Chapter 8 Bella POV

"Ahhh!" I hear a distant murmuring in the background.

"Bella, Bella! Wake Up!" I open my eyes and there starring at me is Edward. He's extremely worried but not at all surprised. He's used to this by now, he expects it. "You ok?"

"Ya, just the same old dream."

"Bella I'm worried about you! Every night you toss and turn, do you even rest at night? I mean the bags under your eyes are starting to make you look like a vampire." He smiled at himself because of the joke he made.

"Edward your so stupid…" I laugh while pushing him playfully. "Hey don't worry about me ok? I need to tell you something…" and with that I told him everything. "So what do you think? Am I crazy or what?"

"Well what you say isn't exactly probable but I have noticed that something is definitely up. Maybe you're right. But we can't go jumping to conclusions before we have concrete proof."

"Ya ok. Well I need a human minute."

"I'll be waiting…" Says Edward while winking at me. I turn around and stick my tongue out at him then walk into the bathroom. And then while I'm washing my face I feel it. This undeniably strong feeling that I'm being watched. I look all around but I don't see anything. It's the weirdest thing but the feeling continues. Still unnerved, I finish up, change and go see Edward. But when I enter my room he's not there. I check in the Closet and even under my bed (just to be safe). Nothing. I look out the window, Charlie's cruiser is gone. Ok, It's safe. "Edward! Edward, where are you?" No answer. "Edward this isn't funny!" I search everywhere but he's gone. Where could he be? All of a sudden the lights seem to dim and the feeling of being watched intensifies. Whats going on? "Who's there? ANSWER ME!" I yell trying to sound brave although I feel the complete opposite.

"Beellaa…Beelllaaa..!!" A dark sinister voice hisses.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"You know what I want and who I am…" It's the Darkness, it's come for me! I can't deal with this alone, I need Edward!

"Wha, what did you do with Edward?" Ignoring my question it goes on.

"My time will come again young witch, and the Daughters of Light will either have the choice to be with me or against me. I'm stronger than before, nothing will be able to stop me! Choose your allegiance wisely, for I can offer you great power! You have been warned, now have a taste of my power!!"

"Ahhh!!" Excruciating pain envelopes my body. I know nothing, I see nothing, I feel nothing but the pain. It clouds my vision and my senses. My blood feels like it's boiling and there's fire in my veins, but at the same time there's ice. I find myself thinking one thing…Please let me die, let me die so I can't feel the pain anymore…then all of a sudden it stops. The pain it just, stops. I can feel myself panting for breath and for the second time this morning I hear the distant murmurings of Edward. As I slowly come to they become louder and clearer. I realize he's yelling.

"Bella, Bella! Can you hear me? Come on speak to me!" I try to speak but all that comes out is this gurgguling sound. Ok, lets try this again.

"Edwarrr…" was all that came out. I try to open my eyes to see my angel's face but I can't. No matter how hard I try they won't open. It's like they're glued shut. Starting to get frustrated, and a little scared, I try with all my might to say "Edwarr I, I can't see! I can't open my eyes!"

"Bella it's ok, I'm here. Do you think you can move?"

"Umm…" I try to move but the pain comes back and it hurts to much. "No"

"Ok Bella, I can't touch you. I tried to carry you to your bed earlier but you burned me. It was like your skin was on fire, it even hurt me."

"Edward, what happened?"

"I don't know. You came in here and then I heard screaming and you were on the ground. I tried to touch you but like I said, I couldn't."

"Edward I know It might hurt but touch the star on my ankle."


"I'm not sure, just trust me. Push on it."

"Umm, ok." As he pushes on my ankle I hear a small cry of pain escape his lips and then the magic comes. It's comforting feeling washes over me and instead of fire of ice I feel a warm tingly feeling. Immediately I open my eyes and see Edward still touching me but no longer in pain. Slowly I try and get up. I feel sore but no longer is there pain. I look up at Edward and smiled. In return ha gave me a sad smile then helped me up. "Bella what happened?"

"I.." Don't Tell Him says a soft velvety voice that, impossibly enough, matched Edward's in irresistibility. I swiftly looked around but the voice's owner was nowhere to be found. Lie it says again. Don't tell Edward, but I tell him everything. My brain is saying tell but my instincts are telling me to trust the voice.

"Bella?" So with the encouragement of the voice and against my better judgment, I lie. "Bella, what happened?"

"I don't remember. All I remember is walking into the bathroom, then a blinding pain came over me an then it stopped." He seemed to digest my answer and accept it. He believes me! He always knows when I'm lying. I must be getting better at this.

"Maybe you should stay home today."

"No Edward I'm fine, I'm going to school. I just want to confront Serena about this whole mess and get it over with."



"Fine, I just don't want you to get your hopes up, or expect to much." I just roll my eyes and wave him out so I can finish getting ready. After a quick breakfast we board the car. After a while I just can't take the deafening silence that surrounds us any longer, as I'm about to say something Edward beats me to it. "How did you know applying pressure to that mark would stop the pain?"

"That was magically induced pain, only more magic would end it. That star is the source is the source of my magic, you just gave me the push I needed." The answer came to me so quickly that I knew it must be true. He just nodded a response and kept staring straight ahead. As we arrived we met up with Alice but she seemed to have sensed our mood as she didn't even attempt a conversation but merely an empty greeting. A sliver of annoyance crept into my chest the fact that she preferred not talk. Why wouldn't she just tell us what she saw? The bell rang and I had to forget my mounding frustrations with Alice, It's time for English and I need to talk with Serena. It was when everyone was seated that I noticed, Serena wasn't here…

Serena POV

"Where am I?" My question seemed to reverberate of invisible wall and surroundings. I was in darkness. It looked as if I floated yet I was definitely standing on something solid. I could have been standing upside-down, right-side up, or sideways, I don't know. Nothing I could see would tell me.

"You are in a state of being." The voice was of a man. A man I was now faintly able to see the outlines of. He spoke softly and gently and appeared to be walking towards me.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that you are, in a sense, in a being. In or a part of one of it's infinite realms of mystery."

"I don't understand."

"You are in the Darkness. You see the Darkness is not a solid, liquid, gas, spirit, or a soul. It is Power. Power beyond comprehension. It can expand, affect, and manipulate. It can bend reality and in doing so created the realms. They're a series of infinite, unpredictable places. Both wonderful and terrible, the details of their creation are unknown. You are in one of them." The Darkness, I've heard of it before…in that prophecy! Choices will be made for the Darkness is strong… The whole time he'd been walking closer and now I could see, it was the horrible hooded figure that had been haunting me.

"What do you want from me?"

"Oh it's not what I want, it's what the Darkness wants." As he says this he lowers his hood and allows me to see his whole face. He's the same chalky white color as Alice and Edward. He has long, black, spiky, shoulder length hair. His features are very pronounced almost angelic, if I wasn't in so much shock I would have laughed at the irony of it. He was so terribly handsome. But not beautiful, like a scary handsome. And then of course there's his blood red eyes to enhance his aura of danger.

"How can the Darkness want?"

"You don't seem to get it. It can affect it's surroundings, manipulate vessels, if you will. It finds ways of communicating what it wants, and right now what it wants is you. It's had me watch you for a while now. I know quite about you Serena Starklet. How everyday you put on a mask of happiness only to remove it when you get home. How your still racked with the pain of your parent's deaths. How you blast your music to blind the loneliness and abandonment you feel when you come back to an empty house. How you've only seen your uncle a handful of times since you've been here and how you just started to let go of some of these feelings when you felt you could trust your new friends…" I stood there speechless. He's got me pictured perfectly. Not even I would have been able to describe my feelings so accurately.

"How did you…?"

"Now is not the time for that, I'm here on the Darkness' orders."

"And what would the Darkness want with me?" I ask rather hesitantly

"The Darkness desires nothing more than to know you as I do, to help you, and possibly have you engage in it's services."

"Why would the Darkness want me to work for it?"

"Oh Serena…" I shivered as he said my name, not out of fear, but because I liked the way he said it…"you have so much power, power like you've never even dreamed of just waiting for you to tap into it."

"I can't control it…" I said looking down at my feet.

"We can help you." My head immediately snapped upward. Of all the things he'd said that was the one that stuck out the most. I would be able to control it…Could he really help me? He seemed to sense that he'd hit the mark and continued. "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have control? Not to be afraid of what might happen if you use your powers. Will you accept the Darkness' offer?"

YES! I wanted to scream YES PLEASE TEACH ME!! But a part of me wouldn't let me say itThe reasonable part of course. It kept repeating the prophecy to me and I knew from that prophecy that whatever the Darkness was, it was trouble. Besides standing next to me was the man I'd seen so many times before kill an innocent and steal her children, not just kill but drink her blood. And he worked for the Darkness. Even though right now he doesn't seem it, I'm sure he's dangerous. Ergo, so is the Darkness. So instead of the word yes forming on my lips, all that came out was a weak "No." He didn't look very taken aback by my answer but merely replied…

"Just think about it, we'll see each other again." Then he turned to leave. All of a sudden something, very obvious, dawned on me.

"You're a vampire, aren't you?" He turned and stared me straight in the eye.

"You catch on quick, don't cha?" He attempted to leave again but I needed to know one more thing.

"Wait! Who are you? What's your name?" Again he looks me straight in the eye, and this time I can't look away. I'm transfixed. He just keeps staring at me as if contemplating whether he should answer me or not, finally he makes up his mind.


"Amethyst" I reply acknowledging his name. He nods and without another word disappears. Then the darkness encloses me, and I awake.

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