Prompt: #074 Darkness

Notes: Written for 50darkfics.


It was everywhere, all around them. It surrounded them and threatened to choke them until they were breathless.

There was no escape.

They were trapped and defenceless, with no weapons and injuries blemishing their skin from the countless beatings they had gone through.

It was pure agony.

Daniel was close to death and they all knew it. The torture had caused excruciating pain to all of them, but he had suffered the worst of it. After Daniel died, Jack, Teal'c and Sam would undoubtedly be next.

They were ready to give up.

They had lost track of time and had given up hope on being rescued. Their souls had been ripped from their bodies, leaving nothing but emptiness inside.

Their spirits were broken.

Everything that they had been was lost. The darkness and pain had finally consumed them.

They were broken.