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"If you try to catch a star it'll burn your hands. If you try to catch a cloud it'll cool your fingers."

Kiba, as smooth as Shikamaru spoke, was annoyed.

"What the hell does that mean?" he growled.

The gentle wind blew their hair to the side as if answering Kiba. Shikamaru sighed tiredly. His breath sent a pleasant chill down Kiba's neck. They were very close together.

"It means being brash has bad results. You have to be calm."

His soft words brushed across Kiba's cheek. He felt his own cheeks rise with heat.

"So, you're saying as a star is brash? That doesn't make any sense."

Shikamaru placed his hand on his forehead in annoyance and looked over at Kiba. He noticed that his friend was blushing. This took him back quite a bit.

"Yes. It's personification. A star is brash and so are you." He explained, "You are my star."

Kiba was speechless. If he hadn't known better, he'd say that Shika was hitting on him in a way.

"And you're as calm as a cloud?" Kiba asked.

Shikamaru released his head and grinned.

"Yes. You get it now?" he asked.

Kiba decided to return what he thought was flirting.

"I think so. Does that mean that if I catch you, you'll cool my fingers?"

There was silence for awhile. Shikamaru's expression was of a confused one. Kiba was afraid that, perhaps, he had gone too far. He's never told Shika how he'd felt. Then, Shikamaru broke out into laughter.

"Geez! You don't understand anything, do you? You're as bad as Naruto." he said.

Kiba frowned. That was not the response that he had wanted. The response he wanted went something like Shika grabbing his hand and lightly sucking on his fingers making them cold and wet. He looked over at him. He was still laughing, rubbing the back of his neck. Kiba's gaze was transfixed on Shika's smile. It was such a pretty one too.

Looks way better than the grimace that normally resides on his face, Kiba thought.

Shikamaru cleared his throat as he shifted his posture on the branch. A lone leaf fell to the ground.

"Are you ready for the assignment tomorrow? I hear it's going to be a Rank B." he said, entirely getting off of the tree altogether.

Kiba slightly smiled as he followed.

"Yeah, can't wait."

This was true. He honestly couldn't wait. It would be the first mission alone with Shikamaru. Well, not completely. Akamaru would be there and so would Naruto. Of course, he didn't mind his dog. In fact he needed Akamaru to help him. It was Naruto he was concerned about. Akamaru obeyed. Naruto… well, he didn't.

They walked up to Kiba's home where they both paused. Kiba turned and faced Shikamaru. His hands were deep in his pockets and he was wearing his fish net shirt. Kiba couldn't help but admire Shika's slender build through the knit. His mind, though, wandered over to Naruto.

Why does he have to be there?

Lately he noticed affection between Naruto and his Shika; his cloud. It was all the smallest of gestures but they stabbed Kiba hard. Like, touching his shoulders or playfully ruffling his blonde hair.

Why… does Shikamaru do those things?

Naruto didn't help either. Kiba had seen Naruto hugging Shika from behind all the time. It was a frequent thing and it pissed Kiba off.

Shikamaru started backing off from his friend's front door.

"I'll see you tomorrow then, eh? Front of the old academy?" he asked, tightening his pony tail.

"Right, right. See you there." Kiba yelled as he shut his door.

Akamaru greeted him; licking frantically at his face. Kiba grinned brightly.

"Calm!" he ordered.

He paused at what he said.

Akamaru stopped nonetheless, sat and wagged his tail side to side.

"Calm as a cloud, Akamaru." Kiba cooed.

Akamauru dropped on his side for his belly to be rubbed. Before he pet him, Kiba inspected his dog's bandages.

"Getting better, I see." Kiba breathed, stroking his dog's chest.

Akamaru barked in response but suddenly got up from the ground and jolted towards the window. He began to scratch at the pane of the glass. Kiba got up and peered out. Shikamaru was right in the middle of the dirt road... with... Naruto next to him! Kiba bared his teeth.

Arms around his shoulders...

Weaving his slender fingers in Naruto's blonde spikes... not too long until...

Ah! There it is... the damn hug from the fox.

Kiba backed off from the window and looked at his ceiling thoughtfully. He needed to tell Shikamaru how he felt. There was no other answer. Kiba couldn't bear watch his Shika be taken away from him. He cared for him too much.

Akamaru yawned and flopped himself on his bed. Kiba felt tired as he watched his dog close his eyes. Kiba cracked his neck side to side. He'd decided to tell Shika first thing tomorrow. Right before the big mission started. He'd grab his cloud.

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