer questions. It has shown how much he grown. I love it when Aziza informed him of her father plans to adopt him. I think that shows a lot of character development.

The Vixens wanting Cole/Belthazor was done for laughs and to make them slightly human. They maybe deadly hunters but even the mightiest of hunters needs someone to come home too. They're girls and I felt they find him most attractive. I liked Cole better then Leo anyway. He was nicer to look at. So yeah it made them want something more then the hunt.

Now as I said, when the Darklight Ritual started I thought of Clark on Silver Kryptonite. It wasn't pretty to say the least. But at long last everyone parts were being revealed. That Yugi was The Heart of Earth and Aziza the Mortal Form of the Oracle. We also see how much everyone cares and they know this is the last straw.

The Glamour Spell is from the last episode of W.I.T.C.H. when Mana and Isis shield from human eyes the affects of Yami's magic. Just like the Regents of Earth did so W.I.T.C.H. girls could have normal lives to come home to after defeating Cedric.

Still feel kinda of sorry for Nerissa to be honest. She was really a female Macbeth in many ways. Blind by ambition and power and in the end it was her undoing. It was because of O is for Obedience that Kali and I stopped fighting for a long time. We're thinking of maybe working together to write our version of second season with Caleb gone south. Not sure but it's a thought.

When Yugi and Aziza enter Yami's soul to save him Kali really helped improved it. I wrote it quickly but she redid it and it came out great. The main idea of the Ritual was that your body winds up a vegetable but your soul is eternally raped in the shadows.

Chapter 17: This chapter when Yami reveals everything was very important. I spent a long time decide exactly how their flight would be. I've often enjoyed watching couples in movies stand and look out of the horizon. I love how Samira comes across and how Yami let's her know she is his hero.

I love how it all came out, the confession, the flight, and finally the kiss. It was all so perfect the way it was pulled off. I was very proud of myself with how well I pulled it off. You also have to admire Aziza and her values and how she doesn't wish to keep her sight. She can accept herself the way she is and I do admire that part of her.

The whole things with Aknamkanon complete trying to 86 everyone. That again was done with Kali help. In all honesty I couldn't have done this story without her beta reading everything and fixing it up. The temper tantrum Yami threw was inspired in part by Rini letting loose her moonbeam in the early Sailor Moon R episodes. I was the one who want Yami to make self-sacrifice as Aslan did for Edmund. I LOVE the Chronicle of Narnia. Every summer in my youth I take out the whole series out of the library and read them over and over. Then I finally got my own copy of the books. I own the DVD Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. I love to read and it shows. I read the 4th Harry Potter book in a day! Can't wait for the last book in July! So yeah I love to read a lot!

The fact that he gave himself up to save the lives of all he loved was what made him able to cry. That what was important that he'd learned that the lives of those you love are what really matter in life.

The fact Aziza knew how to speak Yami's tongue? Think about her dad, a motivational speaker, her mother was a nurse, Samira native tongue is just that. You think she couldn't pick it up? Also in this day and age it's important to be able to speak in many forms of commutation. I need to learn how to sign because many people who I encountered at my job at Horizon Industries are deaf. So it's extremely hard to get them to move so I can work if they can't hear me. One deaf man gave me a flower he made and I wish I could've thanked him myself. I had to have Cindy do it for me. So yeah it's important to know how to talk in more then one language.

Chapter 18: I really felt at this time Yami was going to need a lot of help. So I brought Faith back. I guess with my sister babbling on about Touched by an Angel it's only natural. Her friends she mentions are from books I read as a child. Her outfit was based on Aelita's second season and beyond outfit. I liked it better then her first season even though the other one wasn't bad either. I just like boots a lot.

The Black Card, which was used to kill the Heart? It was inspired by Shinzo a short but highly beloved anime. It was when this snake boy Enterran known as Ryuma Lord of the Reptiles wanted the heroine Yakumo as his bride and wants to control Mushrambo the most powerful warrior on Enterra. So he made a Black Card to use on him. But Yakumo love saved him and herself from having to marrying him. GOD WHY DO THEY ALWAYS YANK THE GOOD STUFF AND REPLACE IT WIT SUCH CRAP GOD!

I really did want that final hit that caused Yami to bleed. It had the right dramatic flair to it. The Millennium Duel was written by Kali because battles don't come easy to me. It took me forever to write the one for chapter 8 in Aibou. I gave her the gist of what I wanted and she asked if that what I wanted. So the battle went just as I hoped it would.

The feathers that bestowed everyone divinity? That wasn't in the original plot but I realized soon that it would be needed. The part when all of the people power reawakens the Heart and Yami swallows it before he Ascends comes from Howl's Moving Castle. When Sophie in Howl's childhood and see him swallow a shooting star. For her this tells her how to save Howl. MAN WHY ARE THE ONLY PERFECT BOYS ANIMATED?! IT NOT FAIR!

The Ascending transformation was largely drawn from Brother Bear and I want the song Power of Love to play as they took down Aknamkanon, I actually like it if someone would make a amvs to it with the cast of Yugioh I've got one for W.I.T.C.H. and Reboot and of course Sailor Moon. It felt appropriate seeing how love was what this whole story was all about. Yes Yami denouncing his father was inspired by Raven doing the same thing to Trigon. I loved that moment of empowerment and she looks hot in white with long hair.

You're probably wondering why Yami didn't kill his father. It's simple. If he did he go right back to what he started out as an empty shell. Death never solves anything and no person other then God has the right to decide when another will die. What happened at Virginian Tech should've told you that. Killing is wrong. I don't care what a person done with their life, whether it's evil or good, but no one has the right to decide another individual time ever. We've the power but not the right. Yami showed how much he learned by letting him live forever but in his own misery. That makes him the bigger person and show he really does understand that life is precious even if a person chose to waste it.

Chapter 19: I love this because everyone got their happy ending. I love the Northern Lights and Shooting Stars. I wanted something beautiful and I found a creative way to make Yugi's philosophy real and Kisara gets her powers back!

That Yami never wants to be king but he'll lead his people on Earth as their prince I like because he not going to be like his false father. We also see that she may be a Queen but Samira is still a mom and she has rules she liked followed. They're basically the rule I made up for myself. The sex one she mentioned? Way too many people have sex way too early without really thinking about. Half the girls at school had babies then there STDS. I was being firm. I don't believe anyone should have sex till they completely comprehended it and all the outcomes. That means getting girls knocked up that aren't ready for motherhood in addition to diseases that might end your life.

I may've said more then once I'd sell Atem and Yugi my virginity. But you got to remember I just in a really good mood at the time and I rather just have them as friends and beat the pants off them at the bowling alley. Then give them massages I never taken a lesson but I do give great massages. My point is sex isn't something one should really do till they're ready for everything involved. The reason Yami can't get a tattoo is the self-imposed rule of mine. I promised myself I waited till I was 21 if I really wanted to get a tattoo.

The best parenting advice I've heard came in the English Version of when Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are desperately trying to reach their daughter Rini who been corrupt by Wise Man and turned into Wicked Lady. Serena must become her future self Neo-Queen Serenity who is a goddess to reach her daughter. They revisited the memory of her falling in the rain and that they won't help her up.

"Remember how we didn't help you up? That because you weren't really hurt and could easly gets up yourself. What's more you didn't listen to us and as parents we can't reward you for bad behavior. If we picked you up then you cry every time you need something and never learn to try for yourself,"

Also this is what I liked what finally brought Rini back to her senses. When all of them were trapped in void of Dark Energy Serena won't leave until Rini was out. Confused by this her mother explained yet another good piece of advice that I've always remembered.

"Listen to me Rini; everyone gets really steamed at their parents. They seem too harsh or unsympathetic. But it's a parent's job to set limits or you grow up to be ruthless and selfish. You've to remember we do what we do is because we love you so much."

That to me is really good advice and I thinking we all need to remember it. Both the parents and the kids should remember that no matter what shit were going through we don't have to face it alone. Even if it does seem like everyone does hate you don't forget the good times and don't forget there are people who care.

Again it really, really does surprise me that no one I mean no one guess even after I hint through the whole story that Shimon is Samira father? Gezze! That was a major let down!

The party went exactly how I wanted. Kali helped me come up with gifts. The puppy Bakura got him was the last dog we owned. He'd to be put to sleep and Willie was the only person I cried for when they died. I didn't cry for my mom's parents or my great grandma but I wept countless tears when we had to put him to sleep. He buried in our backyard.

The idea for Mana's little stunt came out of nowhere. I've had a bad cause of insomnia lately so I watch what I can till I fall asleep. So I combined Kim Possible moves with Miss. Rhode Island talent from 'Miss Congeniality" and bam you got Mana who shows how far she has come.

I liked the idea that everyone got what they wanted most. Seto I wanted to do that give him his mother back. But getting Solmina back wasn't so easy from the start. The reason her body was by the Orion Nebula was because it was the new background on a co worker named April computer. I loved it was so beautiful. I mean it was like the Northern Lights in space!

Kali and I work together to write that part. Going to the Shadow Realm and retrieving her soul and how everyone end up. I wrote the last part with the fight over cake to show yes Aziza and Yami will fight every now and then. Then I wrote the best ending I could. So that all of it.

For the first time my life I've got no ideas awaiting me and I'm scared but who knows I might get inspired soon! Thank you all so much for this. I'm glad how it turned out. Please check out my other works thank you.