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Epilogue – Ten Years Later

Draco Malfoy; Ginevra Weasley; Severus Snape; Hermione Granger; Ronald Weasley; Megan Rothschild; Luna Lovegood; and of course, Harry James Potter.

These were all names still spoken of with a hint of awe, even after all this time…the four families that had joined together and defeated Voldemort. Word of the Bindings was announced after the War ended...much to the dismay of the wizards and witches who thought to snare a war-hero as a mate.

The eight of them had all made a pact, before the Blazons left, to keep the events of that evening to themselves. In a small yard behind a modest but well-appointed house, however, there were four who could have absolutely cared less about such rubbish at the moment.





A rumbling growl could be heard. "Gryffindor!"

"You had Hermione! This one will be a Ravenclaw!"

"The child of the Manasssa isss mine!"

Hermione and Severus stepped out into the yard.

"Maya, dear, it's time to come in for dinner," Hermione called. Her daughter, who had been watching the antics of her friends arguing nearby, scrambled to comply.

"And you four!" Hermione admonished. "Don't you dare think to influence her Sorting! She'll be in whichever House the Hat puts her in!"

"Ruddy hat," Hazel muttered darkly.

Severus looked at Hermione, the glint in his eye letting her know he was up to something.

"Well, there's always Beauxbatons," he said innocently.

They both chuckled, the raucous protests following them as they made their way inside.

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