Child's Play

Prompts: #000 Rodney, "Ew!" #000 Children/Babies

Notes: Written for 30 angsts and autumnxchild

"Give that back!" Rodney retorted angrily, to one of the Athosian children he had been ordered to keep an eye on. God knows why he was given that duty! He held his hand out for the contraption he had mistakenly put down for five seconds and glared at the boy.

He was rewarded with a blank, innocent stare as the boy looked right back up at him.

"Fine! I'll get it from you myself!" Sighing in frustration, he reached down to take the device. He wasn't ready when the boy decided he didn't want to let go. Gripping the object with both hands, Rodney pulled slightly, his hold slipping on it when the boy didn't release it to him.

He stumbled backwards a few steps and by the time he'd regained his footing, the boy had reclaimed his precious contraption.

"Hey!" Rodney yelled out in protest as a group of three other children looked up from their game to giggle at him. "That's not funny!" His face burning red with anger, he lost it. "Give! It! Back!" He made to lunge at the boy and probably would have taken him to the ground when Ford suddenly appeared from the bushes and pulled him back.

"Hey!" Ford greeted them with a concerned look. "You tryin' to kill him or something, Rodney!?!" Without waiting for an answer, he turned to the boy. "You okay?" he asked, kneeling down next to him.

The boy shrugged and gave Ford a small smile. "I just wanted to see it," he explained, eyes darting nervously between him and Rodney. "He…he scared me."

Ford smiled back. "Rodney is sorry," he said, turning to the offender pointedly. "Aren't you, Rodney!?"

Rodney glared at Ford for several seconds before relenting, not looking too happy about it. "Fine! I'm sorry!" he yelled in exasperation. "There. I said it. Now give. It. Back." He held out his hand expectantly and waited.

The boy turned to give Ford a questioning look and when he received a nod, stepped forward cautiously and placed the object very carefully in Rodney's outstretched hand.

"Thank you!" Rodney said, still glaring. He turned to go back to work, pausing as he felt something sticky run down his arm. Looking down, he realised that the boy had smeared some sort of stick goop over his contraption. "And ew!" he muttered to himself, grimacing.

He began to wipe the device clean as the children looked on and giggled some more. "And people wonder why I don't like children!"