Here is a new story, Bad Braces.

Summary: Danny gets braces from a crazy dentist. He soon discovers there are more than just a pain in the mouth, they are a true pain! They start to mess with his powers. He starts to wonder what the braces are made of. His parents try to help him, but discover a secret about him they never thought to be true.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom.



"Stop yelling Danny."

"You can't be serious, I have to get braces!"

"That's what your dentist says, so yes." Danny grunted. He really didn't like the sound of this. Looking in the mirror, he didn't really see anything wrong with his teeth. Well, sure they were a bit crooked, but, nothing time wouldn't fix. He sighed, his parents were going to make him get them anyway. Only one more day until he got them.

The next day at the dentist office, Danny sat waiting for them to call his name. "Danny Fenton." He sighed as he stood and followed the dentist to the room. He sat down in the chair as the dentist got ready. Soon the dentist had the chair leaned back. "Okay open wide." Danny opened his mouth. First the doctor cleaned off the plaque from his teeth before preparing him for getting the braces.

The dentist placed the things in his mouth to keep his lips out of the way, then blew air on the teeth to dry them. He placed the glue on then the bracket. Next he used the blue light to set the brackets in place. He took the things out of the way so Danny could move his mouth around. So far things were going as Danny had expected, but what came next, nothing could've prepared him for.

Instead of grabing a normal looking wire, the one the dentist grabed, had an odd glow to it. Danny spoke up, "Um, is that normal?"

"Sure it is, you've just never had them before. It only looks like its glowing because of the lighting, but don't worry its normal."

Not wanting to cause trouble, Danny let the issue drop. Besides his parents felt they could trust the dentist, so why shouldn't he? He opened his mouth so the dentist could place the wire in. "What colors had you closen again." Danny pointed at the green and black color sticks that hung on the chain the dentist showed him. The dentist pulled out the colors and placed them on his teeth. Once done, the dentist explained how to care for them and gave him a container of wax to use if the braces rubbed on his cheeks. Danny walked back out to where his mother waited.

"How are you feeling Danny?"

"It hurts, but I've got a feeling it'll hurt worse soon."

"I'm sure it can't be that bad." Maddie told him as they walked out after setting up the next appointment for him. At home, Danny took a pill for the pain before taking some of the soup Maddie offered him for dinner. Danny half drank the soup, wishing his mouth would adjust to the braces faster and make the pain stop.

He placed the bowl in the sink and headed up to his room only to be interrupted by his ghost sense. Suddenly realizing something, he wondered if he should risk it. Someone might see a connection between them, the braces! He was going to ignore it when he heard the familiar, "Welp!" Sighing, he went ghost and headed out, deciding he'd just would not open his mouth if he could help it.

"Ah there you are!" Skulker aimed a cannon blaster at him. Danny quickly took aim and blasted an ectoblast at him. It hit Skulker dead on. Quickly firing again he hit Skulker before he could react. Danny figured the quicker he beat him, the less chance he'd have to say anything. Pulling the thermos out, he prepared to suck Skulker in, when he got blasted.

Danny quickly regained his composure when he floated back to Skulker's level. He quickly blasted him then pulled the thermos out and sucked Skulker in. Danny was relieved to find out that the battle ended so fast. He quickly flew back to his room and changed back. Glancing at the time, he noted he should get going on his homework. He sat down at his desk and got to work.

After about an hour working at his homework, Danny felt to tired to continue. Yawning he put on his pjs and got into bed. As he slept, he didn't notice the faint glow of his braces.