Yeah I know: typing up three fanfictions at the same time? But I really wanted to write this one and I am almost finished with battle of the bands. So read it and tell me it yah like it or hate it.

"I really don't want to go. They're being unfair!"

"Yeah, I know. But Swift, we have no choice, it's the only way."

Swift looked at the girl talking to her; the girl ran her hand through her dark brown hair while walking back and forth.

"But Bliss they cant do this! We finished our debt to them, they-"

Bliss put her both her hands on the younger girl shoulders.

"They are the High Council and they have the right to-"

Swift let out an angry groan; Bliss ignored her and continued to speak.

"They have the right to decide if our debt to them is finished or not."

Swift was about to retort when a male voice cut her off.

"They are ready to see you." He said to them. Both of the girls looked at each other.

"Ready?" Bliss asked.


They walked into a very large room lit by torches floating around. The room had three tiers where the council would sit and judge.

"I hate this." Swift whispered, she eyed the council each had a look of either smugness or pure gratification. 'Just because we're hybrids doesn't mean they get to treat us like we're lower than dirt!' she thought to herself.

The leader of the council stood up, Hades, his white hair shined against his black robes. Swift hated him, and most of all his eyes: clear and transparent as glass, the man was mutant. His power: he could tap into people emotions and twist it if he wanted to just by focusing his eyes on you.

"Ah, Swift. Bliss" He nodded at each of the girls and then took a seat. "Glad that you can join us.

"We didn't have much of a choice." Swift sneered; Bliss elbowed her in the gut.

"What I think she is trying to say is, what do you need of us? I thought our debt to you was paid?" she asked them.

Much of the council members laughed.

"My dear girls. Now you couldn't have thought the last task given to you was the last one? It was way to easy" one of women on council asked her eyes glowing.

'If you think almost killing our "destinies" is easy you got another thing coming!'

Even though Swift only thought this some of the psychics on the council heard her. One of them, a man with short red hair, Skull, put of his hand.

Swift let of a blood curling scream as she put her hands to her head. Bliss got down next to her.

Skull put his hand down, the screaming subsided to heavy breathes. "Next time think quietly before you project any of your thoughts you filthy little hybrid." His lips curled in a twisted smile.

"What do you want from us?!" Bliss asked, she was losing her patience.

"We have one last assignment for you girls to work on."

"Which is?"

"You have to guild three "destined" to destroy someone who we presume to be a threat to us and our future."

"Sounds easy enough." Swift commented, she held her head in her hand. The jerk sent her through one hell of a spell.

"Unlike the others you two had to help fight this one is the one who could destroy the future. If you do this then your debt to us will be cleared."

"Just like that?" Bliss asked cautiously.

"Just like that." He snapped his fingers to prove his point.

"We'll do it."

"Perfect." A large leather covered book appeared before them. The book opened to a certain page.

"Here are your "destined."" A tanned man with a Mohawk said his lips pulling into a smirk.

Both girls eyes opened wide, "You can't choose them!" Swift shouted in outrage "They're our friends and they have already been "destined" before."

"You seem to think as if you have any options."

Bliss stood up from the ground, as so did Swift still a little light headed.

"You can't do this" She warned them. She felt someone pull her arm.

"Let's just go, Swift."

Bliss led the way.

"Hold on now my dear hybrids." They turned back Hades, who stood up again. "We, the council, seem to think that the two of you are a little too rebellious when you are together."


"And we thought that both of you shouldn't go."

"You can't do that! We've been working together forever, this was not in our contract." The girls argued.

"Yes," said Hades sitting down "But it is now. Only Swift will go. Bliss you are to stay here."

"But she can't-"

A woman with a face almost white as snow put up her hand to stop the girls from arguing, "We have already decided, so do not waste your breath."

Skull lifted his hand, and before Bliss could blink she was surrounded by purple electricity. She felt her powers slipping away from her; she collapsed onto the hard cement floor.

"Bliss!" Swift knelt down to the older girl as the electricity started to subside.

"I am alright."

The woman spoke up again, "Bliss is here by drained, as to make sure she is not to help in anyway possible."

"You have two minutes to say good bye." Another man added. "Don't screw this up Swift."

Swift carried out the older girl outside and laid her down on the cold floor.

"Those dirty nasty bloody-"


"What?" She looked at Bliss, her steel colored eyes looked tired and drained.

"Don't worry about me, alright? I'll be fine, just please I am begging you: don't screw this up. Okay?"

"Yeah but-?"

"Don't worry about me, those dick heads in there can't do anything to harm me. It's in our contract"

"I don't think they care much about contracts right about now."

"Swift, please. No more arguing. Just go."

Swift nodded her head.


She got up and held up her hands. A purple and black portal opened up.

She turned back to Bliss.

"I'll get this over with as soon as possible. Promise." She turned back and walked through the portal; it swallowed her up whole and disappeared.

Bliss looked at where the portal was and whispered:

"Good luck sis."

Okay so there is another character. But the x-men do make their appearance in the next chapter so keep on reading. Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the idea of Swift and Bliss and the council members.