Note from author: The characters in this story all belong to Namco Bandai and are a part of the game Tales of the Abyss. As much as I wish Asch was real and belonged to me, alas that isn't true. But these characters are definitely not mine and I don't claim that this is anything more than a figment of my overactive imagination.

Baticul – ND2011, that fateful night

It was late at night. The servants had retired for the night and few guards were about as usual. But that did not matter, as the one who entered was known to them, even if he usually did not visit this late, but even so, he tried to remain unseen. This was not difficult, as he knew the Duke's Household and their habits well, especially those of the Duke's young son.

Luke was asleep in his room when the door opened. He was started awake by the sound of the door shutting and someone entering. He saw his teacher, Van Grants, and was relieved. "What are you doing here at this hour, Master Van?" Luke asked him.

Van did not answer right away, he opened the window. "A beautiful night, isn't it?" he said to Luke.

Luke just looked at him in confusion, he wasn't fully awake and couldn't understand why Master Van would be here and commenting on strange things. Van then took this chance in his confusion to grab Luke, making sure to cover his mouth so if he screamed, it would not be heard by those few who were indeed awake. He went out the window and left the manor, with Luke squirming the whole way.

Van headed to the port area, there a ship awaited him to take him and Luke to their destination. They left aboard that ship, then he finally released Luke once they left the port.

Luke looked back at the city that was his home, knowing that he may not see it for some time, tears came to his eyes, as he thought about how much he already missed it, especially those he cared about.

"How could you take me from my home, Master?" Luke cried.

"You will come to understand my reasons soon enough. For now, go to a cabin and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long day for both of us." Van told him, and took him by the arm, almost dragging him to a cabin, as Luke looked like he would jump over the side if he could.

Luke knew he was overpowered and would be unable to free himself from Van's grasp, so he cooperated for the time being. He was taken to a cabin and locked inside.

And that night he cried himself to sleep, with thoughts of the home he already missed, and Natalia…