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"Eiii-YAHHH!" Naruto screeched, thrusting his orb of chakra into the tree.

He took the chakra back in through his palms and examined the perfect half sphere in the trunk.

"Yes!" he congratulated himself as he dropped to the soft earth below him.

He was beyond tired and his energy was at a minimum.

"Rasengan, eh?" a voice asked.

Naruto, startled, looked around.

"Huh? Hello?" Naruto asked the voice.

Naruto's blue eyes scanned the surrounding trees until... suddenly he was staring at another pair of blue eyes. Only these were upside down.

"Oi. You look kind of young for that technique." he said looking at the destroyed tree. "But you've got it down pretty well."

Though, he was a total stranger, Naruto grinned and agreed.

"Yeah, I know! Thanks. I practice it non-stop."

"Have you been training for long?" the upside down man asked.

Naruto looked up at him strangely. He finally realized how unusual this was.

"W... why? Who are you?" he asked.

The young man walked to the trunk of the tree then to the ground. Her had black spikey hair and sharp features, all except for his eyes. They were soft and round.

"My name is Yokichi," he held out his hand, "And you are?"

Naruto took his hand. He noticed that Yokichi's finger nails were painted black.

"Naruto Uzumaki. Future Hokage."

Yokichi half smiled and offered a light laugh.

"I see. Of Leaf Village, I assume." he said, pointing to Naruto's head band.

"Of course."

Yokichi smiled, "Well, you're done training, right?"

Naruto nodded.

"Good, because my friend sensed you and, uh, he's not too friendly towards Leaf Villagers."

Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"That's fine, I'm-"

"ARK! Raaa... AH!"

Naruto looked down at the interuption.

Akamaru's teeth were bared and the fur on his back was raised. He growled at the stranger; whom stood calm. The barking had sounded abnormally loud for a dog his size. Naruto picked him up and looked at Yokichi, who was still smiling a strange smile.

"Sorry…" Naruto apologized.

Yokichi waved it off.

"…'S fine. My pets don't like others either."

Just leave already, Naruto thought as Akamaru struggled to get free.

Yokichi grinned one last time, turned around, and waved. Naruto sighed in relief, but it didn't last long.


Yokichi froze in front of the young man who just had erupted from the trees. It was Shikamaru and he looked completely exhausted.

With first sight of the dark haired stranger, he brought his hands together and yelled, "Shadow Possession Jutsu!"

"NARA!" Yokichi panicked.

The least he could do was leap backwards. He completely understood the situation he was in; night that was lighted by the full moon and against a Nara clan member at that!

This is a perfect scenario for Takeo, he thought as he watched Shikamaru's black jutsu jolt after him.

"Heavenly Beam Jutsu!" a voice commanded from above.

Yokichi looked up.

"Speak of the devil." he laughed.

In an instant, a bright orb settled above them, blasting the forest with an intense white light.

What's this?

Shikamaru squinted at the sphere in the sky. He brought his arm up to shield his sight but… his eyes widened.

"What?" he shrilly breathed.

His arm produced no shadow over his eyes. He frantically looked down and found that his own shadow was totally gone. The tallest man gracefully landed next to the dark haired man. This new one had light brown spikey hair, similar to the other. He had green eyes and a stern face.


"Naruto, get outta' here." he said.

Naruto clenched his fist at his side.

"Return the dog, ok?"

Naruto smiled.

"Ah! I understand." he yipped.

He scooped up the white dog and vanished in a cloud of white.

"Yokichi, go after him." Arai ordered, keeping his eyes on Shikamaru.

Yokichi's mouth gaped open.

"Wh? ...but-"

"No, go now. They're after the scroll, I know it."

Yokichi formed the hand sign.

"You bastard. You keep Nara alive for me." he hissed, still with the wicked grin on his face.

He too had dissapeared, leaving Shikamaru standing in the incredible light with no shadows under him.

Keep me alive? he thought.

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