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Now, without further ado, I present you with an Akuroku. (I'm sorry it's not written well, and I'm also sorry if you don't like it)


(told from Roxas's point of view)

I was cold, it was freezing and the white snowflakes blowing in my face didn't help the matter.

Axel and I had been sent to patrol Twilight Town for any new nobodies. I don't have anything against this place, just its January weather.

I was shaking when someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist. They were warm… and their entire chest was pressed up against my back. Ahem world! I do not allow any random person to touch me that way! " Who the-" before I could finish my sentence that same person began nibbling on my ear. I let out a startled gasp instead.

"Heh," I heard a chuckle come from my attacker, right before the warm breath moved from my ear to my neck. That's when I saw those smirking lips begin to touch my neck, before a painful bite. "A-Axel?!"

Axel stopped sucking on my neck long enough to say "took you long enough," before resuming his activities. He must've known I was about to protest, cause he flipped me so I was facing him and began to ravage my lips. It took a few moments to figure out a. he was kissing me, b. I was pressed up against his chest. Thoughts about why the hell Axel was doing what he was were quickly dismissed as I felt a tongue snaking its way past my lips. I shoved him off me.

"What the hell Axel?!" I yelled.

"He merely shrugged," It's not my fault you're irresistible Roxy."

Before I could find a good reply I was pushed against a nearby wall." A-Axel, w-why?"

"Mmmm…cause…I need this Roxas, please?" Axel sounded pleading. But he still didn't tell me why, then again, it's not like I wasn't enjoying what was happening. Wait! Stop thinking that Roxas! This is your best friend you're talking about. He's trying to seduce you!... Yeah, that's why I'm considering it.

Emerald green eyes were staring into mine. His stare was both pleading, and at the same time, controlling. He looked like he would go clinically insane if he wasn't allowed to ravage me right here and now.

Before Axel could make a move, without my content, I heard the swishing of a dark portal. Both of our gazes switched from each other and towards the arriving nobody. I think I heard Axel growl something about 'damn interruptions.' To my luck Demyx was the one who came out of the portal. Then again, maybe that wasn't such a good thing considering I was still pinned against a wall.

"Hey guys, superior sent me to tell you- Oh my god, I didn't know you two were more-than-just-friends," the water controller squeaked.

"We aren't," I stated with a cracked voice. I think I might've been lieing, I mean, do best friends kiss? Does Axel… is he mad that I just said that?

"Uh huh, sure don't look like it-okay, okay, geez don't glare at me. I'll just leave you two to what you were doing before"