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"Who da hell r'dey?" Gambit growled. He didn't like these guys, the air around them screamed 'dangerous'.

"Friends of mine…sorta." Said Swift eyeing the three men body language towards each other.

"Come on bit, we really have to work with him?" Spike smirked. He eyed Gambit, cocking his head a bit "Looks like pretty boy here never fought a day in his life."

Gambit scoffed, "Don't know if Ah should take o'ffence to dat from y'two." he replied smugly, his arms crossed on his chest looking at the matching onyx rings the two had on. (1)

Spike seemed to catch where Gambit was looking and got what he was implying. "You nasty little-"he advanced, but Swift intervened.

She was resolute, with her hands on her hips, she answered Spike question with impatience "Yes, you do. If you want what you wished for"

"So… what's wid da matchin' rings, if yall are not t'gether?" he asked amused.

Spike cracked his neck, and started to take of the ring.

"I'll show you."

"Spike." Angel gave him a warning look, telling him to back off.

"Well as long as you don't slow us down, I'm fine with it." Angel told Gambit.

"Merci." He deadpanned.

Spike just rolled his eyes, "Fine we'll work with the bloody git."

"Thank you. Angel, Spike I got a few things to go over with you two."

Spike let out a groan, "Oh for the love- we've been through all of that, bit. No more tattoos (2), so you have nothing to worry about."

"Something tells me that's not what Swift here wanted to talk about." Angel retorted, his eyes glowing.

"Will you excuse us?" Swift asked Gambit as she took hold of Spike and Angels arm and led them down the hall a few feet away.

Gambit watched as Swift pulled out a gold chain with a small medallion (3) attached to it and give it to Spike, who face broke into a wide grin. He hated that guy. He watched as she gave Angel silver chain with something that looked liked pentacle (4). What was up with the jewelry? He continued to watch as Swift gave what looked like a warning of some sort to Angel and Spike (who had a pissed off look).

"Alright," Swift began when they came back to Gambit "here's the first part of your mission." She pulled out something the size of her palm, it was thin, resembling a PDA.

"Your first mission is to find these rings." She pressed a button on the side and a hologram of three rings showed. She pressed the button again displaying the first ring only.

It was gold and wrapped up in what looked like gold coiled spike. Not really your typical ring.

"This is the ring of thorns, it's the first ring you will have to get." She pressed another button, shutting off the hologram, and putting the PDA away. "With this ring and the other two, you will be able to unlock the door to the red world."

"Why can't you do this?" asked Angel "You can port to different dimensions."

"Yeah, and those damn tattoos could very well help." Added Spike.

Gambit watched as Swift let out a low sigh. "I could, if the council wouldn't block my powers, they would never let me." She looked up at the two vamps "And as for the tattoos, they wouldn't help. The only way to get to red world is with those keys."

"What tattoos?" asked Gambit.

Before Spike could respond Angel elbowed him in the ribs.
"Bloody hell."

"Shall we get going?" Angel looked at Swift.

She opened the portal. "The first world you three are going to is called earth-121. Be careful, and don't use your powers until you're confident that it's okay to use them." She told them as they stood ready in front of the portal.

"If you guys need any help-"

"Yeah, yeah. We know how to reach you bit." Spike walked into the portal.

"Dat fucker is goin down." Gambit stated as he walked into the portal.

Angel stood watching, he turned to Swift "This is not going to be easy, is it?"

She shook her head.

"Thought so." He walked into the portal, and with Swift following close behind him. The portal disappeared behind her.

-----Earth 121----

"Oomph." Spike stood up and turned to see Gambit and Angel already up. "She likes us? Think she would have given us an easier landing" he told him.

I heard that

"Sorry." He shrugged his shoulders as the two gave him a dirty look.

The three took in their surrounding; they stood in a deserted looking building.

"Where da hell are we?"

Don't know, might have to look around

Angel found a locked door, and kicked it.

It opened.

"Guys." He called out to them.

The two joined them.

"Bloody hell." "Dieu"

Angel took a deep breath, "Well we got our work cut out for us."

Wanna know what they saw? well yah just gonna have to wait till next time.

1) The rings help Angel and Spike with stand the sun, got it from an old Angel ep. Dont remember which though.

2)has any one read the angel and spike comics? No? in the latest one, that takes place after the angel series finale Angel and Spike have these tattoos that are able to transfer them to other dimensions/worlds. With the help of a key and their blood, of course.

3)Remember the series finale of Buffy; the medallion belonged to Spike since he was the champion.

4)Something to keep Angelus locked up.

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