A/N Okay this is a fanfiction of a fanfiction, similar to what redplanetes did with Soulchanging. The original can be found here. (I have the original author's express written permission and given Victor Salva's arrest record I think he has bigger things to worry about then me.

One thing I've changed in my fiction however, 1) We don't know WHAT the Creeper is exactly, he's just the inscrutable monster we all know and love. So enjoy.


Date Unknown

I don't know where I am, I don't know if reality exists, I may be in a dream, all I know is that I'm in pain and I'm going to die

Date Unknown Two days later

Oh God please help me

One day later

HE has comeback, I don't know what HE exactly is, but He is pain, death, evil, and suffering personified. I hide in a little corner of his lair I claimed for my own. He leaves me alone mostly, he happily continues with his macabre work, occasionally those glaring eyes turn to me and I have no choice but to lower mine, And he comes over to me, sniff, sniff, sniff taking in my scent with the strange creepy sound that comes from his breathing. I can't get away.

I think it's been a day

I threw up this morning, all over the floor near my little corner; I really didn't know what to do, so I left it. And remained in my corner. I hoped that when HE came back he wouldn't notice but of course the second he came in his inhuman eyes fell to the immediately to the vomit on the floor. He came over I assumed my defensive position if he tried to grab me or hit me, or even try to touch me I could fight back easier, even though it would ultimately be pointless.

However he didn't seem interested in hurting me again, he carefully smelled me all over and he even sniffed the vomit once or twice, I saw his nose wrinkle in disgust. I was so scared and confused that I looked directly at him in his horrifying face trying to read what he was thinking. He seemed vaguely perturbed but to my relief there was no anger and hostility in his expression and I breathed a small sigh of relief. I also now understood the strange noise he made when he breathed: he had an extra pair of nostrils on the bridge of his nose.

He quickly left and came back with an old oily rag. He gave it to me and gestured to the vomit. I understood; I made the mess I had to clean it up. I wiped it away as best as I could and held the rag in confusion wondering what to do next, he silently took it away from me and left the room. Thankfully he didn't comeback.

Two days later

Today he tried to feed me. He came over with a strip of meat. I could smell it from across the room. It was raw. I had no clue what it was, was he smart enough to know what I'm supposed to eat? Probably not, since it was raw. Then it occurred to me, its probably human.

Instantly my mouth is covered, so is my nose, I don't want to smell it either. I shake my head vigorously, then I modify the gesture into something he might understand, I jerk my head away to the side in refusal of the meat. No I don't want it. Take it away. Take it away.

He seems to understand, he puts it away in his coat pocket. He gives me one last curious sniff before leaving. I sigh in relief.

A few hours later.

I've noticed something, as I sat here as usual I knew I could smell blood in the other room, I knew some one had just been killed in the other room. I felt sad, but a vague kind of sadness, the way you might feel about a genocide in a different country. Yes I feel bad but its far away. Maybe I just grew numb to the horror he causes. What took me by surprise was the fact that I could smell it. I can smell things I couldn't smell before, but then again my whole world seems distorted. I've also noticed his sense of smell seems far better to my own.

Does that mean something? Am I becoming like him? Who, what the hell is he and what does he want?