Fragility Of Life

Prompt: #169 Fragile

Notes: Written for theatrical muse.

You never really know how fragile life is until it's threatened to be taken away. I've been in numerous situations where my life has been threatened and I've been utterly vulnerable to everything around me. It's never pleasant and gives you a whole new perspective on living.

I've been in situations where not I, but my friends, particularly Colonel Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c have been the ones close to death, as well. Those times are perhaps worse. Knowing that someone you care a lot about may be about to die tends to be more painful than knowing that your own life is in danger.

Every single time I'm in a situation like that, I find myself reaching a state of understanding. I find myself flooded with clarity; knowing that life is so very precious and can be lost in seconds, whether it be by a staff weapon blast, an unexpected attack, a deadly virus or even just by choking on a mouthful of food that has gone down the wrong way.

It's all happened before. It's possible. And it can strike at any moment.

Those feelings hit me a thousand fold on the day that Daniel died…ascended…from a fatal dose of radiation. To think that exposure to miniscule particles invisible to the naked eye can kill someone is…well, it's not good. It's a real eye opener.

Life is just so fragile and the line between life and death so thin. It makes sense to live life while you can and always go for what you want. It makes sense to savour every moment with the ones you care about.

I only wish that everything were so easy.