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Daisuke cursed lightly under his breath when he realized that no matter how many attempts he made, the light switch was not working. Heaving an annoyed sigh, the boy bumbled forward, tripping over anything and everything in his path.

When Daisuke slipped on a skateboard, only to land gracelessly on his back, he realized that this was not the state he left the house in.

No, he was pretty sure that when he left, he didn't even own a skateboard. Glaring at the ceiling he faced, he came to his conclusion. There was only one monster capable of such damage…


Growling, the boy hefted himself off the ground, dusting his school uniform off, the action quickly followed by more grumbling and muttering.

With a scowl on his face, the boy marched to the kitchen, as that seemed to be the only place in this house that had a light source.

Turning the corner, Daisuke expected to see his mother cooking away, despite the lack of electricity. She was stubborn enough for it to happen, and he knew that. Of course, his father would be entertaining her with idle chat, and Dark would be discussing the latest news on the Hikari with his Grandfather. That's how every afternoon usually turned out.

What he didn't expect was to see his whole family, plus Dark, Satoshi and Krad, grinning madly at him.

He didn't expect Dark to be holding out a white blob, with candles attached, out to him.

He didn't expect said white blob to be a cake. Or… what may have once been intentioned to be a cake.

Skateboard long forgotten, the diverse group sat at the table, Dark next to Daisuke of course.

Daisuke squeaked in the middle of his attempts to eat the White Blob Cake when Dark's idle hand decided to do some exploring.

Satoshi glared at Dark, fully aware of what he was doing, and warning him to stop it.

Dark smirked victoriously and removed his hand.

Krad ignored all of the above and gazed longingly at his "everything".

Daisuke's family chose to appear completely oblivious to the whole matter, but Kosuke's small, knowing smirk could only prove otherwise.

Daisuke barely finished his piece of the white blob when Dark grabbed his hand and dragged him up to his room, sporting a healthy blush that spread across his cheeks.

…but that didn't compare to the blush that adorned his features when his mom knocked on his bedroom door and told them to keep it down because "Krad was in danger of being charged with sexual harassment" and that "Satoshi may become permanently traumatized"

It wasn't until the next morning that Daisuke found time to confront his family on one crucial fact that they seem to have missed.

The previous day had not been his birthday.

Nor was the day before that.

Or the day before that, if one was to be finicky.

Oh no… Daisuke's birthday had been a good two months before hand, and they had even had a small familial celebration at the time.

Kosuke simply shrugged and advised him to ask Emiko.

Emiko simply smiled and directed Daisuke into Dark's general direction, which happened to be in bed. The Niwa curse (or blessing, depending on who is asking), was notorious in the household for sleeping for ridiculous amounts of time.

Upon confronting Dark on the matter, all he got was groped, molested and cuddled, as the still unconscious Dark managed to literally drag Daisuke to his side.

Feeling it useless to argue, Daisuke laid his head on his lover's chest and soon decided to leave well-enough alone.

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