This is the start of my extensive rewrite project, in which I am going to rewrite (Or attempt to anyway) this entire story, and then continue on. This will accomplish three things: First, catch it up to canon (though where in Canon it fits is a little ambiguous. It clearly takes place before Sasuke kills Orochimaru, but Itachi is dead, so we'll just say that it became an AU after the Finding Sasuke arc). Secondly, to weed out all the plots and things that I dislike. Finally, to fix all my grammatical mistakes and just make the story flow better. Added fourth: Cutting out a lot of the cussing – jeez, why did they cuss so much?!

In this rewrite project I will have REWRITTEN at the top, as you see now, so you know that the chapter has been redone. If it doesn't have that up there, that means the following chapters will be 3 years behind these new ones, and some plot threads might be completely dropped that appear in them. However, feel free to continue on, just realize I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school, so it isn't entirely good.

I actually realize I am extensively revising and editing the chapters rather than rewriting them. Regardless, I will continue to write Rewritten at the top.

With that out of the way, please enjoy the story.


This was it, all the work, time, and effort, had all gone to waste…

Naruto and Sakura were caught, both in the middle of the Sound base. They had a huge horrible battle with the ninja of the village along with their leader Orochimaru. They seem to have been winning for quite some time, but it's often said that quantity is better than quality. Even the Kyuubi could not save them from their doomed venture.

Both were tied down, for they were to be executed in the middle of the sound village. Hundreds gathered around to watch, as two of their strongest enemies were about to die.

"Well," Naruto sighed as he looked up into the face of his executioner, "I hope you live well Sasuke…" He looked over to his side where Sakura was tied in the same way he was, their heads rested against a piece of wood, ready to be sliced within a few minutes. "Sakura-chan, I'm sorry."

Her eyes soften as they looked over at Naruto, she wanted to say something that would increase his spirits, but both of them were exhausted, and were about to be killed by their friend. "No Naruto, I'm sorry…" She muttered sadly. Sasuke just looked with a cold look.

"I shouldn't have come here without Tsunade and Jiraiya to back us up… I was just so happy to see Sasuke-kun again…" She felt a few tears begin to sting her eyes, but quickly blinked a couple of time preventing them from coming out.

Orochimaru came up as they stopped talking; he had an evil smirk on his face and said, "Naruto and Sakura, I would like to thank the both of you for taking out so many Akatsuki agents for me, with their numbers weakened so much, they are hardly considered a threat now." He looked to Sasuke and continued, "Sasuke was able to kill Itachi because of you two, and is going to give me his body willingly. Now, before that, I will enjoy watching as he kills two people who still consider him a friend. Two so much like my horrible teammates from before."

Orochimaru growled as he then said, "Sasuke, you may continue whenever you wish." Orochimaru went over to Sasuke's side and saw both Naruto and Sakura look up sorrowfully at their lost friend.

"Sakura, before we die, I have one last thing to say…" Naruto muttered as he looked over to her. "I love you." He turned his head back to Sasuke, not wanting to see her reaction. All he wanted to do was to get out those words to the one he loved before he was to die.

"Naruto…" Sakura whispered, "I…" She looked down at the ground, "I love you too." She closed her eyes and tears began to seep through.

Naruto looked over at her in disbelief. Damn it! I hate how bitter sweet it is right now, I finally know she loves me, but I'm about to die… just great… He sighed and grinned over to her, "Thanks."

Sasuke watched on, it seemed as though he thought little of what everyone said, but inside he was having a huge debate…

Kill them! Sasuke's inner self said, he was about to begin to raise his sword when another voice from deeper inside his conscious spoke up, Hell no, they're my friends!

But I have no more purpose in life… I killed Itachi and Orochimaru is going to take my body… Sasuke responded to the voice.

Wait! He had a sudden realization, I can barely remember, a jutsu that may get us out of this! But it requires too much Chakra. If we do it together even, I don't know…

Orochimaru was growing impatient. "Sasuke, kill them now." When Sasuke didn't respond in anyway his features twisted in anger, "Damn brat, LISTEN TO ME! KILL THEM NOW!"

Kill them! Again his conscious tried to say, NO! He responded back to it, Kill him! He inwardly sighed, damn it, what do I do…

Sasuke grabbed the blade of his sword from his belt and pulled it out slowly, and raised it in the air. Both Naruto and Sakura looked on knowing this was their end. Both told each other their feelings, yet their only regret was that Sasuke would not see the light.

Orochimaru smiled as the blade slowly came up, but his happy expression quickly turned into shock as Sasuke swung the blade in the circular fashion and stabbed him right in the chest. The blades poisons went into his body and began to mix with his blood, and as Sasuke pulled the blade out, the man fell to the ground and blood flew out of his mouth.

"How… Could you… you damn… brat…" He gasped out, obviously in huge amounts of pain. He fell down, both his hands going into the hole in his chest, he screamed as loud as he could before he blacked out. All the hundreds of ninja watching we stunned by the move.

Sasuke cut both Naruto and Sakura free, and said, "I'm sorry guys. I shouldn't have come to this bastard for help." He turned his head and spit on the soon to be corpse of his once mentor. He looked around at all the people getting prepared to fight them, even though the three standing at that moment could be considered the three strongest people alive, two were completely exhausted, and one could not fight off hundreds, if not thousands.

"Sasuke…" Naruto growled, "He looked up, rage evident in his face, "That's all you have to say! We nearly died trying to save you countless times, and that snake bastard was always a step ahead of us and found a way to evade us, then when you finally turn back into all light and happy Sasuke, all you have to say is SORRY?!"

Sasuke looked at him for a moment before saying, "Yeah, pretty much."

Before they both could argue longer, Sakura smacked both of them across the head and pointed to the angry crowd of ninja around them, "Guys, we got out of one situation, but we're not going to get out of this one…"

Naruto sighed and nodded, "At least we managed to kill Orochimaru then, and Sakura admitted she loves me." He smiled goofily.

Sakura blushed and punched him in the head and said, "I thought we were going to die! I didn't want to leave you in the dark!"

"So, you'd only have told me if we were about to die in some other situation?" Naruto asked slightly confused, "So does that mean, you wouldn't have told me in the near future if we were to succeed here?"

"Eh…" Sakura didn't know how to respond to that, "Just get the fact that I love you down, it's not like we're going to live much longer to advance our relationship!"

True to her words, the enemy ninja all pulled out their kunai and other weapons and prepared to attack; Sasuke started a very long sequence of hand seals and yelled, "Naruto! Sakura, grab onto my shoulders!"

Naruto and Sakura hesitated before both of them grabbed a hold of his shoulders. Shortly after this, a purple colored chakra came up around the trio and covered them all. Within seconds, they three that were there vanished from the sight of all the ninja advancing.

Kabuto ran up to Orochimaru who slowly regaining his conscious and blood flowed freely from his mouth. "Kabuto…" He muttered silently, "That is the forbidden jutsu that was in the scroll I made… He must have gotten to it… while I wasn't looking…" He coughed a couple of times, "Do you remember the technique that he used?"

Kabuto scanned his memory and replied, "Yes Orochimaru-sama, a time travel jutsu. It requires vast amount of chakra, more than both of us are capable of though… I'd be very surprised if those three made it…"

"We're going to… use it…" Orochimaru coughed out more blood. "We'll just… borrow these guys chakra…" He said as he let a sinister smile grace his face.

Kabuto snickered a little and prepared the hands seals, he did it fast enough so that Orochimaru wouldn't die. When he finished, he used the purple chakra surrounding them to form a hand shape and go cover all the rest as a sort of tribute to the chakra. Suddenly, they all disappeared; the village of the sound was now completely empty.

(Konoha, in a park.)

It was late at night; all the lights within the village were off, besides the night lamps set up around the town. The wind softly blew over the treetops, making a nice calming sound; suddenly the wind picked up quickly and began to circle around one particular spot. A dark purple chakra sphere surrounded the spot, and in an instant, three children fell onto the ground.

"Damn it…" What did you do?" Asked a groggy Naruto as he attempted to lift himself off the ground. He only failed and fell back on his butt. He stopped talking when he heard what his voice sounded like.

Sasuke didn't reply, he opened his eyes and closed them again, he had to adjust to the darkness, for now, he could see nothing. "I…" He couldn't see their expressions, but could feel them looking in his direction. His voice sounded so small compared to what it was only minutes before.

"You brought us back in time." Sakura said, in a small voice as well, "From how we speak, I'd say we're nine, ten years old or so." She stood up and said, "So, we're back before we graduated from the academy."

It was complete silence before Naruto exploded, "WHAT!" It sounded almost comical in his young age, but the matter at hand was too important to notice those kinds of things, "You brought us back? AFTER we killed the bastard and pretty much all of Akatsuki?! We put the whole village in danger, AGAIN!"

Sasuke was silent. Sakura was for a moment too before saying, "Do you think we should look around now? It's not like we can go back to the future to prevent ourselves from going into the past."

Sasuke and Naruto both grunted in agreement, and the three stood up, their clothes all were way too oversized for them all. They all managed to at least have their shirts cover down to their knees. "This sucks…" Naruto sighed, "All the recognition I earned, went down the drain as soon as we came here." He sighed once more. "Damn it, it's going to take another nine years to regain it all."

"I don't know Naruto, we have all our knowledge from before, and all the chakra as well, and the only thing we have to do now is get our bodies to relearn how to control it." Sasuke mentioned as the trio got out of the park and wandered onto a road, and walked and only spoke in whispers so ninja or villagers couldn't hear what they were saying.

"I don't understand though, the technique usually requires a 'tribute' of large amounts of chakra. Usually it would begin to drain out chakra capabilities and make us have very small amounts, but I offered it a large amount to come back so far."

Naruto responded, "Kyuubi…"

Sakura grabbed his hand, and smiled at him, thought slightly blushing herself and nodded towards him. This action though, brought her now long hair into her face and she used her free hand to get it all behind her head again.

Naruto smiled towards the girl and snickered as she tried to fix her hair. "Not use to having long hair again eh?" He asked.

"Not really." She sounded slightly annoyed.

Sasuke looked over to both of them and laughed a little before getting serious, "This is a new timeline, whatever you do, will be written in history as how it is, and you cannot back up onto the old timeline we came from, that doesn't exist anymore." He looked serious and said, "Sakura, if you start doing this with Naruto in public, then you cannot say to people you've been through many things together."

Sakura nodded in thought. Naruto sighed and was about to remove his hand before Sakura gripped it tighter and said, "So what? Ino-pig can have you to herself for all I care."

Naruto looked shocked and Sasuke smirked and said, "Ok, now that we have your relationship down, we need to figure out what we're going to do with the amount of chakra we have. We can all easily outrank an ANBU agent easily with how much we have, however…" He looked around and their faces were blushing from his earlier comment, and then turned serious as it traveled to chakra.

"However, we can't let people know we have so much, they'll question us, and even think we're spies." Naruto sighed as he spoke this. Both gave him shocked looks, "What? I am not an idiot! I could see where Sasuke was going with that!"

Sakura sighed and said, "So, what are we going to do about it? Should we go speak to Tsu…" She stopped mid-sentence, "I mean, Sarutobi-sama?"

"Not tonight…" Sasuke sighed, "Here, I'll let both of you stay here tonight." He motioned his hands to the Uchiha district that Sasuke led them into. "My house is over here." He led them through the place, throughout the whole trip, Naruto and Sakura both felt unnerved by the place. This is where so many were ruthlessly slaughtered that night three years ago. Naruto shuddered, and Sakura leaned against him.

Once Sasuke led them to his house, he closed the front door, and behind them was a hallway. "At the end of the hallway to the left is the living room, we can sleep in there for tonight." Sasuke said as walked along with his friends.

He had not been here for almost six years; it brought way too many unpleasant memories for the child. He shook his head of the thoughts, I can't think of those right now, He then passed the hallway that led to where both his mother and father were killed. He felt very uneasy at that moment.

"Sasuke, no offense, but this place really gives me the creeps." Naruto chirped up from behind the boy. He looked around sadly and nodded.

"Yeah, unfortunately it also frightens me somewhat." He turned back, around, but felt Sakura and Naruto both put a hand on each of his shoulders.

Sakura was the first to speak, "Sasuke, you don't have to go through all this torture alone."

Naruto nodded and said, "We're your friends, we'll help in anyway we can."

Sasuke smiled, "Yes, I know I can trust both of you. I don't understand how both of you can forgive me so easily though." He never felt like this… He always tried his best to hide his emotions that he had been unfamiliar to them, he had after all, killed them for almost fifteen years. He felt a tear come down his eye.

"Happiness…?" He muttered.

His friends looked at him with a quizzical look and he shook his head, "It's nothing." He assured them. He opened the door to the room he had been leading them to and vaguely remembered a light switch to his left. He clicked it on and proceeded to enter the room.

Once the three sat themselves down Naruto started the conversation, "Sasuke, are you going to go to that Snake freak again this time?"

"No." He said with a growl, "No way in hell am I going back to that bastard!"

Naruto sighed and said, "Good, because if you did, this time I'd seriously kick your ass at the Valley."

"As if." Sasuke snorted.

The three of them all sat around a small table in the middle of the room. There was a large couch on one side, and a small chair on the other. A fireplace was over to the side, which looked like it hadn't been used in years, and the light was right above them all. Naruto and Sakura both got on the couch, while Sasuke sat on the chair.

"Ok, Naruto, Sakura, we obviously have to hide our power from our classmates, and tomorrow morning, first thing we'll do is go speak to the Hokage about this. After classes, we NEED to learn how to regain control of our chakra; we barely are even touching it right now. We've been in the academy for almost three years now." He motioned to a calendar he had on the wall, according to that, which I update daily, we're all nine years old."

They all nodded. "Ok-" He then yawned, "let's get some rest for now actually, I am beat." Naruto sighed as he grabbed a blanket that hung over the top of the couch and wrapped himself in it; there was no argument from either Sakura or Sasuke. Sakura went next to Naruto and wrapped herself in one as well.

Sasuke watched his friends sleep, I do not know why, but thank you for accepting me again Naruto, Sakura. I promise I will do everything in my power to help us succeed this time around. With that declaration, Sasuke pulled a blanket over himself, and attempted to sleep. Thankfully, sleep actually came blissfully quick for the young Uchiha.

It's always easier to sleep when friends are close by.

The next morning the trio woke up quite early. The Sun was not up, and thus it made them all agree that it was definitely before six in the morning.

Sasuke luckily had clothes laying around for his friends to wear. Unfortunately, they were Uchiha clothes. Sasuke wore what he used to wear those days, an oversized shirt and white shorts. Naruto wore a white shirt, with an Uchiha crest on the back, and the white shorts Sasuke wore. Sakura on the other hand, wore a light blue oversized shirt like Sasuke's with the Uchiha crest again on the back, and some shorts as well.

"You have a huge variety in clothes Sasuke." Naruto muttered, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"At least I had something that would fit your small body." Sasuke sighed, with Sakura giggling a little.

"Hey! In five years I'll be taller than BOTH of you!" He shouted pointing his finger towards both of them. His stomach grumbled and he said, "Heh, so, you guys want to go get Ramen really quick?"

Sakura sighed and said, "Sure." Sasuke nodded his head too.

"Afterwards we have to go tell the Hokage."

(Ichiraku Ramen Bar)

"Oh man…" It has been weeks since I have had this stuff!" Naruto said in a singsong voice as he slurped up the noodles and had an increasing stack of bowls next to him. Both Sasuke and Sakura looked on with some interest, both having similar thoughts:

How can he do that?

Where does it all go?

Despite these thoughts, they politely didn't interfere with Narutos eating habit.

"So Naruto. Who're your new friends?" Teuchi, the owner of the stall asked.

Naruto stopped eating momentarily and turned to them both and said, "This guy here is Uchiha Sasuke, he's my best friend." Sasuke waved from Naruto's left. "This girl here though, is-."

He was interrupted when Sakura said, "I'm his girlfriend, Haruno Sakura." She said with a satisfied smile on.

"I wanted to say that…" He sighed dejectedly, "Old man? Are you alright?"

Teuchi got out of his shock and said, "Aren't you too young to have a girlfriend?"

Naruto laughed, "You're never too young!"

If I use the child's logic, then you can never be too old either! The man thought to himself. A huge smile appeared on his face, "I'm glad for you Naruto!"

Naruto gave him his thanks, and left him the money. The children left the place shortly after that, but it didn't take long for trouble to set in.

Naruto sighed as he saw all the glares he was receiving from the people walking by. I don't want to have to go through this again. He let out a long-winded sigh as a rock missed him by only an inch.

Sasuke was about to retort, but looking at Naruto do nothing; he wisely sat there and did nothing as well.

Sakura was a different story unfortunately…

"HEY!" She turned to the man that threw the stone, "What was that for!"

The man gave her a glance. He was rather tall. He was obviously not a ninja, as seen by the way he walked and his stance. His eyes looked into hers and said, "You shouldn't be playing with that brat girl, you don't know what he can do to you."

"What the hell are YOU talking about?" She grabbed Naruto and said, "You can't possibly think Naruto here is a brat – he's too lovable!"

"Girl, didn't your mother teach you manners? Cussing like that, and worst of all defending him. Truly you were not taught well."

Sakura was beginning to gather chakra at her fist, but Naruto quickly grabbed it. When she glanced over to him he shook his head. "Don't." He whispered. She sighed and complied.

They began to walk away, ignoring all the stares they were receiving. "Sakura-chan, as much as I appreciate you defending me, don't do it. I don't want to bring hate upon your family as well."

"But," She said, but quickly stopped and said, "I'm sorry… I didn't realize how bad your childhood was. No, wait currently is." Tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Naruto saw this and quickly tried to think of something. He did the first thing that came to mind when trying to calm someone down. He gave her a hug. "It's ok Sakura-chan." Of course, being smaller than the person you're hugging means that her head would not reach his shoulder, instead her neck would go there. Luckily she bent her knees slightly to be able to make it less awkward.

"Please," Sasuke sighed, "Enough of the sappy stuff, you're killing me!"

The two stayed like that for a few minutes, to the dismay of Sasuke, until they finally broke apart. Sakura smiled and kissed Naruto's cheek. "Aw, only the cheek Sakura-chan?"

"Naruto, we're only nine right now! Wouldn't it be a little weird if I did that?" She sighed at his obliviousness.

He quickly pecked her on the lips and said, "Hm… not really."

She touched her lips and sighed, muttering idiot under her breath as a bright blush came onto her face.

"So!" Naruto turned to Sasuke who was simply leaning against a building, doing nothing, "Ready to get going Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Finally!" Sasuke let out a large sigh, "I thought you two would never stop flirting with each other." Both blushed slightly at that comment. "Now let's get going, we don't need anymore distractions as there has already been."

The three children all walked towards the tower that was within eyesight now. The streets of the village were now crowded as people went to work and shopped for various things. The sun was rising up, and it was visible off in the distant east. There was no wind at the moment, and it made the whole place have a nice warm feeling.

Once they made it to the tower, the three walked up a series of stairs, and then finally made it into a room that had chairs to the left where people would wait. In front of the was the assistant of the Hokage, who was currently sitting there, twirling her pen in her hands, completely bored out of her mind.

The scene didn't change much until Sasuke walked up and cleared his throat. The woman jumped at the sudden sound and looked at the child, "What do you want?" She asked, her heart still pounding.

"I'd like to see the Hokage." The woman was skeptical about letting a child see the Hokage, until Sakura came up to her.

"Can we Pleeeaaassee see him?" She said giving the woman the puppy dog eye look.

The woman twitched until the gaze of Sakura, until she finally shrugged and said, "Yes, he's available to see you three." The three walked pass her and entered the office. I have fought enemy ninja, but I can't beat that look… How sad.

(Hokage's Office)

The Office of the Hokage was a pretty square room. There was the Hokage's desk straight from the door; there were many bookshelves to both the left and right, and a couple of chairs in front of the desk. There were many different items on the shelves, ranging from scrolls to weapons. In the chair behind the desk however, sat the Hokage.

He wore the traditional Hokage garment; it was a sign of respect and loyalty to ones village, of course one person never really cared for that, and he happened to be-

"Hey! Old man! I haven't seen you in a long time! Have you missed me?" Naruto barged into the room, and ran straight at the Hokage and jumped over the desk. He quickly gave the man a hug, crushing all the bones within him. "I miss you so much!" He said as he squeezed the life out of the man.

"Naruto…" The old man crocked, "You're crushing me…" He wheezed out.

Naruto quickly jumped off and rubbed the back of his head, "Eh, heh, sorry Old man, it's just been a long time and all you see."

"Naruto…" He wheezed again, "I saw you yesterday right before you left your house." He looked Naruto over and asked, "Why are you wearing an Uchiha outfit?"

Sasuke walked forward and said, "I gave it to him, he needed it anyways, orange is a really distasteful color." Naruto glared at the boy. "Anyways, Hokage-sama, we all came here for something important."

Sarutobi looked over at the pink haired girl with them, "What brings an Uchiha and a Haruno here with Naruto?" He asked slightly confused.

"We're his friends." Sasuke answered, Sakura shot him a glare and he rephrased that, "I am his friend, she's his girlfriend."

The Hokage now had a really confused face on, "When did all this happen?"

"Over the years Hokage-sama." Sakura answered. She looked around and said, "Hokage-sama, can you put a silencing seal around this room? What we have to tell you is really important."

Sasuke spoke up saying, "Also put some chakra barriers up so no one can feel chakra from outside of this room." The Hokage looked at them all suspiciously, but did as he was asked.

Once he finished it all he asked, "What is so important?"

"I'll start." Sasuke stated, "I'm nine years old physically, mentally, I'm eighteen. Same with both Naruto and Sakura over here." He pointed over his shoulders to the two who gave a small wave, "We come from the future." Sasuke said with dead seriousness in his voice.

Unfortunately, when a child tries to act serious, it's too cute to be taken seriously.

"Right Sasuke, please though, what is really going on?" He asked, a smile was on his face.

Naruto sighed, "He's telling the truth Old man, we came back right before we were about to die." Naruto trailed off as he remembered the moment, when he returned to the matter at hand he said, "You want proof?"

"Very much so." Sarutobi answered.

Naruto nodded. "Sasuke, I don't know if I can still do this, you try to do your technique as well."

Both boys stood in front of the Hokage and began to gather chakra at their hands. Naruto has a spiral of wind, and Sasuke was beginning to get electricity to form. Both were obviously having a hard time trying to do it, for their faces were screwed in concentration.

Suddenly Sasuke couldn't hold it and turned it off, not without burning his hand, Naruto couldn't do his move either, and it backfired, sending him across the room and hitting the wall. "Ouch…"

Sakura sighed and walked over to Sasuke. "This might be better proof Hokage-sama." She said as her hands turned a light green color and repaired the damaged skin on Sasuke's hands.

The Hokage sat shocked, his pipe slowly sliding out of his mouth. Two kids were in the beginning stages of doing Chidori and Rasengan, and one of them could easily do medical jutsu. What is going on here? All of them easily had as much or more chakra than himself even.

"Sakura-chan, how can you control your chakra so much easier than us?" Naruto complained as he climbed out of the pile of books he was in.

Sakura walked over and gave him a hand out of the mess and said, "Remember, I naturally have good control of my chakra."

"But that was always because you had smaller amounts." Naruto said confused.

Sakura sighed and said, "I have control of some of it, not all of it." This was evident by the sweat that appeared on her forehead. She quickly wiped it away.

Naruto accepted the answer and got up and walked back to the desk where Sasuke had already sat down and was engaged in a staring contest with the Hokage. The Hokage finally broke the silence and eye contact and said, "You three… You're all formidable! As children you all easily have as much chakra as I do, when you learn to regain control it all, you'll be unbeatable."

"You really think so?" Naruto asked in wonder. Stars were practically bulging out of his eyes, "That's awesome!"

Sasuke sighed at Naruto's behavior and turned to the Hokage, "You believe us now?"

Sarutobi sighed, "As unbelievable as it is, yes, I do…" He leaned back and asked, "What happened that caused you to come back to the past?"

"We were surrounded by enemy ninja; our chances of surviving were zero. We couldn't have lived if we didn't do this." Sasuke explained.

"That's very vague."

Naruto sighed, "Orochimaru is an evil bastard, he created the village of the sound in about three years from now, and he put the cursed seal on Sasuke, he survives the attack. Fast forward a little the village is attacked by both the Sand and Sound during the Chuunin exam, we win, but at a cost." Naruto looks down for a second, "Anyways, Jiraiya decides to train me and teaches me Rasengan, we go to look for Tsunade for… purposes, and that's when I first saw Akatsuki. They're an organization that wants the demons within people, like Kyuubi for instance."

At the mention of Kyuubi, Sarutobi asked, "Do they know of it?" He gestured over to Sakura and Sasuke.

"Yeah, they do." Naruto assured him. "Anyway, where was I?"

"I'll continue." Sasuke volunteered. "After Naruto goes away from Konoha, I follow because I hear Itachi is going after him, once I find Naruto, Itachi was there and completely destroyed me. After that I fell into a coma that only a very advanced medic ninja could heal. Naruto finds Tsunade, and after some difficulties, they return to Konoha."

"What is the real purpose of bringing Tsunade to Konoha?" Sarutobi asked.

The three children eyed each other, unsure of what to do. "Well…" Naruto began.

"We can't tell you the reason, sorry Hokage-sama." Sakura answered. "I'll say the next part." She said. "Naruto came back with Tsunade. After she heals Sasuke, they both get into a huge fight. Our sensei gets them both out of it, but it was too late. The damage it could do was already done; our team was beginning to break. Sasuke accepted the invitation the Sound sent him to join them. Shikamaru, who was promoted to Chuunin, gathered a team to go bring him back. After the whole ordeal, Naruto and Sasuke have another fight, Sasuke won simply because of a promise I made Naruto keep."

"What was the promise?" Sarutobi asked in wonder.

Naruto said what he remembered of it, "Promise me you'll bring Sasuke back, Naruto." He sighed, "I said it was a promise of a lifetime. Of course, I failed…" She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Anyway," Sasuke interrupted before it could become another moment between the two, "Naruto goes on a training trip out of the village with Jiraiya-sama, I work with Orochimaru, and Sakura trained under Tsunade-sama. After about two years, Naruto returns, and they have to hurry, because the snake freak wanted to take control of my body." He shuddered, "I hear that both He and Sakura were able to take down members of Akatsuki as they began to become active again. Gaara was the first demon to fall-."

"Who's this Gaara person?" The Hokage asked.

Naruto answered, "He's like me, he carries the one tailed demon, Shukaku." Sarutobi nodded his head.

"I see. Please continue." He gestured with his hand for the boy to continue."

"Akatsuki captures most of the demons; the only one they hadn't captured was Naruto's. Of course, at this time, I finally was able to kill Itachi." He grimaced at the memory, "I learned then that he was ordered to kill my clan." He couldn't help but glare at the Hokage, but he continued on anyway, "Once that was done with I returned to the Sound Village with the Snake, simply waiting days for when I was used to become the next body of the freak."

Naruto picked up, "When Sakura and I hear news of this, we quickly went out of the village as fast as we could. We entered the sound village, knowing our time was very limited and destroyed anyone that got in our way. Unfortunately after hours we were finally taken down. Orochimaru had us tied in the center of town and told us of a 'surprise'." He glanced at Sasuke, "He came out completely void of emotion, Sakura and I knew we were going to die, so we spoke to each other, and after Orochimaru spoke it must have made a spark go off in Sasuke's head."

"After that, Sasuke stabbed Orochimaru, and used a weird Jutsu to save us from the death that awaited us, and we ended up nine years in the past, with all our power from the old timeline." Sakura finished.

Sarutobi took a few minutes to absorb everything he heard. He nodded his head twice. "I see, I am assuming that was just the cliff notes version?"

"Yes Hokage-sama." Sakura said, "It would take days to go over everything."

The three looked at him expectantly. Sasuke spoke up and said, "What do you want us to do Hokage-sama?"

"Well." He began, still dazed from everything he has heard and seen, "That was quite a tale, and from the evidence, it's at least plausible…" He thought for a moment, with the three looking on nervously, "Well, it would be useless to keep you in the academy with such strength. If Naruto and Sasuke learn to control it, you three would be a very powerful group."

"I have decided." He said after another few minutes, "I will keep you three in the academy to say goodbye to your friends… and hello as well, considering you three haven't seen them in quite some time." He chuckled before continuing, "Afterwards, you three will be trained until you're ready to become ANBU agents, what's the estimated time that you will regain your control?"

Sakura spoke up, knowing she was the most knowledgeable on this kind of thing, "Well, according to out current control, I'd say if we do the chakra controlling exercises from bottom to top, we'll be able to regain control in a year or so."

Sarutobi nodded, "Very well, this is your last week at the academy, it will allow me time to set up a program for you three. This will last for a year, or until you all gain control, which ever comes first. After this, you'll all be promoted to ANBU rank, though we won't allow them to know who you all are." He glanced at Naruto, "Some incidents could occur that I'd rather we skip over."

The three children nodded. Sasuke said, "Thanks Hokage-sama, we appreciate it."

"I'll see you in a week, Old Man!" Naruto said as he grinned happily and put his hands behind his head.

After that the three left the office after the Hokage dispelled the jutsus. He simply leaned back in his chair and sighed, what a day! He closed his eyes; I need to think about everything they have told me. I need to milk every detail about the future, and-

"Hokage-sama!" His assistant called.

"What is it?" He asked, dreading the answer.

She walked in carrying a stack of papers; "The paperwork has just arrived, would you like to do it now?"

Sarutobi went over the large stack of paper, and could feel a sting in his eyes. "Just put them here, I'll do it all later…"

When the woman left, the Hokage's head fell on the desk, and he sighed heavily, "I. Hate. Paperwork!"