Hi guys,

I would like to first thank you all for being so faithful and patient with me. I greatly apologize for my lack of update. I decided to end this story in summary form. Maybe one day I will be able to update a chapter but as of right now will tell you how the story goes in my head, and hopefully you guys can see the picture I have painted for the two. I really hope this makes up for my lack of update. I just have no way in finishing this story properly right now because of work and just life in general. I don't know how to officially continue the chapter right off the bat. So here is the summary of the rest of the story. THis is how the story played out. THank you so much again guys. But this story I think is done for now, I am considering on making a sequel so I can start fresh and be a better writer as well for life is beautiful. ANyways here is the summary to the ending of my story: Ps als oplease thank Suriko-Chan723, because she is the one that made me realized that I needed to do this. I cannot be leavign you guys on a cliffhanger forever. If I don't finish the story properly, atleast I'm able to paint you the picture of the ending.

Sakura is heading to the new school and meeting new people like Sai who she becomes really good friends with. On the other hand Sasuke and Karin kind of rekindle, more on Karn's side of course. Karin basically continues to try and break the two apart. Sasuke starts to miss out on some important accomplishments of Sakura's because of Karin and her attention. But of course Sai will be there for Sakura, which causes a whole other thing. I wanted Sakura to grow as a character and slowly become confident in herself. The new Highschool I wanted her to have a backbone and enjoy school and have real friends where she can joke and be loud not just be timid and innocent all the time. Of course through all these crazy courses somehow Sasuke and Sakura try their best to manage their relationship.

I wanted Sakura to also confess to Sai about her cancer, as she soon realizes that chemo is finally the next step. SHe'd have to lose her hair and everything. Karin confronts Sakura about Sasuke's past and who she herself really is to Sasuke. THis is when Sakura tries to end the relationship. NOt because of what Karin said only, but also because she doesn't want to burden him through her chemo.

Sai, knowing about her cancer gives her an adventurous life, where she can jump of cliffs and dive into the lake or anything exhilarating because he feels that she needs to experience life. But after all the experiences she's gone through, and while chemo finally takes place, Sai confronts Sasuke because Sasuke is hurt that Sakura has left him and becomes closer to Karin again and doing drugs again as well. THe main reason why he confronts though, is because he knows that Sakura loves Sasuke a lot and is hurting.

At this point Sai has already developed feelings for Sakura. But Sakura just wouldn't bulge, although her condition is worse and she is really sick, she doesn't want Sasuke to see how she is. She wanted Sasuke to despise her, that way he doesn't miss her when she's gone.

Sasuke goes absolutely crazy when he finds out and basically goes and visit her, at this point shes bald and pale. He doesn't dare to come into the room because he was so broken apart seeing her the way she was. He sits outside the room and sobs while she is in the room unconscious.

We go to a scene now where Sakura wakes up and is surprised to see what is ahead of her. She cries and apologizes and confesses that she loves him and she is sorry. She stares at a bald headed Sasuke who is on his knees kissing her hand. They lay in bed all day and talk about everything, since they've missed out on a lot. He tells her that he is thinking about quitting the band, and just taking over his fathers business. He brings up the point that he wants to marry her and only be with her. No one else can make him feel the way he does when she's around.

As time goes by and months go on, we see that her progress is better and that there is a very high chance of her surviving. THe cancer has shrunk and she is in remission, she seemed to finally have color in her and when the chemo has stopped her hair grows back. Months goes by and their life peiced back together. Sasuke finally told Karin off (obviously behind Sakura's back) and Sakura thanked Sai for everything. Sai then eventually met a girl named Chihiro and found an interest to her.

Tsunade speaks to Sakura and Sasuke about her Cancer, although it's almost completely gone, there is always a chance of the Cancer coming back. She tells Sakura to still be cautious and gives the bad news that her immune system will always be bad, that her immune system can be easily compared to one with aids. But of course Sasuke is sitll brightened up because he will be able to live with the woman he loves for the rest of his life. He then vows to Sakura for a happily ever after.

There might be a sequel, but for now, I just at least want to put my readers at ease by providing this. This is the end of the story.