Stolen Voice box

Authors note: Hey new story yeah…I know there's a story out there about Sakura mute too, I just found out like today…which is um March 17th I don't know when I'm updating that's why I put the date, well this story I had planned for long, so please don't think I'm copying someone's idea any ways READ AND REVIEW PLEASE!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and I don't think I'd do a good job, seriously I love fan fictions but none of them is compared to the real Naruto story plot, even though it's not about Sasuke and Sakura, or any other couples, the story line is unbelievable.


He was the heartthrob of the school no hold that thought, whole country, he's got everything; looks, money, athletic and smart what more can you ask for? If you want more I'll tell you more…he's a celebrity part of a band called Sharingan, need more? Uchiha Sasuke, black onyx eyes, black hair with a tint of blue, spiky naturally, nice smooth skin, almost to perfect for a human that was him. His life was perfect.

"Heres out last song!!" Naruto asked the crowd, he was the drummer of the band…Standing on a large stage in front of millions of fans, screaming and yelling out the band's name.

You can ask why Sasuke the lead singer wouldn't be asking them… lets make it simple, he was cold, he'd sing but he'd make no connection with the Fans…none…it's singing then leaving the stage…yet the crowd has him as their favorite of the band…maybe because he was the lead singer…a great singer

Guitars starts to make their sounds by Shikamaru ad the keyboard makes it's way into the rhythm, you can't hear it but it was in the rhythm also, played by Neji.

Sasuke holds the microphone on the stick and does his job…

Let me know that I've done wrong

When I've known this all along

I go around a time or two

Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you've thrown away

Find out games you don't wanna play

You are the only one that needs to know

I'll keep you my dirty little secret (dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone

Or you'll be just another regret (just another regret)

Hope that you can keep it

My dirty little secret

Who has to know?

When we live such fragile lives

It's the best way we survive

I go around a time or two

Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you've thrown away

Find out games you don't wanna play

You are the only one that needs to know

I'll keep you my dirty little secret (dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone

Or you'll be just another regret (just another regret)

Hope that you can keep it

My dirty little secret

Who has to know?

The way she feels inside (inside)

Those thoughts I can't deny (deny)

These sleeping dogs won't lie (won't lie)

And now I tried to but it's eating me apart

Trace this nightmare

I'll keep you my dirty little secret (dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone

Or you'll be just another regret (just another regret)

I'll keep you my dirty little secret (dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone

Or you'll be just another regret (just another regret)

Hope that you can keep it

My dirty little secret

My dirty little secret

My dirty little secret

Who has to know?

Who has to know?

Song was originally done by the all American rejects- Dirty little secrets

He finished singing; the crowd cheers, Sasuke bows and head back stage.

"Alright thanks everyone has a good day" Naruto says to the crowd they cheer, screaming and waving their posters.


"oi, I'm tired, I think my hand is sprained from all that drumming" The blond haired one said, known as Uzumaki Naruto.

"Want to hit the clubs?" Neji asked the group, they all agreed to go to the club, what else do they have to do homework? I did say Sasuke was smart but who said he tried?

Suddenly the phone rings

"hello?" Sasuke asked on his iphone

Sasuke kun, I'm sorry I couldn't go watch the concert

He smiles, yeah he smiled…for this girl… "it's alright, want me to pick you up? We're going to the club" He asked her

"I'm at my grandma's house If you can, can you please pick me up? It's up north in the woods, actually never mine I'll ask my dad, you might get lost…but I'll see you tomorrow then" She said

"no it's alright I'll pick you up just give me the directions or just the address"

Um it's at Tamikino Blossoms, are you sure? It'll take at least an hour to get here, and I don't want you to get lost

"it's alright, I'll come pick you up now then, I don't really want to hit the clubs anyways so I'll just come and sleep over for the night"

okay! Thanks a lot Sasuke kun, I'm missing you so much

"Alright bye" He said and hung up the phone.

"Tami on the phone?" Neji asked looking at Sasuke


"so when are you guys planning to get engaged? I mean your relationship has been going on since you first became famous, she was the only girl that you had your eyes on, not any other hot fan girls of yours" Naruto said

"I was thinking about proposing to her next month" Sasuke answered

"good enough" Shikamaru said staring at the ceiling

"alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow, I'm going over to Tami's grandmother's home, it's like up north or something so it'll be a long drive." Sasuke explained to them

"alright, later" The group said, well shikamaru just nodded since he's lazy.


"Haruno Sakura, can you come here for a second I need help" Her grandmother asked the pink haired girl who was feeding little birds bread.

The pink haired girl with green orbs turned around and stood up, she ran to her grandmothers and smiled at the scene she saw, her grandmother was chasing their pet chicken for eggs. The girl chased the chicken and caught it, she smiled and handed it to her grandmother.

"Arigatou Sakura chan, I wonder what I would do with out you" she said and took her hand grabbed Sakura's hand and smiled.

Sakura bowed and made her hand symbols, 'no need to thank me, I should be thanking you for being such a great grandmother' was what she said with her hands. (whenever words are bold like that it means sakura is saying something with her hands, sign language.)

Whenever her grandmother looked at Sakura, she'd always feel like crying, it's been 10 years since the incident happened.

Flash back

"STOP! LEAVE MY PARENTS ALONE!" The 6 year old girl cried out, to the man hitting her mom and dad at once, her mom cried out to her.

"SAKURA RUN! NOW!" She cried and disobeyed her mom instead she stood there trying to help her mom and dad, she ran up to the man and bit the man, that mean man…but instead she pushed her off and she hit against the wall, with no power she slowly watch the man kill her parents.

That wasn't all…after he killed them, he slowly walks to Sakura and continuously kicks her, but instead he accidentally kicked the back of her throat causing her to spit out blood. About to finish her off when the policemen already reached there stopped the man from hurting her, soon she was in the hospital.

Soon, the doctor had discovered that she had lost her voice, her voice box had been broken by that one kick, but she was lucky she was alive, they looked for someone, a relative Sakura can stay with, discovering her grandmother was alive they brought her there. Soon she learned how to learn sign language, she then learned how to live in such a poor place, and electricity was something they were unaware of, away from the city, in the south.

Lights were from Candle, stoves were from wood and fire, communications were from the little neighborhood, everyone communicates to each other like a family.

End flash back

Tears starts to roll down the grandmothers cheek, the beautiful pink haired girl stares at her grandmother in a worried look, she starts moving her hands as her grandma looked at her ' ne Grandma, why are you crying? When you cry that makes me sad, please don't cry'

Sakura signaled making a sad face to her grandma, her grandma smiles at how grown her grand daughter has been and hugs her, crying on sakura, as sakura tries her best to comfort her Grandma.

This Haruno Sakura, maybe she had a bad life, but everyone in the village learns from her, because she had never cried, she'd always smile and give that happy look to cheer everyone up, but only her grandma knew she was keeping her emotions bottled up.

Sakura then let go of her grandma and stared at her grandma again giving her another signal 'Granny, do you have more bread? I want to feed the birds, I think they're hungry'

He grandma smiles " okay, here's some bread for them, now be careful, I don't want you falling in the pond, it's dangerous" Her grandmother said passing the bread, Sakura nodded and gave a big smile.


an hour has passed

"Where the hell is is this place?!" Sasuke asked, looking at the maps and the roads, yeah he was on the roads of the woods, but he didn't seem to find the road his girlfriend was at. He could've asked people before, instead he thought he'd find the way his own way.

The car starts to slow down, he looks at the gas signal and swears under his breath, it was seriously his luck…no more gas, car engine shuts down, he's stuck in the middle of nowhere, sun was slowly setting down, he gave in.

Sasuke stepped out of the car and dials a phone number, he waits, but there wasn't any signal, he gets pissed and swears again.

Walking straight to the road he spots a small village, thank goodness he wasn't trapped here alone.

Arriving to the village he spots and old lady, feeding the chicken some food, he walks over.

"excuse me, do you know where this place is?" Sasuke asked the old woman, she stares in delight

"oh, this is the Cherry road, down in the south, may I ask where you're traveling to? I can help" She asked

"this isn't north? SHIT! Well do you know how I can go to the north? And do you have any gas or anything I need it for my car, it ran out of gas" He asked

"oh sweetie I'm so sorry, this is a village, gas isn't found here…"

"…" He looked away and stared at his sell phone

"how about you stay here for the night and we'll figure something out tomorrow, besides it's starting to get dark" The woman offered

Usually sasuke wouldn't trust woman, any at all…they would always drool, but this woman was around her 70s so he doubt anything could happen.

"Alright" Speaking of manners!

"great, I'll get my grand daughter to show you your room" The old lady said while smiling.

"Haruno Sakura dear, we have a guest" She yelled out, Sasuke began to get a bit pissed great it's a girl, guess I'm going to be stuck with a damn fan girl

The pink haired girl ran to her grandma and smiled, Sasuke was in shocked, he never expected the girl to be so…so…pretty…and naturally, she had no make up on or anything, it was just her plain face…She was wearing a summer dress, decorated with cherry blossoms.

"Sakura, this is..?" Her grandma said, waiting for Sasuke to introduce himself


"this is Sasuke Sakura, he's our guest, show him the extra room we have" Sakura looked up at the onyx eyes and smiled, she then walked away, having Sasuke follow her.

Soon they reached to an old room Sakura opens the doors and dusts the bed and table clean. She stood there and smiled at him, telling him to come in, instead he gives a cold glare.

"what's your name? give me a pen I'll give you my autograph and just please don't drool" He said in a cold emotionless tone, but to his surprise al she did was tilted her head and acted as if she didn't know anything.

"what? Are you stupid? Don't try to act all dumb and lost, the whole world knows us, poor and rich so don't keep up that stupid act of yours" He says and brushes right by her and sits on the bed.

She smiles, it irritated him that she didn't whine and hop on him instead she smiles even after his mean comments, he freezes and sits there, watching her just smile, but soon she bows and walks out of the door.

"annoying" Sasuke said to himself and just sat there.

Soon the door was knocked, sasuke simply yelled the word come in, and the same old woman came in

"Sasuke dear, sitting alone here isn't going to help you…how about going outside, you should look at the sunset, it looks really nice" The woman said and smiled, she was old, sasuke would feel bad if he was cold to an old lady I mean he wasn't heartless.

He followed her outside, "you can sit with my grand daughter, I'll be making the food" she said, he nodded as the woman left.

Surprisingly he actually did walk up to the Haruno Skaura girl, standing beside her, her eyes that were facing the sun now lies on his eyes.

"you guys don't do much around here do you…no clubs, no electricity…it's no wonder you don't know who I am" He finally breaks the silent, he's never talked to a girl this long before unless it was like his girlfriend, but it was even to his surprise he was talking to a girl that wasn't Tami.

She smiles and continues to look at the skies

"listen I didn't mean to say what I did before so can you say something or at least make a noise because it's annoying me" He says again now pissed, she says nothing but smiles again and looks at him.

"tch. Annoying, I don't even know why I even bother talking to some girl like you" He was pissed now, soon he walked off to the wooden house as Sakura stares at the guy who walks away from her.


Sasuke was sitting on the floor watching the old lady set the food on the table.

"Sakura dinner is ready!" She yells out, soon the petite pink haired girl runs into the kitchen, she smiles and sits down on a chair across from Sasuke, he just continues to glare at her, she notices but she says nothing but sits and waits for the food.

Soon the three was eating, "sorry Sasuke san, I know you're probably not used to the food, but that's all we got, I'm terribly sorry" the old lady says

"it's okay don't worry about" Sasuke has never been treated this way, he's never been treated like a human, it was always like a god, and he actually felt different for once.

'Grandma you make such good food, why wouldn't anyone like it?' Sakura signaled to her grandmother, who laughed and smiled murmuring the words 'what a lovely grand daughter'

Sasuke noticing the signals and hand gestures he takes the chop stick out of his mouth and just freezes and looks at the scene.

Sakura's grandma notices and smiled, she puts down her chopsticks down on the wooden table.

"my, mistake for not telling you, boy do I have such bad manners, Sakura here, my grand daughter is mute, she can't talk" The lady explained to Sasuke, he froze for once he regretted saying the things he did to this girl, he felt stupid for not knowing that he didn't even notice the whole time.

She looked at his astonished look and smiled at him, all he could do was stare in shock, and it kept going into his mind that she was always smiling, no matter what he said to her before, she would smile, so far he had never seen a frown on her face yet.


Soon the three finished eating, Sasuke headed to his room, while Sakura and her grandmother did the same.

'Good night grandma' she said using her sign language, her grandmother kissed her and wished her a good night too.

She blew out the candles and thought to herself…Sakura gomen…Her grandmother thought… (Don't worry you'll know why she was apologizing to Sakura next chapter)


Sasuke lay on the hard bed, twisting and moving…it was uncomfortable, he wondered how these people sleep on this bed, it was damn hard and uncomfortable, the room was dirty and small. It was far from what he was living in…

He tried his best to sleep, shutting his eyes, but whenever he shut his eyes, he'd see pink, that pink haired girl, it would get him frustrated, they only saw each other today, yet it irritated him the whole day she always seemed happy…

Soon his eye lids got heavier and he finally fell asleep.


Finally it was morning, about noon, yeah he was a heavy sleeper, Sasuke finally woke up, standing up and doing some stretches then he reached for the wooden door. He opened it and to his surprise everyone was awake.

"Oh good morning Sasuke san, you're a heavy sleeper ne? Well breakfast is ready, after breakfast we'll think about a way to fix your car so you can go back home okay?" The old lady said.

He nodded, and took the tooth brush the lady gave him yesterday and went into the dirty small washroom to brush his teeth. After that he went into the kitchen sitting at the same table they say at for dinner, there he found the pink haired girl and old lady sitting in front of him, eating down already.

To be honest, he hated the food but he had to be polite, he couldn't be that rude, besides if he was who or where would he go to.

"oh, so what are we going to do with you…let me see…" The lady said, putting her chopsticks down for a bit, but sakura stood up and walked into a room. Both the lady and Sasuke stared at where Sakura was going.

"Sakura dear, where are you going?" Her grandmother asked looking towards the direction Sakura went to. Soon Sakura came out with a big bottle of gas.

"oh, my Sakura dear where'd you get that?" Her grandma asked while Sasuke just stared.

Sakrua started to move her hands again 'oh, I was awake early, and when I walk pass by Sasuke san's room I could tell he didn't get used to it…I felt bad so since I woke up early, I went to the nearest village and got some gas' Her grandma smiled, almost crying

"oh, Sakura" She said and stiood up and hugged Sakura, she turns and looks at Sasuke, then the lady started talking to him,

"the problems solved Sakura got the gas for you from the nearest village"

"but before when I was looking there wasn't any village besides this one"

"oh dear, the nearest village is about a mile away" with those words Sasuke stared at Sakura, why was it when he looks at this girl he gets pissed, why was she doing everything for a stranger and why was she always smiling.

'So sasuke san, you can leave now" the woman smiled which gave her an extra wrinkle.


The pink haired girl was doing her routine, feeding the birds bread, while sitting in front of a pond.

The famous Uchiha, walks up to her, she looks at him and smiles, her gaze turns back to the birds, he speaks

"listen, I've never done this before so bare with me…" Her ehad tilted, what did he mean by that?

"I'm…I -…. Listen I'm just …. I didn't know you couldn't talk…" He stopped, he didn't know how to form a sentence, and instead he grabbed her hand and opened it. Green eyes stares at black orbs.

She opens her hand to see what he gave her, it was a watch a really expensive one, to her surprise she didn't know what to do, and was about to give it back

"just keep it, it's my way of saying sorry, and thanking you for helping me out with my car" She smiled, he got annoyed again, and walked off back to his car with out saying a goodbye.

For the both of them, they thought it was their last time seeing each other, it was one of those one time thing…


"Sasuke Teme! Where the hell were you?! Tami was so worried, let me guess you got lost" NAruto said


"Sasuke?! OI! TEME!" NAruto said waving a hand in front of Sasuke


"were you listening?! Tami was so worried about you!"

"I'll call her and explain everything" Sasuke said

"yeah I think you should, besides I hope we all skipped class just for you"

"hn." It was his infamous line, everyone knew it would always come from Sasuke.


The whole day went through rough for Sasuke, by the time he got to school, the fan girls were going crazy, he got lectured from the teacher that he was late and always skipping class, and his girl friend was really upset because he got her worried. But those weren't the reason why he had a rough day, it was because he couldn't her that pink haired girl out of his mind, he was super annoyed.