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Timeline: Aside from the prologue, this story begins essentially right after Dumbledore's funeral.



"If we do nothing, the school falls," someone said sharply.

In a small clearing deep within the Forbidden Forest, four disparate creatures were gathered.

"Then we must intervene. Our duty is to the school," another said.

"What shall be done about the Boy?" the third asked.

"He will need to be closely watched…he is brave to the point of foolishness. Garron, I believe he will be your responsibility."

Garron sighed. "It may well be. Not even at Hogwarts and Sorted, and the boy is more a Gryffindor than Godric himself at times." He paused. "He will need her to watch over him."

A loud protest immediately arose from the other three. He cut through it with his booming voice.

"This is not a point of discussion. We have all foreseen it! This is the only way. With the Evil he will face, he needs her at his side."

"Your twisssted reasssoning sickensss me! You jussst want her all to yourssself!"

"Enough, Sarmad. You know we must all make sacrifices in the years ahead."

"Easssy for you, lion. While ssshe is guarding your Chosssen One, my children are doomed to walk in Darknesss!"

A clear feminine voice cut through their argument. "Then we must all do what we must to make sure that there is still a place for them to travel in the light when the time comes. It pains me, Sarmad, but Garron is right…it is what must be done."

"And she will not be far," another soft voice added. "Despite her House, we will all watch over her until the time is right."

There was a tense silence, but Sarmad finally, if grudgingly, acquiesced. All four were quiet as they went their separate ways.

Seven Years Later

Once more the clearing held the four animals.

"The time has come," Reya said. The other three nodded.

"Go now amongst the students and find your chosen. We will meet back here at sunset."

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