I do not own Bones (tragically) or this song from Music & Lyrics, sung by Hugh Grant

It's never been easy for me

To find words to go along with a melody

But this time there's actually something on my mind

So please forgive these few brief awkward lines

It's never been easy for me to articulate feelings. Or at least to explain them well. I tend to blurt things out without thinking and end up doing more damage to myself emotionally. I'm somewhat socially stunted so please excuse this poor explanation of what I'm feeling.

Since I met you my whole life is changed

It's not just my furniture you've rearranged

I was living in the past

But somehow you've brought me back

And I haven't felt like this since before Frankie said "relax"

You are the single greatest alteration in my life. There isn't a single encounter that doesn't change me in some way, even all these years after our first meeting. You know I'm haunted by my past. You may not know the details but you know what it does to me. You're constantly bringing me back. I almost never feel as relaxed as I am when I'm with you.

And though I know, based on my track record

I may not seem like the safest bet

All I'm asking you is

Don't write me off just yet

I know that my relationship history is a little daunting: Michael…David…Will. They all ended so horribly, the second of which was convinced that I was in love with you. I denied it at first, telling him over and over we were no more than partners and never would be anything else. But we haven't been partners for a long time, have we? All I want is a chance to prove that I'm worthy of being loved by you.

For years I've been telling myself the same old story

That I'm happy to live off my so called former glories

But you've given me a reason to take another chance

Now I need you despite the fact that you killed all my plants

All this time I was convinced I was better…happier…alone. That a real family and a life outside my work were simply out of the question. I thought I was content in my solitude. At least until I met you. You turned my world upside down. You showed me a life outside the four walls of my lab and the safety of my work. I trust you implicitly. You know when to stand back and let my temper run free but you never run from it. You know when to break through my personal space and hold me. You know just what to say to make me smile.

And though I know I've already more chances

Then anyone should ever get

All I'm asking you is
Don't write me off just yet

I know I don't deserve a chance from you. I've already missed every opening I know now that you've given me. But please…please...just give me one more and I promise I won't disappoint you.

Don't write me off just yet

I love you, Seeley Booth.

Love, Your Bones